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If Okie state had just made that field goal we would even be tied with the bammers on natties. Will be nice to stop hearing it one day.
Clemson and Ohio State don't play in the SEC (If they did they wouldn't be in the playoffs almost anually and neither has more nattys in the last 20 years than LSU. I don't see how you can say they are better than LSU. Now Bama has had more success and is always our biggest roadblock. If not for bama we would have 1-2 more nattys. O still does have a few years to prove himself, but with the talent that LSU brings in I don't doubt he will average around 10 wins a season with some more trips to the playoffs splashed in. Geaux Tigers!
Bet you're gonna love it when Shaw becomes the national director of officiating then lol. Us LSU fans know the feeling, we were robbed by a very similar call in last year's ridiculous A&M game. We won that game like 4 times but the refs kept on keeping A&M in it. Nothing you can do but just get over it though. None of the complaining is going to change the end result. You lost. Would have been nice to play y'all in the title game with the incredible Burrow backstory. But it is what it is, nothing can change that now.