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I guess we are all so sick of Bama that we don’t even consider Saban for COY but why should he not be considered?
I can’t remember when UK would have mustered up enough offense to deserve a tongue lashing.
All I can say is, Thank God for Vandy and saying that is sad.
Stoops is idiotic if he thinks it’s ok to get by without a special teams coordinator. The proof is in the pudding.
UK has a ton of problems in the passing game but whatever the question is, this guy wasn’t the answer.
BYU needs to find a conference if they expect to be taken seriously.
I also thought that would be a good plan since Florida already has a game on the 12th and will be playing in the championship on the 19th.
I also thought that would be a good plan since Florida already has a game on the 12th and will be playing in the Cham on the 19th.
UK just needs to shoot free throws better than a 6th grade girls team. Apologies to all of the 6th grade girls out there.
Georgia Tech? He is probably not anyone USC would miss.
I’ve been looking forward to some of Leach’s famous speeches all season. It’s time for him to turn loose.
We could use her. We’ve lost a couple of games the last two years that anybody from the soccer team could have stepped in and won.
You sound like someone that came up on the short end a few times during those peak years.
How many special teams blunders does it take for Stoops to realize you have to have a special teams coordinator? I guess I’ll just watch the Tennessee replay again.
That was a great call. The only way he separated was pushing the defender off.
As if it’s not bad enough playing Bama at Bama, UK will be short 16 players including best running back Rodriguez and linebacker Davis. This will be real ugly.
The point spread on three games mystifies me. Number 3 Ohio St over #9 Indiana by 20.5, #7 Cincinnati over unranked UCF by 6 and #10 Wisconsin over #19 Northwestern by 7 tells me that Indiana, Cincinnati and Wisconsin are all over ranked.
Old Lane has been beating up on those East Boys this year and then trashing them when it’s over. He would make Spurrier proud.
USC showed several years ago they were serious about football when they hired Lou Holtz and then Steve Spurrier but they jumped the track in the hiring of Muschamp. I never did understand that one.
Besides an Analyst job at Bama, will any SEC school take a chance on him?
I don’t know which is worse, losing 4 in a row or losing to Nebraska.
Cincy could go undefeated and they are still not going to the playoffs. They may get the Scott Frost UCF National Championship Trophy but that championship parade will only be in their minds.
Looks like the defense got fat and lazy during the bye week. Seems to be typical under Stoops. I don’t know how they approach the bye week but he may need to talk to Brother Bob about it.
I’m so old that I have seen UK lose every way imaginable. I’m thinking if Vandy had gotten the onside kick, we lose.