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Way to go Kirby! Go back and look at how many plays you wasted up the middle and passing. Then look at the toss sweep for 9 yards and other gains on the outside the one or 2 times you tried it. Great waste of talent. Stick to calling the defense and find someone who knows a little about offense. I hear BoBo is looking for a job.....
I have also been perplexed as to why we haven’t tried more outside runs. It seems we have gone away from the toss sweep and other edge runs that had been staples of our offense and the catalyst for many big runs in the past. I was happy to see a toss against Florida. It was there and set up well. Swift broke it and ended up in the end zone, albeit to get called back on a ticky-tack holding call. I believe the toss does two things for the offense, it gives the back a step or two on the defense and they are able to carry more momentum at the line of scrimmage allowing them to break through initial contact and arm tackles. Not to mention Swift’s ability to make cuts and exploit over pursuit by defenders. Secondly, it forces the defense to respect the edge run preventing them from loading the box and allowing more success at running it up the middle.