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I remember that incident when I was in high school in Dallas. Wasn't surprised then and not surprised today. NIL as it stands today, is not good for college sports
"Lovingdagame" is going to have a cow if he reads your comment. lol
Aggsff, I was just having a little fun, I'm glad you saw it for it was
Did A&M put any money back for a DC, after going all in on recruiting?
Was cut of I'll continue. Get vaccinated and go about your life. Chances are greater to die from the flu
Didn't want to wade into this discussion, but according to local news outlets and USNews, the first death attributed to omicron was recorded on Dec 22 in Texas. At that point, I quit listening. What is going today fear mongering. I was vacc
I doubt his fight with Tech will factor in his game plan tomorrow. His lawsuit is guided by his animosity toward Craig James and the chancellor at Tech. Leach's statements are sometimes are cringe worthy, but most are spot on
I agree with you and I bet Leach does too. Doesn't mean you can't have an opinion. Personally I think the NIL does far more damage to college football.
A&M, the bamas, LSU and Texas size schools will win the recruiting wars. While the rest will build based on the transfer portal after the athletes get mad because they feel slighted by the first school. Nobody is policing and I think the big schools like it that way. What's called cluster #$&k
Money is going ruin college football. It used to be few rogue alumni, now it's anybody with a dollar to spend.
That's a sad comment on the status of college football but true.
I never said dominated, I said don't beat on a regular basis and I see you conveniently left off LSU
I guess I should clarify about Arkansas. Arkansas is on the rise and with Texas and Oklahoma coming in, it opens Texas back up for them. Texas A&M would best concentrate on the rest of the West. They aren't elite or even very good at this point. More money, better athletes and great facilities and yet you're bogged down in the middle. One day maybe the fans can say they're elite, but that's not the case right now
Here we go again. You need to forget about Alabama and concentrate on Auburn, Ole Miss, State, Arkansas and the future with Texas and Oklahoma. All of which you have never ever beat on a regular basis. You guys want to paint a Mona Lisa, when you need to spend more time with paint by numbers.
Always think these articles grading coaches is a little ridiculous. There should be some sliding scale score. If the school has top tier talent the starts out as A+ and depending how the team does it either stays the same or slides down. Texas A&M has top talent and 4 losses. Elko gets an A. C'mon. 4 losses with top talent. How about C+
I can't imagine who's counseling this kid, and no disrespect to my university, but he needs to shag his way to the ivy league. Don't get me wrong, I'm really not a true believer in college degrees anymore, but ivy league degrees will grease some doors for him in the future.
I agree. I can't fathom the idea of me and my wife paying that much to attend a game.
c'mon now,You should know, contracts don't mean squat. Ole miss gave him a pay raise and a nice retirement plan, that all any coach gets nowadays. I still think he's gone in a few years, his track record says so
When there's an outside chance of playing for an NC? Personally I think this is bad move on LSU's part.
I agree. More of a compliment to Corral than anything else
Live in Texas my whole life and attended State. While at State I went small towns in MS to watch HS games. They take it pretty seriously there as I imagine towns throughout the south.