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Fact check article of the year right here....
Exactly. He did the same thing at State by constantly taking shots at "the school up north."
I don't think bowl games are dying. Are there too many? Yes, but a lot of the fuss some of you guys are spitting out just sound like excuses for your teams being out-played in their bowl games.
I wonder if some sort of prosthetic hand would improve his play?
Exactly. He kind of reminds me of Nkemdiche, minus the drugs and falling out of windows...
Agreed. Between him and Guidry, our WR core should be drastically upgraded immediately.
I couldn't care less who Van Jefferson plays for. I was simply stating that the QB situation in FL is a much bigger issue. Where are you getting that I am "clearly hurt"??
Right. Who throws him the ball is a much bigger issue.
^This. Bjork and Vitter should have been shown the door long ago too. It amazes me how so many Ole Miss fans are content with the administration keeping them.
Agreed. Freezeus came out smelling like a rose and is now back to preaching his BS to anyone who will listen.
I have been asking the same since this all began. How this man still has a job is beyond me.
Agree but I'm anxious to see who he gets for DC. That is the important hire.
It is bush league and it's exactly how Mullen left his players at state too. So I agree with you there, but don't fault the man for bettering his career.I wish more coaches would do like Scott Frost is doing and sticking with his team through the bowl game, then moving on to the next challenge.
You make it sound like a few hundred thousand dollars extra per year is insignificant.....The man is trying to better himself and his career by becoming a head coach.
Will Bjork survive? Serious question.
Because Cohen is way more competent as an AD than Currie is. That's why.
I have been very impressed with Cohen as a first time AD. He nailed the baseball hire last year with Cannizaro and I have no reason to doubt that he got the right guy on this one too.
I like the fact that Cohen wasted no time in finding a replacement for Dan. While it is yet to be seen as to whether he made the right choice, Cohen has proved that he knows a winner when he sees one, as evidenced by his Cannizaro hire last year. And yes I know that he is a baseball guy, but he needs this to be the right hire if he wants to continue as AD.Welcome aboard coach Moorhead.
Will he keep Shannon on as DC or bring in a new face?