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No, when I was looking into this historical context, I came across this song that came out in 1899 called "Mammy's little Alligator bait". The chorus went: "Hush-aby, don’t yo’ cry, mammy’s little piccaninny’s gwine to get a present mighty soon, When de stars am a-peepin’ and de moon it am a-creepin’ den yo’ mammy’s gwine to sing ‘dis tune, Shut yo’ eye bye and bye, mam will whip yo’ if yo’ cry, Someone am a-comin’ thro’ de gate; Go to sleep, don’t yo’ peep, listen to me tell yo’, yo’s mammy little alligator bait."
I can't believe I am about to write this... I agree with you UGADAWG78 .... shudder!
Great take Kevin. I am with you and it will be tough to lose that cheer. I was at the '96 NC celebration in the Swamp when LW#4 went through the schedule and stated Gator Bait after each team. I loved the introduction of the Gator Bait cheer by the band the following year. Like you, I never associated this to anything racial, but now that I look into the history of "Alligator Bait" some of the visuals and even a musical score are not a thing I want associated, even as remotely as this, to a University that I love so much. I am not a Left wing liberal, but I am also not a far right conservative so I am weighing this out to what it is, a tiny step in the right direction. If we have to sacrifice a very small part of the game to do so, then so be it. I am looking forward to a new cheer to replace this ... Go Gators! PS .. can we get rid of that cheer that the band does after the opposing team gets a penalty? 1. I mean, we do tend to get a lot of penalties our selves 2. I can not and will not do any arm motion that even remotely resembles a Tomahawk chop
This exactly. The 04s made up one of the greatest TEAMs in history. They were good, but only Horford might have been considered a franchise player and he developed into that while at UF. Given Brewer's situation at home, I almost cried when he announced he was coming back. :) And he certainly solidified himself as one on my all time favorite BBall players. (Haslem and Brewer are tied for me)
UF was the first school in history to win both the BBall Natty and Football Natty in the same year, so my guess would be no other school.
My two questions would be, 1. How did they get Vandy's revenue numbers? They are a private university, so why would they share actual unless that number reported is just the money given to schools by the SEC, 2. What are the expense numbers like? Revenue is nice but it only paints 1/2 the picture.
Did they accuse him of stealing boxes to build a club house? LOL
My concern, if the virus subsides during the summer like the flu does, what if it comes back in the late fall and winter months? We just saw historic cancellations of winter/spring championships and while there will be more knowledge about this virus, there will not be a validated vaccine in 8 months. Oh well, my unused season tickets will just be applied to the 2021 season if that happens.
We Gators only claim what is won on the field of play. Who care what the semi-holes do?
This article is as clear and on point as the president's speech last night. The title states the tournament is cancelled, implying no further games will be played. The article just captures the statemts issued by the SEC last night stating games will be played with very limited fans (family) in attendence. Can we get sime follow-up tweets to clarify?
NCAA is dreading the possibilty of shuting down their biggest money making event. If the coach tests positive, NCAA will have to suspent the tournament at the very least.
UF, still living rent free in so many puppy's heads.
Sully bringing it all together again. Always has solid defense, pitching is better this year, and the boys are hitting well. Go Gators!
Its called Celebration point and there has been a Bass Pro Shop in that area for a while.
I believe it is going to be in the new outdoor mall on Archer (North side) just West of I75. You can see that newly built up mall area from I75.
I would imagine he has already signed with an agent. so it would be in the best interest of the agent to get interim health insurance for his new clients to protect his investment if they don't already have insurance. I am also positive that the agents are floating their clients some cash until they sign. As for the injury, it might have happened either at the senior bowl, or between that game and now. It did not look like he showed any signs of a foot injury in that game as he was also voted by the secondary covering him as the best WR there.
Nice get for Brewster. Let's keep that in-state talent in state. Queue up the usual trolls that are overly obsessed with UF.
LOL ... And Leaf sounds like Will Ferrel on the radio.
Without knowing exactly what he did, I can't say if I want him in O&B or not. I certainly will not disparage him until something concrete is written about what he has or has not done. We certainly had issues with some players that Mullen inherited from Mac, who seems to have disciplinary issues wherever he is, go figure that. But Mullen has certainly improved on that situation and managed to keep Scarlett and the other players involved in the Mac off-field issues in line. Mullen also had no issue kicking a high recruit off the team when they proved to be problematic. So I will put my trust in Mullen and Co. regarding character of the players.
The next commitment document he has to sign are scholarship papers before he enrolls. Given that the soonest semester he can enroll is Summer (Term A at UF starts May 11), what is the rush for him? Even as a 5 star, starting his Freshman year anywhere is going to be unlikely with limited practice time and playbook exposure. He has probably accepted that the best he will get is limited play time during mop-up duty at any big program. No matter where he goes, I hope he certainly appreciates his opportunity and uses this as a teachable experience. There have been too many kids that wasted an incredible opportunity like the one he has been given.
The O-fours were an incredible TEAM. Al Horford was a stud and it shows as he has done really well in the NBA. That group did have talent, but the were an incredible TEAM first and they worked their a$$es off on the hardwood and beat the hell out of teams that had better individual talent. That was the reason for the back-to-back titles. We have Billy to thank for taking our program to the next level, and for bringing that special group together and finding ways to motivate them to do better.
