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I believe in second chances. From all reports Freeze has worked extremely had to clean up his life, both professionally and personally, and has accomplished that. I believe Tennessee would be amiss not to hire him if they could get him to come. That is a big “if”.
It was down to the wire between the Vols and Alabama when he signed. I’m playing the shouldn’t card today. If he had signed with Bama, he’d be the star in the middle in 2021 and would already have a Natty for safe keeping.
That’s what I was thinking. 1998 is definitely newer than 1980.
Did Dan Patrick not so quietly imply that there is something going on at Georgia, also?
I think it’s great that she is not afraid to post what she thinks.
I agree it’s a ploy to Getz Fields ready but the NCAA has no say in the CFP.
Smart wasn’t the end all, be all that you guys make him out to be.
Georgia still has QB issues. Daniels has trouble against elite defenses. Not a good foreshadowing.
Case in point was Urban at Florida. He saw the hand writing on the wall and got out of dodge at the right time.
You had better hope Auburn doesn’t get a Freeze. If they do, he will have them beating your dawgs consistently in a couple of years.
That’s why it is dangerous about having to play the games. An upset can happen as Alabama knows full well(OSU in 1st playoff, Clemson in 3rd playoff).
Under the current CFP, it’s not a NCAA playoff. It has no input as the number of teams.
He might think that but Georgia still loses to Bama and Florida even with Daniels at QB.
Dont know anything about Blount but I have never understood why he fell for the fantasy that is Georgia.
As long as SDS continues to carry this same article each week, I will continue to say the same thing. I like Gary always have.