Return of the G

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When the season started I was skeptical about Mac Jones. I was wrong. That’s all I wanted to say.
Kirby doesn’t owe anyone anything. JT was injured. Why do you continue to ignore that?
Pitts lowered his head. Seriously what was Cine supposed to do? He didn’t launch. Florida fans crying are just as bad as the Mizzou fans crying last week. And Danny Kannell is an idiot.
Lol Tennessee has been a dumpster fire for over a decade. We lost a game. I think we’ll be ok. Gators will win the East in 2020. We’ll compete with Florida for it again next year. You know who won’t?? Tennessee
The guy you’re replying to is just as big of a troll as Negan. And LSU and Tennessee are both garbage this year. Just sayin.
Georgia turning blue is the only reason I’m still happy after the game
I would argue that Florida had more offensive weapons last year but that's just me.
I am speaking for myself. That's why I said most. I know there are still some that dwell in the past. Most of us have moved on.
Yeah he was an embarrassment at UGA. Trying to fight coaches, heckling kids on the other team. I'm glad he's gone.