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Trask has really developed his pocket presence over the last year. He had very happy feet when he took over for Franks.
Wish we would have showed up last week too. At least Marco was not seen throwing any shoes this week. LOL
Congrats Bama on winning what turned out to be good SEC title game. Looking forward to playing y'all in ATL again next year when we can pack the stadium again.
Last I checked, a TD drive of 20 plays counts for the same points as a TD drive of 1 play.
I would actually think it is more OSU bias showing for Herbie and him wanting OSU to be able to make the CFP. Whether that bias is him being a homer or wanting the best teams in the CFP is the big question? At the end of the day, OSU is still a good team and does have a lot of talent.
ND and Clemson are playing their scheduled games this weekend. The ACC just decided not to make up the COVID postponed games. To be honest who cares, Clemson would have beat the hell out of FSU and ND had to make up a game against Wake Forest (not exactly a challenge for them either). I mean, I always love seeing FSU get beat bad, but I would not be planning to watch any of that game. Who is to say the SEC does not do the same thing on Dec 12 to also preserve the integrity of the SECCG if those games have no bearing on the participants. The Bama swapping of the LSU and Arky games is probably more of a money grab with CBS who still had the rights to that game. If Bama wins, the Arky game becomes just an additional risk for COVID spread or player injury. The same could be said for us playing LSU if we beat UT this weekend.
I think hia assumption was after the SECCG.
What is Bama has a "massive COVID outbreak" starting on the 18th and can't play in the SECCG. Let the Gators and Aggies play for the right to get into the CFP. Then is could be two SEC, Bama and SECCG winner, and two ACC (assuming Clemson beats ND close). LOL
Jesse Palmer does a good job of trying to not look like a homer.
CBS already announced the Bama game at 8pm because they had the rights to the original game. CBS will also has the normal first choice for the 3:30 game and will probably pick the AU/aTm game. Hopefully, we get slotted for the 3:30 ESPN or 4pm SECN game. We just look sleepy at the start of noon games.
Happy to see Pitts is healthy again. How the hell does a player come back in a two or three weeks from a broken rib (and punctured lung)? That is some serious toughness there.
I can't believe webster's made irregardless a word this year. LOL
I must say, it is nice not to have the Gator articles completely littered with comments from the three duma$$ UGA trolls.
Maybe if UGA let Fields pass more, even in garbage time, you would not have a QB issue right now. Everyone saw Fields complain about how it was BS with the plays UGA let him run. Go figure he left.
Was happy to see Frank's getting the respect of his former teammates. I hope our fans were just doing a general boo for Arky just like we do for all opposing teams.
Probably because of our COVID issues. Setting up midweek games is easier and more feasible when team can put a bye week on the Saturday before a Thursday game if needed. Just setting everything up for Saturday games probably makes it easier to be more flexible in shuffling schedules as needed for COVID concerns.
Probably has to do with logistics and announcing participants in the week leading up to the semi-final games. A line has to be drawn somewhere and there are probably other TV contract issues regarding NCAA football bleeding into NFL wildcard/playoff time. For me that would not matter as I care a lot more for college ball over NFL.
Well, my crystal ball was broken, so I was going with what I knew currently. LOL
DOH, third line should read: - AU plays Alabama on 12/12 (moved from 11/28)
To get all the games in (and not impact gate revenue or TV revenue), here is a possible solution: - Alabama plays LSU on 11/28 (instead of AU) - Alabama plays AU on 12/12 (moved from of 11/28) - AU plays MSU on 11/28 (instead of Alabama) - AU plays MSU on 12/12 (moved from 11/28) - LSU plays aTm on 12/19 (moved from 11/28) - MSU plays Ole Miss on 12/12 (moved from 11/28) - UGA plays Mizz on 12/19 This gives us the Iron Bowl and the Egg Bowl on 12/12 and also provides for additional interesting games on 12/19. This assumes no other COVID breakout or extended impacts to current breakouts. If this happens there is just no way to get all the games in and games will have to be canceled.
Wow! Starting to complain about losing the game in Jax only five days after the loss. This has to be a new record. Usually the UGA fans don't start complaining about the game being in Jax until the Gators have won three or four in a row. Guess you wanted to start a new trend.
That throw to Cleveland was amazing. We went nuts in the stadium on that one.
I mean, look at OSU's schedule. The Big did a pretty good job of protecting them during their regular season.