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Recent Comments
Damm...that was a nasty block...NCAA needs to look at these type of blocks a little more closely. These are young men here with a possible future in the pros.
They attacked Florida down field too but Callaway and the group just couldn't bring down any balls, plus he didn't have a lot of time. OL played a little better protecting Guarantano, and I can tell Chris Weinke and Helton have been working with Guarantano.
Philip Fulmer is a good guy...he had some strong teams in the 90's and early 2000's. He beat teams bad but never ran the score up, he would just run the ball up 45-0 to try and run the clock out.
I never thought Guarantano should be benched...he's taken care of the ball in a tough position with a shaky offensive line. If they had a better OL with more experience to go with the good RB's and big recievers they could be more trouble.
I don't necessarily agree with the article...Guarantano's numbers are matching Froomes at Georgia, and he has a good bit more at his disposal...mainly a better offensive line. I wonder if the writer of this article would like to go out there and play QB behind Tennessee's OL, I don't think that would be very fun, they have a lot of work to do there and it has a lot to do with how they're playing.
I thought Tyson Helton was going to get Guarantano killed in the Florida game standing back there throwing the long balls...he just didn't have any time, no protection and took many bad hits. The Georgia game they actually protected him better, but he wasn't throwing so many deep balls. Your right though...this OL is just not that good right now, and I don't think it would matter if Chryst was back there.
I haven't seen nowhere near as many players on the ground as the last two years. Not wanting to jinx them but I think the new strength training program may be showing improvement.
Probaby one of toughest stretches in the country, if not the toughest. I'm hoping that they get better from it. I saw a team in the Florida game that didn't quit...and didn't quit against Georgia either. It's a good sign.
Boy that was bad...maybe they got the bad one out of they're system for the rest of the year. It's not really for lack of playing hard, they just don't have the offensive and defensive lines right now.
They had to have totally missed that one...nobody can be that stupid. But how could the back judge miss it?
Tennessee lost some close ones in that span...I give credit to Florida for finding ways to win. But I still don't know if that Jabari guy caught that ball at the goal line some years back. Today's college football I think it would've been an incompletion.
Kentucky just may be the best team in the east division besides Georgia...that RB duo is difficult to stop.
Me too...Everything is telling me that Pruitt was a good hire, he just needs to surround himself with good coaches and improve recruiting, especially on the front lines. Dabo Swinney is a good example of this, I don't think there's anything special about him, he just has good assistants and recruits top notch.
I can see he's trying to work on the ground game...a big key coming up in SEC play, whoever runs the ball better in the Florida game will have a big advantage. Something that's been missing at UT for a while
Best Running back group I've seen at Tennessee in a while...I still think they have more work to do on both front lines though, not there just yet.
Very pleased with the rushing yardage in the first game...Helton started getting out on the perimeter instead of in between the tackles, loosened them up a little. If UT can run the ball like that this year it will help big.
Exactly...it is refreshing. They played a very good QB who has a lot of experience. There going to face that again with Fromm, Shaw etc. Maybe they learn a lot from it. I've always liked opening with a tough opponent to see where your team stands and what they need to work on.
I saw a lot of positives out there...a 100 yard rusher in the first game of the year against a good defense. RB's look good, Guarantano obviously fits this system better and needs to keep working. Wideouts playing well and a lot of young people...only 9 seniors on this team.
The last two years of his watch baffle me...as does the Shoop hire. Maybe Shoop does better somewhere else but it just didn't happen at UT. I think maybe Franklin was running that defense at Vandy and Penn State, it would make sense if Shoop has no further success.
He's mostly right on Guarantano...he was very indecisive and unsure of himself. I think changing to more of a pro set under center with more tide end stuff will suit him better. But we'll see...he's going to be pushed by Chryst come fall camp.
I'm thinking this is going to be the Tenn starting QB in the fall...Guarantano did have it rough last year with the offensive line, however I'm not sold on him and neither is the staff obviously. I would not be surprised of Guarantano is the first one to transfer...I expect Chryst and Shrout to push him hard in spring ball.
I agree with Philip...I like the way he talks with the media, no coach speak like Jones. Says what he needs to say and that's it.
It's become that way in college ball now...just like the NFL, grass greener on the other side gone. I hate to think 500,000 wasn't enough money...and there used to be some loyalty... not anymore.
Bob Shoop was a horrendous bust for Tennessee considering what he was paid...I've been following Tennessee football since the early 80's and it was the worst since the Sal Sunseri experiment a few years back. Maybe Shoop does better at Miss State but I doubt it. Maybe there's a reason James Franklin did not counter the offer at Penn State.
They grew on me after a while...but special uniforms don't win games and I like his decision. My approach would be if you earn it and win the SEC then maybe it would be considered. I personally would like to see the orange pants brought back on road games, and black shoes with orange pin stripes for home games.
Hardesty was a great back who went through a tough stretch at Tennessee and it messed up his NFL career.
Feel bad for the guy...he was in an offense not suited to him and a poor OC as well. Not to mention he may have been playing a couple games with a bum shoulder
He's put together a good staff and done an amazing job with recruiting in such short time. But my goodness Tenn must have the roughest 5 game stretch in the history of college football next year..Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, and South Carolina.
Hasn't panned out like I thought he would, bad coaching or he's just not that good...only time will tell. But if he's not ready for the NFL it will show big time.