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100% agree. These fans from these two schools complaining still don't seem to grasp what the SEC represents. Texas will not be able to influence any of the core schools and if aTm and Mizzou fans are so concerned, they can ask their own school presidents to leave the SEC. Quit the whining already!
Will be interesting how this might impact the focus of players that make this much money at any school. After all, we are still talking about kids.
It's odd that Florida and Arky can be eliminated from the tournament with a single loss tomorrow. I thought they used to do a double header if the team with no losses in the Semifinal lost the game, but I might be thinking about the CWS.
Nice pitching by Aleman and VanDerWeide. Jack needs to relax a little more. Go Gators!
Jobu, because Jesus could not hit the curve ball.
Great game by the Gators today. Pedro Cerrano would have approved of the bats. Go Gators!
This one ... "Take out FSU and.... oh yeah the number would still be the same" made me LOL
Well, what do you know ... none of those three won a natty.
Wish we could have seen Trask throw in a full regular season.
"I used to think America was a smart and highly educated country." This was your first mistake.
So how does APR, a score that includes a penalty for an academically eligible student athlete leaving a school, represent the academic prowess of a given institution? Bravo on cherry picking a meaningless stat though.
Wow, a whole 55 minutes and no UGA trolls on this Florida football article yet. Must be some kind of record.
Hooked a troll. ROFLMAO Did anyone read that diatribe? Scroll ... scroll ... scroll
Yes because UGA's non conference schedule in that same time span has been more impressive. How many non-conference national champs have you played in that same window?
Let me also add, I am a season ticket holder which makes me REALLY hate weak home games.
I hate these weak games, but I am sure it's not that easy to schedule a P5 team 2 1/2 years out.
I tend to disagree with this. It's a lot easier to win in the ACC than it is in the SEC.
Trask has really developed his pocket presence over the last year. He had very happy feet when he took over for Franks.
Wish we would have showed up last week too. At least Marco was not seen throwing any shoes this week. LOL
Congrats Bama on winning what turned out to be good SEC title game. Looking forward to playing y'all in ATL again next year when we can pack the stadium again.
Last I checked, a TD drive of 20 plays counts for the same points as a TD drive of 1 play.
I would actually think it is more OSU bias showing for Herbie and him wanting OSU to be able to make the CFP. Whether that bias is him being a homer or wanting the best teams in the CFP is the big question? At the end of the day, OSU is still a good team and does have a lot of talent.
ND and Clemson are playing their scheduled games this weekend. The ACC just decided not to make up the COVID postponed games. To be honest who cares, Clemson would have beat the hell out of FSU and ND had to make up a game against Wake Forest (not exactly a challenge for them either). I mean, I always love seeing FSU get beat bad, but I would not be planning to watch any of that game. Who is to say the SEC does not do the same thing on Dec 12 to also preserve the integrity of the SECCG if those games have no bearing on the participants. The Bama swapping of the LSU and Arky games is probably more of a money grab with CBS who still had the rights to that game. If Bama wins, the Arky game becomes just an additional risk for COVID spread or player injury. The same could be said for us playing LSU if we beat UT this weekend.
I think hia assumption was after the SECCG.