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Great news, can't wait to never tune in to that show.
I've always wondered this, not whining, just curious...does LSU actually get more night games than other teams? Seems like an important advantage. Players get more sleep, fans are louder. I thought TV contracts controlled all kickoff times, but is there another calculus like "stadium is awesome at night therefore they get more night games?"
Doesn't anyone else think Saban would be allergic to retirement? He's like an Australian cattle dog. If he didn't chase a herd for 20 miles a day, he would get antsy. He lives for the grind and wouldn't know what to do with himself without it. I see him coaching forever like JoePa as long as he stays in good health...speaking of which, he seems to have incorporated taking care of himself into The Process just like everything else. Which means all this speculation about "who would replace him" is pointless for another 10-15 years. The flavor of the moment will be totally different by that time.
Inject directly into my veins. Couldn’t have happened to a better team. Never seen more bush league behavior at any level in my life. Here’s an idea for 2023: focus on baseball instead of spending so much energy trying to act like the largest jack@$$es possible. Play the game with dignity and respect.
I really appreciate how careful with his words Kirby is. Always downplaying stuff like the feuds and working hard not to create media drama because it becomes an unnecessary distraction. The "HBTFD?" moment was about as sensational as he's gotten so far.
How anyone can stomach watching that guy for any other reason than morbid curiosity is befuddling to me.
Love him as a football coach but it is kinda weird and sad. Also sad that yes, a show just following him around with a camera and documenting everything (with subtitles of course) would be a smash hit.
Ron, I respectfully disagree. I think the tournament shows why the way college football picks a national champion is infinitely better. You have to sustain excellence from September to January. One or two slip-ups and it's "well, maybe next year." With the NCAA tournament, all of your previous 30+ games are meaningless. It's less of a true season national champion than a team who got hot at the right time and strung together six wins. What's the point of the regular season other than just competing for your seed?
As a UGA fan, I hope Coach Muschamp concludes that after two tries as a HC, it would be much more fun to just settle in at the alma mater and build a dynasty. Don't have to worry about talking to the media, boosters, and all the other non-football junk that being a HC entails. Not to mention having to worry about offense. Just coach ball and produce elite defenses for a few decades with Kirby, and keep bringing titles to Athens.
Fans with longer memories, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember Coach Searels being an elite O-line recruiter during his last time on the UGA staff from 2007-2010. That's what concerns me most about this hire. If he can't recruit the way his two predecessors can, we need to find somebody else. The Pitt Boss and Coach Luke were great on-field coaches, yes...but when you bring in the monsters they recruited year after year, you're kinda starting on third base.
Corch, love most of your suggestions, but what about the kids that want to graduate high school early and enroll in January for spring practice? They need that early signing day. Getting six extra months of collegiate strength and conditioning plus spring practice is a great start to their careers.
Seriously. Every time he makes more public statements, he digs the hole deeper.
Stet's performance in 2022 will probably take a slight dip through no fault of his own, but the fact that his 2021 stats are inevitably tied to a generational defense. QB stats look different when you're up by three or four touchdowns in the late second quarter or early third, as UGA routinely was this season. With a much younger defense next year, UGA's margins of victory will be smaller, meaning the offense will likely have to bail the defense out more than it did this year...meaning Stet's flaws will be more magnified.
Young’s was a fumble that got ruled a pass. Cost us seven points on that return. Bennett’s was a pass that got ruled a fumble. One other play that sticks out to me as hugely consequential was when that Bama backup receiver dropped that pass that hit him right in the hands inside the UGA 10. Devastating for Bama, wasn’t it third down?
Connor, not a CHANCE that Urban Liar is the #2 coach of this century. That's obviously Dabo Swinney, who brought Clemson up from nothing as a former unproven wide receivers coach. Urban was afraid to face Saban routinely and knew he wouldn't be able to sustain his success at UF after his lightning-in-a-bottle generational talent Timmy T left. So he conveniently developed "chest pains" and wanted to spend more time with his "family" (we know what that means, see Columbus bar video). One more natty at OSU isn't impressive because at the time, that conference was largely a joke and he had one good night against Alabama. And the countless character issues diminish his on-field achievements.
Not just saying this because UGA won, but yes the more I pay attention to Coach Saban, you can't come away with anything but respect for him. Especially in these recent years, it seems he has begun to show a more fatherly side of himself without losing a hint of his edge or competitiveness. The fact that he was able to joke with Kirby at midfield demonstrates his humility and genuine good nature. He's able to fight like hell during the game but when the last whistle blows, he's immediately back to building up his players (and I'm sure, recruiting this morning). I think there are still many trophies between him and retirement. I honestly see him staying at Bama forever like Paterno at Penn State. He's a guy that would hate retirement and be bored, and he's still in good health.
