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Actually 7 when you count TEXAS. I guess we'll pick-up the slack for our baby brother.
Hard for me to understand how a fan of football enjoys watching an inferior team get the tar kicked out of them in meaningless non-con game. That makes for some enjoyable football to watch. Some teams in the SEC will never have a realistic shot at winning a NC or even making the playoff. They need that cupcake game so they can add to their coiffures and make a meaningless bowl game. Only 3 SEC teams will make the playoff from the SEC anyways regardless of a 8 or 9 game conference schedule.
411 days until we join the league baby brother. Never go full Aggie!
What's with all the articles about TEXAS and SDS's infatuation with TEXAS? We don't even enter the SEC for another 416 days. Write some stuff about SEC schools for God's sake! Readers on here don't want to read about TEXAS cause they're irrelevant!
UGA, OSU, WA and TEXAS. Bama loses to both Texas teams this year.
Horns down better not be banned. As TEXAS fans we get disappointed when we don't see other fan bases promoting our brand. Especially when those fan bases aren't even playing TEXAS. We love watching Little brother throw the Horns down especially when they're playing the likes of Bama, Arky, LSU or whoever else. We love being in y'alls heads good or bad. We want y'all thinking about us all the time. You can't get to the bad part without thinking about TEXAS. Please keep it up! We're disappointed when we don't see other fans bases making signs to hold up at ESPN/SEC Gameday locations. It's priceless! That's exactly why TEXAS is the biggest brand in college sports and makes the most money. Don't ever stop promoting our brand for us! 420 days and counting.
421 days until TEXAS officially enters the SEC and Saturday Down South is already posting articles about US. The burnt orange tsunami will only continue to build.
Considering her past I can't believe Mulkey even allows her to speak with the media. Didn't Mulkey kick her off the team at Baylor? Some people never learn.
In the immortal words of Bill Murray from the movie Stripes, "And then depression set in...."
By the way who are the Texas Aggies? Never heard of them. Kind of like I have never heard of the Michigan Spartans, Florida Seminoles, Arizona Sun Devils, Texas Red Raiders and so on.
Miller off to the NBA with his multi-millions while Bama gets stuck with all the bad PR and baggage. Classic!
I guess this site will not allow you to criticize Bama. I keep getting moderated even though I've read posts that are far more inflammatory and degrading. Wow!
Tried to post some thoughts on Oats in the Nate Oats isn't gonna overhaul his unique style, but perhaps we need to tweak our expectations of it but won't go through. Weird that it's been awaiting moderator review for 26 hours? Is that normal for this site?
Hopefully Beard doesn't choke and loose close games! His philosophy is playing suffocating defensive and he loves to manhandle his opponents. We'll see what type of team he's able to wrap his hands around in Oxford.
I'd love to see the so-called evidence Beard is speaking of that contradicts what has been reported. Other than his girlfriend recanting her story, which occurs about 99% of the time in family violence cases, it's overwhelming according to him but yet he can't speak about it. Everyone with any sense knows exactly why he won't go into any detail.
UT did their due diligence and determined they did not want a coach who had been arrested for felonious Assault by Strangulation representing their university. He would have been torn apart by the media in Austin. Beard will be fine in a small town like Oxford.
Did her injuries disappear when she sobered up? Nope. They were still there.
All Beard and Ole Miss have to do is allow all the evidence to be released. Never gonna happen cause it would paint a horrible picture of Beard.
Beard and Ole Miss better pray the on-scene officer's body cam video and the pic's of the vic's injuries never gets released cause they're not good. Also the answers he provided at his presser were awful. He beat the charge but he didn't beat the ride. Those pic's and video of him in jail are not going away.