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His stats seem very similar to the DE that just transferred Deandre Johnson. A fill in the gap kind of deal, but we'll see how it goes...maybe a break out year.
Five star OL that never really panned out to his ranking...it looks to me the coaches aren't really trying to change his mind. Whiffed on a lot of blocks this past year, but best of luck to him.
He's not a bad coach, but nothing really great either. Typical way that Tennessee has been going, instead of finding a new defensive mind maybe from the pro ranks this is what they do. Maybe he will surprise me...but if your going that route why not give John Chavis the nod.
What a mess...nobody really knows what is going on there. If thats the case better get the info from the lawyers and move on because 500 per hour adds up pretty quick. I know Pruitts buyout is high but...
Seems to me like some in fighting going on in Knoxville and somebody opened a can of worms purposely.
@bryanchip It was...and I think he got an A** chewing from Pruitt and was benched for a bit.
Not knocking him but he's not that good...by Tennessee standards that is. Made a major penalty in the last game by grabbing the QB's facemask on a critical 3rd down, they went on to score touchdown. He was complaining but he knew he grabbed that guys face mask. I believe he was benched a series for that. He would be graduating anyway if not a throw away year.
@Ruff...Well look at who he was under as OC at Florida Urban Meyer. I've heard those players ran amock there under his watch. The super talented ones got away with everything the back was turned.
I can say that I'm not surprised...he worked with Meyer when he was at Florida. And I would bet money there was some shenanigans going on then too, Meyer just hasn't been caught.
Florida coaches over the years just have not been some that a very likeable or have any integrity, but I guess that's what you don't need to succeed. I bet if they took a hard look back at the Urban Meyer days there would be many infractions. Mcelswain was a weird duck and Mullen too even though he can coach offense well.
It's possible, Brian Maurer is another that could excel in the read option play type too...good arm can really sling it too.
I like the kid...there's just nobody here to coach him and help him succeed.
He's not handled the QB situation very well...I don't know how much of that is Pruitt or Chaney. Now we have another QB gone, Shrout gets most of the snaps since JG has been relegated and then goes to the Transfer Portal...you tell me, not sure what's going on there.
Freeze would be good for the job...but like you I'd still be surprised if Fulmer hired him. He would certainly have that offense going a lot better than it has with Chaney. And I don't think Tennessee is really less talented than most other SEC teams.
Bama really didn't like ole Phil for doing that...and I liked Fulmer to a degree, but I liked Majors better. Majors didn't like losing, but he had respect for Bama and they're history and coach Bryant. Fulmer cares about the program but I wouldn't necessarily trust him. I can't blame Bama fans for hating him for what happened, but he was subpoenaed...and Alabama did break the rules big time and they're own fault, just like Miami and Florida years ago.
He doesn't...the only good recruiters on the staff are Tee Martin and Niedermeyer...who is very arrogant and runs his mouth a lot, but has been very silent the last month or so.
I have no idea what Ansley is doing on the sideline...I think Pruitt is actually calling the defensive schemes, Ansley needs to be in the freakin booth to see what is going on. I don't know who the heck they have up there defensively or if anyone at all.
I would too...and the two other defensive players as well that decommitted, one the DB from Florida. Those 3 really hurt the class.
That's a big concern..and one that quite frankly PO's me. I think when Pruit was hired he said we need to get the best players from Tennessee, I was watching and it hasn't happened. The Worst is losing top rated players to CLemson continually, whom I dislike very much.
I always like him...had the feeling that he was a class act.
If he was smart he would've been paying attention...look at what Sark has done with Mac Jones.
When is the SEC going to start limiting programs on coaches...assistants here, analysts here, chauffeurs here, uber drivers here. All started by Alabama and Nick Saban, how do you compete with 50 assistants/analysts up in the box.
The rock speaks all the time but that thing has got to have covid no doubt....
Florida screwed the Pooch on that one...but I have to say they don't have the defense to win a championship this year. Bama defense a little better and I give them the edge in that game.
True...that was a decimated Vanderbilt team, he has upside but he needs to be coached by the right people.
LSU ran the ball all over Florida...something I thought Tennessee got away from doing. Florida defense this year is not championship caliber like they've had, another OC calling plays and Tenn has a good chance to win that game.
Maurer has the arm..and good mobility to go with it. He just doesn't know how to read a defense and no when a receiver comes open, how to look safties off etc. And that comes down to coaching...it's not him the fans are trashing it's the coaching.
Why in the world Pruitt took Bailey out of that game is beyond me...14-21 no interceptions, only a couple 3 and outs.
There's really no honor in beating a team in dire straits like that....