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I was born in Shreveport and raised for most of my life in a little town called Blanchard, LA. I was relocated to the massive metropolis of DFW, TX. I attended Euless Trinity High School and played football on the two-time 5A state champion football team. I am currently a senior at the University of North Texas majoring in English and minoring in Kinesiology to become an English teacher and football coach. I may temporarily wear green and white, but I bleed purple and gold! But I broke one of the rules of dating: Don't date within the conference. My girlfriend of three years happens to be a 5th generation Texas Aggie. Yes, things have definitely been tense on those gamedays. All in all, I say: GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!

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Edit: I correct myself. I forgot that y'all played an overrated Notre Dame team for a gimme in 2012. But it still stands. You lost to OU, bringing disgrace to the Sugar Bowl and were blown away by Ohio State. And the last NC you guys actually fought for and won was against LSU in which we played terribly and still held you to 21 points. Bama is not what it used to be.
Yeah, he missed out on that championship trophy last yea- oh, my bad. Well at last y'all have '13. Wait, nevermind... '12? No... Damn, when was that last time? Oh yeah, 2011 when you played a flat LSU team. Damn, four years? Where'd all that championship talk go all that time? I'm sorry friend, but y'all were lucky to get into the playoffs last year. You were definitely not the best team in the SEC last year and Ohio State proved that.
Them smawrt kids dun did sumthin' gud with all that edjumacation! XD
Parking lot? What parking lot? At LSU, you just find a yard and pull in.
And using preseason vs. final polls is the answer to all the teams' performances? No. No it's not. Let me let you in on a little secret: polls are biased as hell! Do you remember in 2003 and 2007 when LSU won the national title? AP pollsters were jumping through hoops to get LSU ranked #2 in spite of LSU flat out winning it all. The polls are horribly slanted to the writers' biases. Why do you think Notre Dame can be 6-6 and still ranked? They are given high poll placements year in year out and they never deliver. Ole Miss tends to get the same treatment whenever they have the slightest inkling of possessing a good team. They are given fair placement in polls, and drop out quickly when the road gets tough. Finally, Alabama is "underrated" when they are given high praise by pollsters every year. Even in the early 2000s when Alabama wasn't good, pollsters worked to get them ranked. But in the years that they've been a force to reckon with, they've delivered. Yet, they are somehow "underrated." I'm sorry, but this article is total bs.
LSU gets generous preseason rankings? Don't make me laugh. Every year, they are given the shaft when they are good and ranked in the low teens and twenties. When they are slightly subpar, they are ranked by USA Today in the fifties. Meanwhile, LSU happens to own the other four "overrated" teams and two of the "underrated" teams. Give me a break Nick Cole. The mere fact that you list Alabama as "underrated" takes all credibility away from your writing. Alabama, in my opinion, is neither over- nor underrated. They are quite accurately rated as one of the top three teams in the SEC. LSU happens to be in that top three ranking because they are in the hunt for the SEC title year in year out alongside Bama and Auburn. Florida is overrated because media sources hype them up and argue for ranking them while they are in rebuild mode (for the next ten years). Even before Muschamp, they were given so much hype until they got down to playing West schools. Florida is the only accurate one on this list. Georgia overrated? No way. They are more on the accurately rated list because they're on the cusp every year of breaking through. Mark Richt has a great squad each season and they constantly go 10+ wins. My overrateds go to Ole Miss and South Carolina. They're good, but not THAT good. Ole Miss have stumbled and fallen flat more times than not over the last four or even twenty six seasons (whichever one you were going off, the stats are comparable regardless). South Carolina has been all bawk and no spurs. They talk a big game and the media talk a big game about them, but they have failed to deliver time and time again.
The Les Miles memes are a fair assessment, but the Stevie Wonder one got me! XD I also loved the A&M and Fournette ones.
I'm annoyed by teams "claiming" national championships. Like USC trying to claim the 2003 championship when LSU played in the actual championship game.
No wonder they can't hear how retarded they sound sometimes. They're deaf! ;-)
I can't help but disagree. "Boomer Sooner" is the most mind numbing, teeth grating, suicide inducing song to ever leave a stain on college gameday. Here's a brief rundown of an OU game: Team comes out: play the song!!! Coin toss: play the song!!! Kickoff: play the song!!! Timeout: play the damn song!!! Other team scores: play the damn song!!! OU scores: play the song 100 times!!! I didn't get much further than that before I considered chucking myself off the top of the stands!
Nice job neglecting the fact that the two have only played 12 times and eight since 1996 after taking a 63 year break from one another. The fact still stands that Auburn leads 10-1-1, but context is key when it comes to bragging.
Here's an idea for Tiger Stadium: finish the damn renovation and up the capacity to ~115,000! Then we'll talk about coaxing Mike out of his perfectly good den.
I would like to see Todd Gurley come to New Orleans to fill in the gap that was left by Darren Sproles. Man, did we feel that all season long! Gurley's size, strength, and speed would work awesome alongside Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram!
