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Nice game Gators. Mizzu will be a test, but I think you’re up to it. Oh, and please, please curb stomp Florida State.
Kirbysmart, you have some good observations. But, you’ve let your fears get the best of you. Don’t lose sight of the fact that Coley’s frustratingly limited play book that focus on ball control still has us ranked top 4-6 in the country. We all wish our O could impose it’s will in any fashion, at any time it wants, against any defense. We have young receivers, TE’s that arent agile route runners, and an extremely effective OL. With that, it’s not a bad game plan to keep the risks and complexity low in the passing game until our receivers get experience.
Classy Salty. Good luck to y’all, as well. Hopefully, the next game in Jax for both of us will be just as meaningful and hard fought, which ever team wins.
Your guys played a strong game. Nothing to hang your heads about. As I expected, Trask was solid, your receivers were outstanding, and your secondary held the line. What I didn’t expect was Grantham folding by not using those stud OLB’s and blitz packages to get pressure on our passing game. The trade off to that I suppose was an unexpected resilience against our run game. I was also surprised that Mullen didn’t mix in more (any?) up tempo in combination with pre-snap motions. He’s usually one of the best play callers in the game.
Glad to hear he’s recovered. That second hit to his leg looked bad. Now, you guys steamroll on Saturday!
How about running some play action more than twice a game to open up the middle behind the ILB’s. Clearly, coaches aren’t confident in the receivers ability to run routes. Why else would they only have 3-4 patterns for splits and wides. Well, open up the middle to give these youngsters room for a few more single move routes. Make the D cover twice as much real estate on the back end without costing more time in the pocket.
That QB has grit. Best wishes for a quick recovery.
Great performance, USC. It’s great play like that, that makes favored teams looks bad. UGA probably isn’t as bad as y’all made us look. But, we certainly aren’t as good as we thought we were. I hope your boys heal up quickly and kick azz the rest of the season.
I’ve said it here before. It’s as if Meyer has occasional issues with medications.
Bronco, all you Post about is how you think Kirby is overpaid, you dislike your own team, you’re old, and your dad was a super connected UGA alumni. Maybe you’re a troll. If not, use that legacy experience you say you have to share some positive perspective on todays program.
I dont even bother attempting to read that upper/lower case stuff. Even trying is like having a grand maul seizure
Y’all, this has all the ingredients to be a great game! I may be looking forward to watching it than the UGA UT game.
“It’s a change. I’ll have to figure out if it changes what I do.” Not sure I’d headline that as an insightful response either.
I love Sabans response on the Cali bill. He’s like a war Colonel. He don’t waste a breath worrying about who, where, or why he goes to battle. He leaves that crap to his general and the politicians, and just focuses on winning the battle in front of him.
I bothered to watch the video. You should as well. This story is a dog whistle to those already disgruntled at Pruitt, Banks, or UT. My take was that Pruitt was half asleep, trying to figure out who/why he was getting called, expressing informed compassion for the kids warrant circumstance, and lastly, respectfully accepting the cops decision. I generally take great joy in UT misfortunes. But, I refuse to be mislead here regarding UT or Pruitt, by a bandwagoning bunch of bloggers whose prime purpose is trending clicks.
Tigers have the better team right now. But, spotting the home team 3-4 points for home field advantage will make for pretty close game. I still suspect an AU win.
Somehow, every time I hear Fisher speak it seems like he’s trying to fast talk someone into overpaying for 1993 Buick with 285k miles on it.
I suppose I’d give him a little credit for pulling up. And, he was hitting a running back actively girding himself for hits. But, he was certainly going for helmet to helmet contact. I don’t follow NFL close enough to know if that qualifies as a penalty. It does offend my CFB oriented safety sensibilities though.
Ben, Cox is a good player and a good kid. BTW, why do you know all the deets about UGA football arrests? Is it because y’all gators take so much dwag trolling on this site? Must be a drag to have to keep up so closely with the enemy.
Exactly, and it succeeded brilliantly. Solid, consistent, throttling pressure with the same, basic alignment that leveraged our size and athleticism without flourishes that opened us to potential exploitable error. It’s not as exciting to watch, but it delivers very high and reliable results.
I, for one, am tired of hearing about this. What, are we CFB fans going to next harp on for days when another team runs a pass play that is statically more likely to draw pass interference flags against us? Instead of complaining about this, let’s just run or pass hard at the backup who is forced into the game when an opposing player goes down for injury.
The apparent unimaginative play calling feels like a red flag against the play calling. But, I think Coley is doing that because the young receiving corps has only learned the basic routes and down field blocking concepts yet. So, he’s limited in what he can call. We know Kirbys brand is to focus on perfecting plays that leverage our athletic/size advantage. Heck, we hardly touched their QB all night because our D front only rushed their lanes. This O will open up the passing game when, and only when, the receivers prove in practice they can reliably execute more advanced routes and blocking.
Nice game, UF. You guys had a rough start to the season. But, clearly that Gator D is for real. You’ve earned your ranking, and my respect.
Ive been a Guarantano supporter this season. But, under the pressure of a strong Gator D front, his decision making and execution broke down in a meaningful way last night. Its frustrating. I still believe he has the athletic talent to be top tier, but maybe its time for Pruitt to give plan B QB some game time.
Ehh, not really. The Old Ball Coach is a seriously witty quitter. Does your wife do you a “favor” by leaving you as soon as her heart isn’t in it anymore?
In fairness, every team in the nation is going to have their weakest secondary performance against this UA passing battery.
A Vol win would be hilariously fun. But, it’d be a longshot. If these two played later in the season, I’d actually give UT a serious chance. UT’s O-line is just not ready yet. They’ll handle the Gator front 7 better than Miami’s kitten OT’s did though. The real problem for UT is going to be their porous secondary against UF’s excellent receivers.