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Listening to Rick Neuheisel on XM during this football season, He would talk about some of his coaching experiences and included many anecdotes about UCLA. While he never said it outright, his opinion seem to lean toward UCLA not really being committed to the football program. The funniest comment he made regarded the practice field that lie adjacent to a multi story hotel. So one of his big complaints was that he could never hold closed practices because anyone at the hotel could simply watch his practices.
Florida won seven SEC title games there .... Just sayin.
No way FSU is #2. The Clemson job is better than FSU. The Clemson fanbase is very faithful and the FSU fan base is almost as fair weathered as UM. The facilities at Clemson and Florida are better and we are about to spend $100 million to build a new baseball field and dedicated football building where our current baseball field is. UGA is also a much better job than FSU.
What does Kelly being despised in Philly have anything to do with wether he would fit or be successful at UF. Saban completely dismantled the Dolphins and left it in a complete shambles after his two years there. Ask Miami players and fans how they feel about him.
Funny that an LSU fan is bring this up considering LSU also paid Willie Lyles for "videos" and "recruiting" information.
Didn't Pittsburg win it all with a losing regular season record? I for one love football, but have no interest in the NFL regular season because the games don't matter so I choose to do other things on those sundays.
We should only take the 5 conf winners if they deserve to be o e of the best 6. Having a 3 or even a 4 loss conf winner could possibly happen and if the other conferences produce only 1 or 2 loss champions that 3/4 loss conf champ would certainly not deserve any type of automatic bid.
*would ... Not sure why auto correct on the phone decided to change that word to soul .... WTF
I agree with you ... I think the 4 team playoff is great they way it is as it does create the urgency to treat every game with the importance it deserves. The only tweak I would be Ok with soul be an expansion to 6 with the #1 & 2 seeds getting a bye. This would give all the games the importance they deserve since everyone would want to get the advantage offered with the bye week and it would open up the participant field to a potential group of 5 (only as a 5 or 6 seed ... I get tired of the argument that the CFP is not fair to them, but at the same time they don't play as many top tier teams so they should not be playing for a 1 or 2 seed).PS, there is a "red zone" type channel for college football, but I think it is one of the ESPN alternate channels as I have had it on a secondary screen before when I could not travel for a game and was watching at home.
While I am not 100% on board with Chip, I would love to see him change our offense to the up tempo style he ran out west. My biggest concern with him is recruiting and the previous NCAA issue he had. He really relied on third party companies to do a lot of recruiting, but I wonder if that was because it was so difficult to recruit into Oregon (I also seem to remember LSU was involved with the same recruiting company). At Oregon, he had to compete with the elite level programs in California and his biggest selling point was the circus that was the Nike uniforms. If he can get the right assistants and rely on his staff to recruit and prepare the scouting reports for him, then he would not have to rely on smoke and mirrors like he did at Oregon and he might not hate it as much. Spurrier was also not a huge fan of recruiting and he did well. At the end of the day, UF is one of the few elite programs and if he can eliminate the exodus of players from the state of Florida, many schools should be fearful. His primary focus would need to be to hire the right DC (I would not mind him keeping Shannon who has solid relationships in South Florida and I think he has done a good job with the young talent we have considering the suspensions and injuries we have had and the lack of defensive recruiting focus by Mac).
He doesn't even root for them unless they are winning.UM, the only school in Florida where creative writing 305 (making excuses for not showing up to support the U) is a required couse for all students before they can start class.
Should be interesting to see how ND gets impacted if they beat Thug U. After all, UGA beat them in South bend and they would both have one loss. So, where is the logic to move ND ahead of UGA? I don't see It. The argument can't be made that ND deserves to be higher because they beat USC, or any other team. UGA proved they are better than ND where it really should count, on the grid iron.
First off, who the he'll cares what Cowsh#t has to say. Beside Kanell, he is one of the worst SEC trolls. So why even put his post here. As for the rest of the people up there, I am sure they are not actual fans. IF they actually think they are, they are the typical band wagon fans that no fan base wants anyway. It's just better that they fall of the wagon and are left behind.
Congrats to USC. It is good to see that Muschamp has grown in his coaching and is no longer hampering the offensive play calls. I was so happy to see our players put forth the effort they did against USC, but at the end of the day we are just too young and to hurt After all, when only 53 scholarship players travel, it is real hard to play a complete game. Looking forward to a new OC as Nuss has clearly shown he was our problem as his play calling was bad, as usual. Also looking forward to getting a new S&C coach as the one Mac brought in has shown he does not know what he is doing. I have never seen so many injuries under a coaching staff. Go Gators!
Congrats on the big win AU. I thought you guys were going to win this, but I did not expect a complete domination. You guys played a complete game and if you continue to play like this, I could see you winning it all
Your statement about choosing Driskel over Brisett validates my point. Champ should have let the OC have autonomy when it came to running the O since Champ was a defensive guy. Even Spurrier never interfered with any decisions related to Defense. Agree that our offense started to show improvement under Roper, and I think the main reason was that Champ was finally learning that he should let the OC make the decisions related to the O. But, at that point it was too late and the writing was on the wall.
While he may not be our future HC, I like Shannon and hope he is able to be our DC under our new coach. I think he is right in that our current team playing is very young and the future looks bright once we get a HC that fits and will create a system of players that want to lead. We have not had any real leaders under Mac and it's funny that one might be emerging on D after Mac was shown the door.
