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You sure a walk on won't beat Gunner out this year? Kirby ain't too smart. Think about this... Butch Jones beat Kirby when you had two 5* OB's... You should have kept Mark. Y'all have a lot to worry about instead of talking trash about other teams.
They hated him just like they did Kiffen. I didn't. I wished Franklin was our coach back then
Most UT fans hate Franklin because he beat our butts and Vandy ain't supposed to do that... EVER! . If James says Banks is a good coach you better bet on it. The coaches we will be moving forward with are not the "good o'l boy" hires frpom the past. And that's very exciting! GBO!!!
You should be worrying about what Jimbo will do without Mond. When Winston was gone Jimbo didn't last very long.
Maybe he didn't want a back stabber. Bet Gus learned something.
The last time the fans had a say in who not to hire we ended up with an AD that had never been an AD and a HC that had never been a HC. Let that sink in before you complain about our new coaches. GBO!
Great hire! We could have done much worse. Get behind our coaches and we may be starting a new adventure... GBO!!!
Most of the post here are from other than UT fans. That's good! This hire has made them nervous.
I don't believe any of these sports writers. It's just click bait! When Danny White makes the welcome announcement then we will know.
Paul is not an attorney and has been consistently wrong about almost everything he has predicted in the last ten years. He does not care for UT because he was bullied there for being harassed as a Dumbo eared geek. He spent most of his career in Bama and should just stay there as a New York implant.
Why would you hire a known backstabber? Y'all wouldn't do that, so why are you stupid enough to say that? Answer: You aren't stupid! You want UT to fail because you know we have a much better HC now. Alabama lost 9 games out of 10 to UT before Satan was the coach. Any school with the money UT has will come back at some point! Just like Bama did.
BS! It happens all the time and every year. It's just not every HS coach that makes a big deal of it.
With a completely new offense to QB battle is a toss up. And everyone is forgetting about a couple of 4 star linebackers that came here from Memphis last year. Even To'o To'o said last year that they were pushing him to be better. Their is plenty of elite players on this team. They just need to be coached.
Many are looking past the fact that our defense was on the field about 75% of the time because our offense was very badly coached. The D just got worn out. We have some elite players on both sides of the ball. If properly coached, we will surprise a few teams (and all you negative Normans) this year.
I love this! All speculation with no leaks. The good O'l Boys club has been garbage dumped. You sports writers must be totally frustrated. Too funny!
So UT finally cleaned house and the good O'l boy network that has destroyed our football program is out. Based on these comments y'all are afraid that White made the right hire. I get it!
I remember when Bama was dead and you lucked out and got Satan. No team is ever dead moron!