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He was playing golf earlier in the day and forgot it was there, I've done it myself....although it never crossed my mind to throw it at someone risking serious injury.
I for one thought the spot was probably right...I was yelling at the TV because Tenn could not get Corral contained and on the ground, the guy is a Johnny Manziel. I don't know the 3rd and 4th down conversion percentage they had but just could not get him off the field. Hooker is a tough guy and good athlete his numbers nearly as good as Corral's
I would hate to think Kiffin would support that...I was thinking it was just a lot of cramping, but if so that's poor sportsmanship. I don't know what was going on behind the bench with the students, never like the idea of students being behind opponents bench anyway. Kiffin taking 3 timeouts to ice kicker, when one is probably enough, just making a 3 hr game a 5 hr game. Kiffin fist pumping out on the field, it just got out of control.
He's a good play caller and offensive coach...but there's just something about his personality and manner that makes you want to put a foot up his A***.
Imagine if a lot of those defensive guys would've stayed and saw it through, how good could the defense have been if so. But that's water under the bridge...and I have to say Tim Banks has been a pleasant surprise, but they have a tough stretch coming up.
I agree... but the smokie grey uniforms grew on me. That would be the only alternate I'd have. It kind of fits in with Tennessee being near the smokey mountains, and grey was actually a color of the past.
Actually I liked Verne and kind of miss him, even though he seemed to be on the Florida bandwagon back in the day. I miss his more colorful take on commenting.
Guarantano has already lost his QB job at Washington State. He is not a power five conference QB.
With a job like this at Tennessee comes criticism...talk about QB's all you want, but that offensive line was a nail in the coffin last Saturday too. Spraggins is a certified yellow flag machine, and the May's brothers sad to say haven't done much to impress me.
You got that right...everybody seems to find a good QB except Tenn for the best part of 15 years. The Pitt QB I would take in a heartbeat.
You need a good passer like the Pitt QB...who's also not a bad runner. Or you need a dual threat who can throw it pretty well too, like a Josh Dobbs. I say Bailey is probably the better pocket passer, I wish Heupel would give him a chance. Some play better in games than in practice.
Stupid penalties like that would've drove coach Majors crazy.
Maybe that's why Harbaugh didn't try to hang on to him, can't hit the go route down field. I think they need to put some kind of restrictor plate on his arm. I'd like to see Bailey get the start this week, but the QB on the bench is always the fans favorite.
I wasn't necessarily impressed with what I saw, but I'll give the guy a pass after just one game. But there's one thing that irritated the hell out of me....just standing back there flat footed looking around, not up on the balls of his feet like he should be.
Man that sucks for Bailey, he was looking forward to playing. Attended the manning camp, and went to another camp with Auburn QB in off-season.
It should've been Bailey getting the start, but he's the coach and seeing something in Milton I'm not. Bailey wants to play, you could see it in his face on the sideline. And they're going to have to do more than the dinky dink passing against most of the SEC.
I think they have some good talent there...all learning a new offensive scheme. The defense having the upper hand in scrimmage is not a good sign to start the season.
I was ready to kill that guy...I still can't believe that he did that. I think as a coach I would've moved on from him at that point. If he does anything at Washington State it will be because of a healthier offensive line and weaker defenses in the pac 10.
I couldn't believe what I was watching in that game...after LSU puts in the less mobile QB of all things it starts clicking for them. Tennessee didn't necessarily prepare for him, but ultimately the two turnovers had a lot to do with it. After winning such a thrilling game it the swamp it was a tough one to accept.
Well, that 2015 game I felt and most people do that they outplayed Florida nearly the entire game...two score lead with 10 minutes to play and the defense falters after playing so well. If Jancek would've sent that Linebacker instead of just spying him I think it would've been a different outcome.
I don't know how that call would go today...but it was a huge call on a game that had a lot riding on it for Tennessee. How long do you need possession when breaking the plane of the goal line. Maybe that still needs to be clarified.
True...but you give Kiffin some offensive power and he won't hesitate scoring points.
Philip Fulmer cared a lot about the program and still does...he just made a bad hire. He stepped aside gracefully with that mistake.
It's a sad situation with that program now....and its really a shame so much potential there.
I kind of agree...not much production out of him and maybe Garner saw something he didn't like, you never know. But even this hurts big considering so many defections in the last year.
No power five school recruited except for Tennessee and maybe couple others, they knew what they were getting. Heupel has a good QB committed in the upcoming class.
Community college probably for this guy....if that doesn't work its probably going to be community service.
That's how far Tennessee has fallen...down to recruiting guys like this, the last decent one was Harrison Bailey couple years ago.