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He’ll really need to put a much higher priority on “Set the tone for the program”. Maybe tied with 3rd on this list. LSU’s has been derailed recently by poor program discipline ad focus priorities more than anything. It affects everything. Recruits can sense weak leadership and lack of focus. Assistant coach candidates prefer a clear, well organized mission with strong support and resources. If LSU fixes the tone of program issue, everything else is much easier to accomplish.
An excellent blocking, 260lb TE with outside leverage is going to take the p i s s out of Anderson penchant for the backfield 5-10 times in the game. Won’t shut him down thiugh. Also, we need to force him into coverage as much as possible with formations, shallow routes, and a steady diet of play action.
Bless your heart, Bronco. Try your best to ignore your inner Munson voice. If you’ve been watching our Dawgs for 70 years (much respect), you know this team is one of the best you’ve ever seen to pull on the silver britches. We may not have the best QB we’ve ever had, but our style this year doesn’t depend on that. The next 3 games will all be tougher than every one of the last 12. The 2021 Dawgs have what it takes to win every last one of them without a Heisman candidate under center.
Id normally agree with you on this Mountain. But, I suspect Saban and Smart will both top $11m/yr rates by this LSU/UF/USC bidding war is over. You can bet any other SEC coach with a pulse or promise (Kiffen, Heupel, Stoops...) are going to ride along as well.
TDOW, you’re spot on that UA and Saban don’t deserve credit for Kirbys elite program mgmt skills. Even a casual fan can observe what Saban does to be successful. But, only an extraordinary leader can DO what he does. Kirby is that extraordinary leader. He does those things and more. But I will say, I think the Tide has had some historically successful recruiting classes in the last few years. Not sure he’s dropping off just yet. The real difference now is that with Kirby kicking a ss in recruiting, UA finally has to compete with another team that recruits as well or better than they do.
Exactly, Fuzzy. To go along with problem of reporting having sides, you have to deal with algorithms within each different social media site that’ll choke you with gray journalism and other content for the side it assumes you should be on.
Nah, loyalty only made the fans mad when the game results started dropping off. If he’d kept winning at expectation level, we wouldn't be talking much about loyalty. His downfall is his compulsion to always hard-sell and over-sell himself and the program employing him. He seems to believe best thing he can do to improve his results to to convince his players(and fans) that they are a better team than they really are. He does this hype-selling first, rather than improving recruiting, practice habits, tackling skills, blocking fundamentals, fitness, strength, team and personal discipline, player leadership, assistant coach development, team cohesion, program culture, and player life skills. When his players stopped believing the hype, they lost direction and cohesion causing his overachieving results to fail. He can be an excellent play caller. Unless he learns to do those primary coaching skills well, he’ll never be an excellent HC. I hope Gators find a better HC this time. Y’all deserve it. Just not to much better ;-)
Just like we don’t understand how the scary “Storm” is coming? BTW, I am your daddy, and you should first worry about UF owning a winning record.
In a way, much of the happenings around UF football and Mullen since the Kentucky game is reactionary noise that itself is amplifying instability in the team. (Yes, stuffs been building before that. But, it started the exponential escalation after UK) Mullen isn’t as bad a coach as the last 4 games portray him. When the heat gets hot enough, as it has for Mullen now, most all coaches perform unusually poorly under the distraction of the artificial pressure bubble. Richt got grouchy in press conferences, fired his coordinators, and played an unprepared QB. Spurrier and Myers fielded uncharacteristically poorly coached teams and quit. Well, Myers also did the dramatic “health” spaz. I think UF and Mullen could have (and still can) pulled themselves out of this tail spin if the fanbase would give him a few weeks without the escalating reactionary noise. Doubt UF would have beat UGA. But, I suspect the USC and Sam results would have been much better. I wonder if the program would be perceived as going in the right direction as it was up until the beginning of this season if the reactionary noise hadn’t escalated so dramatically.
Hooker is very potent in Heupels offensive scheme. He’s going to be tough to contain. I’m looking forward to an exciting game against one of the toughest offenses we’ll face this season.
Archie, If you take a look at my comment history, you’ll see that I’ve always been quite respectful of UF and OleMiss. I’ve been around long enough to see both sides of the rivalry success/failure equation. Soon enough, UF will be up and UGA will be down. Best wishes for you and your team.
Archie, there’s nothing arrogant about hoping one of your arch rivals hires a lying, traveling snake oil salesman with a weakness for young call girls. He may or may not be able to win a game at UF against UGA despite your excellent “6 degrees of Nick Saban” analysis. But, he would for sure be a hypocritical attention w hore with the media. I would revel in the perpetual distraction from The Gator Standard he would be.
Honestly, with Stetson running our O, we look a lot like Paul Johnsons triple option. We run up the middle a dozen times until the D puts 8 in the box with crashing safeties. Then, Stetson under throws a go route with a 50-50 ball. He completes passes only when the D over commits to run defense AND our receiver manages to win the fight for an under thrown ball. JT completes passes against other teams dime on 3rd and long. Stop trying to sell me on Stetson being a good passer compared to JT.
If only UF had a championship winning head coach working in the same building 1 floor up from Mullen, it would be perfect.
Mullens post game press conference ought to be a dozzie.
D has been awful tonight. But, this really bad loss is on the O just as much. It doesn't make sense. Y’all have a top 10-15 talented roster. This is just undisciplined performance in all phases of the game. It’s almost as if the team isn’t even practicing all week.
The trope of “a few plays made the difference” is what losing coaches (or homer analysts) say in an effort to convince their team (or fan base) that they aren’t as bad as the score or their record indicates. It’s usually technically true that if you could somehow remove 3-6 plays the other team made, the score may be closer or even tilt in your favor. But, when the other team curb stomps you the entire game, it’s false hope being sold. And that’s the core of Mullens UF tenure. He is always over selling himself and his program so hard, the audience has an inaccurately distorted perception of his and the teams ability. Expectations go high. Performance doesn’t meet expectations. Fan base is shocked and confused. Now they are angry.
Good googlie mooglie, this. The only thing possibly better than y’all keeping Mullen would be if you fired him to hire Freeze.
I’m pretty sure he’ll make staffing adjustments, and he deserves the opportunity to do that before folks run him out of town. However, even with an all star staff, recruiting like gang busters, it’ll take y’all a few seasons to restock the roster with enough talent to improve on field results more than a game or two. Does gator nation have the patience to wait for that?
Anybody notice that the Blue side of the stadium had emptied out of fans long before this? There might have been 5% of UF fans left in the stands for the 4th quarter.
Yes. Kirby graciously put in our 3rd and 4th stringers for that to happen. Let that streak slake your thirst for relevance for another year little pad-wan.
Honestly, y’all played a pretty decent game. I’d normally love the opportunity to pile onto a good Mullen slamfest. But, this was one of Mullens and Grantham's better coached games of the year. Our defense is making a lot of very good teams look unprepared and lacking in talent. Hope y’all win out this season.
Either JT is still injured, or he got zero reps with the first team the last 2 weeks because he wasn’t/isn’t cleared from injury in time to prep the game plan. Our offense was not dynamic and Stetson barely played well enough to escape it being labeled a bad game for him. There’s no way Kirby keeps a healthy and prepared JT on the bench past half time if JT could have run at least 20% of the playbook given Stetsons play.
When you’re reduced to Uniform reveal tweets during game week to stem the tide of negative buzz around your program, you’re officially a member of the Vandy club. Now the Gators get to blow the Admiral anytime they want.