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Has anyone ever self-reported a serious violation?
Come on people, it’s a joke. You wouldn’t believe what all my wife has tried to do to me lately.
The biggest thing wrong with the Heisman is that it is given before the season is over. This should be postseason award.
I’m looking to place some bets on these replay games.
I think the Spring Sports have been given an extra year. This would be concerning basketball.
3 years, 27 mil in the twilight of your career is a doggone good deal for him.
Gee, who ever heard of 5 and done? Cal may be on to something.
Should we be paying rent on the space we are occupying in your mind?
Apparently he is full of regrets. I wonder where cheating on his wife ranks?
$10,000 is not a big hit to your 401K. Trump has made you way more than that in the past three years if you invested wisely.
Nice article but UK was not planning on playing Terry Wilson in the spring game.
I wonder if they will push those sanctions to 2021. Don’t give them any ideas.
They should grant an extra year of eligibility to all of the seniors if they would choose to take it.
I have some mid-court tickets that I will let go cheap.
That was a strange turn of events as his replacement was hired before he resigned.
Can anyone name the Maxwell Club winner from last year without looking?
I feel spurned, just like week he was rooting for us.
I think Hager’s is looking to jump start his pro career in Italy.
The unwritten story here is that UK would not allow the hire due to their nepotism guidelines.
God forbid that they play three days in a row in the SEC tournament or two of three days in the NCAA.
Now if we could only stop the trash talking between the players.
Mich St’s offer was greater than the 900K Marrow signed with UK. One report had it at 1 million and another at 1.2 million.