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Thanks for keeping me straight UF GreatAgain.
Come on Gump. I'm not that fired up yet. For someone to say what he said, it just begged for a response. It was just plain stooopid.
Jobigator88 - As well as Mizzou plays at home combined with them eating UF's lunch these past 3 years, I wouldn't go be too cocky if I were you. Although they blew two games they were supposed to win, they are more than capable of beating UF again. Any team can lose any given Saturday including UF.
You, my troll friend, are an idiot! I would tell you, that Mizzou will be fully motivated to take out UK. Especially after last years game with the extra untimed play to win the game that should not have been. Mizzou will NOT overlook this game.
Lived there for 3 years serving the USAF. Quite a bit actually, Badlands of South Dakota, Crazy Horse Monument, Black hills, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood SD, Corn Palace, Custer State Park, and in Aug: Sturgis Bike Rally.
I hope CBO (Coach Barry Odom) doesn't pull a 2nd half protect the lead play calling during this game like he did against Troy. If Mizzou wants to continue making a statement, they need to keep the foot on the gas and show what they can do. Otherwise, everyone will see t as pedestrian win and their thoughts would be justified. Mizzou needs to significantly surpass the spread.
Ole Miss vs aTm could actually be a good game too. Ole Miss on upswing and aTm trending down. They are meeting in the middle. the way Ole' Miss played last week late in the game vs Mizzou, I smell upset actually.
Maybe not Bill but it sure sounded like it. My comment wasn't intended to slam the Gamecocks. It was meant to speak to Mizzou's improved and pretty stout defense. An objective Gamecock fan like yourself would/could admit that. Most may not want to but they could. I like the two Columbia in division rivalry. Its definitely better than the forced cross-division we have with Arkansas.
Mizzou has improved considerably on defense and hardly any one has been able to run against them. I think the average per carry against Mizzou is under 2 yards. Mizzou is going to be one of the most stoutest defenses they have played against since Bama. Plus, its a homecoming game under the lights at Mizzou. Not saying Ole Miss doesn't have a chance. I'm just saying Mizzou is likely to be the victor.
So South Carolina, West Virginia (hung 31 on Texas), and Troy are bottom-feeders (wait, didn't Troy defeat LSU not long ago)? I agree that the probation may have something to do with it also. I submit to you that if they handle Ole Miss this weekend they'll move in to the top25. I think more and more analysts are paying more attention to them and the early loss stench is wearing off (it will never be gone).
Fair assessment of the team and situation Connor. That Wyoming loss was unacceptable and unexplainable. Take the loss, learn from it, and move on. That is what Mizzou has done. Mizzou is not a perennial top-tier SEC team but every year, since the dumpster-fire 2015 season, has improved...I suppose they are the present Phoenix in the SEC...rising from the ashes.
I know you're butt-hurt over losing to Mizzou. Stop trying to read between the lines of my comment. Read it for what it says. I never said Mizzou was anything like Clemson or anything like a powerhouse. I just basically said to the author of the article that Mizzou's defense is pretty stout this year also. All the explaining you gave/excuses are weak. Any if not all sports analyst will tell you terrible QB decisions are made because of defensive pressure. Which is exactly what Mizzou did. On top of that, running the ball didn't go that well for you during that game either. What's your excuse for that? From what you feel about your team, they are a decent team so by your logic we already have and beat you handily. Just accept the fact that Mizzou got the best of you this year. You (and we) can't win them all.
"Outside of Alabama, this may be his stiffest test from a defense, though he passed for 324 yards against the Crimson Tide." Really, Keith Farner? What were his numbers against Mizzou? SC vs Mizzou 271 total yards (166 passing) and only 11 1st downs. SC vs Bama... 459 total yards (passing 324) and 31 1st downs. I'd say he faced a pretty stout defense against Mizzou. No, I'm not saying Mizzou is better than Bama. I'm just saying the your statement is not researched very well.
Hopefully, he'll not only be able to play but play well enough that the have a sizable lead then pull him and let Powell take it home.
I get the many fans still feel like Mizzou is disrespected but the way you get respect is to earn it. We have a great team. Play the game and don't bellyache about bad calls, tough breaks, missed opportunities, yada, yada, yada. Missouri has always had fickle fan base as far as attendance goes. We may be in the SEC but (outside of SDS commenters) we don't have a faithful SEC fan base equal to the historical SEC schools.
I somewhat agree with what T.J Moe says. Every team has to deal with injuries and some of those injuries happen to key/critical players on the team. No need crying over spilt milk. Step up, fill in, handle your business. We've got a lot of great players that are just waiting to show their talents. Talents that most of us here have not seen because we see the first person on the depth chart starting who is slightly better. Look at the 2nd half of the Troy game. Did Cale play? No, did Troy score more than 3 points? No! Play the game!
It is a disappointing loss for Mizzou Tiger defense as he is the anchor of the defense; but, we'll be alright with next man up. Cale was and is good but a lot of what he was able to do is because of all the other players that surround him doing their job. Heal up well and soon Cale! You still have a promising future ahead!
The way Mizzou defense seemed to let them score on the first series, I'm sure they believed they could have the same result as the week before. Unfortunately, for them, it was a dream unrealized. Bryant update: mild knee sprain, will play on Sat Garrett update: torn pectoral muscle, could be out for rest of season. Defense capability moving forward: slight nick in armor but still more than capable to do what is necessary the rest of the season.
I don't think OU will make the playoffs. They still have issues on defense. The only way they get in is if only to pit Tua against Jalen. Otherwise, I'd say Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and one loss UGA over Oklahoma. Big12, Pac12 and ND will be left out.
First time picking. LSU 59, Utah State 24 Mizzou 49, Troy 17 Vandy 24, Ole' Miss 20 UGA 41, UT 10 Auburn 35, UF 17
I'm with you. Troy seems to have quite an offense this year even with a new head coach. Mind you, their competition hasn't necessarily been killers on defense. I'd love to be confident in this game score prediction but lets just say I'm cautiously optimistic that Mizzou will take this game more than seriously.
Bill, first, my comment was in response to cock trying to start some mess about Mizzou not being listed because of the NCAA bowl ban still under appeal (which most SEC fans believe was unjust and will likely be overturned). Second, I only spoke of "this" year. Cock is just still butt-hurt over the beatdown #Mizzou gave the Gamecocks this year.
Really cola_cock? I think you are scared that Mizzou will get their bowl ban turned over and end up in a good bowl which would make you even more jealous of the better of the Columbia teams this year.
What? MIZZOU is playing under the lights? It's been almost 2 years since the last time they played. I believe it was Nov 2017. Looks like some sports analysts may actually have to work to know who is on the squad now besides Bryant, Rountree, and Albert "O"