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Here’s an idea. Since the players are on campus before everyone else right now, how about doing nothing to prevent player infections. Monitor them closely. Provide great medical care to them while their infected. Try to keep them from spreading it outside the football program. Then, start the season with an immune team. Play every game, every player as you’d do normally without worry of infecting others or getting infected. All the players get to continue their development for their post college career paths, NCAA revenues are preserved so small sports dont get cut, and fans get to enjoy a fairly normal football season.
NotTruDump is a troll. Nothing she writes is logical. Just ignore her.
Good insight, Cockyfan. Your posts here are among the very few I’ve seen on sds that brings a positive contribution to understanding this mess.
Moving the Confederate statute to another, less prominent, part of campus sounds like a good plan.
Two dramatically different versions of events offered. I’ll hold off for now on believing either version.
Im humored by all the belly aching over UGA signing another excellent QB. It shouldnt be confusing. The best players want to compete against the best players, at the best program, for the best coaches, in the best conference. UGA is one in a very small group of schools that fit that bill. If you’re not a UGA fan, your case for a kid not signing here, or another kid to transfer out, is really just an expression of frustration that your program is lucky if you can sign one elite QB. Now, there’s one fewer on the board. So, you’re effort would be better spent complaining on your own boards about the ways your own program doesn’t do a better job of offering a program that is attractive to more elite recruits.
Great for Josh! I love that he gets to earn a masters degree for free, playing a game he loves. 99% of college athletes will build careers on the foundation of their education rather than athletics. He’s living the dream.
Accused misdemeanant, not felon. Less than an ounce in Georgia is misdemeanor.
I couldn’t care less about arrests for ridiculously insignificant infractions like these.
Derrick is easily one of my all time favorite Auburn D linemen. Hope he has a long, healthy, dominating NFL career.
Y'all are on a sweet run. Big step up from the last few years. Congrats. As entertaining as it’s been to see y’all writhe in incompetence the last several years, SEC East play will be more exciting if Pruitt puts a competitive product on the field in the next year or two.
Honestly, Jake strikes me more as an over achiever and management material, than as an elite NFL QB. He may stick around on the playing field as a strong back up, or maybe force his way into a starting position somewhere for a while. But, sooner than one with NFL QB aspirations would hope, I bet he’ll make the transition to coaching or successful businessman.
Honestly, win or loose, I can’t wait for both programs to crank it up. Both of these guys shooting from the hip in regular press conferences will be epic!
Maybe Lawrence or Fields are more physically talented. But, Burrows is more than physically talented enough to be an NFL starter. Top tier arm. Most importantly, he is head and shoulders above those two in his ability to keep cool, stay focused, and make quick decisions while under pressure. That is by FAR the most important trait for a successful NCAA or NFL QB.
It does seem that Alabama is Showing a few signs that may may no longer lap the rest of us in the near future. But, it’s absurdly wishful thinking to opine that they will be “irrelevant” any time soon. They will be competitively in the picture as long as Saban is Head coach.
In his ESPN interview, Von said he’s been isolating at home for 4 weeks. Only left home 3-4 times to get food, and stayed in the car. He’s been taking isolation seriously and still got it.
This is extra big for Pruitt. Obviously, if Brooks sticks he stands to contribute on the field. But, just as importantly, committing such a highly thought of recruit this early in the Covid19 whacked recruiting season will likely influence more, otherwise disinterested elite recruits, to give UT a serious look. I hope y’all get all the beasts not on our recruiting board.
See, all these stories were just stoking BS.
What a great, and well earned reward for these young men. It’s only fitting that such a great season be acknowledged by so many drafted into the NFL.
Why do we keep seeing stories like this? There isn’t a single NFL QB draft prospect over the last decade that wasn’t “off” a half dozen teams boards before the draft. It’s engaging dramatic crap. Tua, even if injury prone, is young enough and talented enough to lift the play of all but a handful of franchises for many years to come. Any team that backs off that because they insist their first round QB could do that for 15-20 years is a losing franchise anyway.
OK, I was unnecessarily snarky there. And, I got a good laugh out of the deserved responses y’all shot back. That said, I actually enjoy following UF football. It’s been a bit of a bummer that I haven’t been able to find much media about what Mullen is up to. The homer in me hope’s he’s in panic isolation and y’all’s program is falling apart. (Doubt it) But, that’d be boring. But, the realist in me suspects he’s coming up with some under the radar, innovative way to build an advantage for your program, but the media is asleep at the wheel. Either way, I want to wake SDS for more Mullen coverage.
Yea. Well, the logic of going from 6 months of sofa sitting snarfing Cheetos straight to a high stake D1 football game isn’t the kind of logic that anyone should take notes about.
UF still has a football team and head coach? What has it been, like 3 weeks since Mullen surfaced?
An uncle of mine was killed when he was run over by a farm tractor. I have the social awareness to know that when a tractor is mentioned in a joke, Its not a dog whistle to denigrate my heritage.