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Don't forget the statement about how UF's receiver Corp was laid bare with the departure of VanJefferson and Swain.
We barely even had Shorter in many plays. He is a lot bigger than I thought he was based on hit ht/wt stats. He looked huge, not Pitts huge, but I thought he was a TE when I saw him.
They are probably referring to the stiff arm after the catch where Pitts got a lot of separation after the catch. That was a highlight reel being replayed on many shows.
Actually, UGA is better known for doing less with kore.
That Pitts "push off" after the catch had me laughing my a$$ off. Pitts got about 5 yards separation with it. Other people would normally call this a stiff arm, but since they are jelly, they decide to label it differently.
Just like last year, our tackling in game one looked horrible. Bad angles taken Over pursuit in the back field Mistakes made by safeties letting receiver get behind them All this got cleaned up in subsequent weeks and I don't expect this to be any different this year too. Offensively, all the WR options that us Florida fans kept mentioning to the chagrin of UGA trolls, who kept saying the cupboard was bare, were revealed. Malik and KT are healthy and will be impact players behind an experienced O line. Assuming external factors don't impact availability, like COVID contact tracking, the Gators should do well this year. I hope our players stay focused on being responsible during the week to minimize these potential issues. Go Gators!
Looking forward to watching Malik run again. I loved watching him with the ball as a Frosh. KT was KTing again today too.
Corral looked incredible. Some missed tackles, bad angles, and missing starters hurt the D performance. Regardless, I would not doubt think that OM will put up points this year as Kiffin does usually run a pretty good offense and their #94 is a beast like Pitts is for us.
President Fuchs has been doing a phenomenal job improving the educational reputation of UF. We secured almost $1B in research grants for the 2021 year which also helps with that reputation. All this and he is still catching grief from some fans who are upset that he asked the band to stop a cheer with links to racially insensitive past. My favorite threat from those people was, "wait till the gator boosters decide to stop donating to the university. Hmmmm, $45M total annual booster revenue vs. $1B grant revenue from major industry. I wonder which one Fuchs should worry about? LOL
Wow, it didn't take long for the cancel culture BS to come out. But cancel culture is perfectly OK when Trump does it. When will people learn that public posts that denigrate anyone have potential repercussions.
Hmmm, Republican Senator promoting an athlete put his earning in a pool to be shared among all student athletes.... I thought socialism was bad according to Republicans? And if he thinks a dealership is going to pay $500k to a single athlete for local commercials, that dealership is going to be filing for bankruptcy in no time.
This is the reality of this year. With a mandatory 14 day quarantine of any individual that tests positive which also includes contacts identified via tracing, entire position groups could be taken out for a game or two. Whichever coach can keep their kids AND coaches the most disciplined to act responsibly in the year of COVID, will have the most complete team ready to compete on Saturdays.
Yeah, the NCAA always favors us. That's why they made Brandon Cox sit out all last year when he transferred to UF.
This should provide some interesting commentary....
What this article fails to mention is that this Saturday scrimmage was supposed to take place Friday evening. But since the players and Coach Mullen participated in a march through Gainesville, the scrimmage was rescheduled. Happy to see coach working to better understand his players and participate in activities that help build a better relationship and understanding. Go Gators!
Weren't calling Sankey an idiot a couple days ago and criticizing the SEC for taking it so slow?
I agree with just about everything you said with the exception of college revenue from athletics being a huge part of their operational budget (yes I said athletics to also include Basketball, baseball, and any other sport that might generate revenue). UF just announced today that their research grant broke $900 million for this year. Athletic revenue comes no where close to that. Also, money coming from the state of Florida is quite a bit higher than athletic revenue. As for center based news agencies, look to Reuters and AP. These are news agencies that report the facts with no specific lean. Fox news is absolute garbage and they don't even try to hide it (though I will give Chris Wallace props). I mean who brings on people like Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil (who is not even a doctor) to talk about a pandemic when that that area is no where near their specialty. I have watched interviews with other so called experts who completely lie about their credentials (like the guy who said he was associated with Stanford, to which Stanford issued an immediate statement that he had absolutely nothing to do with them LOL) CNN might be left leaning, but at least they report facts and include well respected people with valid credentials within specific field germaine to the topic.
Be on the lookout for UCF claiming a natty if they don't play and are undefeated. LOL
If they were able to get a season started in the spring, how many seniors and juniors with a shot at the draft will be playing .... 0 Those players will be focusing on independently training for NFL combines.
Wilcoxson has indicated that he is going to change his HS status and come to UF in the fall. If he does that, he will not be a part of the 2021 class and will be part of the 2020 class as far as scholarship count. So that extra slot is helpful for the 2021 class.
Demand a lot of money from CBS to create an Iron clad bubble of players, coaches, officials, tutors (Professors can do virtual classes for the Student athletes so there is no question regarding the STUDENT-Athlete), broadcasters, camera operators etc. If no other FBS conference, CBS would pull in tons of dollars to pay for this. Buyout a small resort island (where is the Bahamas bowl played?) where the teams can play Friday and Saturday (or add additional fields as needed to make this happen only on Saturday). No fans in the stands so no need for a stadium ... no exceptions. LOL, this could work as long as no hurricanes come rolling through. Ask me how badly I want football in the fall.
More often than not, I usually do not like your articles Connor. That being said, this was a great piece aside from your grammatical error "That's is generalizing". LOL As a Gator booster and season ticket holder since I graduated UF, nothing would make me happier than being able to watch football in the fall. Unfortunately, I just don't see it happening as this country has mismanaged the pandemic and just could not do what was necessary to make it an unquestionable reality.
Funny, I know people who swore up and down that they had COVID back in Jan/Feb who then tested positive for COVID in July. hmmmm, tell me again had you had it in Feb.