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It's a business anymore...there used to be some kind of loyalty years ago, but now they just bolt when someone offers more money. I'm curious as to what the giants are paying him compared to what tennessee was.
Defensive tackles too...I see Georgia getting those big guys. I would rather have those than a top notch QB. Defense wins football games.
That's a tough one to compare him with...but I have to say he's probably the best pure linebacker I've seen at UT since A.J. Johnson.
That's rough...been a long time since the 90's, and even the early 2000's they were still pretty good. They don't have the guys up front on both sides, been that way for quite some time. The only thing they can do is try to get better each week.
They need to bulk up that offensive line or as good as Chandler is he may not be going anywhere as far as rushing goes.
David Cuttcliffe made Tee into a really good QB...he had the athletic ability but just needed the coaching. Nobody expected Tenn to go on that national championship run the year after Peyton left, but they just kept winning and made history.
I'm starting to wonder if this is Pruitt's team or Fulmer's...he really cares about the program but I hope he's letting Pruitt call the shots here. That being said...bringing Tee Martin back home can be nothing but good...he's a top recruiter and not a bad OC either in my opinion, he got a bad rap at USC. Working with Chaney he can even more about offensive philosophy.
He better forget about Tennessee and worry about the next team on the schedule...I didn't see anything in the video that led me to believe the Tenn players did anything wrong...it was a heated moment nothing more. If anything I would guess one of his players said something nasty to Schofield and that started. Players kind of take on the persona of they're head coach, if you know what I'm getting at.
Those guys behind him with another spring and fall camp would've went by him. I think he probably knew this.
I really don't prefer to bash the young players...but they will not miss much, one of the worst Offensive lineman and busts I've seen in a while. The stuff that I saw him do and not do in games was mind blowing...and don't know what video the UT staff was watching. Doug Matthews who is still close to the program pointed this out as well.
@Jay cardea I think Georgia was hurt by not having Mel Tucker on the sidelines in the Texas game. Smart was jumping all around trying to signal this and that. I believe it was too much on his plate being the head coach and having to call the defense
@Volmaster Are you telling me that Georgia couldn't cough up another 500 grand, get out here. You never know how these things go...maybe Chaney wanted out of there, maybe Smart wanted to go in a different direction. I can tell you one thing, Georgia didn't look good in that game against Texas...did Chaney have his mind on Tennessee...Smart and Chaney clashing who knows.
@Double O LOL...that's funny considering what they're still paying Butch Jones. I'm on the fence with the hire, Smart didn't fight to keep him and his time here with Dooley was up and down.
I think your being a little too negative...they beat Auburn and Kentucky this past year...totally tanked the game with Florida and the stats were close except for rushing yardage and about 5 turnovers, played Georgia very well and could've been closer. Sure the last two games were not good...but Mizzou was peaking and beat Florida easily, which in turn thrashed Michigan. They have a ways to go but can get there...but need stability.
That's normally how they do it at Oklahoma State...Gundy has done it twice and basically to get more money from the big oil barons, Tenn should really stop messing with that school period. But I think they're taking they're time with this hire for a couple reasons...obviously it has to be a good hire, and I think all the interviewing is to get ideas offensively. It's an important hire for not only Pruitt but Fulmer.
I don't think they really need that many playmakers...they're already there, they just need an offensive line to help out QB and running backs.
The higher ups at Tennessee chopped that one off...I figured they would, guy has to much baggage with him...a liability. They don't want someone representing they're school like that. The thing that gets me is....Schiano was never proven guilty of anything, nothing was every stated that he actually saw or hid anything from the Penn State people. But this guy Freeze gets an interview right off the bat, I'm surprised this guy is even allowed to coach NCAA football.
I don't have a problem with Georgia...never did, but I think some of those Georgia fans who were around back then still have some hard feelings about those nine straight wins. And your right the seven straight against the Tide no one has ever done...not even they're in state rival Auburn. If you ask Bama fans who are above 45 years old who they're biggest rival is and they will say Tenn not Auburn.
Georgia Tech could be a good fit for him...he may want to take a head coaching job instead of an OC. If GT wants to go that way with a coach that has a bad history get ready for some backlash, but he would definitely turn them around.
He probably is...of the names I've heard so far, but he comes with serious baggage. Tennessee has stayed away from that with guys like Mike Leach and Schiano at Ohio State. But Fulmer may be thinking they may not have a choice, they need a real offensive mind to go with Pruitt's defensive knowledge. It would be a good hire if they get him.
I don't really like the idea period...there's been too much coaching turnover at UT, along with recruits not panning out or being run off by Jones. Need continuity...I believe that's why Kentucky and Vandy have bettered Tennessee, along with SC, they have kept the offensive coaches there.
Saban didn't set the world on fire either his first year at Bama, going 6-6 and then winning a bowl game. But he immediately started bringing in number 1 or 2 recruiting classes every year, made a huge difference.
Butch ran a lot of players off...never developed the talent. I don't see nowhere near the players leaving Tenn under Pruitt. He is working to develop some guys...in the secondary and the DL. Paul Bain sat on the bench for years, but Pruitt has tried to make him a better player and contributor. Several other players you can say that about too.
Florida has always pretty much had the edge on Tennessee in talent...no matter what they're fans say. The run over Tenn hasn't really been about coaching, Florida has fired Zook, Muscamp and Mcelwain. They have been getting by on talent mostly and a little luck in some close games. But I'd rather be lucky sometimes than just plain out good.
I don't like the idea of running from Alabama because Tenn has been on the losing end. Tenn doesn't avoid anybody...and I didn't like what Hamilton did a few years ago with North Carolina, they're on the schedule play the game. But moving Missouri to the west has always made sense geographical... it would bring rival Auburn back into the fold. But your right Tenn not only expects to go to bowl games but compete for Championships every year, hopefully there are better days in the future. I've seen it happen before, Johnny Majors team went 5-6 one year and then 10-2 the next. Sometimes one year can really make a difference, hopefully that happens with this team.
It wasn't his best night...but Tenn couldn't block a shadow right now. With that being said, I don't understand why he didn't try to get Chandler the ball more. He's called some good games this year, but the jury it still out.
Mason is not setting the world on fire...he finishes 6-6 which I thought he had a better team than that. This will be his 2nd bowl game in the five years he's been there.
Four words...weight room and strength training. Need to stay there in the offseason, never seen such a weak Tennessee OL, and other positions as well.
I'm 47 and I've never seen Vandy beat Tenn 3 times in row this badly. It's been a rough time for Tenn fans for the majority of the last ten years. But it will get better...not sure when that will be though. Pruitt needs to stay there, they've had too many coaching changes.
Yes...they are a charter member of the SEC and outstanding in academics. Very good in those sports you mentioned but they've never really had a big fanbase. This is probably why they don't upgrade that terrible stadium they play in...couldn't fill a bigger either. Pretty much why Franklin left for Penn State.