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Graduated UF in '96.

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He needs to actually apologize for his slanderous comment and do us a favor and never call another Gator game. The whole Greasy family has always had a thing against UF since daddy Greasy came in second in the 1966 Heisman race. And don't tell me I spelled his name wrong. Lol
We need our young Oline to develop. They were getting pushed around and could not create holes for the RBs to get through. Loved the jet sweep we called late to get around the ends. That is a straight up KT play. Cant wait to get Henderson back to shore up our secondary.
I would say it amazes me how triggered the UGA fan base is to any UF article. But they have to be sooooo frustrated that they have not won a natty in 39 years and the Gators have pretty much owned them in that span going 24-15. So rage on puppies. I'll keep laughing.
Wilson is certainly a much larger loss since he touches the ball every play. Not having Toney sucks, but we were not giving him the ball a lot for whatever reason. Our bigger loss is Henderson because he is a baller that goes above and beyond exceptional effort.
If he was asked a question about hydration, how is that trolling? FFS
I cant believe I agree with DK. I whole heartedly support Willie Taggart. They need to extend his contract.
But the better receiver steps in front of the defender to get the catch. .... oh wait.
Great game ... congrats AU on the win. Only question I have is why Gus didnt go for 2.
UM is worth setting up a home and home.... UCF not so much. LOL
not sure about the Miami thing, but its possible since their season ticket sales are so horrible.
Wish he would have come to the Gators, but hate to see injuries. Hope he recovers this year and is at least able to get a couple games in.
On a side note, Tate Martell just announced he will enter his name in the transfer portal. LOL
Keep in mind that Malik Davis was a 3*. Those ratings dont mean all that much if a coach sees the raw talent is there.
We needed DE players, and I am happy we were able to keep him in-state. Bama has enough talent any way, and will be just fine. What I find funny are the fans that are all into a recruit until he goes somewhere else and then say ... "We didn't want him anyway, he was [insert derogatory comment here]"
What I don't understand is how an "Elite" program like UM can get more than 100 fans in the stands. They sure show up in social media though.
I think we got him because Saban would not reply to his texts. :)
I'm sure they're an FSU grad .... Probably equivalent though.
The FSU QBs need to sue FSU, Taggart t, and the Oline coaches for ineffective coaching that put them in harm's way on a consistent basis.
They could argue that with the extra pressure of expectations on a football program vs. a softball program might be why Fields' family feels the threat is more credible against Justin and not his sister. After all, football coaches seem to get death threats (real or imaginary) while I have yet to ever hear or read about a death threat against a softball coach.
Probably was upset about the targeting on Wilson that was not called. Head to head against Lawrence.
Hmmm, Danny Kannel is also a major DH. ..... What could be the common thread here...... I just wonder what it could be.
ADB wrote "Can’t spell Citrus without UF". Wow, you must have been educated in Georgia. Here's one for ya ... Can't spell F#$k You without UF.
Since when does 2 = several? BTW, why don't you remind us how many decades of has been since UGA won a Natty. Here is a hint, it has been several (in your terms) decades.
Seems about right for UCF. Master spin doctors.