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Wasn't Missouri only thinking about their own bank account when they came to the SEC?
If you end up playing in the Southbend regional (as shown in the baseball america article). Make sure you put a picture of your football coach in your dugout. It worked for aTm. LOL
Recent weeks? In their SEC schedule, the only quality series wins that Arkansas had were LSU and Auburn. Arkansas has certainly been getting the benefit of the doubt in all the rankings except for RPI.
Even a 3:30 start can be tough for the visiting team. By 3:30, the home team bench(west side of the field) is in the shade and the visitors continue to cook for most of the game. Spurrier had a quip about watching the visiting coaches looking miserable in the heat of the sun while the Gators were sitting in the shade.
Games are four hours long because there are three minute commercial breaks and there are more of them now than ever. I mean when they insert a commercial break after a punt and then go to another commercial break while the punt return team gets off the field and the offense prepares to get on the field, that is way too many commercial breaks.
That was stupid of our fans. We don`t need to rush the playing surface after a win. We have had much bigger wins that meant a lot more. Completely embarassing.
This is huge. Love that Miller is coming back. He was a big loss early this year.
And yet Alabama generates no where near the research grant money that UAB does. A school does not get research grant money based on football titles, nor does it get money based on how many students they have in attendance. But, I guess this concept might hard to understand for some, but the primary business of Univesities is research and teaching.
Ummmmm, you do realize that in 2020 UF brought in over $900M in research grant money. So, YES, high quality academic talent is very important to a university.
LOL, I forgot about that whole Manny as Temple's coach for 5 minutes thing.
LOL ... I think Danielson is up there too (Though I never really had an issue with Danielson). We will get the usual, look who is ripping on Danielson article shortly.
It was also pretty loud against USC for Spurrier's homecoming. The noise level got up there for that blocked FG attempt.
Interesting. That was not even the loudest I have ever heard it. In the '90s against FSU it has been louder.
Emory will do just fine. He has established his role as starter.
UFGATOR92 ... LOL Unfortunately, there always seems to be a few of these types of fans in the stands. I feel sorry for a buddy of mine who has a real winner in his section.
That was OK state. They used to have flashing pics and I believe one pic was a pic of Gary Bussey.
100% agree. These fans from these two schools complaining still don't seem to grasp what the SEC represents. Texas will not be able to influence any of the core schools and if aTm and Mizzou fans are so concerned, they can ask their own school presidents to leave the SEC. Quit the whining already!
Will be interesting how this might impact the focus of players that make this much money at any school. After all, we are still talking about kids.
It's odd that Florida and Arky can be eliminated from the tournament with a single loss tomorrow. I thought they used to do a double header if the team with no losses in the Semifinal lost the game, but I might be thinking about the CWS.
Nice pitching by Aleman and VanDerWeide. Jack needs to relax a little more. Go Gators!
Jobu, because Jesus could not hit the curve ball.
Great game by the Gators today. Pedro Cerrano would have approved of the bats. Go Gators!
This one ... "Take out FSU and.... oh yeah the number would still be the same" made me LOL
Well, what do you know ... none of those three won a natty.