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They will lose to Clemson by a touchdown or more. Then lose one more, probably to Florida and if they are fortunate enough to make the SEC championship lose to Alabama again. Then they can start the hype for the next year.
If I was Tennessee I would be on the phone Freeze for the head coach and coach Boom for the defense. If they do rhat they will be winning the east in no time. Of course I hope that doesn't happen
Not sure if he would be a position coach but I would reach out to Coach Boom
Wish he would have went pro. I would like to see more of Milton and Edward's.
and if they aren't Kirby needs to go
I agree with Georgia Boi. I definitely have never been optimistic or a wait until next year fan but next year should be a very good year. Kirby should have no excuses for not winning the east next year. I will give give him a pass if they lose to bama in the championship because everyone is fighting for second as long as Saban is around. Opening with Clemson is tough but it is winnable with Lawrence gone but who knows if Kirby will have them ready. Hopefully Kirby will leave the offense alone. Either way they should be in Atlanta next year and if doesn't then Kirby needs to go
Great player and by all accounts outstanding person. DGD
Yeah I think calling the kid a lazy pos is pretty crappy of you. We don't know what the young man is like in practice. I do know he looked disinterested in games and gave up on routes.
Not sure about Uga resting starters but ok. Maybe once this year. They aren't on Alabama's level.
Man I wish I would have grown up an Alabama fan. Enjoy watching a well coached team play
Georgia opens with Clemson next year they should be a 3 touchdown underdog. Dabo v Smart just isnt fair. Ill take Clemson-20. Fire Smart
Oh they will win, and that should never happen the talent gap is insane.
If Brock is watching he might want to go ahead and enter the portal
So what they still are overrated. Losing to Cincinnati team that barely beat Tulsa and they are whipping Georgia. Looks like Jt is an average qb offensive line looks terrible. Defense does what they normally do which isn't much. They have no business being ranked in the top 10. Next year will be more of the same. Pretty embarrassing losing to Cincinnati . I cant wait until Kirby gets fired in a few years and Georgia gets a quality coach.
No they need a coach who can actually prepare a football team.
I was almost for once in 40 years going to be optimistic for the future of Georgia football but after watching 10 minutes I see its the same old Georgia alot of hype and talent but still stink. Losing to Cincinnati with players not capable of making power five roster is just pathetic
I agree with booches dont get me wrong I enjoyed see Florida lose but the players quitting is pure selfishness and a me mentality. The other players and coaches have invested just as much time and effort as the quitters.
Its called commitment something many people don't have these days.
As a Georgia fan I can't believe I agree with you but all these quitters is pretty sad to see. Pure selfishness
Looks to me with all the players leaving he would have had plenty of playing time if would have stuck around.
I understand the bowls dont have the luster, its just I was brought up if you start something you finish it. I would have love to quit on a few teams growing up but I wasn't allowed to. Its definitely a different world these days
Call me old school or whatever you want but I am tired of all these players quitting. Im sure if they made the playoffs they wouldn't be quitting.
I wasn't expecting that, it was nice to see the offense actually look pretty good with all the talent. Defense played better. I was expecting a close game or a sluggish offense.
Not sure how much of an upset it would be. Georgia's best win this year is against a 5-4 Auburn team. So its possible Georgia is overrated who knows.
I say there is a good chance they beat Georgia this Saturday. Georgia has an average offense and probably will not be prepared. They seem to always struggle with 12 o'clock start times.
Same here didn't read it either and No.