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Jim Harbaugh is #1. Not even close. $9,000,000/year. 3rd in Division back-to-back. Outclassed in bowl v 9-3 ACC team. Any HC that makes more tha Nick Saban is overpaid. Harbaugh is at the top of the list. This list is bogus.
UT 3 opponents: avg rank 61, all 3 played in bowls 2015, 26 wins in 2015 UF 3 ooponents: avg rank 101, none played in bowls 2015, 13 wins in 2015
Lowly Michigan scored 41 on Florida in a cake walk.
In his post-UT presser, Muschamp said UF got the winning FG off before the clock ran out. Photos show he was clearly wrong. The clock was at 0 and the center hadn't moved the ball. UF getting some of its own medicine. Tennessee 9, Florida 7.
Muschamp said (twice last week) he'd rather be the HC at UF than UT. In 2015 Will will watch Butch Jones on TV coaching back-to-back Top 5 recruiting classes.