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It would be a shame that an idiot ruins it for the people that deserve to be on the sidelines in the playoffs.
I’m sorry but Alabama has actually won one more game than LSU in the last twenty years. It makes you wonder what else of the facts and figures you posted are incorrect.
LSU beat 5 top 10 teams, 7 in top 25.
I’m still looking for what Dabo had to say about LSU after the game. All I am finding is Dabo patting himself on the back. Did LSU really win?
At the end of Saban’s first year I was in Birmingham buying a car and Bama had finished around .500 for the year. I asked the salesman if he thought Saban would do anything here, may have been the dumbest question ever.
Unless he is in a hurry to get to the NFL, you would think that he would want to redshirt and have another year to play with his brother.
The Coaches’ interviews just got more entertaining. I’m glad someone got him. Interesting fact, he has never played a down of football in his life.
He should just be glad it wasn’t a Lorena Bobbitt folding chair.
7-2 is great but 8-2 would simply be fantastic.
I don’t think the draft had anything to do with it. Kash is not an NFL caliber player and he knows it.
Can players who signed in the early signing period be free to go elsewhere?
I just wish he had went for two. Once they asked Woody Hayes why he went for two at the end of a Michigan game and Hayes said “Because I couldn’t go for three”.
P J Fleck is the real deal. He has a team of 3-star recruits. I would hate to see what he could do with SEC talent.
That was some collision but if you look, the VT player him into the returner.
Thanks to all of the SEC fan bases for your nice comments concerning the Cats. This was huge for UK.
Nice to hear the apology. That means more than anything he accomplished on the field this year.
What he apparently doesn’t realize is that great teams make you make mistakes.
.... and they have no reason to drink. Try being a Cat fan.
That's a playoff first half scoring record that may never be broken.
I wish the Honey Badger could have finished at LSU. I’ve never seen anyone make more bigger plays when it really mattered.
That sums up the UK decade pretty well.
Urban Idiot, the Citrus Bowl means absolutely nothing to Alabama.