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4 team pods and a 9 game conference schedule will be the future and I can see some teams, us included, giving championship rings for winning a pod which is sad.
I guess the big question is: Is horns down still a 15 yard penalty in the Big 12?
Should we start a Go Fund Me page for crying towels for the Missouri folk?
Are you charging UK rent for all the space they occupy in your mind?
Yes, it’s time for UK to take the next step. If they can’t, perhaps Stoops has taken them as far as he can.
Wow, that really answered a lot of questions about his recruitment.
As much as I wish UK had a Natty in football, it’s just crazy to claim one that a computer generated 50 years later.
I understand that. The comment was meant more for the folks on the hiring side.
I’m just hoping Robinson helps us rediscover the forward pass. I’m hearing a lot of teams are doing well with it now.
Yes, it’s an opinion piece and if anyone thinks Florida is not a top 25 team really doesn’t have a good opinion of Florida, the SEC or college football and I never said he had credibility with me but I guess I have to spell it out for you.
I really have never heard of him but if he had any credibility at all, he just lost it.
I would say Snell’s time in Pittsburg is coming to an end but I do believe he could be better utilized elsewhere so it’s probably a good thing.
I’m sorry but you don’t twist ankles in a pile, lie about it and then expect to be picked up as a college analyst, pro maybe but not college.
I don’t think beating Charlotte, Richmond and Ga Southern is really getting it done. Get back to me when someone picks SC over Clemson.
With all of the special team blunders last year, I can’t imagine the special teams being worse. I believe we may even have Special Coordinator this year.
UT has had 37 out and 9 in for a net loss of 28 through the portal.
He must be way behind the scenes. I have never even heard of him but it looks like Stoops needs to get his camp in order. “Show me your troops and I will tell you about your Captain”.
It’s a sad time when your last claim to fame is how many times you have beaten the cellar dwelling Cats.
Only in the SEC would a team’s most impressive win be against a conference opponent and not their National Championship victory.
The passing game has to be better and the running game will average more yards per carry.
I was in Birmingham shortly after the end of Saban’s first season, seems like they finished 5-7 or 6-6. I asked a Bama fan if they thought Satan would do any good there, probably the dumbest question in history.
It’s not like like they are playing 17 games in 18 weeks. For it even to go to 17 games, one of the teams seeded 5-12 would have to win it and if they do, they deserved it. Let them play.
The transfer portal has worked well for UK this year. We have plugged some holes that could have been damaging.
I believe they found a diamond in the rough with this guy.
Have you ever noticed 5-star players are usually the last to commit, waiting on the highest bid no doubt.