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If you qualify to host, I guess you host but if expected accommodations cannot be met they should have passed.
Wow, some know-it-alls had him going to Tennessee.
Crum was a class act and I always cheered for him unless he was playing us.
Was anyone really betting on Alabama to beat the Number 1 Tigers? It’s crazy to think that the lesser team threw the game.
If Bennett get a chance, he will surprise some people. Best of luck to him.
I believe we can officially stop all of the Levis hype. Still wishing him the best.
Rumors are floating around that he has told his family and friends that he will be the first pick. I’m for him but I think there are several more notable QBs in the draft.
This was needed badly. So bad that we were willing to take a lineman who hadn’t played right tackle but I think he will be able to adjust. Now, we need a backup QB. If Leary goes down and he could, we have nothing. It could be worse than last season.
At this point, I think we would take any offensive lineman that could fog a mirror.
I’m just wondering if Leary can survive a season in the SEC. If he doesn’t, it will be another long for us as it’s apparent we don’t have a reliable backup.
I love Levis but his stats were number 11 in the SEC. I’m not understanding what the Pros are seeing.
I was getting excited and then saw he was referring to basketball.
The Blue Bloods are too proud to admit a new member so I guess we can call them the New Bloods.
Didn’t she call out LSU to win their game so it could be an all SEC final. Apparently, she already had her game won.
He quit a long time ago, just making it official now.
A team takes on the attitude of the coach, maybe this is what Stoops should have done a long time ago.
Well, 2 of the 3 will probably not happen. Oscar is a great rebounder but has yet to defend the rim and most 6th teams shoot the 3 better. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a one and done tournament.
The not so bright UK fans were gloating over Tennessee’s loss. I was afraid that would come back and bite us.
Stoops talked more and produced less last year than any other year he has been here. Hopefully, he will right the ship this season.
A team has never bettered their seeding as a result of their play in the SEC tournament unless winning it was the only way they were getting in.
“Jerry Springer basketball”, you can drop the mike now.
Kentucky and Miss St makes no sense as does Tennessee and LSU. Maybe we could trade those out even though the Vols usually kill us, you don’t want to give a rival.
Well, we do need to drink our blues away for sure.
B1G had their chance last year and flopped. The conference is highly overrated.
It’s a shame that anyone gets compared to John (Doing less with more) Calipari.
Does anyone ever remember a player from Chicago playing in the SEC?
Cook was very impressive in the Arkansas game. He could have a great year coming up.