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tOSU Suckeyes just cannot cope. What a loser program, administration, and fanbase.
Pretty sure the line about tOSU Suckeyes being "the most talented team in the nation" and having "the best roster in college football" was inserted mainly to troll.
This is why they say not to go into business with friends. I know Kirby and Bobo bled and sweated together for the Dawgs 28 years ago, but I was concerned that the personal connection would cloud Kirby's judgement if Bobo ended up mediocre. If the offense sucks all season, we have to see if Kirby's willing to torpedo a lifelong friendship by firing his buddy. Would have been better not to make the hire in the first place, surely there had to be someone better available.
I expect a tough, close game. Both teams will want it really bad. Trajectory optimistic for the winners, super pessimistic for the losers.
How refreshing. Instead of coachspeak, genuine humility and gratitude. Let's go.
That's good. Never heard that one. I'm not holding my breath on Milton. We've been "waiting for him to get healthy" for 3+ years now. Not sure if he just has the worst luck or is made of glass.
Mark Richt's UGA teams used to inexplicably lose about one game a year to a vastly inferior opponent. Brian Kelly is averaging about one inexplicable media appearance per year. The fake Cajun accent was #1, then this weird denial is #2 when there's crystal clear audio of him saying it...
Dude I'm sorry it's only coming at the expense of your team looking awful, but you post the funniest comments on this site.
Why does anyone still put Urban Liar in front of a microphone? Of course he's going to hate on UGA and Michigan, regardless of the topic, because he's a homer for his beloved Súckeyes.
Ron, re: "no distractions from winning"...the off-field deaths/culture of speeding is a distraction right now. If it turns out not to affect the season, I think that's another major notch in Kirby's belt, that he was able to squash it. If the dynasty goes downhill from here though and culture is to blame, the speeding will have been the canary in the coal mine. We'll see!
gwhite, you and your stats man. I don't get it. UGA "lacked the stats in major areas where most natty champions had them." Only stat that matters at the end is did you get the green W or the red L. You sound like Dan Mullen after losing to Kentucky..."but we had more yards then them." Hahaha.
What surprises me is that Puglisi didn't decommit and play the field after we asked Raiola to the prom.
Yeah Kirby's different, I think he kinda enjoys recruiting. I would hate having to live on my phone and work seven days a week, so I can see the allure for the NFL: better hours and you just coach ball, the GMs put the team together. I do think Saban and Kirby don't like the parity in the NFL. They win 80% of their games in the offseason by having massively better talent than the other team most Saturdays in the fall.
Terrible fit. Coach O should just join ESPN or something. Make almost as much money and work about 1/10 of the hours with none of the stress of recruiting or winning.
Also, yes Flarda's culture under Urban was terrible and he had a bunch of criminals on his team...15 years ago at this point. Who cares? Again, why not have our standard be elite, not just "well we still have a better culture than 2008 Flarda." That's a pretty low bar, I would hope our school would strive for more.
Hey Corch, you keep wanting to know where UGA's statistics fall among all the national averages. I have a different take. When compared to other teams, and certainly the college student population at large, UGA football players lift more weights, run faster, etc. In other words, they have attributes of only a tiny minority of the population. Why not strive to be exceptional as well off the field, with driving for example? Why not strive to be SAFER than the population at large? I know our linemen probably strive to back squat more than anyone else in the country. Since when did we want to just be average at anything? Why not be elite? I understand it's probably a pipe dream with young men and their NIL fast cars, but why not make excellence the expected standard? Yes to save lives, but also just because it's a lifestyle and a sacrifice to make to continue to dominate the sport. Elite practices, elite weightlifting, elite nutrition...elite safe driving.
For real, whether this is WóKeNeSs or ignorance...there is no revenue in women's basketball. It is a net loss on the athletic department's balance sheet. Baseball makes a little money.
Dude, yeah it was a bad game but if Google is correct there are approximately 297 Division I baseball teams who did not make the CWS Finals, so I don't think Flarda would have made it that far if they were "pathetic." And although I never root for Flarda, I can acknowledge when they are good at things.
I get your point Dixie. For basketball and baseball, you just have to be good enough to get into the bracket and get hot at the right time, which makes for the Cinderella stories. I would disagree a little bit and argue that there's also some value in having to be near-perfect in football to make the top 4. There is no regular season like college football, where a major matchup in September could be decisive come selection time in December. Makes regular season games have an electric atmosphere. When we unfortunately move to a 12 team football playoff, it will revert to being more like baseball and basketball and some uniqueness will wear off. Four was fine, eight would have been more than enough, twelve is too much. But nobody asked my opinion.
Wes Johnson was the linchpin of LSU, he'll have UGA in Omaha next year. Jk but seriously hope he brings some of that magic to Athens.
It's an honor and privilege to have a target on your back. Best of luck to everyone who plays us and may the injuries be few.
Last year's UT team was bush league and didn't deserve to win it all because of what an embarrassment they were to the game. Lack of class and character was evident - they couldn't handle winning. This year's team was a little less bush league, so were a little easier to tolerate. Kudos to the Vols for not giving up early and playing hard all year.
Rod should have replied, "You're still an insufferable doúche bag."
I'm in the same boat. Was hoping for a proven head coach. Career assistants can be hit or miss. That said, if you look back at Coach Stricklin's career at Kent State from 2005–2013, it made total sense to hire him then. He was crushing it, winning conference championships and regionals, etc. So proven head coaches can miss as well.
Sigh. Saban, man up. Take a cue from Kirby, who says "Give us 9 conference games. Our kids came here to play in big games. Doesn't matter who it is, let's line it up and go." No fear.
Different dynamics. To me, this is still why college football has the best regular season in sports (when we had a four-team playoff, anyway). Every Saturday is so impactful. A 12 team playoff is going to dilute that a little, and the same usual suspects are going to be whining that there are at least 4-5 SEC teams in the top 12 every year.
Hats off to you guys and best of luck. The fact that football is so historically tough sledding for y'all makes it easier to root for you during baseball season.
Elite lack of concern for anything not related to preparing his young men for victory, and hopefully stopping all the stúpid Fast & Furious cráp.