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This will sound odd but Cal seemed to change after he was suggesting that Rupp arena name should be changed. I think he was surprised that people didn't jump in and want change it to Calipari Arena. With Cal's level of narcissism it wouldn't surprise me. He then proceeded to "coach" to a 9-16 record that seemed like he intentionally run into the ground.
Isn't this the same writer that tried so hard to say Florida St was robbed in football without any mention of Georgia being the actual team robbed.
Gambling has ruined college bb for the most part. The ref swallows the whistle when the player pushes off a few feet in front of him? Ref got paid for that.
It's not Cal causing the new life. It's offensive guru and longtime NBA assistant John Welch who is causing the turnaround.
According to these espn.com "announcers", FL St and Norvell got slighted. That's bs. Georgia got slighted
Now knowing how Stoops flirted with Texas A&M, Kentucky should fire him and let either Marrow or Coen take over. The Aggies really dodged a bullet. Good thing the Aggie fans had way more sense than the AD.
The reason KY looks back is that long time NBA assistant John Welch is running the offense.
Louisville should win at home but they're not as good as it looks. After all the mighty Pitt Panthers of the awesome ACC has beat them. I imagine if they got to the playoffs it would be similar to how TCU ended last year.
This should be the best KY team in many years. Why, because Coach Cal hired a offensive coach who is very good. Coach John Welch who has been a NBA assistant for almost 20 years. You could see the difference in the way the team played in the 4 exhibition games this summer in Canada.
One of the Kentucky fans injured was Playboy Bunny Megan Dills who suffered torn tendons in her ankle.
Idk why so many are saying character means more than winning at Texas? I could see Myer there but him and Louisville would be perfect
Ugonna did the right thing by leaving. Cal wouldn't play him any meaningful minutes. He wouldn't have played next year because of Bradshaw etc. Cal wants a small rotation to go with his small imagination.
He'll be the toast of the town in Austin but basketball fans will learn to hate him.
This will probably be the worse KY loss in history to TN. A 30 point loss in 2013 I think is the previous worse basketball finish.
UK has one of the best long snappers in the country recruited for next year. Bet y'all wish you were us
I've read that the buyout for Cal is 52mil this year and it goes down just over 6mil a year for the next 8 years. They need to figure out how to fire with cause or talk Cal into giving up the game coaching. The average amateur or HS coach can out coach Cal on game day.
Even the opposing Coach for Florida A&M said that Kentucky was best with Wheeler on the bench.
KY back to being Kicker's U! I didn't know Hudl did highlights on kickers. And got Coen back too
I can't believe I watched TCU score 3 touchdowns in overtime but because of inept/dirty refs got cheated and now everyone thinks "TCU lost." Gambling has it's hooks in this sport
I think Ky would have a good shot at Longo but Riley was born and raised in TX and I can't see him making a sideways move to Ky. He would only move for a head coach job I think at this point. Hopefully, Coen comes back
If the refs could spot the ball accurately, even after a lenghty delay, Tcu would have had a touchdown. I swear it looks like some of these games are rigged
Word from Tampa says USF lady President wouldn't give Prime full control. Between her and former lady President that run off Jim Leavitt in 2009 they have effectively killed would could have been.
Now they're saying Van Dyke is staying at Miami. Sheron looked good for his first college game action I thought. I imagine Coen is familiar with him and Wade. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
I saw a rumor that Univ Of Miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke may come to KY. He is from Connecticut like Levis so it makes me think Coen may be coming back. I sure hope so
Dion has eight 4 star and higher players on his Jackson St team including a 5 star #1 overall rated Travis Hunter. Deon was born in Ft Myers so I think he will pick USF if they give a decent offer. Raymond James Stadium, warm weather and a city with a working water system.
I would have gauged Dieon Sanders interest before I had given a raise to Stoops. Sanders would have potentially moved on after some success but we'll never know now. If Sanders takes Colorado or USF to the playoffs in a few years it wouldn't surprise me. $9 mil would have gotten him most likely even less.
I'll give you odds on that once I see his burner phone
Herbstreit's been highly impressed with KY for many years now. Of coarse he'd be impressed with Michigan!
The fact the firing happened this quick makes me think they already have a replacement. Maybe Coen or Brown? Levis was sacked many times by the directional schools and his helmet was knocked off against Fl in game 2.
So why is nobody on this site talking about Charles Barkley's recent comment about Coach Prime going to a big SEC school before an offer from Auburn comes? Almost has to be Texas A&M RIGHT? Unless it's Texas Longhorns.