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Most all of those headlines can be attributed to normal house cleaning a new coach must do to wash out the players and coaches most responsible for driving the previous regimes failed culture. All of that is hyped by a skeptical and slightly estranged pool of beat writers. So, aside from a severely depleted roster, I suspect Heupel will have as good a chance for rebuilding UT as any FBS HC would.
Maybe you wouldn’t remember it if you had a lot of other, similar interactions.
Love Stetson. But, we must coach up Beck and Vandagriff this off season to be better than Bennett.
Mzufan, you may not know that DRob is black. And, KH advocated for no bail for rioters of any race as long as they were protesting police treatment of black men. So, this isnt race related. Its behavior related.
Aside from general intelligence and policy character, I’d say leadership and the ability to persuade others is probably more important than legal training. Senators have staff to research and write the laws for the policies they advocate. But yea, Tuberville is an idiot.
When he turns off the ‘Kevin from the office’ voice, he actually has a strong radio voice. I did not expect that.
That just glib, dgd. In the aughts, not even the social elitists considered dressing up as a black celebrity or athlete for halloween a racist act. Had he known then, that the future definition of racism would expand to include this, I suspect he would have made a different choice. We should all be slow to express smug outrage.
It was a dumb shot, not a cheap shot. Big difference. I still dont blame you that much for being huffy about it. Just be honest about it.
He looses a job opportunity for wearing blackface at a Halloween party 11 years ago as a teenager?! This pendulum will swing. History will judge poorly those who use stuff like that to score trendy social and political points.
All good points, bronc. I’d add, build the playbook, QB room, and O-line around a base spread attack With a mobile QB.
Relax the defensiveness tailwhip. Truelefty and I actually complimented your coach and program there.
Whew. We dodged a bullet there. Y’all will still get someone very good.
That you cite Hollywood fiction as your best defense for Knoxville “not” having hillbilly heritage, tells us all we need to know about you.
Dang, coach isn't messing around putting together a pretty nice coaching staff. If y’all’s boosters get out of the way, Auburn may get back into the thick of things.
Hey now. This is big. Actually, we’ve got a lot of major experience returning on both sides of the ball.
This suggestion of potentially big issues seems super out of character for Georgia. Nothing is impossible. But, I’m comfortable that nothing is there; at most some coach losing track of when/how/what way he does his normal, otherwise legal recruiting activities.
Dan does seem perpetually smitten with open NFL coaching positions. He’s a good coach. Better than agent Muschamp and the shark. But, with y’all’s heritage, state population, and historically down rivals FSU and UM, I think you will do a lot better with your next coach.
We shouldn’t consider Dean an automatic return for 2021. Labrum injuries, particularly SLAP tears, are very slow recoveries. Even relatively easy, clean and debride Labrum repairs can take 9-12 months.
I wonder if Mullen’s agent had any influence on this award. It sets up nicely for his desire to go to the NFL. Mullen is an excellent offensive schemer, top 3-4 for sure. But, being a HC involves so much more than that. He’s above average at most of it. Well below average at some. He’s a very good HC, but there’s many other HC’s that are more deserving of this accolade this year.
What? The conversation about y’all getting better coaches in the deal starts there? Um, naa.
The lead of this story is the comments Mullen made about taking an NFL job, not that he’s listed elevententh in a list for the Jets job. He did everything but pass out his resume. He compared it to WHEN is the right time to go to the NFL.
Sark is a legit HC threat. Especially if he’s running a program like Texas. That school has been a sleeping giant ever since Mack Jones left.
Thanks, cm. I also think we’re in for a few years of really good competition. I know the ‘4 loss season’ smack talk is an easy razz. But, you guys made a really nice improvement this year. You earned my respect. Congrats.
Yea, Nash. I think you’re spot on with that assessment. Y’all got an upgrade there. Well, honestly, I don’t keep tabs on y’all’s team well enough to know if the mediocre secondary play is from poor player development (on Gray) or from poor scheme/play calling (on Grantham). But, I can say I rarely ever heard about either of those guys being pivotal in recruiting elite talent.
“Somehow finds a way to win”? Hunte somehow managed to keep her job another day. What? If it’s not a curb stomp, the winning team only “somehow finds a way to win”? We didn’t score on a bunch of fluke plays. We didn’t sleep walk into bowing up on defense. We didn’t ding a kick off the upright. We took our flawed team, fought hard all 60 minutes, and won against a top 10 team with one of the best defenses in the country.
Dang! Sweet observations about JT and Stetson. The NE Patriots have some tough QB decisions to make next year. You’ll make a mint consulting Belichick on that.
What was the deal with the clock not stopping when Cinci ran out of bounds, untouched, for a first down at about 02:15 left in the game? It ran while they took another 20+ seconds to take the next snap. I figured out of bounds or move the chains, or both should have stopped the clock.