I really hope Biden tells one of his classic dementia Grampa Simpson anecdotes when the Dawgs visit. "You know, Pop Warner himself used to come down to our sandlot in Scranton and teach us all the ol' Wing T. Then Corn Pop showed up and started cut blocking everyone, so I told him 'Hey, Esther! Why don't you block up high like a man?'"
Congrats to Stetson for not listening to washed up fat loser dads like me who didn’t believe in him and getting it done!
Doubtful his scrambling will be as effective as it was against Michigan, whose athletes are inferior to Alabama's. Should have been playing Daniels, who has...ah forget it, that horse is beaten to death. Bennett, if the play's not there, please, for the love, throw it into the freaking stands, not into the hands of an Alabama DB.
I hope all the negotiations fail and the current system remains in place. Not broken, doesn't need to be fixed. Cincinnati's performance in the CFP demonstrated that we don't need G5 teams or two-loss champions from inferior P5 conferences to get pummeled in an eight- or twelve-team format. The CFP has been remarkably uncontroversial in picking the top four teams since 2014 to any rational observer.
As bad as I want UGA to win, I mostly just feel a sense of dread. Fortunately, they didn't ask me to give the boys the pre-game speech tonight with my bad vibes. I will hope for the best but will mostly be watching the game with one eye, peeking out from under the blanket that is covering my head.
If we win tomorrow night it will be in spite of SBIV, not because of him. Hoping the D can have a historic night pressuring and limiting Young, and we can sustain some long drives on offense running the ball a lot and eating clock.
Very sad. Tons of talent and God-given size; it’s a shame he couldn’t at least keep it together for a couple seasons and set himself up well financially for the rest of his life.
BREAKING: ALABAMA FOOTBALL PLAYER REALLY GOOD AT FOOTBALL CRIMSON TIDE HAVE REALLY GOOD PLAYERS NOT ONLY ON FIRST STRING, BUT SECOND STRING AS WELL In a shocking turn of events, Alabama wide receiver Ja’Corey Brooks, who was previously a backup to starter John Metchie III, has demonstrated that he is really good at football since Metchie's injury moved Brooks into the starting lineup. Apparently, Alabama head coach Nick Saban devotes a substantial amount of his time to identifying the best high school football players in America and then personally inviting them to attend the university on a scholarship and play on his team. "Well, the thing about Ja'Corey is, he's very good at running past defensive backs, even when they try their best to keep up," explained Saban. "Then, while still running full speed, he's also really good at catching passes from the quarterback, sometimes even jumping super high in the air to do so. He can also then continue running very fast into the end zone, resulting in lots of points for us." Sources in Tuscaloosa, who declined to be named, also reported that Brooks is really good at working out in the weight room. When reached for comment, Georgia coach Kirby Smart remarked that although Brooks is really good at football, Georgia's secondary has players that are pretty good at football too. "I told our defensive backs that they're going to have to run as fast as they absolutely can to keep up with Ja'Corey Brooks, and Jameson Williams too. I think they'll try to do that," Smart predicted. When asked why Georgia's other players normally appear to be really good at football against any team not named Alabama, but then not very good at football when playing Alabama, Smart shrugged and said, "Maybe the eighth time's the charm next week."
Kirby's goose is likely cooked in this game regardless. If he sticks with Bennett in a shootout, Bennett won't be able to keep up and will throw a few more picks. If he decides to throw Daniels in there, he'll be rusty and he might take care of the ball, but Bama will probably sack him a few times and he might not be able to dig us out of the hole. This stupid conundrum was entirely avoidable if we had been starting Daniels in the tuneup games against Missouri, Tennessee, Charleston Southern, and Georgia Tech. Not to mention consistently going against our ones on defense in practice. Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.
Bama could have beaten Cincinnati running a Wing T with Young throwing zero passes. Toss sweep right, toss sweep left. They won that game before it started with the talent gap.
After seven in a row, most of them with blown leads, there's no way you could pick UGA (speaking as a die-hard UGA fan). I'm expecting to be competitive early, then fade in the second half as Bennett can't keep up in a shootout with Young. The usual script.
Excellent point. Almost every year since the CFP started, the top four have been clear once all the conference championships have been played. The one or two years when you could argue about #4 vs #5 isn't worth blowing up the whole system and taking it to 8 or 12 teams. Would certainly lead to more blowouts, and the same dumb arguments about the top teams who were "left out."