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I agree, Finebaum needs to go and as I have said before he is an embarrassment to the SEC!!!
Honestly Finebaum needs to go, every day that passes this guy is an embarrassment to the SEC. People see him and thinks he represents the SEC!
Wow, sure do spend a lot of time analyzing Alabama!!! We are just fine with things, don't you worry(2nd and 26), uhhh when was Georgia's last National Championship, thats right Bear Bryant was still coaching at Alabama(2nd and 26).
One thing the SEC can do is to stop the cross division permanent game, and rotate 2 games a year!! I never thought Auburn was that good, and it was all hype, with a novelty offense, lot more L's for them this year!!
What a joke, when was the last time UGA beat Bama, something like over a decade ago, I think its Dawg Fans like yourself that are praying Bama wont be in Atlanta, when its more likely that GA will not be there!!!
Love reading this past crap, now what were you saying about Auburn???? Eat Crow!!
Gus is mediocre at best, he loses 4-5 games a year, thats his average, I mean and the barn pays him 7+mil a year for 7-8 wins a season, so he is right on track to accomplish that this year, probably another 3-5 SEC season for them again, and the entire Auburn nation with be jumping on the GUS Bus for another 20 year extension
SDS is so freaking hard to even visit this site with all the videos auto playing and no way to stop them, sometimes I hate your site
Auburn can not come up with that much money, so don't worry about it Gus, The Barn jumped on the GUS Bus and they cant get off!!! Hahahah
Finebaum is an idiot, just look at the fans that call into his show, Tammy, Iman, Jim he is not different than his fans.
Finebaum being the total ass that he is tried to keep this story alive. I wish that ESPN would have canned him, he knows nothing about the game just like his cadre of callers!!!
After Week One, its gonna be a hell of a fight for the West Crown this year!!!
RedSox and Bama fan, find any bandwagons lately. There is something really wrong about all this with all the reports coming out, Mom and ex-mother-in-law not backing this chicks story, mmmmm wonder if Herman is involved with the ex wife? Just too much going on here to fire Meyer, IMHO.
Finebaum honestly is the FRAUD here!!! Nobody knows for sure what happened and when!! We do know an EX-wife has made accusations but I believe before you convict Urban we need to know all the FACTS!!! Has this guy been actually convicted of any crime or are these just accusations of a bitter EX-wife! This all reminds me of the Duke lacrosse incident, The team was convicted by the media (i.e. Finebaum)
I surprised to see LSU at 7, not what you see normally, cant believe JIMBO didn't take the LSU job!!!
Completely disagree, that was the RF ball and he should have called for it as he was in the best position to field and see the ball. When an infielder is going backwards in any form if the outfielder is able to field the ball he should call it and the infielders should bail and get out of the way. The right fielder could easily field this ball so should have called the two infielders off!!!
Beth Mowins also screwed up with commentary during that question, said SEC West had won 8 and a row, with Alabama winning 3! Alabama has actually won 5 of them, Auburn 2, LSU 1. This broadcast team needs to go bye bye!!!
Yeah Kanell is a joke, this proves it!! Im sure McElroy will soon agree with him as they often do agree with each other!!!
I do not think TN can get a Coach any better then what they currently have, maybe try to re-hire Fulmer would be the best choice!!
I can see the SEC being shut out of the CFP. If Bama lose one it can not be in the SEC Championship game or late in the season.
I really think the Tide has to fix its defense, CSU owned the 2nd and 4th quarter. Next big defensive test will be the Mississippi Black Bears!!!
AS a note, Bear Bryant was the Coach at Kentucky in 1950 and also the Coach of the Texas A & M Aggies in 1957, last time the Aggies were #1, and the best ranking ever for the Kentucky Wildcats!
I just think he is trying to not get hurt, so I hope his stock drops to the third round, and see how much less money he gets for being frightened to play. Couldnt gain more then 100 yards against Alabama in three games, guess what, he will be a wash in the nfl, LSU whimp!
Yeah it was over when the Black Bears beat the Tide last year and the Black Bears were the top of the West, how did that work out for them, now in the cellar and the only team in the West not going to a Bowl, Hail State!!!