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BigBlueTurd you obviously didn't watch the game. Jennings hit the vandy player inbounds they crashed into a crowded sideline where a scuffle occurred, nowhere is Jennings seen ripping the helmet off, and as Jennings was walking away in the crowd inadvertently stepped,not stomped,on his face. Jennings was looking up and away from the the player on the ground,but I see your still butt hurt after the mildcats loss to Tennessee!
Must suck being a Georgia fan! They can't even really claim to be the true SEC champs in 2017 after going 50/50 with a better Auburn team, who had to play Alabama the week before while Georgia played a weak Georgia tech. Auburn was banged up going into the SEC championship game otherwise they would have beaten the Dawgs twice that year,but Alabama proved in the NCG that Georgia was a poser! Georgia should have sent their SEC championship rings to Alabama because they weren't the best team in the conference that title belongs to NC Alabama for that season!
You Cock lovers talked a lot of smack about UT at the beginning of the season! Now look at how pathetic Muschumps team looks, no bowl game and finishing with an 4-8 season. A&M and Clemson will make sure of that! LMFAO
LMFAO, cocks are getting curb stomped by the team that lost to Georgia state!
Cock lovers mighty quiet tonight after all the smack they've been talking about Tennessee this season.
Callaway torches South Carolina on punt return for touchdown!
I guess Enos should have shown the same class and dignity as Saban did when he quit on the Miami Dolphins, going on TV and telling everyone he wasn't taking the Bama job and hauling butt to Tuscaloosa 13 days later!
T bagger 7 UK put one of the best teams in program history on the field last year and got their asses handed to them by one of the worst UT teams in program history, yet your dumbass is too stupid to comprehend and you talk smack! Same thing with USC, they are Fielding some of their best teams and yet go down to the wire every year against some of the worst UT teams, and they talk smack! LMFAO!!
Why would they force someone to stay if they want to leave for a better job. Does Kentucky think he is going to give his best next season after screwing him out of the job he wanted?
Gayboy age 14 the gaturds will finish next to last in the east this year and have more than likely won their only sec game this season. Georgia will put a beatdown on cousin eddies felons as will LSU and every other sec team on their schedule! Idaho will likely be their next win and will finish off the season with a loss too the Seminoles. UT may be down at the bottom right now, but make no mistake about it, UF is right their with them.
According to the trash talkers Franklin should be fired for letting Appalachian State take a highly ranked team into ove
Mike Price was fired before he coached a single game for Bama after his trip to a strip club. Only a braindead moron would have made a comment about UT and Pruitt having a Price like situation!
The SEC is terrible this year! the SEC has been in steady decline the last few years. Aside from Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia, with Georgia yet to play a quality opponent, the rest of the conference teams go from terrible to mediocre. The east from top to bottom is a joke, and the team that represents the east will be beaten like a drum in the SEC championship by Alabama. Georgia's win over a terrible UT team,terrible Mississippi state team,one point win over a mediocre ND team and wins over APP state and Samford hardly makes Georgia a team that is on the same level as Alabama!
LOL! Last year you clowns criticised UT for blowing big halftime leads and losing, this year you same morons are criticising them for overcoming huge halftime deficits and winning. We get it! You don't like UT. Maybe it's time for UF and Jawja fans to question how UT outscored them and won the game after spotting them 21pts and 17 points at halftime.
96 Gayturd I wonder how you can talk smack about UT after blowing a big lead for a loss last week and limping out of Nashville with an embarrassing performance against Vandy. Two best teams Gayturds beat this season Vandy and UK! LMFAO!!!
Beatdown by Ole Miss yesterday was a sight to see, loved it. Maybe you should stop trolling UT articles and worry about the inept Jawja bull pups and their humiliating beatdown yesterday. Maybe hiring a great defensive coach to be a head coach wasn't such a Smart move, pun intended. Not to mention Cheney as offensive coordinator LOL!
Seven teabagger it looks like Kentucky will finish 2nd from the bottom in the SEC again this year, good news is Stoops will leave as he knows Kentucky will always be losers in this conf. and will be replaced by the towel boy. UT will beat the mildcats like a drum again this coming season
maybe he was spooning with kirk Herbstreit, he must have said lane kiffin a hundred times during the game.
Vandy is an embarrassment to the SEC when it comes to football. They shouldn't be in any of the power conferences. It doesn't matter how good a coach is at any pisition they will never get Vandy anywhere close to a championship team. Vandy only goal each year is to when 6 games and they can't even do that consistently!
Muschump will be a disaster, they should go after Stoops I'm sure he would jump at the chance to upgrade from a permanent SEC bottom dweller.
LSU would make a huge mistake firing Miles, he should quit and go one of the numerous job openings out there looking for a great coach
Tyler Bray ran out when CBJ took over, had he and Codelle Patterson and the other players that bailed on the program stuck around it would have helped with the rebuilding. Tyler Bray had a hell of an arm , but was a trouble maker off the field. Dobbs is a hell of an athlete but its obvious by the play calls that the coaching staff doesn't trust him to throw the ball consistently.
There offense is predictable, if they can't pass and run the ball they will never be any more than a middle of the pack SEC team. They've got big ,talented receivers and tight ends and they rarely use them instead they consistently run the ball, even when it stop working they still run it right up the middle, go 3 and out and wearing the defense out and allowing the other team to get back in the game. Fire Deborg and get an SEC minded OC.
Sound like a bunch of racist black supremacists trying to further their divisive agenda , kick them off the team and get players that want to get an education and play football not ones who think and act like members of the black panther movement. The facts are black on white crime in this country is much higher than white on black. Mob attacks by blacks on white people is happening at an alarming rate but gets no coverage by the mainstream media.
bryanchip is a crybaby! Florida should have beat Vandy like a drum, instead Vandy takes it down to the wire. If you were a Gator fan you would badmouth their coaching staff, if you were an Ole miss fan you would want freeze fired after getting blown out by UF, losing to Memphis, and Arkansas. If you were an Auburn fan you would bad mouth their coaching staff. I could go on and on but you still wouldn't get it. Every game that UT has played in this season they have taken it down to last couple minutes of the 4th qtr and one in double OT , a big improvement from the last 6 seasons. Butch Jones will take UT to back to back bowl games, and will more than likely finish 9 - 4 overall. This is SEC football, close games are what its all about, maybe you would be happier as a Big ten guy.
After the awful performance by UK last night their not good enough to even be called mediocre, I'll laugh my ass off if stoops jumps ship and goes to a school like Miami or South Carolina where he can have a chance to play for something other than trying to go 6 - 6 in what would be considered a good year for UK.
I wonder if Obama will speak about how easy access to cars, and alcohol are to blame for this tragedy and not the driver. How we need to make people get licenses and register their cars and hold automobile manufacturers and producers of alcoholic beverages accountable for the dangerous products they produce, which are responsible for more death and violence than anything else out there, so senseless killing and injuries of innocent people won't happen in the future.
Played Bama down to the wire in their house and playing with a lot of freshman and second stringers because of injuries and we have KY fans talking smack after getting boot stomped by Miss ST., a Georgia bullpup fan who's team got destroyed at home against Bama and lost to the Vols and a Missouri fan whose team had a moral victory against Kentucky Tennessee has been in every game this season down to the wire, their losses have come against 3 ranked teams and Arkansas, who just beat Auburn. Tennessee is only going to get better and is more than likely going to win out. It's laughable at the few morons that talk smack when the teams they support are going nowhere!
A pos who got away with rape, should be in prison not the NFL! He was just lucky he had a coach who looked the other way just to win instead of kicking this hood rat off the team for all the crap he pulled in Tallahassee.