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NFL and MLB have wild card teams make the playoffs. Several of the Wild card teams have won the World Series. Try again Tim.
Get Smart barely beat Florida. If Mullen had decided to throw the ball earlier coupled with running outside more, Georgia would have lost. The super biased bullpups are out in droves today.
No, they put up 39. Some Coach, probably Saban, gave them seven. Without that gift, LSU loses 41-39, even though they could not have played better. Auburn does have the best DL in the SEC, possibly the best in the land. I don’t assume Bama will win in Auburn.
Well said. I can’t believe there were Alabama fans that wanted him as a Saban’s replacement after he retired. I for one never wanted him. This is just a “what if” but I would rather have Kirby, and I never liked him when he was at Alabama.
Leach has been really successful at Washington State, not this year though.
I tend to agree with kohl’s post. If the person hire for the Arkansas HC two years ago had been Saban, Swinney, Meyer, or any other top tier coach, they would have done more with what they inherited and would have the program headed in the right way. All of this is hypothetical, since Arkansas will never be able to attract a successful, top tier coach.
By definition, Smith is definitely anywhere close to what you said.
I like that Cowherd is picking Bama with one exception. A good number of his predictions in the past have been wrong. I really hope he is right on this one. RTR
No one has been able to handle Young, but he will not be in the top 3.
It does scare me that Greenberg thinks it will be difficult for LSU to win. He is normally so wrong on his predictions and that would mean the Tigers will romp.
Well said. Several times each game I’m yelling at him to throw the ball away.
Fromm was brilliant today but Florida running zone helped greatly. Mullen and DC definitely missed on the scheme. Florida’s clock management in the 4th quarter looked like a rec league game.
Hi Tim. Haven’t seen you post in a long time. I agree with you. Georgia matches up better with Alabama. I still think Saban out coaches Smart but that only matters in a tight game down to the last play type situation.
Don’t use the Georgia excuse of officiating. Every time they lose, officiating is a big reason for it. Mullen did not call a very good game. Fromm had one of those games where everything went right.
I’m with you. A lot of theSEC teams could care less about it because it is no longer new.
It’s a toss up today between Bama and Clemson for the fourth and fifth spots. LSU, OSU, and PSU all have looked better than these two. November will definitely sift things out. I am a Bama fan thru and thru, just being honest.
Florida man is a state of mind, a point of pride, a desire to protect what is his against all odds. Not a location. Oh, btw, Florida not only knows what it’s like to go to the NC game, but they also know what’s it’s like to win one or two, or three. Now what was the point of this article?
If LSU is the number one team ine th country, Auburn should be number two. This is base on how they paid in Baton Rouge.
Really, really, really bad hire. Not sure it is the worse is MSU history. He Must go and tomorrow would be too late.
I’ve heard he is taking all course work on line and if so, it’s ok. But it is hard to make friends starring at a computer. I’m glad he stayed also.
I am a fan of Tebow, always have been, but we always get cookie cutter comments from paid analysts. Please do better to all of you.
I not a troll but I have to agree. The ability to play for and be on a team that wins champions is what attracts recruits.
The ability to play on a team that wins championships is what attracts players, not gimmicks. W
You are right, especially if he has to leave the pocket.
If this happened, Dabo would be shaking in his little ole me coaching shoes.
Anew kid on the block will be Bryce Young. I think he will have something to say about who will be the next QB.