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So how is Barnett a loser because he was sick. He was the most productive in the SEC. He will be a huge get for anyone. He got most of his sacks against SEC foes unlike Garrett.
Yet, both of Tennessee opponents better than the ones Alabama has played so far? Go figure
He didn't say Ohio was a Power 5, He said Kansas was. We should take no one for granted. And that win by App. ST. in bowl game, I'm pretty sure it was by 2 points.
He will be bringing Kleenex boxes to them when UT spanks the Gators. Anyone thinking this is how UT will play this year isn't very smart.
I guess 312 yards passing and 207 yards rushing against Tennessee qualifies as a great DC?
Ole Miss probably won't be undefeated after Saturday and they will lose to Mississippi State. I'm not a fan of either but I just believe that Mississippi State is the best team in the SEC but I wouldn't count out Georgia either. Not a Georgia fan either.
But why would he want to stay with a sinking ship. Mason will probably do well but he won't replicate what Franklin did.