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Dabo has just begun to face what Saban has faced every year and that is replacing top assistants. Sorry Dabo, but college football has never been better.
It seems as if football is quickly evolving into a game of two-hand touch.
Just don’t forget Tennessee has lost the last two of three to the black and gold in Nashville.
Just as he guaranteed a Louisville win over UK.
Good luck to Sumrall. Who knows, he may be UK’s head coach in the distant future.
Or the Rafe Hollister look if you know where I’m coming from.
The first thing he needs to fix is those white pants. Doesn’t he know it’s after Labor Day lol.
Others have moved ahead of these two and if they wanted to play, they realized they had to leave to do so.
Casey is the only one with significant playing time that is leaving. For some reason, he never stepped up. Watkins had early potential but the last two years has been a wash for him due to injuries or whatever. Stoops is clearing house to take advantage of the transfer portal like he did last year. I don’t think anyone does it better.
True, winning 8 or 9 at Oklahoma or LSU will get you fired. At UK, it’s a pay raise.
I was looking for that with the emergence of Jutah McLain. Making roster room the incoming.
I guess the question is, would he be as hated as Kiffin?
I believe the only job Stoops would take is Oklahoma and that is doubtful. He pretty much has it made at UK right now.
Special teams was a big factor in the Florida game but overall, they were horrible again.
The fact that he hit the recruiting trail this morning tells me he will be back.
Well Corso guaranteed a Louisville win today. He must have thought the basketball teams were playing.
Auburn basically shutout Bama the whole game and then went to the old, always dependable prevent defense. Has anyone ever won a game using it?
If you haven’t beat your rival in 5-10 years, I don’t think it’s a rivalry any more. Believe it or not but UK has beat Florida the same amount of times as Tennessee since 1974.
Another must win game for UK. Seems like they all have been must win games this year. But if you think about it, I guess every game you play should be a must win.
I hope he realizes he won’t be wearing number 7 for a while.
I caught that too. Delusional writer for a delusional fan base.
I guess the question for him would have been, “who is the best team you have played this year”?
Agree, if we lose to Louisville, this season will be an actual disaster of what could have been.
Yes and Stoops will milk UK out of another million or two.
Year in and year out, Va Tech has been the most overrated football team in the country.