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Blah, blah, blah. Cubelic is fast becoming Cowherd and Kanell. I don’t remember his playing days, but his time in sports analysis and broadcast has not impressed. Sure, every team’s conditionings will be hurt by the extended down time.
Well said, my Yankeepig friend. However, much the same can be said about your present day Razorbacks. Looking from the outside, I do like your new HC.
I don’t know if Tua is number 2 or 4 or whatever. I do know that Sims was not a very good NFL quarterback. What’s the old saying, those who can’t?
I realize that you are a troll but why do you call Coach satan?
Under appreciated? What are you talking about?
Mudragon, this is a serious question. Why do you call Miami fans scUM?
I am certain that Sark is a better OC, QB developer, and play caller. It is a huge advantage to have him at Bama over a Enos. With that said, some people can’t get out of their on way. Enos is one of those. Leaving Bama was a really bad call. Doing it the way he did was really damaging to his on career. I hope he does recover.
Mullen does have a strong class going. A couple of great wins will definitely help you guys pick up some of the top tier players. Especially if one of them is over Get Smart and his bullpups.
He hasn’t said anything new. Every major Power 5 school needs to and most try to protect their home players. This duel will be interesting to watch.
I usually can’t stand what BT posts, but he is right on this one. Why are you trying to tell him what to do?
Burrow would not have won the job over Tua. National Championship would have been Bama/Clemson, take five.
I agree with you. He is tough, just injury prone. If he learns when to give up on a play, he will be ok.
I can’t speak for any other fan, but this Bama fan does not believe that the Alabama program is above the rules. If there are infractions, then Bama should be held accountable.
Start with three year deals at 2.5 to 3 million per year. Might could hold on to them for a while.
That once in a lifetime year produced a record setting national championship for the ages. I obviously can’t stand LSU, but they have done something Georgia has don’t in 40 years.
Really tired of seeing all this naming of top whatever list.
I would love to have seen LSU hand 90+ on Oklahoma and their HC.
Move Golding to an off field position and makeStrong theDC.
Are you saying that you would not take a new job for double the money? There hasn’t been loyalty on either side of the ball in years.
I love legacy recruits. It will be nice to see him choose the Vols.
Why was Landers recruited? If he has “bricks for hands” now, he had them in high school.
Are you serious? Refs having post game news conferences. This would cause the pool of refs to shrink dramatically.