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Now, do Georgia's offense and while you are at it Georgia's defense. I'll save you the trouble, Tennessee is first, Georgia second in offensive production, scoring, etc. However, in defensive stats, Georgia is first (by a wide margin and Tennessee is 11th (uh oh). In passing, Georgia is first, Tennessee is 13th in the league (Yikes). For all the talk about Georgia's escape at Mizzou, Tennessee has had some escapes as well. Pittsburgh and Florida come to mind. In the glow of the penalty filled Alabama win that seems to have been forgotten. It's the SEC. It will be a war, but Georgia at home, they'll be fine.
Deion has real potential. Georgia and the surrounding states are recruiting hotbeds. He would appeal greatly in an urban setting. He seems to be a capable coach. Tech could do worse.
Beta Move to apologize. People came to see a football game and this move by the athletic department at a critical juncture (4th down) was inexcusable by the athletic department. The athletic department should be apologizing, not Beamer. Beamer had every right to be upset. It gave Georgia much longer to see the formation and prepare as adequate defensive call.
Hmm, you mean like those powerhouse stalwarts Western Michigan, Northern Illinois, Northwestern and Rutgers? Do you really want to compare schedules? Michigan played 5 teams with losing records and Maryland at 6-6. Georgia played three teams with losing records. Let's see, you barely beat Rutgers. You barely beat Nebraska. You barely beat Penn State and you lost to MSU. Georgia was in one close game, Clemson. Try again.
To be fair to Jordan Davis, I think the scheme there was for him to occupy the middle and not allow anything to go through there. I don't think he was supposed to all-out blitz the QB.
Bama is good. Very good. They are not great. Bama is first in the league in points per game at 45 . Georgia is third at 37. There is not that much difference in offensive production. However, on the other side of the ball, Bama is giving up 20 points per game and Georgia only 6.6. If A&M can beat Bama, Georgia can even with Bennett. Bennett was beating Bama last year late into the third quarter and that is with Bama having all world talent on the offense.
What's that coming down the track..........
Bold is one word for that UGA-ALA prediction. Not the word I would use, but......
Apparently he didn't hear about Chubb's workload against Missouri, Arkansas and Louisville last year.
Another great write up, Murf. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite articles of the week. As a fan, this is the type of technique that I don't pick up on during the game. It is fascinating to see how it all comes together and how it works. Keep up the good work.
Herbie should have let it go. He should know by now that most fans feel that way and it's not worth the argument and makes him look small as a national commentator to respond. I say this and I like Herbie. I think he does the best job he can.
I'd still hit it. I like her passion for her school. That is what SEC sports is all about.
I like most of the "worst" list better than the "best" list. Still a pretty cool article though.
If USCe helmet is outdated, so is LSU with the old school tiger. You are a little inconsistent with that one. And while I know Bama's helmet is (supposedly) considered classic, it is boring as hell. There is nothing memorable about it. At least UGA and LSU have the "power "G" and power "T" respectively. TA&M and Auburn's are instantly recognizable. I am not crazy about the script Gators, though it is unique. The "hog" is a nice design for Arkansas, but they have had helmets that look better IMO.
I would place Mark Richt above Bielema and Freeze at this point. You can make a great case for most of the coaches in the SEC to move up or down the list.
It seems that we are placing potential above proven established performance. Arkansas at #1 makes sense. The UTenn backs have a lot of potential, but it is unfulfilled at this point. Auburn backs will get their yards, but don't really scare anyone at this point. Bama's backs have a least as much potential as UTenn. LSU with Fornette and anybody is going to be very good as well.
I can definitely see both sides of this argument. Some would say if you decide to run in that situation and have no timeouts left that this is the price you pay. It's been part of the game. On the other hand there has to be some attempt to be made to get lined up. In this case they said that the refs warned to UF players to get reset when there was about 10 seconds left and they refused to do so. When you don't listen to the refs, you are going to get penalized. Whether in this situation it is the officials place to make that call I don't know. I am sure we will find out.