Return of the G

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2018: we got Mullen now UGA better watch out... L 2019: UGA is struggling offensively and Trask is playing great...L 2020.......
Mathis was timid. He was holding the ball too long. Stetson was quick to get the ball out. That was the spark. I think Mathis just needs to gain some confidence. Being benched probably isn’t going to help. He hasn’t played in a live game in a while. I hope he gets another chance. I like Stetson but Mathis has a higher ceiling.
We played a horrible half and still won by 4 TDs and still had time to give second stringers some reps. Take a breath. It’s the first game of a season with a new OC and no spring practice. It’s going to be fine.
Gotta bring your A game every week. Arkansas is definitely making improvements from last season. I hope Pitman all the best. He’s a good coach
Lol I’d be more concerned that Florida can’t tackle
“You guys suck” says the troll that is too embarrassed to rep their team
Ever notice you’re the only one that laughs at your “jokes”
Yeah he’s so cursed he just went 15-0 with a NC. You can’t be serious.
Yeah Mathis looked unsure and definitely held the ball too long.
Confidence. When the defense see’s what the offense is doing it rubs off. Y’all look good.
Cochran should get some credit for special teams. It was the best part of the first half.
Miss st. Is going to start stealing some 5* pocket QBs. Every QB that ever lived wants to throw it 60 times a game. Awesome performance by Leech and Costello.
Going into the second game of the season and not knowing if you can tackle? Not good.
Giving up 600 yards to Ole Miss? Not good.
Yes. He needs the reps. I don’t know how long JT will be out. If Bennett is the starter vs Auburn don’t you want as many in game reps as possible for Mathis??
I’m not disagreeing with that but JT is not cleared. The game was in hand. Mathis needed the reps.
I love Mathis. I hope he just had a bad game.
I noticed that LSU fans are conveniently missing from this pile on.