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No, nothing to be mad about. Just enjoy calling attention to your festering vagina.
Just stopping by to say congrats on the win. It was impressive. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to redeem ourselves if we both are fortunate enough to make it to the SEC champ game.
Trupawg, You know they make a cream that will cure that burning pain in your vagina.
You said it right, redsox. LSU was the better team. We dawgs can whine about plain, predictable play calling, missed tackles, or no Fields. But really, we just got beat by a better team. Hats off to LSU. They took our best shot and earned the W.
Couldnt help but notice that Mullen duck waddled the side step as he was mouthing off. Not a hint of stepping up on Mason.
100% guarantee Grantham goaded that entire situation to a head.
Gus will progress to his mean sooner or later. But, that fat contract sure is going to make it painful as he whipsaws his way there.
Pruitt discipline overcame superior talent. We’re all in for a slugfest if he ever builds a roster.
Seriously, Meyers some messed up chemistry going on in his head. Dont know if its organic, pharmaceutical, or both.
Not really. Just the way it seems to you ‘over the years’ you choose to pay attention to.
All those stats are heavily dependant on performances of the team around their respective QB. And yes, the quality of a QB’s own defense has an impact on his performance. Lock is easily a top 2-3 QB in this league, despite what all the other quoted QB stats show. He simply does more with less. He produces results under the pressure of inferior supporting cast, and makes excellent decisions when hurried. Dont believe me? Just imagine Lock under center at Alabama or Georgia.
Sucks, but I suspect FanFool has the law on its side in this one.
That data isn’t relevant. Totally different programs than the past programs that generated that record.
Yep, you can bet those two will go hammer and tong after our freshman corner Campbell all game long.
Mark my words. Meyers has something effed up going on with his brain chemistry. Either it’s something like extreme bipolar combined with narcissism, Aspergers spectrum disorder, or he taking medications that make him highly vulnerable to wide swings in emotional and impulse control. Specifically, go back and watch his sideline demenor the entire game in last years loss to Iowa. He looked totally medicated the entire game. He did that a lot at UF. Contrast that with any of a dozen manic, narcissist preening TV appearance of the last 6 weeks.
Shesh! What an insanely talented and well coached team. I sincerely wish there were chinks in the armor that I could cling to for hope of a chance for a win should UGA get the opportunity to play you guys in the SECCG, but short of an injury plague like last year, I doubt you guys are even going to break a sweat all season long.
Its so hard to ding AU very much for this loss because LSU just doesn’t look like a dominant top 10 beating team (despite doing just that!) i hope LSU is for real, but Washington just seemed SO overrated to start the season. So, that win didn’t jazz me as much as it should. If LSU is for real, then not much shame in a close loss. But, My gut is telling me that LSU is a top 10-15 ranked team that played a great game, and AU is a top 5-10 team that suffered one of Gus’ inexplicable hickups.
Both teams lack experience and are still looking for their idenity. So, anything goes for UF v UT. If I had to guess though, I’d say Pruitts uber emphasis on discipline and fundamentals give UT a potential edge over UF’s willingness to ride Franks legs and arm.
We have low QB pressures and sacks because we only rush 4-5, and those guys are rushing in lanes, keeping gap responsibilities. Clearly, Kirby is confident in our secondaries ability to maintain cover longer as the scheme to best contain oponents passing game from putting up points. That willingness to drop ILB’s into coverage also makes us vulnerable to the inside run on first down. It frays my nerves that the Dline isn’t more dominant. Won’t know if they can gt penetration on running downs, or QB hurries on passing downs unless/until we face an opponent with the ability the out pass our coverage or run on our 5-6 man box.
UGA? Lemons never been, nor ever will be any part of UGA.
AU plum 91, if you’re taking LSU over UGA, I’m taking UT over AU. Pruitt has a perfect win record at home, and a winning record when coaching against your WarEagles.
It seems USC would be more successful in recruiting if they focused on winning the in state battle of program identity with Clemson. As long as the Gamecocks are seen as the second tier program in the state, fiesty atitudes toward SEC rivals can’t really have the recruiting improvements needed.
It looked like our pass rush was focused on containing Bentley all afternoon. I don’t recall seeing any stunts or blitzing either. I hope the pedestrian pass rush was the result of our intention to only rush front 5, and not because we dont have the physicallity (outside of Walker) to pressure the QB. Also, we left the middle wide open all day. Maybe Im just spoiled by having Roquan eating up the middle last year. But, I’ll be a lot more comfortable when we start dropping a linebacker into coverage, AND we’re able to deny the O that real-estate.
Very good write up, Neil. Execution by the interior linemen is so important in Mullens offense. UF appears to have the personel, for that, but havent executed consistently yet this season. That may be a matter of them learning to play together in a new offense. Typical growing pains.
Congrats UK. You earned that one. Oh, and that final play will be UK lore for a century. No one is going to take you lightly this season.
Good execution against a lesser oponent is a sign of quality coaching and discipline. UT is going to be fine. They’ll need a few recruiting cycles to refill the depleated roster.
No reason for USC to hang their heads. They are a very good team. I think the national media over hyped this game. USC is a good as advertised. But UGA played better than they thought we would after such a conservative outing last week against the Governors.