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Bill knows that Bama has been the freight train to the NFL. It’s not always the case in Athens.
Clemson won because of preparation, coaching, and played a complete game. Alabama was a deer in headlights that night.
Sorry, gman. Texas will make it. It’s just sad that Meyer will not be on the end of the whupping Ohio State will get.
That’s well and good, but Bama must play a better schedule to establish the “factor”. Beating up on soft opposition means nothing.
Beck is a good QB but he would have had a hard time being trusted in the locker room when I played.
I agree. Leave them on the field and average 55 points per game, including the SECCG. I have always thought Ruggs to be the better receiver.
I just looked it up. It’s slang for the four letter words that come out of Georgia mouths when they can’t think of anything intelligent to say.
Georgia will have to climb over Clemson for DJ and I don’t see that happening.
I’m not laughing. My question is why did Beck back off his commitment to Bama? Is this a part of losing Enos?
Georgia all the way because of their OL. Anyone should be able to run behind them.
Rupert, I was just thinking the opposite. There is that possibility that Georgia loses. What a crying time that will be. Then your team has to play catch up the rest of the year. Yeah, this was a good move for Georgia.
PDG, your post displays s lack of knowledge that is prevalent in the dawg world of football. Saban and everybody esle who watched him understands that he is not ready for the NFL. The reasons have been previously stated. Saban wants the best for his players and that is the only reason for wanting him to play his senior year.
There is a good possibility that Georgia loses to Auburn mid season. If that were to happen, could they win out?
He is ok with it according to a lot of Georgia posters. Many of them have called Smart a traitor. You dawg fans need to get on the same page.
Everything you mentioned about the defense could be filed under the heading of poor coaching. That is, with the exception of Wilson. I’m not sure he will ever be able to call defensive signals on the field. His 2018 performance says no.
I would love to see the date moved. The possibility of an early season loss for Georgia just tickles me pink. Then the big bad dawgs would have to run a clean sheet for the rest of the year. Go for it Kirby.
I agree. It will be a three horse race at the end. Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia.
For Kiper to say Wilson didn’t have the year expected was an under statement. Wilson had a terrible year.
I agree about the basketball team but when does South Carolina ever show up?
Not surprised. Even with no coaching changes, a year and a half is a long time for today’s players and their short attention spans. Not feeling the mojo means he’s not being kissed up to as much as previously.
Bama needs to get on the top paid coordinators level and sign them to multiple years with significant buyouts.
He just found out Bama in 2008 and has been a fan since then. You don’t know what you are talking about.
Not surprise with Crean to this point. Should have kept Fox.
Come on, look at the players he developed at Florida the first time around and what he did with much less at Miss St.
The thing is, the second round are never quite as good as the first round. Not even at Bama and Georgia. Will Florida beat Georgia or Alabama in 2019. I don’t think so. But it’s going to happen soon.