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That’s the best news of the day. Clink is going to find that it’s much harder to recruit southern players to the north than recruiting northern guys to the south.
Number 2 rated safety and used sparingly, there is a whole lot more to this story and no O State is not that loaded.
Bad move on his part. Harbaugh’s time is very short.
I wonder if this will do him in. He barely survived all the shakeups before. I’m thinking if he doesn’t make it, it won’t be a terrible loss. Clinkscale on the other hand is a different story. He would be a fool to go to Michigan but I’m sure he will use it to get a raise.
Rivals has him as a 4-star. Either 3-star, 4-star, their true star value won’t be determined until 4 years later.
I was feeling good about the defense until I read this. With the loss of so much talent, it looks like we will be starting over again. On the plus side, they are starting over with much better players.
I think UK’s lack of a passing game hurt Drake, probably not enough film to evaluate him as a pass protector.
I know our day is coming. Right now, I’ll just enjoy the show.
How did our QBs slide under that radar? As the old saying goes, hold my beer if you want to see some bad quarterbacks.
I liken it to a staple puller but it is growing on me.
Snell is the only one on the list that had a significant freshman season for the reasons the writer said. I guess it’s a good thing that we don’t have to depend on freshmen anymore although I think we will be seeing a lot of action from a freshman at linebacker this year.
It seems to be the norm these days but I am not a fan of championship rings unless you won the National championship. That being said, they are sharp.
Poor Central Michigan. Tony Barbee doesn’t know which way up is. Cal hired him out of pity and he has never earned a dollar of his salary.
You would think he would want to improve his situation vs going to some of the schools mentioned here.
We have learned you can never have too many quarterbacks.
Many teams are are not having spring games in hopes of avoiding injuries and yet this one happens in a non-contact situation. Anytime you go on the field, it can happen.
UK is Tennessee’s last claim to fame and that is quickly coming to an end. Shoot, you guys don’t even own Vandy any more. All you can do is talk about yesteryear.
8th in the country but very well could end up 7th in the SEC West.
You can’t blame anyone for transferring in hopes of a final chance at playing time.
The lack of a kicking game has cost us a couple of games recently. I hope he is the real deal.
I’m glad he didn’t go to a competitor of UK but Rutgers, wow. If the northeast got an enema, it would be stuck in New Jersey.
Well, didn’t Central Florida win a natty just a few years ago so it must be them already.
She gives Ashley Judd a run for her money on the worst thing to come out of the state of Kentucky. My apologies to the world.
Just look north if you want to see a real collapse of a program.
Cal needs to keep his mouth shut. He is living in the past like some football teams I know.
It’s always good to have a running back coach during spring practice. I was beginning to think they wouldn’t have one by then.
Not only SEC fans but many UK fans as well were happy. When this team kneeled for the National Anthem at Florida, many fans such as I was through with this team. Waiting on football season here.