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If the defense can get back to the Alabama/Saban standard, the year will be great. If not, unsure.
What an impressive attitude. Hope he does well and stays injury free this season.
Unless Bama is able to get tons of edge pressure on Lawrence, he will do the same thing he did last year. Pick the secondary apart.
Did he simply answer a question or was his comment by design? I too dislike the constant staff turnover. It does ultimately hurt recruiting and player development.
Lest we forget, Jonah Williams, offensive tackle started from day one. This is a better example for the football challenged DSGB11.
Where would they go? The SEC is out.
Don’t need them to confirm what is true.
That’s a silly remark, even for a troll.
I hope he can play at that level. Not only would it be good for Mond but also for the image of the SEC. However, he still must do it.
I know you want to beat Uga but I don’t care. Just beat little ole Clemson.
The kid says he needs more time. Why didn’t he just take more time. This stuff happens all the time and I can’t stand it.
You can disagree with Tebow all day long if you wish, but you make yourself look silly when you call him St. Timmy.
I don’t care how hard it is to schedule more h/h games.get it done. Filling the gaps with one game schedules, some at home, some away. Then never leave the concept. Also, go to a 9 or10 game conference schedule. It way past time to enlarge that one.
I am serious with my question, GatorFan9696. Why is Get Smart getting so many Florida players? What is he promising them?
LSU is getting a good one with upside. Definitely would have liked him at Bama, but numbers are numbers.
Never understood why Bama accepted his commitment in the first place. There’s probably more coming from the back end.
CBS has one one Prime Time slot per year according to what I’ve read. They are choosing to use it on the Notre Dame game instead of Alabama/LSU.
I’m not a Gator fan, but you should know by now that crystal balls mean nothing.
How to sling mud 101. That’s what we all just witness by reading your post. 1: Yell ( the caps on across the board.) 2: Make outlandish charges of cheating but( never any proof.) 3: Exaggeration. Someone must begetting under your skin.
Absolutely loaded WR crew. Better watch out for Smith if he stays healthy.
I hear you BT. That’s the only kind of comments they can make. Bravo a Bama, glad to see you hold the line.
Schedule more Power 5 teams. That will go a long way toward stopping attendance decline.