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Then there would have been a guaranteed SEC finalist. I'm sure they're hoping that they both lose, but I certainly wouldn't bet on that.
If Alabama's offense doesn't make stupid mistakes like they did against Florida (dropped passes left and right and stupid penalties), I feel we will win comfortably (it might be close but it won't be in doubt). If the offense plays poorly (even for just a quarter), there is a good possibility that we will catch an L. I think that Kiffin does know how to attack a Bama defense and Golding never had to deal with Kiffin. Kiffin is also really good at giving teams the same look and coming up with interesting wrinkles that the defense hasn't seen out of that look.
And Jalen Hurts is also an Alabama guy. He only spent 1 season at OU.
LOL... and we were pushing for them to do the Penn State/Minnesota game last week. I can't stand the majority of OSU fans for precisely this reason.
Oregon lost to Arizona ittooksixyears2014. So they do NOT deserve to be ahead of FSU.