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Before you talk smack, perhaps you should do a little research. I checked his stats vs the linebackers from Ga. Kash had 84 tackles which was 10 more tackles than anyone Ga had, 7.5 tackles for loss and 1 sack. Georgia’s best LB had 59 tackles, 1.5 for loss and 1 sack, no interceptions or fumble recoveries. Not so bad after all considering he played 5 games with a broke hand.
I would to see Leach in the SEC. Wouldnt be too many boring days with him around.
Well, it looks like both of you losers had big years. UK winning 10 and UT beating a 10 win team for the first time that any of their players can remember.
I was just looking at that. His overall totals are 59-53. And this is why the SEC is the greatest, even when we play ourselves we have a winning record lol.
Louisville being so bad didn’t help UK’s non-conference schedule.
Hal Mumme shared a story about Lorenzen this week. He said the summer before his freshman season UK was holding a camp with 8-10 highly rated qbs. They were throwing at a target 20 yds away and Lorenzen asked if he could try it. All the others were being clocked with a radar gun at 48-52 mph. Without warming up, in penny loafers and oxford shirt, Lorenzen was clocked at 68mph. RIP big guy.
RIP in peace Jared. May God bless your soul and comfort your family.
Lorenzen’s 7 win season was 4 years after Couch’s 7 win season, not the first in 18 years as the writer implied.
It really strikes fear in your opponents when your future running back averaged 50 yds per game as a junior.
Some of those guys are going to the NBA no matter what but it is impressive that Herro went from number 37 high school senior to number 13 in the draft.
They needed him. Missouri has now moved to number 12 in the conference at Rivals.com just ahead of Arkansas and Vandy.
If you have ever been to South Knoxville, you would understand why he would settle for the worst facilities in the SEC compared to some of the best at UT.
Not pretty much the same O line with the losses of Bunchy, Big George and the transfer or Price.
No, just looking at the daily dose of negativity that spews on even the most beautiful of days.
I do believe you are a graduate of the Jerry Tipton school of journalism.
If this is next year then UT has to be better.
The first “We want Clemson” signs are hanging in the Bama dressing room.
Yeah, UF and TA&M are toss ups.Heads they win, tails you lose.
It sounds like the last five years have been hard on you lol.
Apparently you don’t know the difference between UT and UTjr.