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True...but you give Kiffin some offensive power and he won't hesitate scoring points.
Philip Fulmer cared a lot about the program and still does...he just made a bad hire. He stepped aside gracefully with that mistake.
It's a sad situation with that program now....and its really a shame so much potential there.
I kind of agree...not much production out of him and maybe Garner saw something he didn't like, you never know. But even this hurts big considering so many defections in the last year.
No power five school recruited except for Tennessee and maybe couple others, they knew what they were getting. Heupel has a good QB committed in the upcoming class.
Community college probably for this guy....if that doesn't work its probably going to be community service.
That's how far Tennessee has fallen...down to recruiting guys like this, the last decent one was Harrison Bailey couple years ago.
I agree...he gone. I see why no big Texas power five school was recruiting him, only Tennessee and couple others. Heupel has a top QB coming in next year. Get rid of him now and free up a scholarship. Preferably for the defensive side...
They have a long way to go...been saying that for quite a while now. They're just picking up transfers trying to put something together. It was supposed to be different with Pruitt so they say, but turned out to be one of the worst head coaches in Tenn history. Pulling for Heupel...they need to get the players in there they once had...everything is there, fan base, facilities, history etc.
This transfer stuff is getting a little out of hand TBH...IMO there should be a window at what time you can transfer and only get one shot. I mean these jokers are getting a free education, don't much like the transfer portal thing now.
That's a strange one right there...he was raving about Tennessee's coaching staff, about how he was recruited to Central Florida, loved Defensive coach Tim Banks etc. Either grades or someone offered some big money, if he goes back to Auburn right off the bat you have to wonder.
Damm...I'm not the smartest person in the world but that doesn't make a lot of sense. Firing a coach for recruiting violations and then hiring a coach who got canned for recruiting violations. After having time to see all this unfold I'm Tennessee is done with the Pruitt bunch...it was a bad hire by Fulmer obviously, something had me guessing when he fired a coach on the sidelines.
Classy by Tennessee to let him transfer to an SEC power and not cause a fuss about it, I seem to remember Saban crying about this in the not so distant past. With that being said...the kid can go anywhere he wants, but I have to say...I wouldn't mind it if the kids career there turned out a dud. I don't even think he gave the new staff and Tim Banks much of a chance.
His next season at Tennessee will be very telling...its kind of like Mahlzan at Auburn, I liked the guy, but after being there for so long you knew they got the best of him and moved on. It just seemed like it wasn't going to happen...same thing with Barnes.
They were...probably the most up and down team they've had, and could very well be one of the more disappointing teams too, considering who they had coming back.
It's gotten to where your single offense philosophy is not going to make it anymore, you have to be flexible and change things up...which means more to know for offensive players. Jim Chaney was a good OC...but his style got old and failed to add something to it. His offense this past year was one of the worst in the SEC and school history.
Well Monte Kiffin was a long time NFL defensive Co and he couldn't stop Mahlzan's offense while at Tennessee.
It's been going on for years down there...first the Head coach Spurrier with his trash talking and the players took after him, Urban Meyer comes in and players run rampant and play dirty, doesn't change a whole lot when Muschamp comes in his DB's were just nasty and now you got the duck Mullen who's time there has been questionable. All this stuff spills over to the basketball program and vice versa.
I'm not surprised...Florida has been very dirty over the years basketball and Football, it's a reflection of they're coaches and the athletic department as a whole. I watched them do all kinds of dirty stuff in the football matchup last year. Florida was the better team but still showed they're class.
I'm not a coach but I can tell you they probably don't have the personnel to run a true 3-4 defense, I don't even think Jerome was a running a 3-4. It could have easily been a version of the 4-3 he was running. In my opinion nobody is running a true 3-4 defense since Bama a few years ago because they had such stout guys up front.
When I look back at his 3 seasons I believe them to be worse than Butch Jones and probably worse than Derek Dooley even though he had a bowl game win. Dooley has some offense with the same Coordinator mind you, but defense was as bad as Jerome's. I wasn't jumping for joy when they made the hire but a lot of people were expecting big things, but I really wasn't. I'm actually more optimistic about the Heupel hire TBH.
So old big shirt wearing Jerome is going to try his hand at pro ball...one reason being nobody wanted anything to do with him in college ball because of his firing and sanctions at Tenn. I would think he'll be mediocre at best, unless he has incredible talent like at Alabama and the unit he had at FSU.
Big Cat, Big Worm, Big Snake, Big Perm just make up your mind already.
I'll tell you this though...after years of following Tennessee football I still have more respect for Bryant than I do Saban. And it's not the fact that Tennessee has never beaten Saban while at Alabama...Bryant beat Tenn many times while being the head coach and player.
I think it's immature on his part to not even talk with the incoming DC Tim Banks...who they say will run a more aggressive defense. The guy would be in the rotation right off the bat considering Tennessee's weakness off the edge right now. But good luck to him, things will probably not work out very well, it's not always greener on the other side.
Totally different than what Tenn fans are used too...faced paced offenses are becoming popular. Lane Kiffin runs it some, it's designed to keep defenses off balance and out of place. Thing is, time of Possession...you take a powerful offense like Alabama has had and you give the ball to them more. He might want to be flexible and slow down if he has a lead.
Tennessee beat up on Vandy for so long...it was bound to end sometime. I remember Fulmer calling off the dogs even before halftime against them...won 50-0, it could've been a hundred.
I like Gus...but I don't think he would've done any better at Tenn than he did at Auburn, and with just as brutal a schedule at Tenn maybe even tougher.
I agree...I have a disdain for Clemson, and not only the fact they have taken some top players from Tenn.