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Bo Pelini is available! Maybe Gerry Faust has a grandchild! Is an alumnus of Auburn i am disgusted and ashamed. Offer the job to Jared Kushner?
Im an auburn guy but i agree with mobilewildcat. This a shameful mess and players arent studpid. This program will be in the toilet.
It is amazing that NO ONE any would want as a head coach will accept an association with auburn boosters. Whisky tango foxtrot
There is a reason why no one wants this job. I have no inside information as to why but I would love to hear the players' perspective. Personally, if they were my sons I'd be encouraging them to transfer now. I'm an alumnus, and a fan, but I am embarassed and deeply concerned that no decent coaches will go near this pile of booster-infested garbage.
Napier was, and is, my first choice among available coaches. He actually outcoached Matt Campbell at Iowa State, who I consider the best coach not named Saban- and that's mostly because of the latter's recruiting. I hope Napier gets the job.