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Agreed. Let’s see Get Smart deal with this kind of turnover on a yearly basis. I doubt he would be able to do it.
Add Smart’s contract to the ridiculous.
I’m not convinced that Jimbo is elite. He had the one year in 2013. So did Gene have his year. Both with great college QBs. With that said, Auburn gave away the championship game to FSU. Jimbo left Florida St in shambles and they are still trying to recover. While he did not break rules(as known to date), his boosters bought the 2022 recruits. Can a group this talented develop together and play together remains to be seen. I just can’t buy into Jimbo.
It sounds like he got asked to leave by the guy who does a great job developing 3 stars.
Young may be the most important player for Alabama but Anderson is by far the best in college football. They are different sides of the same coin.
I would rather the SEC add Oregon and Washington. That gives us a west coast presence and the tv market.
Bama smoked that Get Smart defense when at full strength. They would do it every time at full strength. But it has already been said, injuries are part of the game(s).
Sadly it is. However, I would not have wanted one coaching my sons.
Greg, did you dig into that 2022 class of Texas A&M? How much was this over the top or under the table?
The big difference between Saban and the rest of the bunch is Saban is still hungry, capabble, and wise. He adapts, the others did not late on. If NIL is not brought under control, then Saban will adapt there also.
What are you taking about? They have been top ten every year since the early 2010s. During that time, they won two NCs. They have missed with the current QB.
I am a 6 decades Alabama fan and I put O’Brien in my “ never, ever, no way club “. I don’t even like him as OC.
If by handled you mean kicking a FG on the last play of the game to win, then I agree with you. If not, then I don’t have a clue what you are talking about.
By putting “ everything into landing this kid “, Get Smart and company have nothing left to give any other kid. What a lazy comment.
If Ewers transfers again, he will have to sit out a year. Without at least one productive season of college ball, his draft status would fall exponentially.
What must be factored into the A&M discussion is that they have Fisher as the head coach. He can ruin the best of them and he will have plenty of chances with the best recruiting class money can buy since SMU.
I have never understood why top QBs sign with Georgia. They need to prove they can develop them into NFL starting QBs. Fields would not have become the QB that he was at OSU had he stayed at Georgia.
Tim, have you had your head buried in the sand. Saban has said several times that he regretted calling out schools by name.
Rap is not by himself. There are plenty of people who don’t care for Brando.
The same can be said about Alabama’s QB room after this season. Bama’s offense will be just as competitive. Bama has six national titles in fifteen years meanwhile the king of college football(Georgia) has one in forty one. What is Georgia selling?
History does offer some info when it comes to game day coaching. Jimbo will be out coached by Saban, Pittman, Kelly, and Napier. This equals 4 losses.
They are downright dishonest if they don’t acknowledge it.
Before all this was actually put in place, Saban was telling anyone who would what was going to happen and asked them if they wanted free agency. Now the adjusts to everything new better than anyone else.
Talent must be recruited and he is the best at evaluating it.
If you know Jimbo is doing it (you just admitted it), then everyone else knows.