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Come on. That’s not “throwing a punch”. That’s a frustrated, open hand slap because the TE was still blocking a play that ended a long time ago.
Full grown men who lost their job for consistent childish, selfish, and narcissistic behavior don’t consistently throw temper tantrums. They don’t risk penalty or sanction that threatens their organizations future success because others taunt him. And they show enough composure to not racially disparage their childhood community with glib deflections when called on to give account for their continued inappropriate behavior...puppy.
Maybe. But, ‘mouths of Penn State Fans’, make the meme work better than ‘mouths of ohio state fans’.
Oh, yes. That childishness was ‘almost’ the College Park in him. Good thing no one tried to grab at one of his bracelets as well.
Well, if this cost anything..”Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.”
Trask is serviceable. He’s reasonably athletic. He doesn’t make a lot of boneheaded mistakes. Y’all won’t lose games because of him. His play won’t hold back elite performances from other Gator offensive players. But, Heisman candidates have elite skills and performances. They carry teams when necessary. They are regularly game changers. So, he’s more AJ Mcarron or Aaron Murray than Tim Tebow or Trevor Lawrence.
Tebow attacking is nothing more than racist liberals smearing any ethnic, cultural, or religious symbol that they assume to be characteristic of Republican voters.
That’s all it takes for a second chance (again), 31 year old, multimillionaire, face of one of the most valuable NFL franchises to revert to “the College Park” in himself?
Before Our new OC, I’d have guessed the even Kyle Trask would have more passing yards than a first year transfer QB at UGA. But who knows now. Either way, you can bet that any QB in a Leach offense is going to pile on the yards.
I suppose his obvious transfer to get playing time is one of the key reasons for the NCAA’s silly sit-out rule. But, I’d still like to see Otis get a chance this year.
Seriously. Sabans not going anywhere soon unless the program blows up with some freak NCAA violations to force him out. And, that’s not happening either.
Exactly, Classy94. In fact, I don’t recall Kirby specifically rotating more than the 1 and 2 at QB for past preseason scrimmages. Seemed odd to me at the time that he did it, AND went out of his way to discuss it with the media. Heck, now is the time a coach limits reps 90/10 between his top 2 QB’s Maybe, despite all the physical tools, Jamie wasn’t learning the playbook or leading the O unit so well. Then, he figured having a close fight for the starting role would be worse for his draft stock than bowing out now.
Don’t worry Trudy. One day you’ll find a man to love you. It just won’t be Newman. Keep telling yourself that you’re pretty enough.
Don’t worry Trudy. One day you’ll find a man to love you. It just won’t be one with an IQ over 50. Keep telling yourself you’re pretty enough.
The shot man appears to have made a number of stupid decisions and behaviors that put him in grave peril. There’s a decent chance that officer was legitimately fearful for his life, and had a lawful basis for shooting to kill. Clearly, societies must have the ability to lawfully compel compliance with lawful commands. But, we just can’t continue to accept the current police procedures and Legal statutes that leave so much room for citizens to be killed so easily and often.
Realcojones for the win! Realco, this almost made me laugh as much as much as that time a UT fan told a UGA troll that Fulmer would beat Smart then polish his natty ring with Barbara Doleys panties.
Trudy, one day you’ll find a man who will love you. It just won’t be Stoops or Leach. Keep telling yourself you’re pretty enough.
I do think this is the year you guys will finally have washed out all the “5 stars of life” culture. So, I expect to see a UT team that plays with the consistent discipline and toughness it takes to not get tripped up by the teams youre supposed to beat. Thats Pruitts strength. The question for me is does Pruitt have the leadership to make your boys believe they can beat better teams. I’ve not seen that from Pruitt coached teams before. It’ll be fun to see if your team and coach can grow that next step.
Yea, he’s for real. But, I dont recall him being productive against us on the outside last hear. He did seem unstoppable over the middle. It’s not the corner matchup thats the problem. Its against OLB and Star/Rover that he’s a nightmare.
Well shoot. This will be a tough double lesson of patience for him. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
Trudy, one day you’ll find a man to love. It just won’t be Kirby. Keep telling yourself that you’re pretty enough.
Phil, what is this piece? Are you using this platform to swat Powers Warren!? That’s not cool. Your poorly structured sarcastic defense of the son after an incoherent progression of your grievances against the father doesn’t acquit you. If you want to promote a clever spin on how the BIG10 or Kevin Warren are wrong, fine. Just leave the kid out of it.
It would be fun to see a what Mullen would do with another LB like QB at UF. Even if this young man proves to only have average QB talent, Mullen calling plays with a legit run and pass threat big boy will cause all of us problems.
LOL, Sanchez says what? Heck, I’ll watch Auburn this year. Auburn fans will watch Auburn this year. But only Sanchez will watch Auburn because Auburn is “THE” team to watch in the entire SEC.
Trudy, no need to pout. Just keep telling yourself that you’re pretty enough.
The bigger contributor to home field advantage is the SEC home team can play 80 in a game, while the visiting team can only travel with 70. So, visitors tend to suffer more from less depth and greater fatigue.
I’d certainly give Lane a punchers chance. But, you’re probably right.
I hope Cox develops into a star defender for you guys. I’m a Brenton fan. I didn’t read Mullens comments to say Cox is showing signs of being that guy yet. It looks more like Mullen was saying that Cox is being responsible and working hard (a strong rehab of some peoples negative narrative of Brenton) Also, that we shouldn’t expect him to be anointed an OLB starting spot. But, that he’s going to try Cox at different spots to get him on the field this year. Brenton has a high upside. But, needs us to give him some room to mature. Looks like Mullen feels he’s doing the right things to be on track to accomplish that.
UGA already provided their affirmative approval for Cade to transfer anywhere, including within the SEC. That’s not the behavior of a school that has, or allows, a toxic environment. Cade will play if his attorneys smack talk has plausible supporting evidence. He’d deserve it, and UGA would deserve to have dirty laundry aired. Otherwise, he’ll sit out a year and forever carry the reputation as a ‘me first, at any cost’ kid. That will be a painful headwind for any type of post college career.
I know it hurts, Trudy. One day the man of your dreams will notice you. It just won’t be David. Until then, just keep telling yourself that you’re pretty enough.