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I say this is great, love the idea of Texas and Oklahoma joining, welcome to the SEC!!
You people are taking it out of context, I told my wife before the inbounds that Alabama would lose, when LSU missed three shots to win it was like “Get The f*** out of here, that didn’t just happen!”
Must have missed the article where South Carolina changed their Mascot!!
I hate to inform you but this is NOT a Tennessee Vol site, it’s an article about Tennessee hiring Hugh Freeze, last I looked the site was about Saturday’s in the South! Get educated!
A one hit wonder and also the absolute worse defending champion in the entire history of sports!! Did you see how Alabama smacked down your Basketball team? Now that was a beat down of epic proportions!
LSU = One Hit Wonder = Worst defending Champion Ever
UGA pretty much over-rated! To quote someone "Kirby has done less with more then Mark Richt"
Coach Fran took us from a dismal losing record in 2000, to a 10 win season in 2002 before leaving in the middle of the night for the A&M job and quitting via Tele-conference call, all that rubbed the Bama fan base the wrong way!
Showed promise that is for sure. More then likely a one and done though if he continues and improves, shame he will never see an NCAA tournament!
Guess you missed the game Saturday night, the Vols did not look like the best team in the conference!
Since playing games are not required to get a spot, Alabama should opt out of the SEC championship game! Likewise wit Clemson and ND!
I’ve been to games in a few SEC venues, and as an Alabama fan and Alumnus I know most fan bases are jealous of the Crimson Tides Football success! That said I have to say the most rude, unfriendly, idiots are in Oxford Ms. We were always treated with respect in most places, Starkville, Nashville, Knoxville, and yes even Auburn!
20 million vaccines will be available in December give it to College Football and Basketball players first!!
Nothing wrong with Danielson at all! You people need to find something else to complain about!
Alabama showed that Georgia’s defense is not all that!
I agree, Finebaum needs to go and as I have said before he is an embarrassment to the SEC!!!
Honestly Finebaum needs to go, every day that passes this guy is an embarrassment to the SEC. People see him and thinks he represents the SEC!
Wow, sure do spend a lot of time analyzing Alabama!!! We are just fine with things, don't you worry(2nd and 26), uhhh when was Georgia's last National Championship, thats right Bear Bryant was still coaching at Alabama(2nd and 26).
One thing the SEC can do is to stop the cross division permanent game, and rotate 2 games a year!! I never thought Auburn was that good, and it was all hype, with a novelty offense, lot more L's for them this year!!
What a joke, when was the last time UGA beat Bama, something like over a decade ago, I think its Dawg Fans like yourself that are praying Bama wont be in Atlanta, when its more likely that GA will not be there!!!
Love reading this past crap, now what were you saying about Auburn???? Eat Crow!!
Gus is mediocre at best, he loses 4-5 games a year, thats his average, I mean and the barn pays him 7+mil a year for 7-8 wins a season, so he is right on track to accomplish that this year, probably another 3-5 SEC season for them again, and the entire Auburn nation with be jumping on the GUS Bus for another 20 year extension
SDS is so freaking hard to even visit this site with all the videos auto playing and no way to stop them, sometimes I hate your site
Auburn can not come up with that much money, so don't worry about it Gus, The Barn jumped on the GUS Bus and they cant get off!!! Hahahah
Finebaum is an idiot, just look at the fans that call into his show, Tammy, Iman, Jim he is not different than his fans.
Finebaum being the total ass that he is tried to keep this story alive. I wish that ESPN would have canned him, he knows nothing about the game just like his cadre of callers!!!
After Week One, its gonna be a hell of a fight for the West Crown this year!!!
RedSox and Bama fan, find any bandwagons lately. There is something really wrong about all this with all the reports coming out, Mom and ex-mother-in-law not backing this chicks story, mmmmm wonder if Herman is involved with the ex wife? Just too much going on here to fire Meyer, IMHO.