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If State continues to improve each week, stays very competitive and can keep our DC ,then I'm extremely excited about next year.
I like reading articles about State, but this seems a bit of a stretch to call this one. More of a ticker running across the bottom of the tv screen. Just wasted one of my clicks today
It's hard to beat Alabama, but to beat them in their next game after the loss,might be impossible. Anybody want to take stab at the odds?
that better come with slow cooked grits on the side or it's not breakfast
I doubt Saban sees that way. I will say if Alabama struggles, but still wins. The rest of the schedule will see it as " blood in the water"
Ok, maybe I didn't watch the same game as the guy who wrote this article, but Bryce Young looked, well pedestrian, in the A&M game. Over thrown, under thrown, and bad decisions. I'm sure he'll be a great QB, but MVP, sounds like a ton of hype
Saban is not a kid anymore and some stupid fan could possibly hurt him. Some idiots are born, most get there while in college
What in the wide wide wide world of sports is going on?!
Now that we're past A&M, I'm looking like a genius.
season still early, a couple injuries and Arkansas might still get a chance to find their ole spot. Having said that, I hope Arkansas wins till we play
I agree and even if this year is disaster, so what. Having great year every year, just isn't going to happen.
I don't know, maybe your defense doing poorly helps recruit him. I guess it depends on what kind of kid he is.
I really hope they beat Alabama because I think parity in the West makes for good college football. What I wish is this constant drumbeat from A&M about how we're a top tier team and ole miss, Ark and State are something to be dismissed, would stop. A&M has no consistency and to be considered one of the best in the West, you need to prove it year in year out. You out recruit and out spend most of us. After OK and Texas get here, I think you should get comfortable in cellar, because just about every team will be there from time to time
Shocking that we beat A&M? Give me a break and if I'm correct I think we lead this series or at least it's tied
Right on the mark. Not much difference between 2nd and 7th. State doesn't have the money to compete with everybody. That's where Leach helps us. Think outside the box
Just made my season. Thank you, thank you
I think you're right about the qb, He needs to keep the defense honest and challenge with a run when he gets the chance. I saw multiple plays where i thought he could have ripped the defense for 20 yards
we're getting closer to the day when the difference in the SEC West from 1st place to last, is mistakes made, not talent
Very true, but it wasn't till after I bought land and learned mother nature doesn't take a day off and the yard won't mow itself.
It's season 2 of the leach era. Let's give it a break. Would you rather have A&M's problem?
Not a dang thing. I don't know who bought who, but every third article seems to be a gambling ad disguised as an sports report.
Ok, I get that, but 105 don't dress for the game, right?
Can somebody tell why a team would have a couple of players sharing the same number?
" There is no wrong anymore" let that sink in for a moment. This isn't just about football folks, this is where we are and lots of younger people are ok with it
Just what SDS needed, A gambling ad. Within a couple of weeks we'll have multiple gambling ads presented as sports articles per week
there are some of us State fans quietly rejoicing the decision. Then again, I don't listen to the radio while in the car
we played during the same time period and I even delivered some of those hits. I knew a guy who broke his neck while tackling like we were taught to do. That's why children play the game and adults make the rules.