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What does your comment have to do with the article. Common ignorant post from a Georgia fan.
Another point to be made is, while Patterson is a good QB, he does not have the talent of nor is he Tua. Gattis will definitely miss Bama’s QB.
Gattis was already going to Maryland. What difference does Michigan make?
He has made a mistake, should have stayed for his senior season.
Why. He is self serving but I’m glad he expressed his feelings.
Is Jadon a diva? Yeah. But it is nice to hear someone tell the truth about his recruitment.
I agree Coach Saban doesn’t care what we as fans think but he is not above being questioned.
He doesn’t represent me as a Bama fan. Just stupid ranting is my take.
Coach O would be looney to let this guy go. Why would you want to lose one of your best recruiters to a rival.
But we should question Coach Saban. This has nothing to do with x’s and o’s Specifically but more to do with trust when it comes to Sark.
Who did Chaney work for. Oh yeah, someone named Kirby Smart, the guy who rubber stamped everything Chaney did. Go figure.
Rupert has done it again. Every time he trolls, he shows his stupidity. Jawja man doing it the Jawja way.
I agree. Best wishes for playing success. I hope each one of them will be able to know how to use their money and take care of the future.
Yeah. This makes since, especially if there is a good supporting group of players around Hurts. It would be nice to see someone in the ACC give Clemson a run for their money. I guess like everyone feels about Alabama.
I don’t believe it to be a conspiracy. I have no doubt losing Enos will be a Huge hit to the offense. Saban needs to follow the LSU lead and hire great Coordinators, for multiple years, and pay them a ton of money. The revolving door needs to stop now.
He said, It’s Maryland. Nothing to do with Locksley’s ability.
Best move for everyone, except the opposition. Got get them Raekwon.
I agree with you Mike. I am a Bama fan, but at this point( 3 days out from a good ole fashioned beat down ), anything like this sounds like sour grapes.
I see neither being a place that would advance his career. Florida makes more sense to me. Before the NC game, I thought that there may be a chance he would stay. So much for that. If he goes to Florida, I hope he blows up Georgia.
Thanks for your character, leadership, and hard play. You represented yourself, your family, and your university with grace, honor, and humility. You were greatly missed in the Clemson game and will be missed in the future. Best wishes for your career and life.
Well said BJ. Also, why was that not all out blitzing after they could not cover those giant receivers?