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I have never been impressed by Daniels. Those swiss cheese PAC 12 defenses made him look bad at times. Just imagine what SEC defenses will do to him. I’m Mathis all the way even if he is a bit raw.
A Robinson led TCU came soo close to beating OSU. The kid has talent and I hope he developed some discipline over the last year.
Mark Richt should be a Dawg forever. He was a great coach and is even a better person. I had this thought after watching the commercial advertising the SouthCarolina vs Tennessee game that Kirby was at the right place at the right time. Had Will or Jeremy gotten the Georgia HC job both would have the program at the same level that Kirby has it. Both recruit at the same or higher level as Kirby and both are his equal when it comes to coaching. Just imagine, had Carolina actually hired a Smart, Will would be at Georgia. Lol
I agree with you. I also know that the highly sought after QBs of today come with baggage(Namely dads who can’t stay out of the picture) a lot of the times. I am glad Young is a Bama player but I don’t see how Coach puts up with it day in and day out.
I was thinking the same thing. It would not be prudent to put all the teams hopes on Daniels if he hasn’t been cleared.
I saw a lot of Daniels in his 2018 season at USC. He may be really talented but that doesn’t always transfer(no pun intended) to playing the QB position. Since most everything that is posted is opinion, here’s mine. I don’t think he will be any more effective against SEC defenses than he was against PAC 12 defenses. I don’t know anything about Mathis.
I believe him when he said it was about relationships, but I believe that when he looked at what Bama has committed on the OL this year, he said I’ll pass.
Kirby to Newman, I take back what you were promised when you came here. Newman to Kirby, Ok Coach, see you later. Looks like Fields 2.0.
I know it’s the new normal but I don’t like the transfer portal.
My take was it is a cleaned up version of something he could not post here.
There haven’t been many times that I have been on the same page as LSUSM, but I do agree with him about the pick being a reach. I don’t know anything about his intelligence. All of us have opinions and after reading his post, I didn’t see where he said he knew more than the Titans. Do you know as much as the NFL or are you just being a homer?
If Will really leaves Bobo alone, they should have some good years down the road. In any case, Bowl Cut got schooled again. I know that this is the Common Bama line on Get Smart, but I’m so glad to see it happen.
Richt is a character witness. The concept is well known in the legal world. He does matter.
I don’t think Fields or any other player who has already transferred would be allowed to transfer a second time and be able to play immediately.