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Bama gets penalties, but never "game momentum changing" penalties. However, penalties are always called against their opponents, even if a penalty doesn't exist, which will change the momentum to Bama's favor. There are so many documented videos of this it isn't funny. Just search #BamaPrivilege and see for yourself. SEC is run by Bama alums/fans/grads. Until Bama and the SEC stop being the one and the same, it will continue.
Well, if he's the one that wants it so bad, then Rashaan Evans can be in charge of the pooper scooper / snow shovel following that Elephant as it crosses the field. LOL
Only counting divisional games would not be fair to Tennessee should they pull off beating Alabama. It would also not be fair to the rest of the SEC West who would find themselves in the hunt for the division should Tennessee beat Bama. The better rule would be to stop counting the "highest ratio/percentage of wins" and start counting "total number of SEC wins." That means those who cancel an SEC game are getting it counted as a loss. Not exactly fair to LSU, but LSU isn't exactly playing nice in insisting on November 19 being a home game, though making Nov 19 an away game isn't fair to LSU. Honestly, the whole situation stinks. No matter how you slice it, I think Florida will be the only one given an advantage in any scenario other than forcing Florida to count it as a loss.
He was on pretty big talking about how State was going to whip Auburn. Since the game? Nothing. I have to admit, that's the best thing to come out of all this.
I agree with the change to make it "the most wins" in the wording. That's all it would take.
It's obvious that Florida didn't WANT to come to an agreement. This is just a ploy to keep an SEC loss off their schedule. SEC Commissioner should have set the arrangements and told the schools "this is how it's going to be." Any team not in agreement would have made a forfeit and earned a loss for the game. Yeah, he probably doesn't have the authority, but should have when a school is playing chicken like this. Lost what little respect I had for the University of Florida. LSU was willing. Florida was not. Give LSU the W and Florida the L. In my book, Florida forfeited the game by being unwilling to cooperate.
Note to self: Do not drink coffee while reading the comments. // proceeds to clean coffee off laptop screen.
If he REALLY wanted to ensure the Razorbacks win, he'd have offered free pizza for a year to the refs of the game at at the Birmingham office. That might be enough to counter being in Saban's pocket.
With the type of promotion he'll get for his business, he couldn't have bought this much publicity and goodwill for what it would cost him for 2000 pizzas. Smart business move. Hopefully it helps fire up the fans and the team and they get after Bama like nobodies business. Trick to beating Bama is to BELIEVE you can beat Bama. Doesn't work every time, but it seems to work 2 out of 3 times so far. ;) Now if TN and TA&M will also believe, that will be 2 out of 3. Two SEC losses for Bama is all we'll need.
This is the SEC West. Arkansas has a good team. Alabama has been playing with mistakes. They are a great team and all, but they have been making some mistakes. Play hard, don't let up, and you'll have a shot. Don't quit to the end (yeah, Rebels learned that the hard way), and you can always have a chance. Play hard and physical. Don't give up. #BeatBama (Yeah, I'm willing to put up the #BeatBama for any team playing against Bama.)
Wow. Underage college kid found a way to get some alcohol and get drunk after a big game. That's never happened in the entire history of college life on this planet before. Seriously. This is news?
He is better off at an LSU without Les Miles. This kid isn't thinking things through. He never would have played as a Wide Receiver under the way Miles ran things. However, he'd be valuable as a Wide Receiver in the direction LSU now wants to go, since they finally want to do more than run the ball.
I find it interesting that when Joshua Dobbs puts up a 43-yard pass into the endzone at the end of a game, everyone in the media calls it a Hail Mary pass (and, to be fair, it was.) However, some of these same pundits say Joshua Dobbs is the best quarterback in the SEC. The same people also seem to think that when Chad Kelly does the same thing, it's just another day at the office, because he routinely makes those kinds of plays. I think the big difference is that the Ole Miss receivers are so plentiful that the defense never knows which side of the field they will be on, because we can hit so many. There may be 5 targets in different areas of the end zone making it impossible to put all the defense on one guy like that. Now we just need Tennessee to win out (starting with beating Bama), and Bama taking losses to 2 of Tennessee, Arky, TA&M, or LSU, so that Kelly and Dobbs can meet up at the end of the road and prove once and for all who-da-man.
LSU has had the talent on the field for a long time. They just couldn't do anything with Les and Cam getting in the way of scoring points. At this point, the entire SEC West has got to be getting concerned if they haven't already played LSU. I would have loved to see Les keep his job until the end of the season. Would have made it easier on the rest of the SEC West, but that's not fair to the players. Now the players will have a chance to show the NFL of what they are truly capable of, unless Mizzou was just that over-rated. We'll see, but I think LSU is going to be really, really dangerous now.
Agreed. Also a dumb move on who to hang out with. These guys need some serious guidance on how to make wise decisions for your future. That's what I like about Coach Freeze. He at least tries that. Not everyone listens, though, no matter what. Even Jesus had a traitor in the midst.
