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If he doesn’t get the job in 2019, he will transfer. The Plumlee kid will not be the answer a QB.
Are you crazy. Right now Bama is the biggest draw in person and on TV. That means lots of money for the conference and each team in the conference. This “lots of money” allows each school to fund numerous sports and other programs. If schoo S refused to play Alabama, the lucrative TV deals go away. Yeah all you teams out there that refuse to play and lose your funding, remember that AF412 was the one that came up with that insane idea.
I agree MaroonDawg. I don’t like benefit of doubts for either team. We have been victim to that in the past as well, just on the national stage.
MaroonDawg, I love Bama, but I agree it was a fumble and the State TD should have counted. If you really fail to admit that there were low hits on Tua, you are just as blind biased as your accusations of that against Bama fans. In the long run it would have not made much difference. The final score would have been 17-7. Miss St simply could not generate in offense.
FormerDawg, I’m with you on that. I want both teams to be a full strength and play at their best with no missed or quirky calls.
The Lsu/Miss St refs called the Tenn/Ala game refs and had them ask the Alabama coaches what they needed most from penalty calls over those wonder working headsets. Then they dropped the targeting call on White, knowing full well that this would keep him out of the first half of Ala/LSU game. It’s wonderful, it’s marvelous how things work in The fantasies of Georgia and LSU fans.
So what is your point, Rupert. Say what you mean and don’t imply a lot of things. This is how a lot of Georgia posterswrite: they imply, imply, imply.
What. I don’t remember about you, but a lot of Georgia posters live by the excuse game.
Brendon0312, you cry as much as Georgia fans. You probably are one. How many times do you want to hear that it was a cheap shot on Murray. Does that mean that the rules are not to be inforced today if it is an Alabama QB? It sounds like that’s what you are implying. How stupid.
While that may be true, Dionte Thompson was in the middle of it. I noticed long ago that he is a hot head.
Lawrence does not want to play Bama. He hasn’t come close to seeing a defense like Alabama.
Perhaps you will move to the big 12 and give West Virginia some company on the east coast.
With all this being said about the defense and it is true, they are still giving up passing chunk plays.
Great post, but I think the call would have stood if it had been reviewed.
Get real BamaTime. Bama did not have any drive damaging penalties and you knew that was what was being discussed.
I completely agree that there were non calls that went Bama’s way but there were several cheap shots on Tua that should have been personal foul calls that weren’t.
There was more than one cheap shot yesterday. I guess Carville has put out a bounty on Tua. The area has do that in the past.
Legend, you never cease to amaze me with your stupidity. You called BamaTimea troll on an article about an Alabama player. You have reached the zenith of stupid. I asked you earlier in the seaso why I never see you on Georgia sites and did not receive a answer. Could it be that you are not allowed on those sites?
I understand that in toyay’s market coaches are continually having to motivate their players. What I don’t understand is how it got to this point. I have been around for decades and played at a high level. Most of the guys I played with always put forth their best effort. It did not matter who we were playing or for what we we playing. Why not now.
I don’t understand it when fans are confronted with facts their common response is “typical whoever fan”. Facts are facts and are never typical.
While I agree with you, if we are being fair, the Bamabowl games against Utah and Oklahoma were mail ins also. Every school does that on occasion.
Are you serious? You have been breathing that Aggie gold dust too long. OU may be a bit overrated nationally, but they would mash UCF.
What Power 5 conference would take them. I guess the SEC could cut Missouri and add UCF. That would be a proper swap.
When Fromm loses his job in the spring, will he stay or will he go?
Perhaps the crowd was showing its frustration with you and your product, Dan. What’s wrong with that?
I did not realize how much time Mullen spends in left field until this weekend. Florida will have a tough time beating a pitiful Florida State.
It will take a least 3 years for Mullen to get Florida to the point where they can challenge every week.
If LSU were undefeated, they would be #2. There resume is already better than Clemson’s.