Michigan fan wondering why some Head Coaches (e.g. Mike Leach) a very ordinary mind based on some Air Raid easily stopped offense get a pass from fans & media

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First: "what could’ve been a unique and intriguing hire (Mike Leach)" Where has Mike Leach EVER sustained a winning program? His version of the air raid has been figured out because he still refuses to run the ball, adjust to the players he has or be accountable. Compare to OU that gets the best running backs, adjusts to it's QB's skill set & is trying to build a defense. Second: We need to get over "making the playoff" to judge what is good for a program. Developing a acceptable number of players for the NFL draws 4-5 stars and the Vols have the money, the facilities, all they need are the Coaches. Get to 8+ wins, get a major bowl, get to the point you can beat Georgia & Florida at home, stay on the field with Alabama, get to the SEC title game at least every 5 years. Let Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson go to playoff. Use that 1 SEC title every 5 years to win and get into the playoff. Vols play Alabama every year, so if they get there it would a second Tide game or a team good enough to beat the Tide. Get Tony Elliott from a winning culture who has developed every QB on his roster, give him 5 years and stay out of the way until Year 4 to either give him an extension for averaging 8+ wins, beating Georgia & Florida once each, NOT losing to Vandy, NOT losing at home to any non-Power 5 team, showing improvement vs. Tide or let him know the 5th year what he has to do to stay.
Harbaugh finally got what every Coach not named Debo and Nick wants: low expectations. 6 ranked B1G teams plus Golden Gophers, Spartans, Rutgers, Purdue & Cornhuskers will be "tough outs". I wonder who will take Harbaugh's place as National overreaction? Georgia? Florida? Texas A&M? Penn St?
"But it seems like someone on the inside was or is out to get Jeremy Pruitt." It would seem to me the program and by relation Pruitt the ACTUAL results of an investigation would be the determining factor, not having the investigation "leaked" early. Maybe Finebaum KNOWS somebody is out to get Pruitt, but he has to protect his sources with "fuzzy" language.
"Quit smoking those untaxed cigarettes and get a job. Really." My biggest laugh of 2021 so far!!!
A player in 2021 like Rocket is going to Alabama even to be 2nd string for 1-2 years cause he knows when they start they will get the deep ball and get to the NFL 1st round. The Irish wideouts lose NFL money because the quarterbacks are overrated with no arm & the Oline doesn't give the QB enough time to throw the long ball anyway. The Irish has a "legacy" OC who was every bit as overrated as a Irish QB just 7 years ago! Alabama rolls out 5 star OC's every year. If they want to be elite go find that Catholic 5 star big arm QB and raid Wisconsin for O linemen! Then the 4.3 wideouts will come!
Kelly Issues: He doesn't even pretend to care about human beings, he is a major college football program bot. At least Debo knows how to look like fun Dad Juice Box Coach; A student died when the video tower blew over and a student committed suicide after getting raped by his player, yet Kelly just kept it moving & none of that never comes up. No he isn't a bad football coach, he is a unfeeling football coach who needs to go to the NFL and get PAID HUGE to win & be a bot. Why stay in South Bend for 1-2 million a year when you already maxed out the talent AND you are ice cold? Go to the NFL where being cut throat is rewarded and getting the Jags to a Super Bowl {win or lose game} earns you another 3 year 27 million dollar contract on top of the 5 year 28 million they already gave you? I would say I don't like the guy but that doesn't matter, fact is he is a football coach not paid to feel, he is paid to win. {and try to keep the students alive for now on}.
"...Coach Mullen. I think you’re a great coach. I love you, but you’re going nowhere with that argument.” The HBC was making the point that Ohio State purposely didn't play Illinois, the Irish & Tigers were given free byes. That is 3 games where they could have come out unfocused, risked injury but they didn't have to worry about it. After Florida, Northwestern and the Irish all win it will good watching the media "love" 3 SEC teams in the playoffs. Add to, what is the Finebaum definition of Love?
Mike Leach as soon as the LSU victory shine wore off started threatening the running off of players. The problem isn't his lack of attention to team communication, the running game, defense or special teams. It is always the players and once he loses the next 26 SEC games maybe then the Bulldogs will make a change.