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I have been asking the same since this all began. How this man still has a job is beyond me.
Agree but I'm anxious to see who he gets for DC. That is the important hire.
It is bush league and it's exactly how Mullen left his players at state too. So I agree with you there, but don't fault the man for bettering his career.I wish more coaches would do like Scott Frost is doing and sticking with his team through the bowl game, then moving on to the next challenge.
You make it sound like a few hundred thousand dollars extra per year is insignificant.....The man is trying to better himself and his career by becoming a head coach.
Will Bjork survive? Serious question.
Because Cohen is way more competent as an AD than Currie is. That's why.
I have been very impressed with Cohen as a first time AD. He nailed the baseball hire last year with Cannizaro and I have no reason to doubt that he got the right guy on this one too.
I like the fact that Cohen wasted no time in finding a replacement for Dan. While it is yet to be seen as to whether he made the right choice, Cohen has proved that he knows a winner when he sees one, as evidenced by his Cannizaro hire last year. And yes I know that he is a baseball guy, but he needs this to be the right hire if he wants to continue as AD.Welcome aboard coach Moorhead.
Will he keep Shannon on as DC or bring in a new face?
"Alabama will face their first real road test of the year at Auburn."What the hell was the game in Starkville Saturday night? Or the game at College Station?
Hot garbage? Did you even watch the MSU vs AL game?
He's not consistently accurate. I never said he was. However, his receivers have done him absolutely no help this year. Anyone who's watched MSU football will tell you that they have dropped waaaaaaay too many passes. If a pass hits a starting receiver in the hands, they ought to catch it 9 times out of 10. Not 3 times out of 10...
Why not FL? You guys want someone who can light up the scoreboard, right? You want to score points? He's your guy...
Unless we find someone who can run a decent route and actually CATCH a ball thrown their way, this game will not be close. Bama will stop the run and force Fitz to throw. Repeated 3 and outs will leave the defense on the field far too long and often causing them to wear down. The key will be if someone other than Donald Gray can step up and make a play on big 3rd downs.
I agree. There are not nearly enough aquatic mascots at universities near the coastline.
Ashamed?!? Of his son understanding reality? You are what is wrong with Tennessee fans...
You want one on the Ole Miss run game or tackling ability?
You can blame your administration for that move. They wanted to play hardball with Nutt. See where that got them....?
Yep."The complex will now include a barber shop, arcade, bowling alley, laser tag, an HD theater, nutrition center and even a nap room."Sure sounds like a animal house on steroids to me...