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I guess Mark Stoops is the most over compensated, least performing coach in the conference now.
If you want to eliminate targeting, go back to leather helmets with no face masks. I think that would do it.
The problem that you have is South Carolina is not a very good team either.
I don’t know if any more rules can be changed. The countdown has begun for flag football.
I’m more interested in what Arnett had to say to him after the game. He sure said a mouthful during their handshake.
It’s always good to win but State was more unimpressive than we were impressive.
Because of Bob Knight and Indiana, Joe Hall had to put an emphasis on strength and defense and it paid off.
Stoops hasn’t won in Starkville and generally there hasn’t even been a close game.
Please don’t blame the refs. They weren’t the ones missing the tackles tonight.
Leary isn’t in a slump. Slumps don’t last that long. It’s time for Plan B.
The toughest bet would be if Tennessee gains more yards rushing or passing. I would bet on passing as we are one of the worst against the pass. It could get ugly.
What makes them even more dangerous is when we try to cover their fastest wide-out with a middle linebacker like we have done the past two season. Needless to say, both resulted in touchdowns. If Tennessee comes out passing against us like Georgia did, this game will be lopsided.
The most ridiculous one was the fair-catch call against Iowa that brought the winning touchdown back.
Speaking of names on the jerseys, Max Hairston of UK leads the country with 5 interceptions including 2 pick sixes and Ray Davis has 781 yards, just 6 yards from first on Power 5 teams. He also leads the country with 13 touchdowns. You put Georgia or Alabama on their jerseys and both would be All-Americans.
That players meeting would be the blind leading the blind. Sadly, there is not a player capable of leading that meeting.
The team takes on the attitude of the Coach. It’s time for Stoops to take a look in the mirror. Also, you cannot continue playing a quarterback who is completing less than 50% of his passes. Any of the lesser talented backups could outperform Leary. Right now, I don’t see a team left on the schedule we can beat.
Kirby showed a lot class in his response. Stoops on the other hand needs to concentrate on getting his team ready to play a big game.
I’m sorry Mark but this wasn’t the best time to be asking for money. I’ve got a better idea, why not donate half of your 8 million dollar salary and lead the way.
Anyone can beat his passing numbers and he is no threat to run the ball so why not try someone else.
Agree, that was pitiful behavior out of both. Totally uncalled for. It was 62 not 52, Jager Burton who has killed more drives than any defense we have faced. When Horsey comes back, he needs to be benched if not before.
Beck rose to the occasion in a very hostile environment at Auburn. That will only boost his confidence going forward.
UK’s class is shaping up but we still need to add some quality linemen.
Auburn’s defensive backs seemed to be mesmerized by him. He would make a catch and they appeared to stop in their tracks as if afraid to tackle him. The guy is a beast.
You can think Cal for that. He lost in Bloomington and wouldn’t go back there. He only wanted to play at neutral sites.