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Ok, Saban retired and Alabama got a new coach. 15- 20 articles and hundreds of comments. Enough already, move on
I've usually agree with your comments, but this, you go too far. This borders on blasphemy!
I agree. A top 10 dumbest decision listing. Where it ranks with other dumb decisions , I don't know. I don't think A&M decision to hire Jimbo would make that list, but giving him guaranteed money would. Can't think of any others right now.
I guessing you think your comment offends me. Now imagine Jalen or Tua getting hurt in the last regular season game and a committee says, nope your not getting to play. I bet you would be screaming "foul" from from the mountaintop.
Well I think part of it is where miss is located in the continental United States. Geez
Never understood any college team , including State, that posted these stupid things.
I'll be first to admit I didn't think a&m would fire fisher this year. Im sorry the money college football is out of control.
I was hoping Zach would be the guy, but he's not. I liked Leach because he recruited talent that other people really weren't, for an offense that was built to be different. Now, we're trying to run the same thing everybody else is, except we don't have the MONEY! There is some good news. We're in a better spot than Texas A&M, because we're getting a new coach at the end of this month
Unfortunately Arnett is not the coach. What talent they had this year, was wasted.
Two out of 10 blips about the SEC. Went back to read the title. Yep it says it's about the SEC,just isn't
Well, Arkansas won in a way.both we're trying their best to lose, but the hogs prevailed
Phonetic spelling of names would be useful
Dang, nothing for the non scholarship players? Or the volunteer who make things happen. This is what I hate about the new and improved college sports (nil)
I know money has always been a part of college football, but now, it's just insatiable greed. Not sure what we're teaching at the college level anymore
Where's Colorado in this ranking SDS?
"overreacting in the SEC" then write only about the SEC. Half was about somewhere else. I know I harp about this, but with a thousand sport sites, keep this ONE about SEC, please!!
not the SEC! As if there isn't anything to write here in the SOUTH!
Scoring in the last minute when could have run the clock out. Pathetic
Will we ever get a break on this A&M thing? Every year and I mean every year we are forced to listen to the A&M is possibly playoff bound storyline. Geez, just stop
Oh I get that, but there are a couple other 100000 websites I can read about hima. Keep this about the south. Have some articles about gpa avg at different schools, individual players and their volunteer work. Heck tell about the intermural sports, just keep below the mason Dixon and the college level. No more pro athletes, or sports betting
Ok, last I checked Dion is coaching in COLORADO, that's not in the South. I hate to be a stickler, but I come here to read articles about the SEC, not Notre Dame,USC, or Colorado. Change the name to "Saturday wherever bets are taken" or stay in the lane. Jackson St or Georgia tech, would be better.
gambling must be a lucrative business for SDS. 4 of the 5 drop downs are about gambling with only one about the SEC. tells a lot about the state of college football
SEC is a dead man walking,as we know it today. College football is a semi pro league now and it will keep morphing till , they're but club teams with college address