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I don’t have an opinion about the upcoming season. I do however disagree with the comment that Sark was the greatest OC Saban has had. Just imagine what Kiffin would have done with the super talented 2020 team.
I was so looking forward to seeing Newsom play Alabama. After that game, his stock would have crashed.
The NCAA mirrors the way the country is being run.
Saban nailed it several years ago when he posed the question if everybody wanted free agency.
I tried to tell the AD that he was a bad hire. A lot of you guys said the same thing. They just will not listen.
I do not like Orgeron dating back to his Ole Miss days. With that said anything I would say would be bias. The one thing that I don’t understand is how any head coach can ever say they don’t know what is going on in their program.
It is hard to see any player from any team have a significant injury. I hope all of your players recover soon. But now you know how we felt at Bama when we were experiencing all those linebacker injuries. It seemed like they were piling up so much that we didn’t want them to get out of bed.
He also got rid of Oklahoma but kept Ohio St. Some kids never learn.
And your hoping Get Smart can do the same for your puppies.
It will be considered in bad taste if he doesn’t.
Technically, Georgia Tech is a Power 5 school. What must be pointed out is they are a Power 5 just like Vanderbilt is.
I’m a Bama fan dating to the early sixties and there is no way I would ever want those two back at Alabama.
Get Smart has proven he can’t coach in big game situations. One more loss like that and he will rightfully earn the designation of “ Big Game Bob of the South “. He may never leave Georgia and they may never fire him but he is not close the top 3 in the nation. Bank on it.
Bama doesn’t need him. By the time he signed with LSWho, the wasn’t a spot for him.
Sour grapes after Big O couldn’t produce o those promises he made in Tuscaloosa.
He can’t. He is Tennessee fan. They haven’t seen a good QB in Knoxville in decades.
I like not having in person visits. It puts everybody on the same play ground.
I know I will be labeled a Bama Homer, but I have never been impressed with Lawerence’s deep balls and he can not handle pressure if he is forced to stay in the pocket like Mac can. Wilson would be my QB1 with Jones in second.
It’s hard to go somewhere else when no one wants you.
Every team in the SEC needs to be at the point in their program where they can beat any other team on any given day. Bring back the fifties and sixties competition level. Those were the days.
If you want to believe that go ahead and believe it. However,I strongly disagree with your opinion. I go back to the late fifties as a football fan and they were not “always” bush league. Tennessee needs to become a strong program again for the SEC. that would make for some awesome games down the road.
Please give an honest answer to my question. Why are you so obsessed with anything Florida, especially it’s HC?