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To quote David Tepper Panthers owner “I HATE MEDIOCRITY! Carolina fans have become accustomed to accepting excuses for non-performance,no accountability and mediocrity, that will only change when fans and donors refuse to accept mediocrity and sadly vote with their feet. I am a long term donor season ticket holder(8 tickets) seriously considering dropping my GC membership and tickets. I do not invest in anything I don’t/can’t believe in. I do not believe in what I see from Will Muschamp. A thorough lack of preparation at the Belk Bowl, miserable coaching vs UNC, UT,MIZZOU ad nauseam. Carolina Fans DESERVE BETTER, Muschamp should apologize for HIS performance and RESIGN. I HATE and will NOT invest in Mediocrity. CHange cannot be a 3rd OC, if Muschamp couldn’t win at Florida who thinks he could win @ Carolina(except Ray)? GOCOCKS!