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Good Lord, KING PEON!!! puts entirely to much effort into these retarded trolls.
NCAA will do whatever they can get away with in furtherance of their mission to protect their monopoly. Act like they are all about academics. But, only if their oposition has a weak spine or no leverage. Does Mizzu’s AD or President have a track record of either.
Good for Gibbs. I hope the fresh start and new position brings him success 364 days a year.
Now, that would have been spectacular! I would have dreaded us playing you guys, but the resulting media spaz, combined with a wicked Pruitt/Richt recruiting machine could have been epic. Either way, ya’ll got a good one in Chaney. I hope for many years of you guys getting scarily close to beating us while kicking everyone eles butts.
All he earned was a moment of name recognition significant enough to guile a few media members to pass along his uninformed troll. He didnt earn any special knowledge about UA’s coach compliance with NCAA rules.
For all any of us really know right now, this is the most clear headed observation any one has made yet. Coleys and Pitmans recruiting contributions have done more to elevate UGA to viable contender status than any other aspect of Kirbys program.
This is big for Vandy. Wonder what kind of draft prospect report he got.
Immature ramblings of a kid with a smidgeon of temporary limelight. Nothing indicates he has any special insight to give credence to his troll. The only things noteworthy about his comment is that he was dumb enough to say it publicly, and “reporters” were dumb enough to amplify it.
Chaney is a serviceable OC. He’ll fit Pruitt really well. Im not excited about him leaving UGA now because it makes me unsettled to have both coordinator spots open at the same time. But, we honestly need an upgrade at OC if we’re going to compete successfully for championships. Also, he may look to bring Pittman with him.
Aside from Holyfield, I wonder if this may be as much about Fields leaving and our strong tilt to a run orientation as anything else. 4 receivers leaving the program. All very talented, but not necessarily threats to go first round.
Mkay. But, you may want to spend more time figurung out how your colossus is going to beat Mizzu and the Cats first. Enjoy 3rd place in the east until then.
You may be right, but it’ll be a crap ton of fun getting drunk at the reception every year.
Pruitt is not Butch. Im chalking this up as uninformed media blather in a effort to rekindle the Jones frenzy of last year.
Urban, I get joyful satisfaction in knowing that UF’s current diminutive status to UGA consumes you. ;-)
UGA’s lack of focus and disciplined execution exposed our season long struggle to mature. As with any team, that’s on both the coaches and the team leaders. Aside from DeAndre Walker and Smart, I don’t recall much passionate disapproval of poor focus or execution all season.
While interesting, coaches Richt and Smart have such different coaching styles, I dont think the comparison at this early point in their careers has much predictive value for future performances of Smart coached teams.
As much as Spurrier is a drunk old coot, you’ve got to hand it to him. He tells it like he sees it... usually with a funny flair.
Wow. He moves surprisingly well for a big man.
That’s a really good take on Fromm, LateModelRay. As for Fields, I think we’re all getting to wrapped up in his recruiting ranking and how things went down with Eason when we experience concern over Fields transferring. For as physically gifted as Justin Fields is, he still needs a lot of development in understanding how to run a pro style O. Just recoginizing defences and route development quickly, and knowing how/when to use those wheels of his against a defense full of guys as fast and strong as him. I doubt there is any better place than UGA with Fromm as tutor in the QB room for Justin to get that development. Justins best move is to stay and learn. Now, if circumstances conspire to keep him off the field on Saturday after next year AND he’s mastered field leadership, all bets are off.
Whats the deal with UF? Im sure he’ll close strong. But, it sure is a long way up from 20th this late in the cycle.
This is a real problem for recruited athletes. My kid was a D1 recruit. We committed early with a NLI, which forced us to stop contact with other recruiting programs. Then, the coach was fired before we signed the Grant in Aid documents (the actual binding, legal scholarship document) The new coach waited until 3 weeks before school started to send us the documents. For several months, we couldn’t talk with other programs, but didn’t have an executed scholarship. Sucked. The athletes have no real control in the relationship.
Hard decision?! That dude is a stud. He’ll make serious bank dominating NFL lines nexr fall.
Spot on, Kirby. That’s the biggest drag about us platooning so effectively.
This reads as an AD Separating himself from his coach. ‘Not going to fire him, but if we keep flopping, remember that I’m trying really hard.’
Haselwood has been pretty open about being a Dawg homer, but UGA’s run first offense leaves him concerned that he’d find it difficult to showcase his receiver chops. Vol offensive philosophy is pretty much the same as UGA. So, UT is a long shot. But, never count Pruitt out in a recruiting scrum.
It is true Kirby was saddened to learn that Sabans Parkinsons disease was advancing. We’re all hoping Nick can Coach for another year.
Gus is due for an up year. With Bo Nix at QB, he’ll have that running QB that is so critical to his O’s success. I think Gus will keep this baggage, but make it through.
As a Dawg, I truly want to dislike Tebow. But, it is not possible. He’s a good dude.
I’d add that the rigor of blocking responsibilities in UGA’s O is much more difficult to master than at CAL. QB’s will have to start fresh next season building WR rapport. Demetris will be in the thick of it then.