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I disagree, and have had more serious injuries that 99.999% of the population. In most cases the injured person feels physically ready and has tested themselves every which way that they can within (and usually beyond) the limits placed on them. When the Dr. gives his clearance it is usually weeks after the person could have done something but the Dr. is taking everything into consideration based on the work done and the documented progress shown in rehab and physical and imaging diagnosis. No responsible Dr. would clear JT for full contact if they were not certain his knee was ready to take hits and everything else that comes with a physical sport. Now, being mentally ready is an ENTIRELY different thing. So many times the player will guard the previously injured body part in an attempt to protect from injury. That can actually expose them to injury they would not have had otherwise due to tightening up at impact instead of being loose. This could be where JT is and it will just take him getting banged around and seeing that his knee is fine before his mental state is one of being ready to play in real games. I hope he gets there as he is going to be needed if we are to beat AL in the SECCG. Those Bennett batted balls are a HUGE problem. I'm not sure why coaches didn't have him roll out more to minimize this but if they keep Bennett in there you will see every team employing this tactic, probably not to the level of success AL had but even half is too many. Would also like to have our staff watch how teams successfully utilize their tight ends in both NCAA and NFL. We have excellent tight ends who generally are running intermediate routes with a high degree of completion. Moves the chains, keeps LB's and safeties honest opening up the running game as well as the longer passes. We have the talent and for the most part it is being wasted. They could really help the confidence level of whoever is throwing the ball. Anyway, GO DAWGS! Everyone stay healthy. Richard Miller
You can't compare UGA student athletes with Auburn's when it comes to this sort of thing. You have to remember, there is actually a LOT to do late night in Athens and even more just an hour away. Auburn students have to catch a flight to go somewhere to have fun.
Corporations and other entities, such as universities, that own private jets do so for the sake of efficiency,flexibility and convenience not for cost savings (when looking strictly at dollars spent). Flying privately owned allows one to go where they want to go when they want to go (weather and runway availability permitting). The cost for this convenience far outweighs the cost of flying charter or commercial. A VLJ ( Very Light Jet) class of plane would cost well over $1 Million annually. This class of plane seats 6-8 people max and fly at relatively low speeds so not likely the plane a large corporation or university would have as their primary private jet. The cost to own and operate larger jets goes up significantly from there. Given the cost to own a private jet and the fact that the assistant coaches are also on the recruiting trail hitting different cities around the country flying charter is the way to go. I personally think an approximate average cost of $10 thousand per trip is quite reasonable. When you are talking about the chartered flight, wining and dining families, hotel, etc I just don't think it's unreasonable. But bottom line, all those saying we should own our own plane and think this would reduce our recruiting costs are not thinking about 1 plane serving multiple people heading to cities scattered throughout the country in a short period of time. That, and the cost of ownership simply does not add up to cost savings. One last thought and one that you cannot put a price tag on. IF, we had a very impressive jet, painted in UGA colorscwith the glorious Georgia "G" logo, with beautiful Georgia themed interior and Coach Smart used this plane what would that do to impress the top players. I know Coach Smart has, on occasion, arrived in a helicopter and that was quite an entrance. Top players equates to more money for the university so the analysis if whether owning a private jet would be beneficial has to factor things that are hard to quantify simply by looking at dollars spent.
A university-owned private jet can not take multiple coaches to multiple cities on the same day. Chartered planes are a necessity. The privately owned plane might be used by the HC but charters for everyone else. I'd be surprised if there's any savings owning your own jet.
Everyone comparing 2019 Fields to Fromm is not the proper question. What if Fields came to UGA in 2018 expecting to be handed the job due to his unquestionable physical tools but didn't prepare properly. Didn't study playbook inside and out, watch film well after hours, etc. Was Smart supposed to give him the job? Then he mopes and pouts and is not the best team player. Of course, when he transfers he knows he has to change and then puts the work in (good for him). Point is, don't compare the 2019 Fields to what we had at UGA in 2018 because we didn't have that guy and at the time, Smart made the right call. It was Fields decision to leave and not compete, it wasn't Smart getting rid of him. Does anyone really think Coach Smart and others don't want to give their team the greatest chances of winning? If Fields looked great in practice and was mentally where he needed to be it may have been Fromm transferring. People need to stop looking at Fields OSU performance and implying he was that same player in 2018.
Not at all. While Richt's record always seemed somewhat respectable, it's the details in those records that caused his downfall. He could not beat Florida consistently or some of our other rivals (Tennessee and Auburn come to mind). He also had a hard time beating ranked teams.
Not that Rod needed to do anything to prove himself but to kick a 49 yard field goal in heavy rain had to impress NFL scouts. Rod is just awesome and we will have a very hard time replacing him. Very cool that He went to Brian Herrien to get his blessing to be the first player to break through the giant G banner when players run onto the field. Awesome!
And, forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS to Jackson Harris on signing your deal. That is AWESOME! GO DAWGS!!
For a former Dawg to get a 3 year contract with an NFL team after being a complete non-factor for 4 years it just goes to show how under-utilized our Tight Ends are. There have been so many instances where we didn't convert on 3rd down where I was screaming to throw to a TE. We've always had good ones and I have always wondered why they would come to UGA knowing they wouldn't be used properly. So many teams use their TE's as weapons and we simply haven't. I hope that changes because it opens up so many options for the offense. From is a perfect QB to take advantage of his TE's after they release off a block as he makes his reads. Woerner can be a great weapon and I hope we use him as such in 2019.