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Ha! Sounds more like a coach who just thought it would be entertaining to troll Saban and UA fanbase. Anything could happen, but that prediction isnt based in Todays reality.
You hate to lose quality depth like this. But honestly, this recent spate of transfers form UF can end up being a good thing. It changes the lockerroom culture and gives Mullen to reassert his leadership in a new direction.(not saying Jackson is a bad guy) I think you guys will be better off in the long run.
I think Pruitt has had enough time to wash out the player stuck in a Butch mentality. His disciplined culture will take hold enough this year to win a few games they lost last year regardless of talent. He’s the kind of coach who can produce above average results with less talent than many other coaches. But, a bigger question for me around a supposed 5 year timeline, is if Pruitt and Fulmer can get things straightened out in the AD and Presidents offices, as well as with meddling boosters.
Sucks to lose the talent. But, better he leaves if meeting team standards is a problem.
Williams is an espn300, and has show possible upside with his measurable stats. While he looks like a better fit at CB, it’ll be interesting to see if Mullen gives him a shot at WR.
When the prosecutor basically cusses out the reporter for attempting to smear this young man as a criminal, common sense say, dont run a post baiting that narrative. Sit on stuff like this until Mullen uses SEC media days to find a clever way to announce how many days it’s been since a UGA athlete assaulted a tow truck driver.
Nothing unusual about a recruit falling short with grades. Best of luck to the young man. That being said, Mullen sure needs to figure out how to firewall the negative direction on his program.
Tom Crean is for real. I may have to break down and start following UGA BB more closely.
As a Dawg, I can’t help but get a good laugh at how quickly circumstances conspired to turn Mullens cute comments back on himself. But, in reality, this isn’t a recruiting or program killer they way Paul is implying. It can be if Mullen doesnt handle his business and shut this bad PR down, or adds fuel to the fire. It’s good for a chuckle right now, but not a big internet hissy.
Agreed, that is clearly a clickbait headline. I doubt the situation is as ugly as it’s being portrayed. However, while the players tweets would be harmless hazing if kept to the confines of the lockerroom, making those comments publicly signals questionable team culture, player, and coaching leadership to the CFB world. Mixing in his room mates sexual assualt allegations makes it more likely to be construed negatively. The players probably didnt intend that to be part of the message. None the less, it is.
That’s a pretty cool endorsement from GOAT. Respect to your spurs, whichever way they point today.
This has potential to eclispe the Mac-the-shark and credit card nine dumpster fires. Just waiting on a hilariously akward public reaction from Mullen to kick this thing into overdrive.
Yea, that instinct to get irate is very personality defect at the heart of this assclown’s problems. I’d get mad to, darth. But the difference between guys like us and Zach is that we wouldn’t scare school marms into calling the police when we get mad.
Does it seem weird to anyone else that Mullen isn’t managing the public relations side of this? No comments, or even an impersonal press release. I’ve never seen him as the kind of guy to shy away from the public messaging, even in adverse situations like this.
Gus doesnt hang his hat on developing first round QB selections. His offensive successes rely on quick O-linemen, power RB’s, and legit duel threat QB. Stidham was very good, but didnt cast well in the DT role. Also, Auburns O-line last year struggled. So, while this dopes comments are entertaining snark, I dont see them as particularly relevant.
Well, since Spurrier lost 1 game in the AAF, and I didn’t lose any games in the AAF, Spurrier will obviously concede the championship to me.
Asside from the pill distribution acusation, that list is weak. Its not flattering. But, its obvious the Collquit Co Admins hoped to smear Propst in the media to deflect blow back for firing an insanely successful coach. In all likelyhood, he was fired for being an arrogant ass to his leadership. Now, in my book, that alone is a good enough reason to can him. Just skip the beta, passive-agressive PR to avoid taking heat for making a difficult decision.
Ehh, that recruiting babble as a basis for a rivalry is nonsense. Its tough to develop a good rivalry when we dont play each other in the regular season every year. Mutual respect and hate, tested often is the formula for a good rivalry.
Good Lord, KING PEON!!! puts entirely to much effort into these retarded trolls.
NCAA will do whatever they can get away with in furtherance of their mission to protect their monopoly. Act like they are all about academics. But, only if their oposition has a weak spine or no leverage. Does Mizzu’s AD or President have a track record of either.
Good for Gibbs. I hope the fresh start and new position brings him success 364 days a year.
Now, that would have been spectacular! I would have dreaded us playing you guys, but the resulting media spaz, combined with a wicked Pruitt/Richt recruiting machine could have been epic. Either way, ya’ll got a good one in Chaney. I hope for many years of you guys getting scarily close to beating us while kicking everyone eles butts.
All he earned was a moment of name recognition significant enough to guile a few media members to pass along his uninformed troll. He didnt earn any special knowledge about UA’s coach compliance with NCAA rules.
For all any of us really know right now, this is the most clear headed observation any one has made yet. Coleys and Pitmans recruiting contributions have done more to elevate UGA to viable contender status than any other aspect of Kirbys program.
This is big for Vandy. Wonder what kind of draft prospect report he got.
Immature ramblings of a kid with a smidgeon of temporary limelight. Nothing indicates he has any special insight to give credence to his troll. The only things noteworthy about his comment is that he was dumb enough to say it publicly, and “reporters” were dumb enough to amplify it.
Chaney is a serviceable OC. He’ll fit Pruitt really well. Im not excited about him leaving UGA now because it makes me unsettled to have both coordinator spots open at the same time. But, we honestly need an upgrade at OC if we’re going to compete successfully for championships. Also, he may look to bring Pittman with him.
Aside from Holyfield, I wonder if this may be as much about Fields leaving and our strong tilt to a run orientation as anything else. 4 receivers leaving the program. All very talented, but not necessarily threats to go first round.