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I don’t see Stoops going to FS. I think they will go with an offensive minded coach like Lane Kiffen.
If you think Eddie Gran is the best recruiter on the UK staff, you know nothing about UK football. Vince “Big Dog” Marrow is the man bringing in the recruits. Michigan tried to lure him away a couple of years ago to bolster their recruiting but luckily he stayed.
Stoops is not going anywhere. He and the “Big Dog” were up till midnight putting out the fires with recruits according to another site.
I don’t think the Vol loss in 2011 had anything to do with the firing of Dooley in 2012 and if Jones had beat UK, I don’t think it would have saved his job.
I’m surprised Lane Kiffen is not in the mix.
When it all plays out, Ohio St may not even be in the playoff. They always have a ridiculous loss that will kill them.
Looks like Alabama has found their next Analyst.
And just when you thought no one would ever be after our version of Stoops.
There very well could be only 7 bowl teams from the SEC this year.
Does this mean that Taggart will soon be an analyst at Alabama?
It’s finally the week that UT fans can run their mouths and not sound so stupid. You should think the Lord every day for us as we are your last hurrah.
Perhaps he should have said someone offended him like Fields did at Georgia.
Nebraska is the football version of Indiana basketball, red, dead and never ahead.
Memphis can’t even recruit their hometown.
Fleck is the real deal. He is doing this with mostly 3-star recruits.
I would love to see his recruits parents’ eyes when he tells them that he won a National Championship.
I always thought Sgt Carter from Gomer Pyle USMC was perfect for Butch Jones.
I love Tua and the job he has done but Burrow should be number one.
It’s crazy how some schools pay millions and struggle to get a win and O-line Coach turned Interim Coach turned Head Coach rides in on a tumbleweed and takes the team to number one. Congrats to Coach O.
You can’t fire the man that just beat Georgia.
Muschamp never moved on from the Florida loss and let them beat him twice.