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Wow I guess Eason should have cried to the NCAA when he didn't get the starting job back. What a terrible decision by the NCAA
It want look so stupid this time next when they lose 3 or more like I said.
From bad to worse, that's great uga has a bunch of good recruiters just not any good coaches. At least 3 losses next year.
I would gladly send him your way. If y'all were able to get Sark that would be a great hire. I think he did a good job with the Falcons, its hard to call plays when your o-line sucks. All this of course is just my opinion. Uga fans don't have to agree with them but that's ok. Only time will tell who's right
No fits here just giving an opinion on my thoughts on Kirby, it is evident something is going on and it's not good. You can think everything is great but we will see next year when they lose 3 or 4 games
Yep and Chaneys inability to change the game plan when his initial plan isn't working.
Players aren't buying what Kirby is selling anymore. The best defensive coach is in Colorado and Chaney is just plain horrible.
They all realize the best qb just left for Ohio state and the dawgs will be falling back in the east. Kirby was a mistake from the start. Fromm reminds me of David Greene. Looks like they are heading back to 3rd in the east.
Be heavily favored means nothing. The fact is Kirby can recruit but is no better coach than Richt. Uga fans will realize that in a couple more years when Florida is kicking our tails again and we have a few more meaningless 10 win seasons.
It's a shame Fields is leaving, Fromm cant win a game without the running game working. I don't know if Fields can either but it's clear if you stop Georgia's running game then you stop the offense.
No I'm a fan, just one who is sick of uga hype. It would be nice for a coach to deliver sometime. Uga always recruits well but just can't seem to win meaningful games. Hey Georgia players said this was a statement game. I guess the statement was the playoff committee got it right we don't belong.
They are not going to pull this out. I think the best coach we had on staff is in Colorado. I wish he would have took Kirby with him . I never wanted him in the first place.
Pretty much, Kirby can recruit his ass off but he is less than average when it comes to coaching but hey at least we will finish in the top 5 in recruiting.
No realistic Georgia fans know they will never win it all.
Looks like the puppies crying all week about not making the playoff is a joke. Looks like Texas is going to make a statement.
I would rather gotten blown out than to get beat like this again
Half the points and yards were in the first half against the 1st team defense. Make excuses all you want but uga doesn't have a championship defense. Tech will be a challenge next week for the defense and Alabama will put up 40 or more on that defense.
I'm going to do myself a favor and never comment again. I'm a complete idiot.
Nice timeout before the half , oh never mind you don't trust your offensive coordinator or qb
Uga absolutely sucks. Offense, defense and coaching staff
It wouldn't shock me if Fields leaves uga at the end of this year. I don't think he came to Georgia to be a backup. Just my opinion.
I agree fully with Trudawg. Smart preaches physicality and discipline his team has neither. If something doesn't change they will lose to Florida for sure. I still can't understand how they cant put any pressure on opposing QBs. We are supposed to have a defensive minded coach and yet they are not very good on that side of the ball.
Please stop with the Alabama of the east. Uga will be lucky to finish 3rd in the east. Last year was a fluke.
The one and only highlight but I guess I'm butt hurt . How bad does Fromm have to play before Fields gets a chance.
If you are ever in Covington post something and maybe we can meet up and talk about it
Fu you ho can sit behind your phone and call people loser's because they see things different than you. I'm guessing you think they look great, struggling against a sorry vandy team
Uga looks like crap. LSU is going to going to kill them.