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“but that’s classic SEC bias” weird I thought Mizzou was in the SEC given they have two SEC East titles
How has Brian Kelley’s coaching history gone for you? Being unable to win big games was his thing at Notre Dame. For all his issues Jimbo has a natty in his history. If i were to argue that means he’ll get one with us though it’d be idiotic.
Eh, Brian Kelly just did what he does best and lost a major game. The other two aren’t as surprising to me, especially the gators. If the SEC looks bad next week that’s when alarms should go off around the conference
Surprised we’re ranked, let’s see how good Weigman is
Looks like you made Ron annoyed bc you don’t know every staff member Auburn has ever had for a single season. Also wild that he can see the future and knows how every Aggie starter’s career will go. Auburn should hire him for scouting
I think they’re being pessimistic on Kentucky, but pretending like Eastern Washington doesn’t upset good schools semi-regularly is dangerous.
Congrats Vandy, I wish it had stayed closer but y’all had a great rally in the second half of the game. Good luck in Omaha
Let’s go back to an all SEC schedule, Ags did better then
Why is the SEC blog writing an article about a player who never competed in the SEC
Johnson isn’t starting for A&M. He’s not on the same level as Weigman is the main reason, but also Johnson will have to get an exemption if he transfers to be able to play again immediately. Weigman doesn’t. Johnson can be a backup and almost certainly not leave. If Weigman is the backup he’ll be gone. And A&M can’t have that.
I’m not convinced the B1G as a whole brings much to the table. Some schools (Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Penn State, and maybe Nebraska) have a big enough brand, but the likes of Illinois, Minnesota, and Rutgers are dead weight. The SEC really only has Vanderbilt that isn’t a big enough football brand these days. The best thing the B1G has going for it is their audience is trapped indoors for a third of the year and have nothing else to watch.
Reese can do it just as Clark did. Frankly, smack talk is part of the game and LSU came in with the mindset of setting the “disrespectful” Iowa team straight. This is fine. Get over it.
So you had ChatGPT write this and tweaked it a bit huh? Worse than my students.
Good time piggies, had me worried for a while. See y’all soon.
I don’t think competitive balance or parity should be a goal, teams rise and fall after all. Do you want to play your rivals or not?
“ To date, though, those are the lone bright spots of the 2020s decade for them. ” I’ll be honest, that’s more bright spots than 95% of programs in the 20s, we are only 3 years in ?. In the 2020s who’s done better than or equal to a top 4 finish? Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan, Cincinnati, TCU. That’s it.
It’s a shame Mike Evans didn’t have a better showing a few years ago when Tampa won.
Where’d all the Mertz love go? Last I heard Mertz-mania is sweeping the nation
We are all Mertz. But none of us are the quality of Mertz. Mertz is the Mertziest Mertz. Amen
Man, if Mike Elko and Duke have a good season and the Jimbo Fisher experiment continues to fail, you’ve got to think there will be a bunch of chatter of getting Elko back to A&M in the future.
That’s a pretty embarrassing typo to have blaring at the top of the front page. Guess Siri didn’t hear you very well…
Hate to see this, hope he recovers quickly. Hopefully less serious than chatter is indicating.
I dont really get the appeal of TCU, every game of theirs I’ve watched this season has not been impressive, they remind me of a lower talent Gators if they had a slightly more consistent but less explosive QB. They’ve been consistent in a mediocre conference and their only test has been KState twice. I would have Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama. I think USC and Utah look better than TCU. I think TCU vs LSU would be a great show though. Guess we’ll find out in 10 minutes
It was pretty embarrassing ngl. Especially bc they didn’t even realize there was time left on the clock. Like I get this is rivalry week and LSU was 5, but storming the field incorrectly is the proper cap to this season.