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Leg, I don’t like Clemson in the less but it sounds like they are all in your head.
Stankey doesn’t make the decision. I know that Fields received immediate playing time, but because he did is no reason for Cade to get a wavier. He must sit under current NCAA rules.
I must agree with 82. All or none at all. SDS always has the ability to remove inappropriate remarks based on their stated guidelines.
Mac is not Tua. He is Mac and he will be all that is needed.
Marcus has gotten old for me. His mouth gets on my nerves.
I agree with both of you. He is a bad fit. I will not be watching. Will Tebow be back?
If he hasn’t taken over by mid he will not “later” unless Jones is injured.
Jones would then transfer. I truly believe Smart violated that old rule, don’t promise something you can’t deliver. Saban doesn’t do that.
If Jones is the starter out of the box and plays well, Young will not start over Jones in mid season.
Players have the right to think, believe, and voice any way they want. If they choose to boycott, then they should understand that consequences will be attached. When they sign with a team, they enter into an agreement; receive a scholarship/play football(or whatever the sport may be). If they choose not to play, they should lose their scholarship.
I hope he does survive to see if he can play in the NFL. However, it will depend on the Bills, not Jake at this point.
So old. Dinosaurs still walked where you are standing when you first started this junk.
I hope that he is truly growing up and wish him well. He has wasted his God given talents to this point. He should wear that conference out if he puts in the work.
He dropped passes left and right. He has got to catch the ball when targeted.
I don’t have a clue who you are but why don’t you show some class when you post?
Why can’t you disagree without putting him down?
And what would be his basis for justifying a wavier?
Keep those Cajan shots coming. I’m sure those high thinking Georgia coaches have realized that LSU outdoor have beaten them by sixty if they had so desired.
You guys have this guy shaking in his boots. Just imagine how worried his renown HC (Get Smart) is. I m sure about this year but The Vols will kick the bullpuppies butts next year.
You have written great articles in the past. This is not one of them. The family having a master plan where Taulia transfers a year after signing with Alabama is absurd.
Do feel to bad. You are right there with Georgia in over paying a coach if results mean anything.
The evidence highly supports one fact above others, when Pruitt has equally talented players, he will win big games. Something Mr. Bumbling out of Athens does not do.
Everyone with any recruiting sense, knows that some offers are not takes. Every team does it, especially the bullpuppies of Mr. Get Smart. If Pruitt can get more 5 stars, he will have room for them.
With those teams you have mentioned position as an albatross for the west, it is still the better of the two conferences. What does South Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, and Vanderbilt being in the SECEast mean? It means that the East is very weak. Over the last 12 years, the West has won 11 out of 12 SEC Championships. Ow what does that say about dominance?