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I think it all came down to the 4th and 1 beginning the 4th quarter and we run the Mildcat. Get that first down and it’s probably over.
It’s all about the Gatorade. UK was 12-5 vs Florida before the invention and 6-47 after.
Looking for win number 7 against the Gators since 1974. Even with a 31 game losing streak, that would be the same amount of wins the Vols has against them since 74.
I’ll have to admit that his suspension was longer than when Grayson Allen was indefinitely suspended at Duke.
Burrow has rose to the occasion better than anyone so far.
Daniel is the leader but Squire is probably the better of the two at linebacker.
None of these announcers are doing their homework. The announcers on the UK game thought that Troy Grad transfer Sawyer Smith may have thrown his first touchdown pass against Eastern Michigan.
So you’re saying they have a chance?
Texas was exposed for the trash that they are.
Too many fumbles and penalties in key situations. We have to improve on that.
Wow, he had more going on than I realized. I knew that he had ran off some people that had been close to the program for years.
I believe LSU would be one of those four titans even before last night.
I would like to see them get off the field on 3rd down.
You have to love Ed. He seems to be the perfect fit for LSU.
He is our village idiot, a lower class than village idiot Ashley Judd but trying to work his way up.
If you beloved your wife as much as you beloved your wildcats, she would slap you up side of the head every day.
Maybe you can salvage your season like last year and be happy at 5-7 lol.
We know who we are. The problem is that the Vols still think they are an elite program and the only thing they have left to brag about is beating one of the two worst programs ever in the SEC. I said one as they no longer beat Vandy. But heck even with the 31 year losing streak against Florida, we have beat Florida one less time than you since 1974.
I don’t believe they could find a Mizzou fan in the stands.
Just last week he was mentioned as a candidate to replace Saban.
He earned the right to diss on the SEC along with North Carolina and it looks like Oregon may do it too.