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The last two years of his watch baffle me...as does the Shoop hire. Maybe Shoop does better somewhere else but it just didn't happen at UT. I think maybe Franklin was running that defense at Vandy and Penn State, it would make sense if Shoop has no further success.
He's mostly right on Guarantano...he was very indecisive and unsure of himself. I think changing to more of a pro set under center with more tide end stuff will suit him better. But we'll see...he's going to be pushed by Chryst come fall camp.
I'm thinking this is going to be the Tenn starting QB in the fall...Guarantano did have it rough last year with the offensive line, however I'm not sold on him and neither is the staff obviously. I would not be surprised of Guarantano is the first one to transfer...I expect Chryst and Shrout to push him hard in spring ball.
I agree with Philip...I like the way he talks with the media, no coach speak like Jones. Says what he needs to say and that's it.
It's become that way in college ball now...just like the NFL, grass greener on the other side gone. I hate to think 500,000 wasn't enough money...and there used to be some loyalty... not anymore.
Bob Shoop was a horrendous bust for Tennessee considering what he was paid...I've been following Tennessee football since the early 80's and it was the worst since the Sal Sunseri experiment a few years back. Maybe Shoop does better at Miss State but I doubt it. Maybe there's a reason James Franklin did not counter the offer at Penn State.
They grew on me after a while...but special uniforms don't win games and I like his decision. My approach would be if you earn it and win the SEC then maybe it would be considered. I personally would like to see the orange pants brought back on road games, and black shoes with orange pin stripes for home games.
Hardesty was a great back who went through a tough stretch at Tennessee and it messed up his NFL career.
Feel bad for the guy...he was in an offense not suited to him and a poor OC as well. Not to mention he may have been playing a couple games with a bum shoulder
He's put together a good staff and done an amazing job with recruiting in such short time. But my goodness Tenn must have the roughest 5 game stretch in the history of college football next year..Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, and South Carolina.
Hasn't panned out like I thought he would, bad coaching or he's just not that good...only time will tell. But if he's not ready for the NFL it will show big time.
Well...I'm not the one to really get into it with online discussions here, but I believe it took Florida 100 years to finally win an SEC title. Now...I don't have anything against the University of Florida itself, just they're past coaches and fans who make foolish comments.
Worse than Jones to me...Jones did bring 3 bowl victories and two 9-4 seasons, Dooley didn't come close. Jones just took it I think as far as he could.
I didn't see the game but I heard USC did make a lot of mistakes...you can't beat a team like that turning the ball over. Ohio State has a pretty good defense...they had a bad game against Iowa but played well down the stretch. And shut Michigan down in the second half to win that game. Not a OSU fan don't get me wrong...but who knows if Schiano would've been successful at UT, water under the bridge now
Your exactly right...taking a chance but it could work out. It hasn't been good lately for Tennessee on the JUCO side, Kongbo has been less than impressive and been with the program for two years. But I've always thought he needed to be inside instead of on the edge like they did a few games last year.
Sure they do...this signing class isn't over with. If you think that then you've already lost to Georgia with that outlook.
Philip Fulmer made a push to sign Cade Mays in the last week or so...maybe it was something Fulmer saw in him that led to Mays signing with Georgia. It's over and done with...the best thing Tenn can do is beat them on the field. It will be harder to get these players out of Tennessee from now on with Pruitt recruiting.
He's exactly right...he knows what needs to be done, Tennessee has been hurting there for quite some time. They're going to have to start recruiting the higher rated DT's and snag a few...they're hard to come by but it's a big need.
Losing Mays hurts bad...Pruitt and Fulmer tried to sway him in the end, it just wasn't to be.
It's not over yet...regular signing is still February, and big targets out there. I like the fact he has 3 DT's signed early...they need them bad. Pruitt has a lot on his plate right now with Alabama in the playoffs and head coach at a power five school. Fulmer is trying to help him with recruiting along with the staff he has now. It's a very strange situation Tenn being big rivals with Bama and they're DC the new coach.
I'll say this...he can go where ever he wants...but Georgia is a huge rival for Tennessee and this one kind of stings. It looks like Tennessee has assembled a good coaching staff, and I feel he should've waited it out and given them a chance, we Trey Smith and another 4 star OL signed...he could have helped bring Tennessee back.
He's probably partially right on that...Tenn went after Mullen it and didn't work out, I hear they offered Kelly but he was waiting on Florida or UCLA. Both of those were based on recruiting...they offer Gundy who is a pretty good offensive coach but he was just pulling for more money form the oil Tycoon. They messed up with Gary Patterson a long time ago...burned that bridge. We'll have to see how Pruitt works out like he said, but I'd rather have him than Schiano, possible excess baggage.
I can tell you that Guarantano is no dual threat QB...not from what I saw of him in the second half, he is slower that I thought he would be compared to Dobbs. And Dobbs could take a hit and I don't see Guarantano doing that. I'm hoping Helton can help him out as a passer and read defenses better, because he is just not there right now...Canales did him no favors.
You got that right,there are people that will still argue for Paul Horning...to be fair it was before my time so my argument may not be relevant. But I do know that Johnny was very versatile...tailback, Halfback, Quarterback and even punted, and may have even returned punts. Did Horning do that...probably not.
Yes...Tennessee has always recruited nationally, it will be nothing different for them. Although the talent in the state is looking really good right now, and I'm thinking he can hang on to some of those players Tenn has been losing lately...to Clemson mostly.
I don't think he was in the Double digits as far as the list goes...not when Fulmer took over anyway. I personally like the hire...I can see where Fulmer is going with this in a tough defensive minded coach...something that has been lacking for UT several years now. Yes they are behind the eight ball as far recruiting with Georgia taking off...but Tennessee is it's own brand, and they've always recruited nationally unlike Georgia and Florida etc..it's nothing new to them.
Fulmer was the National Champion but it was Majors who built the program that eventually led to that. I don't know what went on behind the scenes but Fulmer is a guy who will give his all to get Tennessee back to winning...he will put in the hours and the effort.
He may a head a coach in transition as some people are saying...Tennessee hires a head coach and Tee is hired as OC with it in his contract, so to speak. More than likely under David Cutcliffe or Kevin Steele.
That's not a bad thought...I love Les Miles but I don't know if he would be successful here. Always liked his personality and his interviews...also liked his go for broke style to win a game. I wouldn't be surprised if Fulmer does talk to him.
That's a good point...there are many jobs open now and I didn't hear Schiano's name mentioned for any other school out there. Could he have been successful? Who knows, but there was no guarantee that he would've been. He was successful at Rutgers in the Big East, but I can tell you now that the Big East is not the SEC...ask Butch Jones about that...he was successful to a degree and took the program as far as he ever would. Nothing against the guy but I think most people agree with that. Herbstriet knows the game but I feel he needs to let it go...why is he so vocal about this, because he was an Ohio State guy and it fell through.