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Maybe texas will manage to beat both Kansas AND Kansas State in the same year now.
That's a shame, he could've had a future anywhere else in the SEC except maybe Vandy. Those two will have quite the rivalry game once the move is complete.
Most important, we knocked tu out getting our first WS win since 93. Could we have gone further? Maybe, but I'm sure glad we did what we did.
Great work Ags! No losses on the way to Omaha! Now let's see 4 more SEC teams punch their tickets today!
It's buzzing in College Station. Everyone is happy with the direction we're headed, but not satisfied with the results yet. I don't know many who actually expect us to be a top football or basketball program next year, but almost everyone can see it coming shortly thereafter. The overall turnaround A&M has made in the past 10 years has been impressive to watch, not just from a sports perspective either. Academically A&M has been really moving up over that period. Aggressive self-improvement seems to be the model for modern Texas A&M.
8 game? 9 game? What about a 10 game 5-5-5. "Ohhhh it's too scary to have that many good games". Honestly it would be just another stepping stone to the SEC breakaway. That feels inevitable. Add in 2 OOCs against only P5 opponents and there becomes an obvious exclusivity that drives more power to the SEC.
I don't think most Ags care too much about this other than it's just fun to watch Jimbo all reved up. I know for a fact that every Aggie out there will be rooting for Alabama to thoroughly embarrass texas on Sept 10.
Imagine an SEC breakaway with a 5-5-5 schedule with 2 OOCs and a seperate playoff. Not gonna happen but fun to imagine.
2 tier system with power 4 and group of 4 all with 16 teams. Each p4 has an associated g4 conference and at the end of the season bottom team from the p5 and top of the g5 swap. 2 separate championships. Be a hard sale for lots of p4 teams and whichever g4 get left behind but that'd be exciting