First, I can tell you right now that Soso Jamabo is exactly what his name entails: he's So-so! I interned at Euless Trinity High School this season as a student coach and we played Plano West in the second round of the playoffs at Jerry World. We held Soso to the lowest numbers of the entire season! He broke two big plays on us, but was only able to get close to the red zone twice! All season long, he'd run through a defensively weak district like crap through a goose. Then he ran into us who averaged giving up 210 total yards per game. He struggled to gain 140 yards on the ground against our starters. Once the game was in hand, we emptied the bench and he finally started making headway in the yards-from-scrimmage department. Even at that, he only gained another 50 yards. Now, I will give him credit that he is fast! He can run... If he gets up a full head of steam before the first defender! Second, he won't fit in very well at A&M and Alabama because he's a showboater and a theatrical player. He would make a play and get hit hard. Then he would get up limping and holding himself tapping his helmet wanting out. He would go out for one play and come right back in to run the ball with no problem. But then he would turn around and start limping again. He would do this little number a good dozen times a game. Even his own teammates would roll their eyes at his antics. He might could pull this off at ND or UCLA, but definitely not at A&M or Alabama. But you can all rest assured that this will be the first and last time you hear anything about Soso Jamabo. He will do nothing with the ball once he gets up to the next level where there are practically no bad defenses because even the worst defenses in D-1 are comprised of some cream of the crop players.
Honestly, Cam Cameron didn't do enough to develop the running game with Leonard Fournette. Instead, he did too much with Anthony Jennings. Jennings is a good running QB, but he's definitely no passer. Brandon Harris didn't get enough of a chance. He had one bad game against a far superior Auburn team and they benched him in place of Jennings. Overall, it wasn't so much the offense that lost us the season. It was the OC.
I hope Bama not only beats them, but beats them up! For only the second time in my entire life, I will say "Roll Tide". (The first time was two years ago against ND)
I'm not dogging on the defense at all. As far as coaching goes, Cam Cameron needs to give his head a shake for the horrible play calling! Why does he think we have an elite passing QB in Anthony Jennings? We don't! We have a better passing QB in Brandon Harris! But Harris was on the bench. Meanwhile our top RB Leonard Fournette averaged 16 YPC and barely touched the ball in the second half. Cam Cameron gets a D-. Our defense gets a C+ because they played well the first half. They just got tired of being on the field every two mintues because our play calling caused our offense to continuously go 3 & out.
Yeah, I'm wondering where LSU is. Let's face it. Anthony Jennings is not starting material and Brandon Harris didn't get enough of a chance. We saw the culmination of that QB disaster today in the Music City Bowl. Now we get to see how that fight goes. Now the Florida competition, I believe, may go to Treon Harris. The kid has shown good potential this season. I hope he can help get that offense turned around and turn Florida back into a contender next season.
*Correction: 2 rushing TDs. I accidentally counted the kick return as one of the rush TDs
Yeah, but it's pronounced (Da-neal). It caught me off guard at first too! But the guy's a pretty bad ass player!
This list is a total joke. They put Wisconsin at number one and Texas at two??? And, trust me, Tiger fans eat gator at tailgates more often than just when Florida comes around. LSU tailgates are the best around because there's a ravenous sense of community amongst all the fans. Plus, all team fans are welcomed and invited to join in the festivities that start on the Tuesday before the game! Austin? Not even close! Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. UT football is garbage compared to LSU, Ole Miss, and Florida's tailgating. Hell, Auburn shuts down the town for football games! And I've never heard of those crazy parties they throw in Madison. What do they do? Get drunk on soured milk? These USA Today people are dumbasses who have never set foot in any of these SEC towns.
It's hard for me to believe that after watching these guys get passed on by so many teams. But I checked it out, and you're right. Nationally, we're the 11th ranked pass defense. But then again, defense has been the driving force that has kept us in all these games...
McCarron for me. Blake Sims is, for some reason, still a work in progress. Sure, part of it is because he's just now getting a chance to really spread his wings. But seriously, take a look at the last 3-4 Bama-LSU matches and you'll see that McCarron was a born leader and was able to pick apart some of LSU's best pass defenses (as well as other, even better pass defenses). Sims played rather mediocre football against arguably one of the worst LSU pass defenses in history. Sure he put up 209 yards and 2 TDs, but it was ugly in the way he did it. McCarron was a poised commander of a rough & tumble Alabama program, while Blake Sims just doesn't exert that X-factor, that swagger, that extra touch that McCarron had.
"Tiger Bait" has been a chant for decades. Good God, I went to the A&M-LSU game in 2013 wearing purple and gold in the middle of a sea of maroon. I got hissed at and just chanted "tiger bait" right back at them. There wasn't any bad blood between us. Grow a set of balls and just do a chant right back at us. 9 times out of 10, LSU fans will take it and dish it back with a smile. I'm sure that intimidating little 7 year old was foaming at the mouth at you with his intimidating snarling. Are you really going to be intimidated by a little kid? If that's the case, you should stick to watching curling!
This is one incident from LSU from the past 5-or-so years. Meanwhile, Auburn students and fans tell injured opposing players to get up anytime there's an injury. Which student section's the worst again?
These guys seriously need to check their stats like I said last week! "LSU has given up a lot of rushing yards this season." No. No we haven't! In the first part of the season against Wisconsin, Auburn, and Miss State, yes we did. But look at the numbers since then! Florida- 123 Kentucky- 71 Ole Miss- 137 Alabama- 106 Get your damn facts straight!
Good point. It was pretty dumb to get something as subjective as a committee of college educated humans to oversee which four college teams would go into this poorly thought out playoff system. Plus, I believe humans, for the most part, are unwilling (or possibly unable) to suspend their own subjective biases for what they love. So, what better way to choose those teams than a committee full of biased supporters of their own schools? Jeez, at least a computer is the most unbiased piece of technology out there because computers only do what you tell them to do.
Exactly! See my comment to RE2theNO for my idea for the 32-team bracket.