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It’s amazing that none of the coaches understand the SEC transfer rule.
I suppose you have arrived when Jesse roots against you.
You are wasting a lot of time worrying about UK and SC when you should be concerned about Florida and Georgia. Apparently your goal is 3rd place in the East.
Big game for both teams. The loser is more than likely out of the SEC East race.
I wouldn’t be surprised if UK has two 1,000 yard rushers even with a 10 game SEC schedule.
I would give WR to SC. That is probably the weakest group on the team. If SC’s DBs are better then they are awesome.
Community colleges have better facilities and resources than Coastal Carolina. What an embarrassing loss.
Rose’s preferred name is A J. That is like calling Boogie Watson, Jamar.
LSU has too much pride to lose to Ole Miss at home.
Thanks for the compliment, I think I know one UK game you will be watching this year. Good luck.
At first I was a little disappointed that UK only had one player mentioned but after I think about it, their defense plays well as a unit but they don’t have that big name player. Quinton Bohannan may have been the one that could have made the list.
Is anyone really caring about the NBA right now?
We are probably losing four starters off that line this year. Hopefully, Burton can step in and contribute early.
Crazy as it seems but the top 5 or 6 ranked here are also the ones that lost the best advantage. Would you rather play those teams with 100,000 in the stands or 20-25000 in the stands?
Stoops is 2-19 against Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Until that improves, they will not be respected. Having said that, this should be his best team yet. Will that reflect in their record this year, we will have to wait and see.
UCF proved you don’t have to be in the playoffs to win a National Championship.
I believe the AP writers will vote Ohio St number one at the end of the season. After all, they will be undefeated.
A lot of people don’t like Kiffin because of his childish behavior but he has one of the better Offensive minds around.
I do believe the Georgia-Tennessee game will be quite interesting this year.
I think UK-Florida would have more bearing on the East than UK-Auburn.