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Exactly, Gran’s teams at Cincinnati passed for over 300 yds per game. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.
To the victor goes the spoils, enjoy it all you can while you can.
Gran needs to land somewhere as a running back coach.
Terry Wilson did not leave a hole to fill. Drake Jackson will be tougher to replace than Wilson. I run a 10.8 40 yard dash and could have put up the numbers Wilson did.
“Hey, you don’t say much, friend, but when you do, it’s short and to the point and I salute you for it”.
And some of us UK fans are celebrating right along with them.
They have a magic act, it’s called the disappearing from post season play act.
Who knows, Gus may get him one of those claimed national championships.
Perhaps Snowflakes would fit them better. I’m still waiting on an uprising from the good Irish folks for the use of the Fighting Irish name at Notre Dame.
He done a great job at Wisconsin but the Big 10 is not the SEC as he found out.
Don’t you hate it when it comes down to coaching?
He wasn’t there long enough for the coffee to get warm.
This guy looked great coming out of high school but has basically done nothing at Mich St. Hopefully, a change of scenery will do him good.
Winners and losers in the Transfer Portal: Tennessee out 25 in 3 net -22 Miss St. out 18 in 6 net -12 Vandy out 14 in 2 net -12 Auburn out 12 in 1 net -11 A&M. out 11 in 1 net -10 LSU. out 10 in 0 net -10 Ga. out 9 in 0 net -9 Mizzou. out 11 in 3 net -8 Ole Miss. out 8 in 1 net -7 Ark out 9 in 2 net -7 SC out 11 in 7 net -4 Bama out 4 in 0 net -4 Fla out 7 in 5 net -2 UK. out 5 in 5 net 0 Only time will tell the real winners and losers.
I wouldn’t wish Terry Wilson on my worse enemy. With one year left of playing football in his life, he needs to go to a smaller school where he can play.
That is exactly what we need, a receiver who had 174 yards receiving the last year he play. Crap, we already have a bunch of those guys.
Why would anyone want to join this bunch of misfits?
The most impressive thing about him is his yards after contact. He just won’t go down.
Why would a QB transfer to somewhere where he is realistically looking at being 3rd string?
Wasn’t this the number 1 recruiting Class? Sorry Coach but it’s all on you.
A&M totally got screwed last year. If they hadn’t been in the SEC, they would have been in.
If he was truly committed, why didn’t he sign in December. I’m guessing he was waiting on a better offer and when it didn’t come, he trashed Tennessee.
Wasn’t that the same thing said about the 2020 season. No firings because COVID would have too much of an impact on the season.
Didn’t Bailey’s dad say that his son came to Tennessee to play for Pruitt? If so, how crazy is that? I mean what kind of QB goes to college to play for a defensive coach.