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Get another Jumbotron on the other end of the stadium and maybe you should be in the top 25
I fully understand that. He wrote the article. I'm commenting on what he wrote. I know where he gets them from. He writes about it every week.
MWB - Have you watched Mississippi State this year. They lost to two top teams that are pretty good. They'v've wiped the field with rest of their opponents including LSU who beat Auburn. When is MSU going to get respect? You probably voted LSU higher in the most recent power poll. Last time I lookedLZU lost to Troy.
Fred Ross had better stats than Josh Reynolds. Reynolds had 12 more yds, but Ross had 19 more receptions and 2 more TDs.
Love how for the past few weeks you' e been saying Ole Miss would be in a bowl and MSU was on the outside looking in. Enough said.
The writers love OSU. They barely escape with a win against MSU and they're still #2? You can bet that if Clemson was in 2nd and that happened, they would drop at least one or two spots....It's wasn't a "good" win.
I'm an MSU fan and it shouldn't have been that close. You guys had two TDs called back for penalties. Classy post.
I was at the game. If he let up in the second quarter, it doesn't explain the 2nd half. Mistakes cost you guys two touchdowns, so I don't believe he let up. Mistakes cost us too, especially the delay of game at the end.
Steve Barnes - Did you only watch the first quarter of the LSU-MSU game? MSU made the adjustments and outplayed LSU over the next three quarters. LSU was lucky to win that one.
Cardale Jones with only 2 starts? Granted, his team won the national championship, but he's not even listed as a Heisman favorite.
If you don't think Mississippi State should be in the top 25 then stop including him as a Heisman candidate. Your reasoning doesn't make sense.
Preston Smith from Mississippi State - 14.5 TFL, 9 sacks, 15 quarterback hurries, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 interceptions with 1 returned for a TD. Stats appear to be better than Dante Fowler.
Auburn, LSU, and Georgia can rebound, but MSU can't? You, along with Sports Illustrated and others didn't see MSU in the Top 25 to start the season, or any part of the season for that fact, and now they're looking at a top 10 finish. Say what you want, MSU will be back.
Correction, loss against #10, so Alabama has only beaten two ranked teams.
Herby needs to get a room with Alabama! Alabama has the head to head against MSU, but the rest of the schedule is even, or in MSU's favor. Alabama's worst loss is against a #10 team at the time. MSU's worst loss is against the #5 and has beaten 3 top 10 teams (8, 6, 3). Alabama's body of work includes a win against ranked teams of #10 (Ole Miss), and a win against #16 (LSU), and #1 (MSU). If Alabama is #1 then MSU needs to be up there too.
I find it funny that Brad Crawford calls it a "quality win", and when Mississippi State put the beat down on them, it was "oh, LSU isn't as good as we thought they were." Bama better be ready for the Dak Attack!
#3 in current ranking, but #2 at the time.
So IF Mississippi State loses to Alabama, do you drop them below Auburn? MSU's worst loss would be against a number 5 or 6 team, and they beat the number 3 team. Auburn's worst loss would be against the number 3 team at the time.
It's Christian Holmes, not Jones.
The Mississippi State first string defense. They only gave up a field goal in more than 3 1/2 quarters to LSU! LSU was supposed to have a great running game.