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Keep in mind that Malik Davis was a 3*. Those ratings dont mean all that much if a coach sees the raw talent is there.
We needed DE players, and I am happy we were able to keep him in-state. Bama has enough talent any way, and will be just fine. What I find funny are the fans that are all into a recruit until he goes somewhere else and then say ... "We didn't want him anyway, he was [insert derogatory comment here]"
What I don't understand is how an "Elite" program like UM can get more than 100 fans in the stands. They sure show up in social media though.
I think we got him because Saban would not reply to his texts. :)
I'm sure they're an FSU grad .... Probably equivalent though.
The FSU QBs need to sue FSU, Taggart t, and the Oline coaches for ineffective coaching that put them in harm's way on a consistent basis.
They could argue that with the extra pressure of expectations on a football program vs. a softball program might be why Fields' family feels the threat is more credible against Justin and not his sister. After all, football coaches seem to get death threats (real or imaginary) while I have yet to ever hear or read about a death threat against a softball coach.
Probably was upset about the targeting on Wilson that was not called. Head to head against Lawrence.
Hmmm, Danny Kannel is also a major DH. ..... What could be the common thread here...... I just wonder what it could be.
ADB wrote "Can’t spell Citrus without UF". Wow, you must have been educated in Georgia. Here's one for ya ... Can't spell F#$k You without UF.
Since when does 2 = several? BTW, why don't you remind us how many decades of has been since UGA won a Natty. Here is a hint, it has been several (in your terms) decades.
Seems about right for UCF. Master spin doctors.
Dumb comment. SEC East went 9-5 against west. Bowl games don't trump head to head.
I bet JF gets the hardship waiver approved. The media circus that would surround the NCAA for not approving the waiver after the UGA baseball player making that statement would be tremendous. The NAACP would be all over the NCAA.
"The impact players we were missing from the last time we played Florida" Last time we played, we had several impact players out (glad to see Jordan Scarlett had a good game against UM) and we also had the clueless coach.
Maybe he decided to leave early as a senior. ;-) SDS never really does fact checking.
Not really a huge hit. Shane Edge used to hit a lot harder.
I love this idea. Keep upping it and let them regret not jumping on the 2 for 1.
Why should we give them a home and home. They already backed out of a schedule 2007 game with us after we pounded them 42-0 in 2006. I would rather see us schedule a home and home with a real P5 team.
UCF and their fanbase is so delusional to think that they are on the same level as any power 5 team that they can demand home and homes. They claim noone wants to play them and they pull this crap. I can't wait for LSU to beat the crap out of them. Let loose Devin White... I hope he has a career day and breaks all records for sacks and TFLs.
I wonder why SDS is reporting any and all UCF news? This will be the last UCF article I click on with the possible exception of any news related to LSU playing and beating the hell out of that team. Hopefully, that will be some of the last news we see regarding UCF on SDS.
Simple, Florida is better in Athletics as shown by the Capital One cup every year and academics as shown by 3rd party college rankings. End of Story.
If this was a disappointing season and had Mac as a coach, then I would be a little worried that our players would not show up in the Peach against UCF(if they even make it). But, since we did not go to a bowl last year, our players should be very excited to play in a NY6 bowl and I don't doubt that Mullen will have them motivated.
Uh, since UF has 38 players in the NFL(3rd behind Bama - 44 and LSU - 40), they go to the NFL. Troll attempt fail .... Nice try though.
If Half ass U worried about defending their endzone half as much as they worried about defending their logo, they might have kept the game closer. Taggart and the team should have left after the game ended and the hand shakes exchanged; but, as usual, that team was looking to start something. No mention of previous teams stomping on the Gator at BHG and having 3rd string players starting fights with starters to gain advantages? Or as someone mentioned earlier, Darnell Dockett bragging in the locker room about twisting Earnest Graham's knee within earshot of a reporter. Or, hitting to the echo of the whistle? Yeah, that program has always exuded class .... Take your L WiLLLLLLLie and sit down.
Welcome to Jimbo Fisher football. His people pulled the same type of crap at Half ass U.
Agree that this was satisfying since we shut them out of a bowl and handed them a losing season But we destroyed them in the 96 Sugar Bowl 52-20 and that was more satisfying since we won the Natty too.
Could have been worse. Could have just left him at the airport.