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those are the real pics above. that thing is horrendous.
ive said it before and ill say it again. the fpi is the dumbest metric out there.
thats the one thing thats lurking in the back of my mind. i dont see lsu losing, but i also firmly do not believe in fairy tales, and this season just feels a little too good to be true. hopefully, im just being an old curmudgeon and they finish it out.
i read where schools with uniforms were suspending dress codes so kids could wear lsu gear today.
thats not what your mom told me last night.
i dont think ive ever made it all the way through one of king negans posts. i picture some old homeless guy that constantly shouts incoherent rants and refers to himself only in the 3rd person.
he took about as hard a lick as you can take vs osu and didnt miss a beat. think again.
to be fair, no one could have predicted what he would do at lsu this year.
after watching osu beat clemson up and down the field statistically and otherwise for most of their game and then hand it to them, i cant see clemson being within 2 scores at the end of this game. lsu will not beat themselves like osu did and clemson cannot beat them. its a double digit win unless something goes horribly wrong like an injury to burrow or something.
Let me know when he signs on the dotted line.
Never been to Louisiana I see. We’re not Arkansas or Mississippi. Louisiana has more culture than Ohio has ever dreamed about having. We have New Orleans. You have Cleveland. Lol. (And yes, I’ve been there, unfortunately.)
Can somebody go tell this idiot gump toddler’s mom to put him in a time out? Put your pacifier in and stfu will ya? The adults are talking.
insults coming from people that shake cowbells at their games really just dont hit very hard. #sorrynotsorry
looked more like he just pushed him in the face to me.
as for columbus, ive never been. i imagine lots of trailer parks. it might not be as good an atmosphere as clemson. i really dont know. what i do know is there are a LOT more people. the osu fan base must be exponentially bigger than clemsons.
ive spent a LOT of time in clemson. lived in greenville for 8 years and worked in clemson often. hated the school. hated the town. its a frat school full of basic b!tche$. when i wanted a good time in a college town, i went to athens. not THATs a college down. im no fan of the dawgs, but the atmospheres are monumentally different.
how dumb can these people be? do they understand how networks make a profit? everybody comes out better if osu is in this game instead of clemson.
dabo has become a whiney little turd. maybe he always was and i wasnt paying attention, but he annoys the crap out of me. i hope we take them to the wood shed.
i do think osu would have been the tougher challenge, but barely. i do not think espn made it so. osu is a much bigger market. clemson is a podunk little town in the a$s end of sc. that makes no sense. my point was that osu has never beaten clemson. ever.
clemson just owns osu. the football gods have decreed it so.
such a sad thing to happen, and the timing is unreal. hard to imagine dealing with the feelings of one of the greatest moments of your life and one of the most tragic at the same time.