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Per dawgnation Pittman takes jab at Uga and it offensive game plans. "You cant just turn around and hand the ball off over and over and say sic em. Interesting sounds like Kirby and Coley need to have a change in philosophy or it will be more of the same . Kirby will be looking for a job in a few years.
I guess Kirby is better than Goff and Donnan but very similar to Richt. Richt owned the east his first few years as well. Then came Urbam, time will tell who is right or wrong about Kirby Im just not sold on him being an elite coach
One thing is for sure not changing your offensive philosophy to adapt to Fields was a mistake he will truly regret. We will watch Fields compete for titles while Uga falls back in the pack in the east. Losing Pittman will also hurt recruiting tremendously on the o-line. Kirby will be gone in about 4 or 5 years if he doesn't find a more mobile qb who is not a statue like Fromm. Im not blaming Coley for the loss Saturday because his game plan was dictated due to Swift being injured so he knew he had to throw the ball 40 times but he needs to go
Yep thats going to hurt. O- line recruiting will surely suffer. Probably the last quality coach on the staff. Next year sure will be interesting.
Good hire for Carolina, sucks for UGA another year of old man football coming up.
As a self proclaimed pessimistic Georgia fan I dont get why Tennessee and Fla fans are talking trash about Georgia. Tenn hasnt done anything in over a decade or 2 and Georgia has pretty much owned you as of late. Fla is pretty much in the same boat as Georgia, in the wait until next year mode.
No they want beat Baylor. Baylor actually has an offense also and we know Georgia's defense is overrated. Kirby is an idiot for letting Fields go. Heck even an idiot like me knew Fields is 3 times the quarterback as Fromm. Another meaningless season is over. Now we get to look forward to winning that national championship in February. Then we can start talking about next year is the year. Its not going to happen but I wish they would go ahead and fire Kirby. He should at least firw Coley but Im sure he will not do that. Good luck Tigers. I think yall actually have a great coaching staff.
Coley should be fired after the game. I understand players have to make plays but this offense has been like this all year. If Kirby brings him back it be another huge mistake. Almost as big chosing Fromm over Fields
Good gracious uga fans have to put up with hype and Fromm next year. It sure is getting old
Man who didn't see this coming. A crappy Georgia offense and a defense that hasn't played a real good offense all year. They are getting embarrassed. This will be the last sec championship game they see in awhile also. The gap has closed in the east
Guess you would have lost that bet. UGA ALWAYS overrated
Fromm please, please, go pro.The first good offense georgia plays and they look pretty average. Overrated again. I guess its a good thing the east sucks. The pups would finish 3rd at best the west.
Fromm please, please, go pro.The first good offense georgia plays and look pretty average. Overrated again. I guess its a good thing the east aucks. The pups would finish 3rd in the west.
Heck I said LSU by 21 I guess I may have be wrong maybe LSU by 40
Agreed Georgia will not finally find an offense. LSU by 21 or more
Yeah I would agree-21 seems to be about right
Of course we will, or he could go pro and get drafted in the 5th or 6th round and hold a hold a clipboard for a few years the become an announcer for college football. Kirby should be fired for letting Fields get away.
Sure wish georgia had a quarterback who didn't suck . Sure miss Fields. Hey Fromm please go pro and hold a clipboard and take Georgia's coaching staff with you
Georgia's offense is embarrassing. They are just terrible
Georgia's offense just plain sucks. It is an absolute miracle they won the east. They will blow this game for sure.
A&M 28 UGA 20. This will be the second quality qb Georgia has faced all year and he will have is way with a pretty good Georgia defense. Georgia's offense speaks for itself. It is just not very good. A loss today and a loss against Lsu and it will be another 3 loss season wait until next year attitude.
Up by 21 and lose call me a troll if you want. You are a blind loyalist. Georgia with Kirby and Fromm are choke artists
That's the only td they will see today. Fromn chokes on the road