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Boy, I bet you feel better. Showing some emotion in that typing
I agree. If it was my daughter and I knew the coach covered it up. That coach might need bodyguards
I don't know much about what a top coach wants, but if coaching in the SEC is it, there is no hurry. A spot opens up every year. I'd bet the next 2 years sees plenty of turnover
I expect 12 to 13 teams in the SEC want a mulligan on this season
Very scary moment for him and his family. Hoping for a full recovery
I find it a little odd that the head coach is responding in a detached manner. Having said that, I do like a head coach that doesn't give in to the drama
How in the world does the moving the game make it safer? I wish they just say, we're trying to save money this year
I'll be sure to ask you next time I want to make comment and make sure the timing is right
See you poked your head up once A&M won a couple of games. Good for you.
Let me add knucklehead, I was born, raised and live in texas. Mine was a joke, because my family and friends went to A&M. Yours on the other hand, gives all Texans a bad name with your level of arrogance
I think Arkansas wins this game. Nothing to back that comment up, just hoping.
There might some kind of path to the playoffs, but A&M not on it. They're on the well worn one they always take.
Only watched part of the game. Had to turn it off. I don't think we could beat Sister Marcie's Home for Wayward Girls right now
pump the brakes and give the kid some room, but national TV, that's a good idea. Jeez
Ok, you lost me when you printed Aggies 9-1
Think this a bad idea. If you pack it and there is some form of spread happens, the SEC will react and we might not like the solution.
Okay, these "uniform reveal" articles are by far the dumbest things that SDS puts out there. Who gives a s$%t!!!
I hope after all this is said and done, that people will wear a mask when their sick with a cold or flu. I visited Japan a few years back and surprised by how many people were wearing mask. I asked our host why and he said they wear them as a common courtesy when they are sick. A common courtesy, a thing I wish people would practice a bit more than we do nowadays
You're right. Mizzou, Arkansas, Ole miss and State are all starting over. I hope the conference is strong enough in a couple of years that no game can be predicted, where home field advantage really comes into play
It's absolutely ridiculous that after only two games into a season with a new coach, new offense and a new defense, that somebody can predict what success they're going to have in the short and long term
Blah blah blah. You play with what you have. We didn't have kylin. hill. We lost. Arkansas won.
You gotta love ole Saban's mask. Heck, my screen porch would have been better protection.
C'mon, get rid of these meaningless games. Really who watches a bowl sponsored by tidy bowl or rid x