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They're just out of material. With college football pretty done, their going with tier 2 stories. Personally, I'm kinda hoping football is canceled. Just don't think I handle all the political junk that will come with it
SDS, dont put an article up, if you don't want comments. This is very problem going on in our country, if you don't agree with my position, your thoughts and comments or either labeled or avoided. I agree the flag should be changed, I disagree that dissenting voices can't be heard. Folks, this country is on a very slippery slope right now and we need to beextra careful
I don't care much for baseball, so I'm changing the subject. Ever notice when SDS post a story that really hits a nerve, they cut the comment section? So let's comment here on Iowa football. My first comment is that the Salem witch trials have got nothing on today. A person is guilty because all you have to do today, is make an accusation.
A&M, part of murderer's row? C'mon, really, who makes this stuff up?
I agree. Cohen is a weak AD. This non issue should never gotten this far and now Cohen just tossed these idiots a bone
If this virus is still around in the fall, screw football, we have bigger problems.
A lot of Fans want instant success. I'm surprised at least two of QBs haven't entered the transfer portal
It really matters what school you attend at any particular university. For instance, I can make pretty good case that a BS in business from Harvard doesn't mean squat to anybody outside the northeast. Every university has good and bad points
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters-Tebow. It's got a ring to it
it's a complete cluster %$#K. college football need this as much as they need a few more bowl games.
Lol. Exactly what I was thinking. I guess I'm not a big enough sports guy. That was way too much research to gather all his info.
They could stop stupidity in it's tracks, by quit giving sideline passes to every so called celebrity out there. Leave the sidelines to team members and support staff only
Dang, that's real crappy defense of Saban. For the seniors and because harbaugh said ugly things. It's about showing respect to the opposing players or did you not get that from my comment. Another word would be sportsmanship. I could give other examples, just not sure you would get it
I really don't know how good a coach he is, and for me it doesn't matter because he's a class act. Saban could learn something from him on how to show respect to opposing players. At the end of the game. Taking a knee instead of trying to score with seconds on the board. That's a leader
I think you're right. I have multiple sources telling me this is all smoke and mirrors. Jason Garret will be named coach
I'm sure you're right about all your points. I do know that the coaching world is a small place and word gets out. If it was handled properly, I think State's good.
Dawg44. Do you know what was said? Was he warned? Do you have inside knowledge? were you there? I doubt it. You are right about one thing, I don't know the entire situation. Jomo. I hope so, sounds like a good coach
apparently, you haven't been out in the working world. who do you think the axe falls on next time? Save his job for how long? This firing was handled poorly and not a good look for State, and that my friend, falls squarely on Cohen. I don't know if Moorehead was warned or what was said that led up to this, but if it wasn't done properly, getting a qualified candidate to take Mooreheads place, will be hard to do. which leads back to my comment about keeping his resume updated
I've seen this situation a couple of times in my working life after school. Blame and fire till no one's left by you. I hope Cohen keeps his resume updated, shouldn't be long now
Oh , you must I'm picking sides. I think any coach that deliberately adds points make themselves look small
What stupidity! Running up the score on a bunch of college players to get at the coach. I couldn't give a sh$t what the coach said, but saban going for points when it wasn't necessary, makes the man look small. I'll add that finebaum is a true idiot
You know, I get it you don't like moorehead. I agree with you, to a point. So this next year why don't you pony up the millions of dollars that is needed so we can compete with like of everybody else in the SEC West, otherwise, shut up. Sick and tired of reading your BS
I see this like this, if he'll lie to his wife, he'll sure as heck lie to you and me. Not quite the standard I would want from somebody in a leadership role
Yea, Dan Mullen is partially responsible for the antics these past few years but he will pale in comparison to an adult who acts like a 14 yr old girl with a Twitter account