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Yea, there’s no realistic way College Football plays until fall of 2021 at earliest. Not with fans in the stands, not without fans just for TV, nothing. None of us will be doing anything that requires us to be within 6 feet of each other until we are substantially immune as a nation. That could be immune because almost all of us have had covid19, or because most all of us get a newly approved vaccine.
Well, it was already public consensus those are the strengths and inexperience factors that were relevant. Good to hear it directly from Kirby that was his conclusion, and the coaches are prepared for it.
Let’s start a petition to have Leach do a daily press conference where he talks about whatever he wants. It would go a long way toward filling our daily CFB and entertainment requirements. Must viewing.
Cam talking while jogging, walking, and stair climbing doesn’t strike me as a compelling NFL Franchise QB caliber workout. On the plus side, that’s some seriously snappy bracelet bling he’s sporting there.
What’s going on with Dan Mullen lately? Every since NCAA sports started its corona induced coma, he’s been unusually out of sight. I think of him as extremely media savvy. But, he’s gone wallflower. Aside from yesterdays report on his contract negotiations, it’s been weeks since we’ve heard from him. Certainly, hasn’t been doing any promotion or public engagement via media.
Ant has no choice but to chase the money. He has the athletic attributes to do very well in the NBA. However, I think he’s really going to miss having another year or two pre-NBA of maturity and life experiences on and off the court. We’ll miss him in Athens. But, I’m a big fan of his, and hope he enjoys the journey with tons of pro success.
Trudawgsnut, I found a spelling typo in your post. The correct spelling of everything after the first W is: “hy is my tweeter always itchy?”
Amazing what racist crap comes out of the mouth of idiots. Hopefully UK will make sure she is banned from UK venues. Additionally, she deserves some level of social rebuke. I don’t think publishing the names of idiots like her in the media is a responsible step though. It places their safety at risk.
We’re happy to get him. Wonder what finally convinced him to leave the mother ship.
Im looking forward to us having 2 viable QB’s. After Justin left, it’s been nerve wracking that we had no one to push Fromm, or ably take the reigns if he got hurt. Hopefully both of them have the chops to be Top tier QB’s. But, we’ll need some time before is worth while to build hype or expectations about that.
“Still committed” after his final campus visit sounds solid. Im no longer skeptical about him signing at Georgia.
I dont know enough about Monken to have an opinion on him. But, I am excited that Kirby went this big to shake up the painful Coley O from last year. Oh, and I have a tinge of Shotenheimer PTSD making my eye twitch.
This is some serious sour grapes from jilted LSU internet tough guys. LOL.
No, Dawgs are clean. I cant speak to those other programs. But, Im very familiar with UGA’s roster development over the years. None of them have gained more than 5-10% of their body weight in lean mass over their UGA careers. When they do gain, it takes 2-3 years. Not what you’d see if they were juicing. To the contrary, our big men tend to loose weight, and none of those guys have leaned out. Then, when they hit the NFL, they do lean out while maintaining weight. Good Lord, have you seen Salyer, Baker, or Mays? Those dudes still have their baby fat, and look like they never stopped eating mamas cooking.
Nice get Gators. Mullen is dangerous with talented WR’s.
An absolute shut down DB. Kirbys defenses thrive on athletic freaks at DB and OLB. Kelee upgrades the kennel.
Woot! This is better than signing a 5 star DB to this class!
Ben, I think that’s a pretty good analysis of how these two coaches match up so far. They’ll both grow, and face challenges. So, who knows what a future comparison will look like. I’d add that Mullen runs a more wide open, higher risk-reward offensive scheme. It’s strength seems to be that defenders have a harder time knowing where that attack is going. You dont need a stable of 5 stars to have success with it. So, does it matter he’s not currently loading up 5 stars? I doubt it. Kirby’s going to run a low risk, low diversity offense. He practices those power plays to perfection. Then, looks to use stronger/faster athletes in a bet you cant stop him, even when you know what he’s going to do. It’s hard to say which coaching style is better in all circumstances. Both of them do what they do at an extremely high level.
Matty, that’s a good take. Evans mentioned he held off until some coaching situations got settled. So, I was thinking he was talking about LSU’s passing game coordinator. Which, would mean he was leaning to LSU. But, I like your take that his recent situation with HS team made Kirby hold back until he got more info about it.
You were told...? That means nothing.You’re an anonymous person on the internet. Oh, I was told they passed a special rule allowing UGA’s alumni in the NFL to play in our bowl game. Like I said, that’s just what I was told.
Convenient indignation from a self described Irish looking person. You can mock him as being poorly spoken with an urban affect, or a thug trolling the streets past your bedtime with guns in his possession. Simple fact is truly dark skinned people regularly experience this thinly veiled mistreatment, and your biased defense of it.
Err, not a pachyderm fan. But, if I were, I’d pass on both of them and root for the cheerleaders
State of Georgia gives new Georgia residents 30 days to obtain a Georgia drivers license. It’s likely Cook has a perfectly valid drivers license, in good standing, from Florida. But, the charging officer decided Cook has been a resident of Georgia for more than 30 days. Clearly, his whip had a current and valid dealer tag, or he’s have be hit with a violation for that. The dealer carries insurance on its inventory. Obviously, the vague “unknown” insurance status became know during the stop since there was no citation for driving w/o insurance. No charge for possession or being under the influence. No charge for DUI (and it’s guaranteed a field sobriety test was conducted with an open container in question.) This entire thing boils down to a cop targeting young black men, and only able to tag any of them with an open container (again, w/o impairment) No wonder the black community is so concerned about discrimination from police.