You owe me a new keyboard. How dare you make me spew out my coffee like that! LOL
Try putting strength of schedule into the equation if you want an accurate listing. When you go against defenses that are shoddy, you'll put up big numbers. Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes II haven't played against anyone. Lesser quarterbacks can put up those kinds of numbers against cupcake teams. While Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield, and Seth Russell played impressive last year, they have yet to give really impressive performances this year, especially considering the quality of talent of the teams they have gone up against. Lamar Jackson and Austin Allen have each only played against one formidable opponent. They've had 3 cupcakes each to pad their stats. Mitch Trubisky didn't do well playing the one formidable opponent he went up against this year. Jake Browning hasn't played any formidable opponents whatsoever. Hard to measure a "top" quarterback if they don't play against top teams. There is one quarterback on this list that put up good stats against the #1 defense in the country. That's Chad Kelly. 421 yards passing and 43 yards rushing. He should be #1 on the list. No other option when you consider who they have actually played. Someone not on that list that should be #2 on the list (nation wide, yes) is Trevor Knight. He has shown 2nd most ability, even against quality opponents. 2016 is a new year folks. Don't go on past man crushes for these guys and look at ALL the facts, not just the facts that fit your narrative to go along with your man crushes.
Brandon Harris came in as a 4 star quarterback with a LOT of potential. LSU also grabbed up some pretty decent Wide Receivers and Tight Ends. However, to utilize them requires a passing game. Coaching staff wanted to run the ball all the time and eat up the clock. For a passing game to work, you have to throw the ball as much or more than you run the ball, and you've got to pick up the offensive tempo. A quarterback needs to pass often and have a rhythm to be a successful passer. If you only pass occasionally and you never run tempo to help you get a rhythm, then you aren't going to be able to make passes, and, guess what, the receivers won't be able to catch well either, because they also need a bit of rhythm and regular catch attempts to be productive. It's the "overdoing" of the run game that has killed the passing game. You've got to be more balanced. They had the players to have a balanced game and chose to be one-dimensional due to the lack of understanding of the game by coaching staff. Once you go one-dimensional, it's difficult to change tempo and go balanced. They ruined Brandon Harris' chances to ever go pro because of the style game Les Miles wanted to play. They could have properly developed him, run a balanced offense, and he would have been dangerous. As it is, they let the skills he had coming in atrophy and erode away. It's really sad.
Time will tell as to how good/bad the decision is. Long term, probably good. Short term, hard to tell right now. I would imagine they discussed this in their "meeting" and decided it best to try to stop the bleeding in order to save the team long term.
So a guy from ESPN thinks Tennessee is lucky to not have lost, and Fox Sports predicts Tennessee will win the match-up against Florida. Personally, I think Tennessee will lose, and if they somehow win, it will be another skin-of-their-teeth miracle that they pulled it off and a definite sign that Florida was having a really, really bad day.
No, that would be Jalen Hurts bringing Alabama back from a 21 point deficit at the end of the first half to lead Alabama to a 48-43 victory over Ole Miss.
Well of course Kirby learned how to pay off the refs from Saban, don't you know. Problem is, the central replay in Birmingham is still in Saban's pocket, so it doesn't help Kirby now. ;)
Because, the players are being put up in a hotel before the game to get away from the noise of campus. They are being cut off from media. They are going into a "quiet zone." The letter is for when they get to their rooms, ready for bed, away from the noise of media and the team. Something to help them to focus before going to bed without getting them fired up to prevent sleep. Sounds like a good tactic to me.
After seeing USC play in week 2, I've concluded that Alabama moved the ball so well because USC was over-rated and is a sorry team. Take look at their week 2 game. It's pitiful. As far as trying to pit Jalen Hurts against Chad Kelly, well, the big chance to get that finalized will be on Saturday, September 17. That's the week that the true landscape of the SEC will begin to take shape. It will by no means be finalized, but it's going to either solidify or shake-up the SEC rankings for sure.
I know most of you think MSU doesn't have a shot at this. However, MSU has a strong defense. If they are willing to play hard all 4 quarters, the MSU defense can definitely shut down the LSU offense. LSU defense is good at scoring, though, so that's probably where the game will come down. It's up to both defenses in this game, as neither team has an explosive offense unless they are playing against a team that doesn't know how to stop a run. Both these teams do. Coman has the right attitude, though, if you ask me. Anyone believing they don't have a chance before they even show up has no business showing up. Any true SEC player should be confident no matter what team they play against. It's part of being in the SEC. Without that mental confidence, you've already lost the game. Let the other team psych you out before you even show up and you've already lost. If that confidence can spread to the rest of the team, they'll have a real shot at winning. It's a shot in the dark, but it could happen depending on how the ball bounces. Stranger things have happened. I think it would be funny, honestly. Because then Les would get fired after week 3 of the season. Haha!
Looks like you've given this some thought. Are you in training or are you training someone for the upcoming Ole Miss vs. Bama game?
Shh! Don't tell Les Miles! We wanna see LSU stomped by everybody this year.
Using that logic, Alabama won the last two years easily.
I've also seen reports in media about the pictures of Ole Miss players taped to equipment in the weight room. I haven't received any trash talk from my 'Bama friends, including my wife's grandfather. They all just day that it will be a good game and too close to call. The only ones I hear stating with confidence that Bama will win it are the same talking heads that thought LSU and Tennessee would dominate this year.
Hope you're watching, Coozie. It is a very exciting game. A real, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting game if ever I saw one. Loving it so far. 2nd quarter just started.