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Saban is like De Beers. It is amazing how Saban dominates regardless who is on his staff or on the field. So much so, that former HC’s get in line to take a step down the coaching ladder to an assistant position with him.
Leadbetter has barely scratched the surface of his potential. He did a lot of growing up this last year. He could be a very exciting player to watch in 2018 if he’s ready to go to work.
Immature players are only disruptive if the coaches and senior leaders let them be disruptive. I’m fairly confident that Pruitt will not put up with juvenile narcissism. Don’t know if Vol senior leadership has the potential to step up. Either way, I expect Jennings will be part of the solution, or gone in a hurry with no grace.
...but he would have hired Marcus earlier, in the second quarter.
No one will ever be an Alabama anything other than Alabama. If UGA uses this season as a springboard for durable elite results, it will be uniquely Georgian.
As a kid, I knew the game was going to be fun to watch (I rarely knew the teams) when I heard Kieth Jackson’s iconic voice announcing.
Yea, the real story here is that Foster wasn’t a dumba$$. It was just an encounter. Not, dui, nor domestic abuse. No resisting arrest. Upstanding guy acting decent and legal for most jurisdictions. I respect.
Did you guys see Bielema on ESPN’s coaches broadcast of the post season games? He was a wallflower compared to the other coaches. I think highly of him. But, wilting on the big stage amongst other head coaches didn’t impress.
He’s got the athletic skills to make somehing of a senior season. The question is if he has the leadership chops to turn his spark into a raging team fire. Oh, and if he can grow mentally and make better decisions under pressure consistantly. If that comes together, Auburn will be very dominant.
Ehh, irrelevant information. This twerp is not a Gator, nor representative of UF. Not football news.Just click bait, looking to get rival fans trolling.
No doubt. Pruitt will bring him back. Jennings has to much tallent and passion to let go. Also, Pruitt has the demanding personality to yank a knot in him if he acts like a spoiled 10 year old again.
The entire season has been like that for Sony. Coming back for his senior year was the best thing he could have done. He dramatically improved his draft stock. But, just as valuable is that he earned an elite status with the UGA fanbase. He will earn a lifetime of income and adoration from Dawgs for that. (Think Ben Cleveland if you wonder what his future would be like if he didn’t stay this year)
Hall of fame career going out with honor. DGD
LOL. You have yourselves an elite QB returning there. Mizzou will have a better season next year for sure.
Honestly, our games against Georgia Tech, Florida, and Auburn are the ones that tend to make our seasons most meaningful.
This may cost our defence as much as the offense. Very few teams first and second string defenses had to practice against such a strong QB.
Smart decision. He’s going to have an excellent NFL career. We will miss seeing him on Saturdays.
Look at Volt Rains comment history. She’s just a troll. She is a fan of nothing.
Fuzzyvol01, I don’t think of you as either. There remains a resounding echo among a vocal fringe of UT fans that have a Pavlovian angry response to any word about Dooley; especially, unexpected good news. I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t respond similarly.
Oh. So, you were the other naked guy who didn’t get caught. Maybe you should have kept that to yourself.
I love that ya’ll hired him. Lattimore is one of your all time greats and a teriffic dude.
The most interesting aspect of this story is how much this is going to piss off the self-entitlement fringe of the UT fanbase.
Hopefully, you guys can get all the credit card fraud business flushed out of the system before next year. I probably would have giggled a bit if it was only 2-3 dumba$$es. But, shesh 10 guys. It took a bit of the fun out of the Georgia-Florida game.
LOL. You’re a d1ck. But, that is funny.