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Just read the other article. Alabama, fire this coach, for no other reason than he is oblivious to the optics and the bad press the university is getting
allegedly? I thought he did take a gun to a murder. He might win some awards, but it won't be for the muscle between his ears. Another spot on comment from the coach. He might win for the dumbest coach presently working
That is absolutely the worst defense of a coach's action I have ever heard. The kid delivered a gun, doesn't matter if it was his or not, that was used in a crime. It wasn't a comb, trading cards, or just his jacket. He knowingly delivered a gun Fire the stupid coach and be done with it
Coach should be fired, as of yesterday. Using the phrase "wrong place, wrong time" to excuse a player actions that leads to murder, should be fired immediately.
ok, call me debbie downer, but 1 billion for college entertainment. Serious priority problem in the college world today
some kind of salary cap is the only solution to the NIL stupidity. Everybody plays by the same rule. Alumni who step outside the line, bring harsh penalties
Dude, I truly don't know what motivates people to make juvenile comments, but you have the complete off season to figure it out how to stop. Good luck
Can someone please enlighten me. How is NIL money traced? As an example, if say I'm a casino and give a bunch of money to Alabama, can it be traced? Cause I definitely see the payoff for gambling on games. Before you reply, I just picked Alabama as an example, so nobody get their pantie s in a wad
Ssshhhh. Don't say that, the big boys will get upset. Mention some kind of draft and function like a semi- pro league and they'll lose minds about how unfair it will be. Parity in the conference is not in their interest
College football world will morph into something different in 15 years, we won't even recognize it. I could go on and on about education, but let's just say I agree with you, education is being devalued.
Anything but what's happening now. Heck have a draft and create parity in the conference.
I'm not against players getting paid, I'm against this free for all and some players who contribute to the success of the TEAM, not getting a dime. If you want to act like the pros, then treat it as such.
I didn't mean to start an issue on capitalism. I'm just saying that even practice squads get paid something in the pros And take chances on getting hurt. Somebody needs to figure this world of nil deals out
One a cold day in h#ll, you'll never convince me this is good for college football. What about teammates not getting a piece the pie, but make it possible for 6 mil boy to make the pass.
I imagine there is some pretty hefty insurance policies and bonuses being given
I'd question if Saban is a better coach. Manager yes, but coach I doubt it. Saban didn't call plays he hired coaches for that. Could Saban won at Texas Tech, Washington State or State, given their budget and location? We'll never know, but I doubt it.
I hate to say, but who cares if Leach is put into the HOF. Ten years from now people will still refer to Mike leach over 90% of the coaches that are in. That will be the true measure of his influence on the game. It might be a be a nice thing for his family, but listening to him over the years, He probably would rather known for something else
Kind of think this was Leach's plan all along. Very unfortunate and sad events get us here, but this is the right choice.
I think one of his biggest contributions was his perspective on college football. Win or lose, we play next week, so don't let it ruin your day. It's just a game, there are things far more important.
A coach once said me, "if I ever quit yelling at you, that is the day you should worry."
Maybe it was tough love and tough love, isn't politically correct. Just making a comment because I don't know what was really said. Best of Luck
Unfortunately, I think this the future for State. Come here, get playing time, prove yourself, go get the money.
99.5% of all fan bases are there to support their team. the others need to be identified and barred from games
He's beyond childish. You could ignore it if it wasn't half the comments
A know you think you're funny, but making the same comment over and over again. Very childish, get a life or get some help.