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Dang! You should have told McGarity sooner. But, thanks for sharing your powerful observation now.
The old ball coach, CFB is always a touch more entertaining when he has something to say.
We’ve neen down this road. If your school is entertaining grad transfers for your starting QB spot, don’t get your hopes to high for a 10+ win season.
Isn’t everyone still scared of their high school football position coach? Mine would not hesitate to literally kick me in the ass as hard as he could if I ran the play wrong, or wasn’t polite enough to my social studies teacher.
Our secondary is going to be just fine. I went to the spring game. Both first and second string secondaries looked talented and disciplined. Baker, Reed, McGhee, LeCointe, Pool, and Speed all looked good. We didnt even see Gibbs, Wilson. Those guys have serious upside.
Come to think of it, she’s trolled UGA and LSU as a fan of those respective schools. (May even be Paris10, trolling UK) she’s also trolled UGA as UT fan Voltrain, eliciting UT v UGA squabbles. She’s trolled UF as UGA fan trudawg, eliciting UF v UGA bad will. In effect, she’s trolling UGA, LSU, UT, and UF (maybe UK). She’s most likely a UT fan. But, wouldn’t a UT fan be compelled to troll UA? Maybe she is, and I haven’t noticed her troll style in UA stories. But, if not, She may be a UA fan.
You’re right, LSUSMC. Bayou buford is Voltrain, and she is trudawg. It’s humorous how her desperation to troll rivals has forced her to immerse herself in constant and neurotic following of her rivals over her own team. She’s made herself a devoted follower of UGA and LSU. Haha.
Fox has lost out on literally every 5 star recruit since he came to Georgia 9 years ago. So, this dcommit means nothing new.
Cali was wierdly specific about who he DID NOT use to provide money to recruits. I have no idea if he’ll get caught up in this. But, statements like that raise my curiosity.
He can’t wait for the boom (no offense, cocks) to lower on all this FBI shenanigans. This quote is from a presser in front of UGA beat writers. He owns those writers. So, if they want to keep their access, they have to throw him softballs. Not just softballs, but the specific softballs he wants, and is prepard to answer. You can bank that he wanted the question, they knew ot, and he was ready with his ‘for the good of the game’ answer. He’s coaching for his job this season, and fell short. He’s looking for a lifeline. An,”Everyone cheated but me”, natative is a possible reprieve. But, only is the boom drops before McGarity is forced to cut him loose at the end of the season.
And that chic isn’t McElwain milquetoast. Hey, I could be wrong. This righteous indignation of hers may cost her in Columbia.
I think your right, LSUSMC. That dude is never leading. Only time we hear a peep out of him is in ‘response’ to crap that won’t go away by itself. Even then, like now, his words don’t have much gravitas.
The lawsuit appears a bit juvenile for my perspective outside of the program. But, brazenly pugnacious leadership often plays well inside a program, especially if they feel besieged.
She may not be able to prove damages, or even survive a motion to dismiss. But, she is winning the PR battle. I suspect her players and future recruits will fight harder and not quit.
Herman v Fisher is 0-0. 2019 recruiting class is the first data we’ll have to indicate how these two will produce head to head. I suspect Fisher will consistently win that battle. You guys are the sleeping giant of the SEC west. Time to own Texas and compete for titles.
Yep. You’re a thin skinned hypocrite, with tiny peepee Bama insecurity.
LOL! You’re inverse VolTrainConductor/Trudawg!
Thank you. I’m pleased with it. Oh. Wait. You’re that dip$hit who constantly whines about Georgia fans saying stuff you don’t like. Now, here you are poking your tiny peepee Bama insecurity into other teams threads. Thanks for showing us that your not just a sanctimonious jackhole, because your defining characteristic is that you’re a thin skined hypocrite. I dub you HypocriteTime.
Errr, didn’t the pirates suck monkey huevos last year? Maybe Saban just needs another scout team arm.
LSUSMC, have you seen him do any media? Just curious if he comes across as intelligent and/or a good communicator. Also how his maturitly level appears. I suspect those factors will play heavily into his ability to bounce back or not.
Yea, I don’t blame you Tigers for taking offense with some Dawg smack talk. Props to you guys for the more recent 2010 natty, and 2013 run. But, we’re not ashamed of our 2012 run, and especially not our 2017 OT championship. There aren’t many fanbases who would find it easy to choose between UGA’s 30 year penchant for 10-win seasons/chronically losing to higher ranked teams vs Auburns 30 year historical penchant for inexplicable hot-cold streakiness, unexpected faceplants. Time will tell if your $7m man can stop raising your hopes then dashing them with humble losing streaks, and if our prodical son can consistently win the big ones.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what Pruitt makes of this first chance to put a new leadership stamp on the Vols. SEC play will be a lot more enjoyable the sooner he can turn your programs arc toward success... except against UGA...;-)
I watched his highlight vid. He really looks like a linebacker more than a tailback at the next level. He has decent foot speed. He’s big and strong. But, I didn’t see much in the way of elite elusiveness or shifty change of direction. He’ll be a stud at either position. But, I think he’ll go farther at linebacker.
Actually, he didn’t b1tch Georgia’s line. He played well. But, he lined up against Isaiah Wynn, who graded out at 86.3 in the championship game. That was the number performance among all OT’s on the playoffs.