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I am just amazed at how absolutely none of either the media or followers of the programs that need a new coach has not mentioned Brian Kelley at Notre Dame as a candidate. He passed Rockne this year for all time wins at Notre Dame and has won 10+ games for the last 5 yrs which is a first in the history of Notre Dame football! He also built Cincinnati into a winner! The religion and academic standards are tough at Notre Dame, they rank overall at #19 in academics according to Forbes! Just think what he could do at a school that would untie his hands and let him recruit the players that he needs???? Truly amazing at how he is always passed over? He deserves credit for the results that he has produced at Notre Dame and should be in the conversation for one of these open positions!!!!
Leave Coach Stoops alone! He needs to stay at UK! LSU has reached out to Coach Stoops! I would turn LSU down! You can be fired shortly after winning a championship! Not worth it to me!!
Hey LSU. Take Bill O'Brian and leave Coach Stoops alone at Kentucky!!! LSU has contacted Coach Stoops this week! I hope he stays at UK!!!
Well Tennessee fans, Sonny Osborne passed away on October 24th! Who was he? Him and his brother Bobby formed the Osborne Brothers, which played Bluegrass style of music! What was their contribution? Bobby sang and Sonny played the banjo. Their most famous work was "Rocky Top" which I believe all in the Tennessee Volunteers fan base are well versed in!!! The real point is: They both were born in Hyden Kentucky where Former UK QB Tim Couch was born also! So Tennessee needed 2 Kentuckians to come up with a song for Tennessee to rally around. How ironic is that!!!
Why is John Calipara still the head coach at UK? I would love some feedback on this question and also why the media continues to give him a pass? Final Four in 2022 or the door in my viewpoint?
How can UK have the highest paid coach at 10 million dollars per season with a 6-8 record against Rick Barnes at Tennessee and a 5-6 record against Bruce Pearl at Auburn in the last 11 games? That coach also does not have the most games won in the SEC since 2018! This coach publicly admits that he got outcoached and the media does not question him? Oh, I understand, he is a Liberal so questioning him is not allowed? This is on the UK Administration, no Final Four since 2015 but this lack of performance is acceptable!!!
It is time for the media to start asking tough questions about accountability for the"State of the Program" to the 10 million dollar Ambassador of UK Basketball!!!!
I give the Tide credit! They play good together and they have an excellent coach!
I give Satan a ton of respect. He gets the job done despite replacing a majority of his staff on a yearly basis! You have to give Satan and Alabama their due, even if you dislike both him and the University! I like this site much better than the absolutely worst excuse for a media outlet that goes by the name of KSR!
Don't even get me started on "The Ambassador" of UK Basketball!
I am a big Coach Stoops fan. The lack of revenue support in comparison to other SEC teams shows a disparity in perceived expectations at UK. I saw an article from 24/7 that UK has the #15 facilities in college football which is good for only 8th in the SEC. It is an uphill battle but you are the best Coach Stoops since Bear Bryant at UK.
Kentucky Sports Radio articles are written by people that should just pull his pants down and kiss his ass. Stop wasting time! That is why I am on here and Sea of Blue for realistic articles about UK!