Dabo did it at Clemson winning the 2017 Natty when he had recruiting classes sitting outside of the top ten. He was able to beat Alabama who was sitting on straight #1 recruiting ranking. And, Clemson seems to be doing pretty well with all those lowly ranked classes. UGA fans seem to be happy with all that money spent on recruiting and yet have only really won 1 SEC title and are happy to beat their chests with beating UF. Congrats ... Given the toxic culture that Mullen inherited with gutted our overall scholarship pool and depth (after all we had 75 scholarship players after cleaning Mac's mess), I for one and good with the progress Mullen has made doing more with less. FYI, here is how Clemson has performed leading up to their recent success. Two barely top ten classes, but apparently some can't understand how it can be done. Year Bama Clem 2012 1 20 2013 1 15 2014 1 16 2015 1 9 2016 1 11 2017 1 16 2018 5 7
We play FSU every year ... Personally I hope they are bad for years to come as I really can't stand them and would love to kick them to the curb for the next decade or so. But the reality is, they actually do have a decent coach coming in who did well at Memphis (at least he shows that he can actually sustain a program unlike Taggart who was a great hire from our perspective, horrible from their). Cal will come to our house in 2026 and we play at their house in 2027. We also play @ASU in 2028 and then they come to our house in 2031. Truth is, the ADs are finally scheduling some great games and I was one of those fans that had been hoping for better OOC schedules as I enjoy taking in the experiences at their house. I had been to every SEC stadium until aTm and Mizzou came into the SEC (had planned to go to aTm in 2013 but last minute work obligation nixed that. I am looking forward to travelling for these non conference games (something I can't say previously, aside from FSU/UM, since most were patsies coming to our house.
Wow, talk about weakest strawman argument to post as a reply. First, Goodgodafreshman brought up the 30 year number so I was replying to his ignorant attempt at degrading the Gators OOC schedule. Second, I did include GT in a follow-up post (wow, one year where they were that strong ... congrats) Third, did you just honestly include bowl games as OOC games. IF you really want to include all those games, the distance between UF's schedule quality and UGA's becomes an even wider gap (Nebraska in their dynasty years, Oklahoma in a natty game, OSU in a natty game, FSU in a natty game, you getting a better view yet?) UGA fans throwing rocks from inside their glass house ... typical.
LOL, actually there are great data sources out there where this data is readily available. One of my favorites is winsipedia, but sports-reference dot com is another. One of the funniest sites is myteamisbetterthanyourteam dot com. Hell, I went there real quick to see how UF was better than LSU real quick and this was the result. I honestly think some fans take this $hit to heart and make, what they feel are valid arguments based on the results from that site. LOL I - FBS Florida is better than LSU because Florida beat Vanderbilt 56-0 and LSU only beat Vanderbilt 66-38
No, it really isn't. If Florida had UGA's weak non conference schedule, we probably have the opportunity to play for more Natties in the '90s because the Florida/FSU game had National title implications many years. Here is a summary of the two schools notable non-conf. schedules: Florida NonConf (Worth Mentioning) & Final Ranking (AP/USA) 1990: FSU (4/4) & Ok. State who sucked (but was brought up as mentionable by UGA fan) 1991: FSU (4/4), Syracuse (11/11) 1992: FSU (2/2) 1993: FSU (1/1) 1994: FSU (4/5) 1995: FSU (4/5) 1996: FSU (3/3) 1997: FSU (3/3) 1998: FSU (3/3) 1999: FSU (1/1) 2000: FSU (5/4) 2001: FSU (15/15) 2002: FSU (21/23), Miami (2/2) 2003: FSU (11/10), Miami (5/5) 2004: FSU (15/14) 2005: FSU (23/23) 2006: FSU (UR/UR & 7-6 record) 2007: FSU (UR/UR & 7-6 record) 2008: FSU (21/23), Miami (UR/UR & 7-6 record) 2009: FSU (UR/UR & 7-6 record) 2010: FSU (17/16) 2011: FSU (23/23) 2012: FSU (10/8) 2013: FSU (1/1), Miami (UR/UR & 9-4) 2014: FSU (5/6) 2015: FSU (14/14) 2016: FSU (8/8) 2017: FSU (UR/UR & 7-6), Mich. (UR/UR & 8-5) 2018: FSU (UR/UR & 5-7) 2019: FSU (UR/UR & 6-7), Miami (UR/UR & 6-7) UGA NonConf (Worth Mentioning) & Final Ranking (AP/USA) 1990: Clemson (9/9), GT (2/1) 1991: Clemson (18/17), GT (UR/UR) 1992: GT (UR/UR & 5-6 record) 1993: GT (UR/UR & 5-6), TTech (6-6 team, yeah UGA fan actually brought them up) 1994: GT (UR/UR 1-10), Clemson (UR/UR & 5-6) 1995: GT (UR/UR 6-5), Clemson (UR/UR & 8-4) 1996: GT (UR/UR & 5-6), TTech (UR/UR & 7-5) 1997: GT (UR/UR & 7-5) 1998: GT (9/11) 1999: GT (20/21) 2000: GT (17/19) 2001: GT (24/UR) 2002: GT (UR/UR & 7-6) 2003: GT (UR/UR & 7-6), Clemson (22/22) 2004: GT (UR/UR & 7-5) 2005: GT (UR/UR & 7-5), Boise State (UR/UR & 9-4) 2006: GT (UR/UR & 9-5) 2007: GT (UR/UR & 7-6), Ok. State (UR/UR & 7-6) 2008: GT (22/22), ASU (UR/UR & 5-7) 2009: GT (13/13), ASU (UR/UR & 4-8) 2010: GT (UR/UR & 6-7), Colorado (UR/UR & 5-7) 2011: GT (UR/UR & 8-5), Boise St. (8/6) 2012: GT (UR/UR & 7-7) 2013: GT (UR/UR & 7-6), Clemson (15/15) 2014: GT (UR/UR & 3-9) 2015: GT (UR/UR & 3-9) 2016: GT (UR/UR & 9-4), UNC (UR/UR & 8-5) 2017: GT (UR/UR & 5-6), ND (11/11) 2018: GT (UR/UR & 7-6) 2019: GT (UR/UR & 3-9), ND (12/11)