Top tier coaches should want to coach at a program like UF where they have 1. The ability to recruit against other top programs and succeed (even though Mac did not really try his first two years he had top 20 classes and his last class - when recruiting finally became a higher priority - he was able to register a top 10 and potentially top 5) 2. Work for a program that can pay top dollar for a coach that produces results (working in a state with no income tax is also a plus). 3. The commitment to spend money to upgrade facilities. 4. Has the most passionate and loyal fan base in the state of Florida and is also one of the top fan bases in the nation (before you think about bashing the UF fan base, remember that every fan base has bad apples) 5. Access to a top tier educational University (Second only to Vandy in the SEC, #9 public university nationally, #1 University in Florida)
I think Muschamp would still be in Gainesville if he had gotten the right coordinator and actually let them run an offense they wanted to run. His only major issue was that he wanted the OCs to run a ball control type offense and have the defense win games. This is the only explanation for the revolving door of good/great OCs with different styles previous to their arrival in Gainesville only to run the dive play 60% of the time. It looks like Muschamp has learned from his mistakes at UF and not trying to impose this style at USC.One other note regarding your article ... "It’s a popular discussion among Gators fans as Florida prepares to close the book on both eras and hire its fourth head football coach in eight years this winter" ... This will be our third coaching hire in eight years. Meyer 2005-2010 (hired 12+ years ago) Muschamp 2011-2014 MacElwain 2015-2017
First, congrats on the win. Mizzou played a great game and we played very poorly from the start.MacElwain showed no improvement over the 2.5 years he was the head coach. As a matter of fact, the program regressed in his tenure.The offense went from being ranked in the 90s under Muschamp to never getting out of triple digits when he was supposed to be an offensive minded coach. Now whether the problem was him or Nussmeir has yet to be figured out. We will never know if Mac was too controlling of Nuss or if Nuss lacked the skill to game plan and adjust.I am not holding anything against Shannon with this game as he had a lot of baggage to deal with between Mac's being released, down 9 players that were suspended, the myriad injuries, etc. Mac is the one that lost the direction that we were supposed to be heading with his lack of recruiting priority until this 2018 class and the embarrassment of not controlling his players at the outset of the year.You call the Athletic department a circus, but please enlighten me as to what other Athletic department is more succesful in the SEC. Let me help you ... No other program (before you make foolish statements educate yourself about what the Capital one cup is or do a simple google search for successful university athletic programs).Foley built a phenomenal Athletic department and the results are proven every year that it finishes as a top 5 overall program. Mac seemed to think we were another Bama where the UAA only cared about football and had made comments around its commitment. So he was the one that was not a fit as the goal of the UAA is to improve all programs. On top of that, he again proved he was not a fit when he slandered the Gator Nation with those false death threat accusations. I and many others were still backing him (albeit teetering after the suspension embarrassment) until he felt the need to discredit our beloved University and Gator Nation.
I am not sure if Mullen is the right guy, but I will say one thing. Even Meyer was no Urban Meyer when Dan Mullen left. Just look at how effective our offense was post-Mullen.
Says the fan of a program that kicked a 10 win/season coach. You people who say it's difficult to coach at an elite program where the fans expect success are the most clueless people. A coach that can deal with those pressures is what these programs look for and MacElwain proved that he was not ready to coach at this level with everything that happened off the field and nothing to do with his win loss record.
The guy didn't live up to his end of the deal. He did not control players which led to 9 suspensions to start the year. Thus was an embarasment for the university and I seem to recall many Tennessee fans pointing that out (now he is a stand up guy?). He constantly took shots at UAA calling their commitment into questiin because he was a prima Donna who felt all attention should be paid to the football program (Spurrier used to write big checks from his own wallet to help fund the women's programs at UF). He never handled the whole shark picture fiasco and even caused it to escalate at SEC media days stating that it was impacting his family life. All he had to do was laugh it off make it funny and it would have blown over. He was supposed to be an offensive minded coach, joked that his dog could be a QB in his system and it would be successful and our offense actually regressed from where it was with Muschamp. He threw our players under the bus last year because the offense was not playing well, calling them dead fish. When it certainly looks like the problem is lack of coaching. He slandered the Gator Nation with the whole death threat nonsense that has turned out to be a lie since he can provide no additional details. And if, and that's a big if, a death threat was mentioned, he obviously does not care enough to provide details and puts the university in a position where if something did happen it could be held responsible for lack of action.And now you say we are screwing him over? GTFOH!
If Florida already had their meeting with Mac and only the details are left to be hashed out, then this is yet another failing by Mac. As soon as he knew it the decision was made he should have started setting up a meeting with his players. Once again, poor leadership on his part.
Funny stuff, they should have had Florida hand out the applications first since UT is still waiting to fire Butch.
Why keep him on? Is there really an upside to a dead man walking? If we do keep Nuss, it will be interesting to see if the play calls are different. It might also answer the question as to who our problem was. Was Mac stifling the play calling or was it Nuss as many of us suspect.
He lied about it. That is slander. I was backing him until this fiasco that he created. You can't slander a brand/institution and not expect repercussions for your actions. He also shows little to no control over his players.
Calling unsportsman penalty on both teams seems excessive. Should have only called on the players involved in the "near fight". Officiating getting worse this year.
I wouldn't mind seeing Mullen come back to UF. At least he was an OC that could adjust to what the D threw at him. As a friend of mine likes to say "Nuss is playing checkers while other coaches are playing chess" As far as Mac fixing Florida, he is key player in breaking Florida. So there is no way he can fix any problems, he'll he made it worse during the bye week with his lies regarding death threats.
Congrats UGA on a great win. It's pretty obvious that your coach understands how important this game is for the UGA fan base. Our guy spent the bye week making up lies and creating his own distractions instead of focusing on what he gets paid to do.