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UCF desperate for attention? Bless their little hearts.
Last NC in 1980. Any of you even alive then?
A Gator who lives in the Orlando area says "Go Tigers!" Nothing against UCF personally, and they may be really good, but their schedule is just too weak to provide enough evidence that they merit being in the top 4. I do hope the playoffs expand to 8 teams before long. And I'm still miffed that they gave the NC to BYU back in 1984 because they, too, had a weak schedule (Yes, I'm that old). BTW, been looking at SDS posts for a long time and just now getting into the conversations. LSU is my second favorite team in the SEC; Tennessee third; Georgia last (must be, I think, for a true Gator). I appreciate the posts of LSUSMC and agree with most of them. Oh, and thanks, LSU, for beating Georgia!
Yeah, I wasn't serious...just having fun!
I don't know. I have to admit I was rather disappointed when Franks turned out to be the starter earlier this year. However, he did much better, overall, than I thought he would. If he continues to improve (big "if," I realize), it might still make sense for him to start next year. But if Jones is "the man," that would be fine with me. However, planning for the future is good, but I'd hate to waste a whole year (2019) doing it if Franks is still better than Jones. My opinion, of course.
Perhaps so; perhaps not. If Franks is the best the Gators have next year, then would it be wise to start someone else? If he doesn't start, perhaps he will transfer to Georgia and you can use him for your fake punts.