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I agree with you. He is tough, just injury prone. If he learns when to give up on a play, he will be ok.
I can’t speak for any other fan, but this Bama fan does not believe that the Alabama program is above the rules. If there are infractions, then Bama should be held accountable.
Start with three year deals at 2.5 to 3 million per year. Might could hold on to them for a while.
That once in a lifetime year produced a record setting national championship for the ages. I obviously can’t stand LSU, but they have done something Georgia has don’t in 40 years.
Really tired of seeing all this naming of top whatever list.
I would love to have seen LSU hand 90+ on Oklahoma and their HC.
Move Golding to an off field position and makeStrong theDC.
Are you saying that you would not take a new job for double the money? There hasn’t been loyalty on either side of the ball in years.
I love legacy recruits. It will be nice to see him choose the Vols.
Why was Landers recruited? If he has “bricks for hands” now, he had them in high school.
Are you serious? Refs having post game news conferences. This would cause the pool of refs to shrink dramatically.
In fairness to Mullen, Franks was his on worst enemy in 2019, no different than previous years. Being injured didn’t help either.
Newman will have a great season for you guys if he is used correctly and allowed to play.
If we don’t grow up in the culture that Tua has grown up in, its easy to understand why you would say that. Whoever. Made the decision, it was the correct one for Tua.
Same here. They don’t need him and he better jump all over that Oregon offer.
With the way QBs are running through the transfer portal, you can bet a couple of the ones mentioned in this article will not be around after spring ball in 2021 if the freshman gets the nod.
I have no problem with LSU being national champs since they took little ole Clemson and big mouth Dabo down. When the South Carolina tigers finally met a real team, they couldn’t handle it.
The old saying of “ you play what you’ve been dealt “ really provides Clemson a free pass into the playoff. The ACC as a whole will stink again.
There is a small amount of truth in what you say. Any organization that can’t not replenish its leadership and players or workers will decline. Bama is not at that point. Wish Coach well in New York.
I’m not one to pull for a Georgia running back, but I really like White and believe he will be a great one.
Cade is where he wants to be. Why can’t adult fans move on when things happen that they don’t like.
I could care less about Tennessee, but Indiana was not a push over.