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I have never been a Jobe fan and do not think he did anything this year to put himself in day 2.
Yeah. I thought that when he committed to Oregon. Mario is a great recruiter and Oregon wasn’t to far from his home.
I guess he hates Georgia more than he hates Bama. That’s understandable.
There has never been a mistake that Get Smart has not made. Even if he did make a mistake, he would never admit it. He is just a bumming, stumbling, HC when it comes to having to make decisions, especially in high pressure big game situations.
You are forgetting who your HC is. He will make at least one costly stupid decision. He always does in big time games.
Get Smart can recruit with Saban but he can’t coach with Saban. That is why he will not be the next Saban.
One portal name overlooked in this article is Caleb Williams, OU quarterback. I would love to see him at Ole Miss.
That’s the problem. Get Smart can’t make rational decisions.
It was two years ago when another SEC team won the whole thing. And it was Georgia. It was three years ago that another team won the whole thing. And it was Georgia. It was four years ago that anther team lost in finals. And it was Georgia.
He was not the backup at OSU. He’s not that good.
Who is going to make excuses for Kirby when he blows another big game. May I suggest that he have all in game decisions removed from his responsibility.
I think Carson Beck is the number 3 QB.
I read that vaccinated players are tested only after they show symptoms. He must have been symptomatic.
The one thing not mentioned pre game was what if Bama showed up with it’s A game. It did and we saw what happened.
Yet, the Bama A team showed up and Georgia could not keep up.
The huge elephant in the game wasn’t the Crimson Tide but rather was the opposing HC, Get Smart. His bumbling, stumbling coaching reminded me of Maxwell Smart more than ever. On a side note, Stetson is not a comeback QB and I really like him.
I’ll give you that Bama is overrated in 2021. There no way they were overrated in 2020. No one was beating them last year. Get real.
The players were there for eight straight losses and it didn’t matter. No one believes that Kelly is better than Les Miles or Ed O. So bring it Brian Kelly.
I’m not an LSU fan but the team don’t need rebuilding, they need repairing. lSU gave the bank away to get Kelly. He’s in big boy football now and will get his tail spanked a lot of the time like he did in the playoffs.
I agree that Jimbo needs to take a pay cut, but it will never happen with his ego.