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Happy to see him coming back. Should be an impact player if he can stay injury free.
Sure looked like a Benjamin on the top of that stack to me. Granted, it's video and impossible to prove with absolute certainty, but this is really bad optics. OBJ is not to swift to be doing this in the open with all the news cameras around. At least he could have waited till he was in the locker room.
Congrats LSU! Have to admit, I thought LSU might have been in trouble starting that 2nd half. It looks like Burrow got hurt and he just didn't look the same. But, he overcame and had an incredible game overall. Now, Dabo can get back on his ROY bus and stop his whining about being disrespected. Congrats again to LSU!
To be honest, he might have learned some bad motivational things from Urban.I am not saying that Urban was this extreme, but he did have a somewhat skewed view of motivating our athletes. Urban definitely had an internal caste system where the best athletes received better treatment and got the better equipment. We certainly saw the effects of this when he moved on, and Muschamp had to deal with the aftermath.
Pirate dog ... Great hire for MSU. The Egg bowl week just got a lot more interesting.
No he drank the powerade served up by Webb.
But Kirby has all those recruiting national championships. How could there be such a drop off when UGA gets nothing but 5* recruits and Dan is only good for 3*s according to many of you UGA fans?
Vandy the laughing stock? Wow, someone has some real messed up priorities. Best academics in the SEC, second highest endowment behind all that aTm oil money, great Baseball team, oh and they have more national titles in football than UGA. I know, I know, they won those titles decades ago ... oh wait, 4 decades for the pups now.
Lorenzo will be a red shirt Soph next year so he will have 3 years of eligibility. As far as adjusting, I would say that Mullen has been successful at getting the kids adjusted fairly well. After all, he took over a toxic culture that Mac left that all had a losing attitude.
Mullen probably thinks that this is what Frank's needs to develop and Leetch's offense would help him develop this part of his game. Everyone knows Leetch has his players repeat the same 7 plays over and over until they become second nature. So maybe this can help Franks develop his reads.
Would love to see Charlie back in O&B if Grantham does get chosen by MSU.
He got injured his freshman year and was still recovering this year so he was planning to red shirt this year to preserve the year of eligibility.
Nice pull for Mullen and company. He should complement Pierce nicely.
Former UGA players are no angels and I can bring up former UGA players that committed murders, got busted with drugs, etc. But right now, UGA is leading the way for current players getting arrested. This is what speaks to the lack of discipline and the lack of control the current coaching staff is failing to take control of.
Really sad news. I read on another article that the LSU OC's daughter-in-law was on the plane. Prayers for the family.
Temple just issued a statement... "Whew! We really dodged one there."
Is UGA going to have an O line to block at the Sugar Bowl. With the 3rd OL player now academically inelligible, Fromm better get mobile.
He reminds me of Cam Newton with his build. I still remember Cam coming in at clean-up against UT and trucking one of their LBs as he ran into the end zone as a Freshman. Many of us new he was going to be a special QB. Unfortunately, he decided to acquire a laptop and got in trouble. Our loss was Auburn's gain (not meant as a dig AU fans) as he cleaned up his act at a CC and then worked his way to Auburn to the grief of many teams they played that year.
Everyone pretty much knows you're an imbecile TDOW. Remember, you reap what you sow.
Nope, I couldn't care less who posts where. I just post observations when you don't really add anything to a thread. You certainly have been really touchy lately from the posts I have seen you write. Congrats, at least you spelled Hypocrite, unlike your brethren troll TDOW who can't seem to string together complex thoughts or spell correctly.
LOL, your attempt at a snide remark shows your intelligence level. Nice try at spelling imbecile and cretin. Instead of proving everyone of your idiocy, I recommend that you just hold back on commenting.
His kid seems way too smart to make that choice. I can't fault him for picking an incredible school like Stanford. The UGA trolls on this page would not understand what a great education is.
Given that UGA is the top SEC school in the Phil Fulmer cup and has been the top school the last couple years, there is no room for you to talk.
Congrats on his decision to go to a phenomenal school. While I would have loved him at UF, I wish him well as a STUDENT-Athlete. I loved this statement by Sr. "I’m a Gator, he’s still a Gator because he’s in my family."