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UConn was a 2 seed that year and Bama did make the Elite 8.
Would be great to have 2 SEC teams in final four. Would be epic to have all SEC final. Let the h8rs h8.
They can put someone else in a Sunday slot.
Glad this is being played on Saturday. The Gators have not played a regular season game on any other day than Saturday for as long as I can remember and I am glad that we did not succumb to the networks who really could care less about the fans. Planning to be back in the Big D for this and looking forward to hanging with friends I have not seen in Dallas for a while.
If we are able to get Zaire, he will probably start.
There should be an article talking about the top 10 recruiting classes that under achieved. Put the 2010 Gators class up there and how Urban ruined the program with his selfish intentions.
This is funny, reminds me of a Monty Python skit. I taunt you a second TIME!
Is it just me or does Kiffin look like Andy Richter in this video?
I am not one to push for the Death Penalty, but if the 52 rapes are true, then absolutely. Baylor should be on probation and possibly lose their collegiate accreditation for this level of "Lack of institutional control"
And Florida loses the game against LSU. why would aTm be our ruval here. We have played them one time historically.
To quote Urban Meyer from 2006: A team that has not won its conference title should not have the opportunity to play for the National Title.
OSU probably will not get past Clemson, so everything should work out.
But with Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and LSU winning NCs in the time period mentioned, this is also evidence of depth in a conference. Name another conference in the last 25 years with as many teams winning the NC. Here to the SEC this bowl season, may it go 13-0.
Funny but true. If he is expecting to play in Atlanta next December it will have to be with Alabama or an SEC east team. If Florida is the only SEC east team on his list, he would be welcomed with very open arms in Gainesville and would be starting from day one sine LDR certainly will not.
Mac provably hired him because of friendship. Hope it does not hold him back from letting him go.
LSU might have 10 teeth across their entire fan base, so we're good.
Congrats on the ass kicking Bama. Go win it all and run up the score against whatever soft Big10 team you play. So happy that Appleby can't play for us next year. I thought he was going to crush that SECCG interception record. Nussmeir really needs to get fired. No creativity in his play calling. You can certainly see the difference between his schemes and Kiffin's. I hope McElwain opens his eyes and moves on from this with a new OC next year.
More worthless LSU excuses. Florida had the play covered well and earned the win. Why not use the Nobleman excuse about play time (poor LSU players were too tired to play a noon game ... boo hoo). That one is my personal favorite.
@Blizzard, I was being completely serious about Vandy. They are playing good ball right now and I see a lot of UT fans thinking they are a shoe in for the Sugar bowl because Florida has a really tough game against Bama. If UT does not watch out, Vandy will get their sixth win in Nashville this Saturday.
The Big10 is getting a lot of love. I still think it is because of that Wisconsin win over LSU in Wisconsin's back yard. OSU has looked weak lately (Why MSU went for two today when they had momentum I will never understand). UM losing to Iowa last week and then struggling against Indiana today. Would love to see chaos ensue for them next week and then in their title game.