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The only way one gets fired this year is if we have another Hugh Freeze situation or similar.
Shocker. I hope more and more stories continue to come out and expose the real Urban Meyer.
No doubt we are losing some elite players on D, however ALL of the linebacking core will be back and a lot of the rotating players on the D-line will be back. Secondary will be a question. We'll just need some younger guys to step up. But I don't think it'll be all doom and gloom on D next year.
I agree. MSU77 doesn't speak for all state fans. With the exception of his play calling and or scheme in 2 or 3 games this year, I've been pleased with Moorhead. I definitely don't foresee MSU regressing back to the Croom era.
Saying LSU will win and keep the boot isn't bold whatsoever. Everyone in the country expects an LSU win. Please quit calling these articles BOLD when none of them are ever in fact, BOLD.
This is what should have happened from the beginning.
Having the Vols winning is about as bold as it gets.
While I couldn't care less about being in attendance, this will be an entertaining game to watch.
I agree. I’m thinking Fitz’s leash is getting shorter and shorter.
It's mind boggling to think that some of the Ole Miss LB's were 4 star recruits. That is some of the absolute worst LB play I've ever seen in the SEC.
I thought the same thing when he was hired, but honestly I don't think he's done a bad job. Sure, the defense is horrid and the Wesley McGriff hire is on him, but recruiting and offensive production has been pretty solid.
He hasn't sacrificed jack sh*t! You don't think he's getting paid by NIKE?
Please enlighten us as to how he has sacrificed "everything"..... I'll wait...
Pat Tillman is a NFL player who sacrificed everything, not Kaepernick. What a ridiculous ad. Shamefully done by NIKE.
Wow. What is he, a 12 year old? His lawyer has to be banging his head against a wall right now.
Well, that's disappointing. Why is this just now news?