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Graduated UF in '96.
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Now you are starting to understand why us Gators are so proud of our school. Excellence in so many areas.Congrats to the Gator Baseball team on making UF achieve, yet, another milestone.
WTF auto correct? How does SMU turn into ANY.
The NCAA will never hand out another DP after what they saw what it did to ANY. UM would have already received it after all the crap they pulled down in S.FL. At one point the NCAA had to wait for a federal government investigation where they were handing out Pell grants to scholarship football players. Talk about lack of institution al control.
You need to do more fact checking. GM's CEO is Mary Bara, a woman.
Yes, it would be nice if these kids had more direction. But, that is the parent's/parents' job. While the coaches may also bear some responsibility, by the time these kids get to University, they have a lot of behaviors too well ingrained.
Tyrie Cleveland 98 yard TD pass. Where were your DBs on that play? Maybe our DBs did not win the game, but they certainly didn't give up a TD to lose it.
If this is a money play for the woman, why can't Brantley sue her for damages based on a false accusation?
Just saw that Kannell got laid off. No tears here, he was horrible.
So you're saying FS1 viewership went from 10 to 15 people? Who watches them with clowns like cowherd.
Please don't tease with us. Kennel getting axed would certainly brighten my day. He is soooo pro ACC and Anti-SEC I still can't understand how he has a job anywhere but an ACC network(if the ACC had the clout to pull that off).
Agree, considering ESPN is usually part of a basic subscription and people are starting to part ways with their normal cable subscriptions, ESPN's top line is getting impacted.
That's not true. The safety school for the South is very clearly FSU.
How is it a bad move that he wants to go to the copper monkey. Is he not supposed to go out to grab something to eat?
Congrats USC. Great 2nd half D and rebounding made a huge impact. Win it all now for the SEC.
UConn was a 2 seed that year and Bama did make the Elite 8.
Would be great to have 2 SEC teams in final four. Would be epic to have all SEC final.Let the h8rs h8.
They can put someone else in a Sunday slot.
Glad this is being played on Saturday. The Gators have not played a regular season game on any other day than Saturday for as long as I can remember and I am glad that we did not succumb to the networks who really could care less about the fans.Planning to be back in the Big D for this and looking forward to hanging with friends I have not seen in Dallas for a while.
If we are able to get Zaire, he will probably start.
There should be an article talking about the top 10 recruiting classes that under achieved.Put the 2010 Gators class up there and how Urban ruined the program with his selfish intentions.
This is funny, reminds me of a Monty Python skit. I taunt you a second TIME!
Is it just me or does Kiffin look like Andy Richter in this video?
I am not one to push for the Death Penalty, but if the 52 rapes are true, then absolutely. Baylor should be on probation and possibly lose their collegiate accreditation for this level of "Lack of institutional control"
And Florida loses the game against LSU. why would aTm be our ruval here. We have played them one time historically.
To quote Urban Meyer from 2006: A team that has not won its conference title should not have the opportunity to play for the National Title.
OSU probably will not get past Clemson, so everything should work out.
But with Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and LSU winning NCs in the time period mentioned, this is also evidence of depth in a conference. Name another conference in the last 25 years with as many teams winning the NC.Here to the SEC this bowl season, may it go 13-0.
Funny but true. If he is expecting to play in Atlanta next December it will have to be with Alabama or an SEC east team. If Florida is the only SEC east team on his list, he would be welcomed with very open arms in Gainesville and would be starting from day one sine LDR certainly will not.