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Actually Corch, you and many of the UGA trolls all disappeared after the loss to USC. Many people made note of this fact so dont come here saying otherwise.
Uh, what does it matter what team someone is a fan of? You know Chris Fowler is a Colorado grad and I put a lot more credability in a lot of what he has to say than any Bama grad that I know of. I am not saying this guy here is right or wrong, but to bring into an arguement what school a person is a fan of as a point to declare their argument invalid is ignorant.
Nice comeback in the game and season. Pruit is showing some good progress.
I would say successful. Very successful would have been playing in ATL in early December and making it a close game. LOL Actually, I was expecting a slight drop after losing the talent we lost last year and having to depend more on Mac's recruits, but Mullen and Co. did well coaching oir guys up.
Congrats LSU on a great game. Was wondering if the injured QB issued would surface. Tua looked pretty good moving around the pocket. Everyone has walking wounded right now. Also, if that's the case, then what happens when Tua leaves after this year?
Coach said they practiced pissed off about the loss and not playing their best last week. The results certainly showed in the game today even if our offense started a little slow. That Shawn Davis hit... have you seen our one man brick wall on the field?
rhe difference between the copeland "incomplete" and the Cager "catch" is Copeland held the ball firm after the ball hit the turf and Cager never had full control throughout. SEC official are horrible.
I love the idea of travelling to these locations.
Its about more than just these two games. The SEC officials have just looked bad all year in many games. When they miss obvious calls and do not provide expplanations, they deviate from the transparency they say they want. There was no accountabililty in the South Carolina game and I don't expect any here. UGA played their best game of the year and we didn't Saturday ... they deserved the win. Incidentally, Mullen is not harping on this. He made sure to credit the on field officials. He was asked a question and answered how he saw fit. I don't see him or Stricklin issuing statements that they have lost their trust in the officials. They have moved on, the press has not.
What is with the constant car dealership reference like they all pay a lot for celebrity endorsements? I think everyone is being overly worried about the NIL right proposals. The kids will always want to go where they will get exposure and play in marquee match ups. This will be at programs that are currently successful or trending up, or at least making an effort to improve their product. Besides, what make you think UM or any of the big programs are not already paying players?
Hopefully, if we win, any trolls don't show up. But I am sure there will be some, so apologies in advance.
These colors don't run. LOL I may not be one of the first to congratulate UGA if they win (I will be at the game and I never leave before triple 0s regardless of score ... and I have been at some tough games to stay at), but just like after the LSU game, I acknowledge great game play.
Discussions have been much better between the two fan bases since the UGA trolls have departed (everyone knows who I am referring to). I dont mind spirited debate between us, but when someone adds nothing to the discussion, they just need to crawl back into their holea and make the world a better place.
Yeah, not really worried about not being ranked at the end of the year based on how we have been playing.
Connor, don't feel bad about misjudging the Gators at the beginning of the season. The media when asked what top 10 team will not be ranked at the end of the year unanimously picked Florida. Sorry to play the party crasher.
The Gators are not good against the run without Greenard and Zuniga setting the edge. With both of them in the game, one of them usually draws a double team and the linebackers plug gaps that effectively stop run plays for short gains. As long as both of them are actually healthy, Fromm will have to get the passing game going or the game is over.
I think Mullen stuck it out with Franks because of his Alpha personality and how the players loved him. Franks also had a much better upside IF he was to ever get it and everything began to fire on all cylinders. He has more athleticism running and passing, but I think he just can't read and adjust to defenses as well as Trask does.
Urban also phoned in his last two years and that had a direct impact on the recruits we got and their development. He should have just stepped aside after the "illness" and maybe we are a different team. The hire of a coach in waiting was a terrible decision and I still can't understand why we didn't try and go after Mullen who had started to make an impact at MSU.
He also won that first Natty based on Ron Zook's recruits. You can hate Zook all you want, but he build a solid foundation of players for Urban. Also, take note that the Offense went down hill pretty quickly after Mullen left and Urban. We still had Tebow and some quality players, but overall offense took a dive.
Not many players ever play at 100%, no article (at least that I have seen) has explicitly stated how healthy they will be. They have been practicing so they will probably be at 70 - 85% ish. The other impact player that we will be getting back is KT who went out early against UK. He is a very dynamic athlete that can make plays out of nothing and while.
You may be right only because the athletic department would normally have put out a video showing what we are wearing by now and ... nothing yet. They have been teasing it and Mullen has said he is up for them if the kids want them. Personally, I don't care what they wear as long as they win. Well, as long as we don's wear those horrible green tops with the orange letters/numbers. LOL
well, since Toney has been out since game 2, I would say that Mullen does have plays that he has held back that are specific to Toney's akill set.
LOL. It used to be downtown by the Hippodrome. Now it's on 34th and Archer.
Been there a couple times. There is talent working there.
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