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Don't compare Mizzou to Vandy. Despite having our program and recruiting pummeled by the protests of 2015, losing a very successful coach to health issues, and receiving a bogus probation we're still on a course to be as good as anyone in the bottom half of the league. There's Bama, Georgia, occasionally Auburn, LSU, Florida.....then everyone else. Give coach Drink 2 years, nobody will intimidate Mizzou.
Don't puff your chest out too much. Have you already forgotten that Mizzou had won 4 of 8 against FL before Sat. Next year we'll do it again.
Well at least Mizzou looked good fighting. Give them another year or two and they'll be a contender on the field as well. Hiring Coach Drink was a great move.
Thank you. Pinkel brought us to heights we hadn't seen since the 60s but did us no favors on the way out. I'd like to see where any SEC program (other than Bama, Auburn, Georgia, or LSU) would be after going through the 2015 mini Ferguson debacle. These folks were out to hurt the University and football program. Despite being the losers that they are, that was definitely accomplished.
Well said. Someone here is living in reality, not the past
Dig a little below the surface. Do you really think the Indian female tutor suddenly felt remorseful and did the right thing by turning Mizzou in. Think again. It was a blackmail job from the beginning. Missouri refused to pay her and she went public. A complete piece of trash. Meanwhile the widespread cheating continues everywhere else. I hope the truth comes out about this story. Hint hint Athletic or Stl post dispatch. Talk about gut punching a program when its down.
So when Mizzou has done well its all about luck and the misfortune of other programs. What BS. In 2013 they hung with Auburn until the final minutes in Atlanta and 2014 they were down by 8 going into the 4th quarter against Bama in the title game. It was Coach Pinkel's sudden departure for health reasons and the idiotic phony student protests/team boycott in 2015 that set this program back 5-7 years. Why they had to settle for Odom in the first place. Once you're falsely labeled racist, it's a bit hard to recruit. Couple that with the fans leaving in droves over all that crap and here we are. A half empty stadium for every game and contributions down. Then you get the money grubbing tutor who was hired by Mizzou even though she had a criminal record. Who in turn concocted the scheme to cheat for athletes and then attempt to blackmail the University. We all know now what the NCAA did when Mizzou reported it. So enough of your rants about how unlucky the rest of the SEC was. I see 3-4 top notch programs and the rest pretty much on Mizzou's level. We can and will compete once we get through this latest setback. Without widespread cheating and paying to get 4-5 star recruits. Get over yourself.
The NCAA is acorrupt pile of manure a good old boys club who thinks they're untouchable. Phoney to the core, open to the highest bidder, always eager to kick programs that are down. Mizzou football is screwed for 5-10 years. Why not take these slime balls to federal court. Absolutely nothing to lose.
Let's not kid ourselves, things haven't been the same since the the student protests and team boycott in 2015. People were fed up with the fake narrative to begin with, then the team and coaches decided to get involved. Fans left in droves and I was one if them, cancelling my season tickets. TJ Moe was part of that. Forced the President to step aside and the University to give in (for what many people thought was total nonsense). Yes, it's going to take a lot of winning for the school to get back to where it was in attendance. But let's dont blame it all on whiny, fickle, bandwagon fans. The fans boycott isn't quite over yet. Plus, the student section has been half empty for every game too.