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I’m still counting my money from the bets on the last five years.
Rooster Booster, until SC beats UK, they are not contending for anything but the cellar.
I also remember when Gus Malzahn was the greatest Coach ever after the kick-6.
Stoops, Moorhead, Odom and Mason all should be ahead of Muschamp. He has done less with more than anyone in the conference.
Just another reason to not watch the NFL. When was the last time they made a reasonable decision?
Coach of the year and no one from U T was there to watch him receive it. That’s sad. 2 years and he will be gone.
I’m guessing he would love to have Joker back lol.
Gee Rooster Booster, don’t you realize this is invitation only. Ga is not making anyone go. Perhaps you should beat UK before you dish on the Dawgs.
If Pearl had prepared his team as well as he did himself (dyed hair and spray tan) then it would not have come down to a play at the end.
Hmmmmmm he will wish he had never said that. The brothers in stripes will have him out of the game too quick to talk about.
Definitely a foul and I’m glad it was called because so many have swallowed their whistle at the end of games this year. On the other hand, it definitely a double dribble and if that had been called the game would have been over.
Pearl is the best coach in the conference but he could have made more money as a used car salesmen.
Like him or hate him but this may have been one of Cal’s best coaching jobs. When you look at this team, it wasn’t a very great team. Didn’t have the dominant big man inside, a point guard who couldn’t shoot and was erratic as he was efficient, streaky outside shooting, not much help from the bench. Thieir defense was their forte. After Duke demolished them, I thought they were NIT bound.
You have to once been a national brand before you be restored to a national brand
Don’t be so sad, you just lost the least respected coach in the SEC.
I have a lot of respect for Coach Barnes but this is what you do not offer support.
This can’t be real football since Spurrier is in a cap and not a visor.
I wouldn’t want anyone coaching at my school that didn’t want to be there.
Another well researched article by SDS. UK’s best was Moses Douglas at 231.