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Rutledge is better in every area than Maria Taylor, including the looks area. She is very knowledgeable and does a tremendous job of expressing herself. Maria falls short in that area. Can’t wait for her return.
We? Do you live in Alabama? Who made you judge and jury? Keep on trolling along ole man Trudawg.
He’s a troll. Don’t waste time and space on him. You guys have a good one in Ryan. I hope was hoping he would come to Bama before he committed to SC. It should be a great game.
Do you think your Tigers are the one or two team in the nation as discussed by Rece and Herbie? I think so.
Pruitt inherited an absolutely awful team. He signed some talent last year. He really blew it with the Chaney hire. Not sure if there is any recovery possible this year.
What is going on in Knoxville? Pruitt does not have any players.
Do you really believe A&M will win and what is friggin?
Can’t believe I saying this but I hope LSU sends those Texas boys back to where the sun don’t shine. Texas has arrived, Get real.
Not so in the Duke game. Both kicks were off by inches only. I know, a miss is a miss, but Will’s misses are very correctable. I’m still very optimistic.
Why do a lot of you Georgia fans fixate on Florida?
If Bama can’t be there, I would emphatically pull for Georgia to steamroll Clemson.
I’m with you. Most of what he writes sounds like baby talk.
Great show of leadership guys. Keep up the good work.
Leave him alone from this point forward. Everyone knows that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Don’t let yourself be sucked in again.
Sign with one of the worst coast teams if you don’t want to compete against the best college players in the game. Also, either will be a good choice if you don’t care about winning a national championship. This guy is a problem in the making.
Why would the Tigers need him?
Even though he lead the time in rushing last year, it never felt like he got it going. I don’t think he was used correctly.
Wow. Harris must be a thumper. I hope they can come out of camp with a minimum of 4 who can play inside backer.
Jones will get the job done if he is needed. The big question is whether Get Smart can stop choking in big game situation. Don’t count on it.
I totally agree with all that you have posted. New year, different results.