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Oskie, I did, and I do. He wasnt perfect. 10ish and 9:17 in the first qtr were just fine. And excellent play action and pass at :13 in first qtr. I’m not going to rewatch it all. You can do that. I think you’re overreacting to last weeks bad performance, Cheneys vanilla play calling, sketchy blocking, and Guarantano’s dropoff when he’s under pressure. You’re guys were totally unprepared to handle last weeks speed option. Not many teams can defend it well the first time they face it. Even so, UT’s D was particularly clueless. They looked much better prepared this week. Fewer missed assignments and tackles. Still a long way to go. But, your average QB play isn’t what’s dragging that team down. Cheney is. That predictable play calling will produce better results as the season goes on, and your guys perfect its execution. But, in the mean time, it’ll be super frustrating.
That was the best QB/WR performance I’ve seen out of the Tigers in years. The play action and crossing routes were deadly on demand. Very impressive.
If you’re a UT/Fulmer fan, dreaming of him back as HC is a bit like dreaming of hooking up with your high school sweetheart. She’ll forever be awesome in your memories. But, in reality, you broke up for good reason, and now shes old, fat, nags, and divorced twice for good reason.
Great to see all the youngsters step up. Secondary tackling needs improvement.
I thought Guarantano played well. Looked like LB play in the run game was a problem.
I understand y’all Cocks being frustrated about last weekend. But, I’d think twice about wanting to dump him. Even if you could hire an elite coach to replace him, you guys play Clempson, UGA, and UF EVERY year. USC is a darn tough place to build a program that would be much better than Muschamp has done for you.
Has anyone else noticed that prodigious uniform reveal marketing and press releases seem to mostly come from struggling programs? That’s why UF’s recent spate of uni reveals caught my attention. I dont think of UF as struggling, but makes me wonder if their PR department is trying to flood the zone with anything to overwhelm circulating negativity.
I have to wonder if whatever issues caused his rating to drop so precipitously also contributed to him distancing himself from UGA’s recruiting events over the last several months.
Jennings looked like NFL talent compared to the other 21 players on the field all day long.
Sheesh! You guys have the talent to win 10-11 games this year. You do most years. But, with Malzahn it’s maddening to try and predict how you Tigers will play.
GatorGrad12 is right. One of my kids got athletic scholarship offers from a lot of schools. Shes solid, but not elite. The smaller schools offer came with a sign-able NLI and Grant-in-Aid papers. The SEC and ACC schools were nice phone calls and emails at first without documents. They waited until just before the deadline to send papers or tell us they were going with someone else.
Kirby makes a good point. However, before Kirby, we fans got abused for several years. It wasn’t unusual for most of the SEC and Little-Tenth powerhouse programs to scheduled 3-4 creampuffs a year as home games. So, at best, we got to watch 2 quarters of our first string running vanilla plays. If Smart and McGarity will continue to schedule a balance of quality P5 non-conference opponents at home along with 1-2 FCS schools, I’d be satisfied.
While I don’t disagree with much of what Hooker writes, it just seems to soon for UT faithful to break out the pitch forks and relight the Knoxville dumpster fire. Don’t get me wrong, it would be immensely entertaining to watch. Also, I understand your frustration. I just think the institutional pain and an added 2-3 year set back wouldn’t be worth the immediate gratification of dumping Pruitt now. Even if the Ga State game was conclusive proof that UT is on the downhill side of peak Pruitt, and I doubt it is conclusive, the program needs some time to stabilize before y’all are going to be able to attract a winning HC. Give your leadership and organization some time to build a solid track record that proves a break from the org mess of the last few years. If you don’t, quality HC prospects will continue to see UT as a place where rising coaches go to get their reputations and career destroyed.
No, and you haven’t actually had sex with everyone your boyfriend has boinked.
Yea, that’s a head scratcher. I wonder if maybe Hines is to laid back or soft spoken for Kirby. I’ve noticed that Kirby likes his assistants to be high energy, and loud. Even so, he would have been at least as good of a grad assistant as Jarvis is.
If you get an F on your report card, is it flawed logic that UF determined you failed the course? No. What if a FSP officer records you on radar speeding by 20mph over and writes you a ticket, is it flawed logic that the state of FL identifies you as a speeder? No. You can have good reason to believe you didn’t deserve the F or the ticket. But, your opinion won’t change the one and only official measurement that proves otherwise.
Weirdly, I agree with you about Herbie’s bloviation on Franks. He seems to be a good kid. Stays out of trouble off the field. Does a decent job at QB, especially when the pocket is clean. As far as teams other than UGA that can challenge UF? I think UK has the tools. Also, wouldn’t be surprised to see USC at be a wicked test. Both games are away for UF. Ya’ll have talent. It’s going to come down to coaching.
Mason called a very good game. Solid secondary and running back.
Bwahaha! Ben, that’s exactly the one thing Mizzou could have done to definitively prove they are better than you.
This didnt look like midseason form. We were dominant. But, plenty of room to grow.
Dang Vols. It’s really hard to have fun with a UT loss, when you loose this convincingly to such an underdog. Hope it goes better next week.
No, upstate, the Oline did not hold their own. The only unit on the field that performed worse last night was Miami’s Oline. Franks is not a bad QB. But, he doesn’t handle pressure well. If the UF Oline could at least be average, I think Franks would eliminate a lot of his miscues.
LOL. 4th and Mullen, what a blowhard. He did nothing all off season to coach up his team with fundamentals, or discipline. He took a potentially elite secondary and turned them into world class pass interferers. And don’t even get me started about the mistakes on the O line. If it weren't for outstanding individual efforts from #2 on the O and #’s 51, 55, 56 & 92 on the D, the Gators would have lost by 25+ to an unranked ACC team with kittens for OT’s.
Expect UF’s ranking to drop from 8 to 14 after that undisciplined, poorly coached performance.
I’m not good with this “close the talent gap” crap. Yea, our teams talent is on peer with the best. They know it. It doesn’t do any good to talk about it. Right now, it’s just smack talk. Smack talk only works when you put up the W on Dec 7.