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ColReb, That wasn't my argument. All I'm saying is that ANY player on the field is going to be more explosive than one who is riding the pine. I don't even understand why Hurts made this list.
Right, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and claim that Fitz will be way more explosive than Hurts will be riding the pine... Just saying.
McGriff has his work cut out for him, that’s for sure. I just don’t see where he gets any improvements from but like you said, if he can get a smidge of better on run defense, tackling or LB play, he can keep his job.
8 days now. Can you read? She isn’t the last person they’ve interviewed. They will meet with the wife beater later this week.
I sure as hell hope so. No doubt Moorhead will go to Keytaon if Fitz struggles with the new offensive scheme.
Bingo. Sounds to me like he’s saying he followed protocol and his superiors let it go.
Nah, but he’s a solid backup. I don’t think Moorhead would hesitate to put him in if Fitz struggles too.
Keytaon Thompson is a sophomore. He came in as a true freshman last year when Fitz went down in the egg bowl. He also beat the brakes off of Lamar Jackson and Louisville in the bowl game. He’s got some experience under his belt for a backup.
He’s gone. I’m betting they announce it by the end of today.
How long after he’s fired until he’s hired on as an Alabama analyst?
Just because there’s no “smoking gun” doesn’t mean he can just pin this on his wife and keep his job. “He’s gone” -GD
Please stop the hype. Enough already. Let’s wait and see how a few games play out with our first year coach. Frankly, as an old realistic bell clanger, I’m worried about Kansas State on the road.
Speaking of Freezus, did you see about his couples therapy retreat he hosted at a beach resort recently? Apparently couples actually PAID to listen to him speak about “how to build a relationship when your marriage gets tested.”
It’s only a matter of time now.
Well, technically they lost 2 LBs. One to ACL injury, the other was kicked off the team the day before.
Can they shake it off and go play ball tonight or will this play haunt them for god knows how long??
I believe it was Henderson's job if he wanted it and the rumor is, he didn't want it. I hope he at least stays on board as pitching coach.
This is a very good thing for the state. The casinos here on the coast are already remodeling and incorporating new sports rooms/bars on their gaming floor.