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The haves and the have-nots gap just got bigger. I don't see how college sports benefits by the changes that are happening, but I'm not a believer at "win at all costs"
I thought Ohio State was north of the mason- Dixon line, not down south
Ok, you need to take a break from football. Seriously, just walk away
As a State fan, I'm happy he chose us, but State over Navy is not a great career choice
Come on, man. Never is a mighty long time. The right Coach, AD, and a ton of money and anything can happen
this really boils down to money. more money, better recruiting program> better recruiting program, better recruits> better recruits, more wins> more wins, more championships. I know it doesn't matter, but would be interesting to see how all programs not just the SEC, rank for return on their money. Which programs success rate given their handicap
Normally, I try never to call someone an idiot, because I don't know where they're coming from, but your case,it doesn't matter. Idiot
Out of proportion? If it had been a couple of kids and not on national TV, I might agree with you. But this was a full blown "mostly peaceful" BLM march. Coach Leach has some house cleaning to do and from what I hear of him, he will.
I believe your interpretation is spot on except for the final line. Instead of "he..uh he...uh he...uh," I believe I heard "he..Yul he.. huh hea." Not technically a major issue, but still.
I don't believe Leach knew it was going on, but the fear of God should instilled into players, that even if he has back is turned, they won't dare do anything. Like my dad used to say, "I don't care who starts it, I will finish it. I promise I make to you"
Seems like every year State has a brawl at one of it's game. I want our school president and Leach to come down on this stuff harder than anything the NCAA would ever dream of. I want line drawn in the sand and every player knows where that line. If they cross it, they off the team and expelled from school. Playing football and getting a free education is a privilege and it's time to stop this nonsense I sat embarrassed with friends while watching the game and if I ever see this crap again, I will no longer give the university a dime
No, he doesn't. One of the reasons Leach was hired was to instill discipline, this wasn't it. I'm so sick and tired of excuses made for athletes. If that gang fight happened on campus, everybody would be gone
Thanks for transcribing. as I live in West Texas, my understanding of this particular dialect of English has gotten rusty
Wasted money. Heck Miss St is getting to be just like our Gov't., wasting money on things we don't need.
I hope this kid is the answer for Miss St, but high school to SEC west is a huge jump.
What best interest? A free education, a chance to play in the Pros? C'mon man, going to school is the opportunity of a lifetime.
If you're going to have a bad year, this is the year. Everybody will put an asterisk by this season. Next year, nobody will care what you're record was this year and that's too bad for some teams.
The team that wins out, will always have an asterisk by their name because it's 2020. Might not be fair, but it will be there
Not necessarily this article, but honesty and facts haven't been in vogue for awhile
Boy, I bet you feel better. Showing some emotion in that typing
I agree. If it was my daughter and I knew the coach covered it up. That coach might need bodyguards
I don't know much about what a top coach wants, but if coaching in the SEC is it, there is no hurry. A spot opens up every year. I'd bet the next 2 years sees plenty of turnover
I expect 12 to 13 teams in the SEC want a mulligan on this season
Very scary moment for him and his family. Hoping for a full recovery