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I thought the ACC went to conference only games?
Why do you guys want to trash a man who is basically retired and done more than most as a SEC defensive coordinator?
Good to UK in the mix. Not so long ago, players were making a decision between UK, Marshall or Cincinnati.
Satterfield turned Louisville around faster than I thought possible. PJ Fleck of Minnesota is also a rising star but I don’t know if he would be a good fit in the south.
Nebraska was the first team to come to mind after reading the headline. I don’t even think “National Champion” Coach Scott Frost can help them.
The question is not if you are clean as a whistle, the question is, are you dumb enough to get caught?
Finebaum’s season ended when he was removed from SEC Game Day.
We probably could have used him this year, I believe receiver is the weakest position on the team.
I always thought Boomer was dumb but I didn’t think he was that dumb.
After reading the comments, what a mess we have here and I just came in here for some foot powder.
Wishing him a lot of luck. I thought he was going to be the next Josh Allen but ended up being the biggest disappointment on the team.
If Mike Leach didn’t have that pesky day job........
Hmmmm I don’t think Couch ran Mike Leach’s offense. Yes, he was the OC but Hal Mumme literally wrote the book on that offense and called every offensive play.
Thanks for the in-depth article which gives us a closer look at Wilson. I hope he recovers fully and has a great year.
Isn’t the end of November when the season ends anyway?
I don’t know if the record will reflect it but this year’s team will be stronger than the last two teams.
His season basically ended on that play. He was never the same afterwards. Lying about it, getting caught in the lie, losing his self respect and being removed as Captain was more than he could take.
Don't you just hate them. We had one so far out in left field last year that he apparently got banned from the site.
We lost another SEC icon and those are not being replaced. RIP Coach Majors.
Coach Majors, a Tennessee icon. Rest In Peace.
Yes, it is sad that you an article with so much research and don’t even know the record. Makes you wonder what else he got wrong.
His most impressive feat I think was when he grinded out two first downs against Penn St at the end of the game and everyone knew he was getting the ball.
All but first and last non-conference are all at Rupp, can you please explain: @ Louisville, @ Michigan, @ Big 12 challenge opponent, @ Louisville, @ Notre Dame, and @ Big 12 challenge opponent?