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Hard decision?! That dude is a stud. He’ll make serious bank dominating NFL lines nexr fall.
Spot on, Kirby. That’s the biggest drag about us platooning so effectively.
This reads as an AD Separating himself from his coach. ‘Not going to fire him, but if we keep flopping, remember that I’m trying really hard.’
Haselwood has been pretty open about being a Dawg homer, but UGA’s run first offense leaves him concerned that he’d find it difficult to showcase his receiver chops. Vol offensive philosophy is pretty much the same as UGA. So, UT is a long shot. But, never count Pruitt out in a recruiting scrum.
It is true Kirby was saddened to learn that Sabans Parkinsons disease was advancing. We’re all hoping Nick can Coach for another year.
Gus is due for an up year. With Bo Nix at QB, he’ll have that running QB that is so critical to his O’s success. I think Gus will keep this baggage, but make it through.
As a Dawg, I truly want to dislike Tebow. But, it is not possible. He’s a good dude.
I’d add that the rigor of blocking responsibilities in UGA’s O is much more difficult to master than at CAL. QB’s will have to start fresh next season building WR rapport. Demetris will be in the thick of it then.
They should put their money where their fat mouth is. Offer a non-refundable payment of $10m to any of the CFP 4 for a “Respect” scrimmage. Any additional proceeds go to charity.
It was hideous. I found myself begging for either team to win after the 4th overtime just to end that screeching racket.
Id say Alabama is getting him at a discount.
The entire ‘Stoops interview w/ buyout cash on hand’ story was manufactured BS to give Auburn AD better leverage getting Gus to renegotiate his contract.
Nooooo!!!! One of the football seasons greatest joys is knowing we have a Paul Johnson coached Jacket team to drub before the season is done.
I have to disagree with you, Dawg in FL. Yes, he’s low key and humble. Fine qualities. But, He demures every time I see him. Doesn’t make eye contact. Rarely calls attention to himself. Now, those arent necessarily bad things in moderation for an elite NFL running back. But, he’s earned the right to feel confident.
It’d be cool if we played an out of conference team that traditionally competed for its conference championship.
Week 12: featuring the Georgia v Auburn, “Kirbys your Daddy bowl.”
Are y’all Gators as disappointed youre playing Idaho this late in the season as I am we’re playing umass? It just seems the season works up to a peak for a consequential finale, and we do a lame game to kill the mojo. I get the value of cupcake games...revenue, injury recovery, etc.. but it’s still a let down.
Chubb is fantastic. Imagine how dominate Chubb could be if his self-assuredness was anywhere near as high as his talent and work ethic!
I love a good Ohio State s hit show as much as the next guy. This POS was probably drunk again. These tweets are exhibits 1 in support of his wifes accusations this this guy is a ticking time bomb. Oh, and Urban letting this guys asshattery slide. Cant wait for his next drunk tweeting sesh.
True leaders save the crap for the locker room, away from outsiders. Snell is a good guy. But, he has maturing to do.
Hey WarEagle14-0. I have to admit, I haven’t watched Auburn since the Washington game. So, your comment made me curious. What do you think is causing the Tiger pass game to be off?
It’s fun to see UCF fans get all angry that UK is a better team.
Chuby2407, Id say that’s a pretty solid prediction. Odds are Bama handily beats UGA, or any team, even if your grandmother is in at QB.
Does anyone else come away from watching a Jimbo Fisher press conference feel like they just got pitched a timeshare by a salesman who just drank 6 cups of coffee?
Gus Malzahn is a bit like a much more successful Paul Johnson. If he has a good DT QB and big RB’s, the sky is the limit. But, if he doesnt, he just cant seem to adjust an Offensive scheme to match the personel he does have.
Chub2407, that’s impressive. How’s you manage to type that unrelated item with your buddys dingus in your mouth?
Agreed. UF is going to get back in the picture. Mullen is to good, and UF is a high quality program. Just couldnt resist the impulse to snark at the recently mouthy UF while supporting my favorite non-UGA QB.