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Not so simple Fields is and was much better than Fromm but we know what happened. The coaches couldn't adjust to Fields so they let the better qb leave and kept average Fromm
Doesn't seem like a smart move recruiting this guy. Im sure we will lose a more talented qb and watch him be a Heisman finalist like we watch Fields last year while we watch Fromn be average. Smart should stick to defense.
Just not sure about the offense. Pickens is the only receiver you can expect anything from. You dont know what you will get from Blaylock not to mention no proven tight ends or running backs. Just sick of hearing all this hype about Newman. You just can't expect him to come in here his first year and light it up with new receivers and new coordinator. Jake Fromm had a proven running back, Cager who was pretty good, Pickens and Blaylock who came on late, a pretty good o-line and the offense was horrible. If Kirby would have let the right QB play meaning Fields I would be a whole lot more optimistic but he absolutely screwed that up.
The offense will is a big question for sure they only have 1 quality receiver, no proven running back and who know about the o- line. While everyone thinks the defense will be great I dont see it that way. They only played one good offense last year and where ran out of the building. Bama will put at least 40,
Georgia's little 3 year run in the east is over. Kirby will be looking for a job within the next 5 years.
I agree , I personally wished Georgia would have given Pruitt the job instead of Kirby.
Ive said this before UGA will fall back to it's usual spot to 3fd in the east very soon.
Uga fans should just be quiet. We haven't won anything since 1980. I dont know if I will ever see another national title. Uga will lose by double digits this year to bama. New qb, new oc, o- line being rebuilt. Im not sure that will be good going into bama.
Uga's stats while they look good on paper in my opinion are misleading. They only played one team with a great offense last year and that was lsu and we saw what happened. Just like next year Alabama will be the only high powered offense they face and they will give up at least 30 or more. But thats ok they finished number 1 in February
I couldn't aqree more. I had to turn the channel.
Seems to me like that's the pot calling the kettle black. Yall had 2 10 win seasons and think you are back while accomplishing nothing and now saying this is the year we win the east and beat Uga and you might but as for right now just shut up
Not sure depends on Kirby, I think Kirby is a heck of a defensive coordinator, defensive back coach and great recruiter but if he continues to be stubborn and continues to run that pro style offense he will never win another sec title. He let Fields get away. I think the defense again next year will carry the team to 8 or 9 wins but thats it.
Looks like the 3 year run is over. And yea the ship is sinking. Kirby will be gone within 4 or 5 years.
Who wants to watch a Georgia offense from the early 1900's play. I wouldn't pay 8 dollars either.
Maybe Gus and Kirby can get on the Gus Bus and get lost and never and never come back
I dont expect to see much offense from the dawgs thats for sure. A bunch of 4 and 5 stars with no direction, get use to it
It seems you have an infatuation with being butthurt. You must have had some sort of experience with that
No I wouldn't consider it butthurt just another poor decision by Kirby.You will be butthurt when you come to the realization Kirby is an average coach. Maybe you will when you see them lose in the Sugar Bowl and next year when they travel to Bama and lose by double digits and finish with another 3 or 4 loss year.
Interesting how he passed a drug test when he admitted to smoking weed. There is no way he should be allowed to play, its not like he will help that pathetic offense anyway. Nice job Kirby
Agreed he may have deserved in previous years but there is no way he should have won it this year. He missed too many important field goals this year imo. He was average this year for sure
Per dawgnation Pittman takes jab at Uga and it offensive game plans. "You cant just turn around and hand the ball off over and over and say sic em. Interesting sounds like Kirby and Coley need to have a change in philosophy or it will be more of the same . Kirby will be looking for a job in a few years.
I guess Kirby is better than Goff and Donnan but very similar to Richt. Richt owned the east his first few years as well. Then came Urbam, time will tell who is right or wrong about Kirby Im just not sold on him being an elite coach
One thing is for sure not changing your offensive philosophy to adapt to Fields was a mistake he will truly regret. We will watch Fields compete for titles while Uga falls back in the pack in the east. Losing Pittman will also hurt recruiting tremendously on the o-line. Kirby will be gone in about 4 or 5 years if he doesn't find a more mobile qb who is not a statue like Fromm. Im not blaming Coley for the loss Saturday because his game plan was dictated due to Swift being injured so he knew he had to throw the ball 40 times but he needs to go
Yep thats going to hurt. O- line recruiting will surely suffer. Probably the last quality coach on the staff. Next year sure will be interesting.
Good hire for Carolina, sucks for UGA another year of old man football coming up.