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Clemson, please do all you can to keep him. I don’t want him.
Rupert still whining like a baby. Bama got burned by the officials in 2016 but we don’t keep on crying about it. Your boy has been out coached both times by Saban and you can’t stand it.
I’m interested in what Crean can do moving forward.
Will he stay long enough to learn and be able to be productive? Who knows but it is a fun early May story.
Pruitt has always had more upside than Dabo in terms of recruiting, connection to the university, and his background, he is a defensive talent way and above Dabo. What needs to be seen is can’t he be effective in his position as the CEO? Only time will tell.
I hope he can stay healthy for the 2019 season. If he can, many teams need to watch out. He is spot on with his criticism of those early entrants for not slistening to those in the know. Yeah, I know their signing bonuses will be by far the most money they’ve every had at one time but they left a lot on the table after all. Hope they can make it to a better second contract.
Ford’s reason was to be closer to his sick grandfather and make it easier for him to see his grandson play. If he is terminal, he might not be around to see him play in 2020. What do you not understand about that?
I’m pulling for him but who ever considered him a first round pick?
When Metchie committed, I thought what in the world is going on. Now I understand. If he stays committed to being his best and remains healthy, he will be a great one.
I agree with you about the d-line. The secondary did look improved but that’s not saying much because they were so bad last year.
I hope he gets to play Georgia at some point in his career and stomp them into mush.
Dropped passes made the first team defense look better.
It is time to move on from Jalen. Almost everyone wishes him well but he is in the past. What some foul mouth posters suggest is impossible. Move that along also.
Didn’t say anything that was said by those before him.
Saban knew what he had with his 2018 staff. There too many holes in the experience category for Nick to fill himself.this staff knows much more football than the young guns. Just hope they can recruit strong the rest of the year.