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The fact that LSU has been public ally against playing Florida every year is annoying. Grewt
Even as a Tennessee hater, this is truly disappointing
Kirby Smart will be the Ron Zook of UGA football
Vern saying "Blue and Orange" is cringe worthy. It's Orange and Blue, Orange and Blue fight-fight-fight Florida U.
I'm usually a realist when it comes to the Gators but for some god-foresaken reason I feel like we win out. Someone shoot me.
I'd trade a trip to Atlanta and getting rolled by Bama (again) for a win over FSU
3 straight years playing in Louisiana. Bummer.
The real reason Cam had to transfer to a JUCO college wasn't so much the laptop incident but his academic issues. He had to go in front of the academic integrity board for cheating. Once that happens the football program has no control over his punishment, so it was in his best interest to leave. Hated Cam out of jealousy for a while but I just wish he would have matured a little quicker and brought Gainesville a ring instead of Auburn.
It's 2016. Did you just assume my orientation?
Wearing gray to set the mood I see. Will be in Neyland come starurday. Really looking forward to the top-notch atmosphere
If you're complaint about seating in the Swamp it's because you should be standing. More family friendly on Alumni side. Student section is a party where a football game just happens to be occurring at the same time.
Hard to say better than Florida when UF went 7-1 compared to Tenn's 5-3 SEC record. Defense will play lights out, no chance either team wins by more than 10. A prediction of larger margins would be surprising considering the past year's games.
I want Tennesee to garnish as much hype as possible. It'll make #12 that much sweeter.
The fact that you don't understand the divisions of the SEC and that Florida plays Vandy every year is enough to show me that you have very limited understanding of the league. It's 2016, we're fine with being Gaytors!
He just lives on controversy, we're talking about him, right? Saban stays at Bama to my dismay.