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if you had an inkling of integrity, youd apologize for the uncalled insult and take your leave. but i dont think you do.
all of your nonsense is based on assumptions dude, erroneous ones at that. where is this bragging you speak of? where does it say anything about my dad enjoying hurting animals? nowhere. you read my simple statement of fact, applied your own bias to it and created a narrative that was never there to begin with. if you need an ignorant fool to despise, look in the mirror. foh... again.
i dont know man. when they wouldnt give him a chance when etling was struggling, i figured he just must not have been very good.
^also never been in a locker room. just shhhh dude. you look foolish.
lol. i think you give this numbskull a bit too much credit. he certainly wasnt thinking when he recorded that i can assure you. it was a live stream that somebody else recorded before it had a chance to be deleted.
you have to realize all these women find it shocking because theyve never been in a locker room before. they have no clue what goes on in them or apparently how most men talk to each other when theyre not around. sure its a lack of awareness on their parts, but i get it. sounds like something my mom would say. 'ok mom. sure thing.' *eyeroll
and from what ive seen the huge majority of fans making a stink are shocked ladies that have never been in a locker room and dont know what goes on in there.
some people havent spent much time in a locker room, and it shows.
but they would have to go through ohio state at some point, and i dont see them getting past them.
honestly, being the best team isnt enough either. its also about whos clutch when they need to be. bama knew their situation going in to the lsu game. they choked. yeah, lsu played well and is very much their equal, but bama shot themselves in the foot with LOTS of unforced errors. talent isnt the only determiner of how good a team is. a team that wins their conference and takes care of business and has a few quality wins deserves it more than a bama team that gets to sit home and rest up instead of playing for a conference championship, but choked in their biggest game of the year.
i mean history tells us that no 'dynasty' lasts forever.
hes just your typical arrogant urbanite that looks down their noses at all the uneducated 'rednecks' and their (in his opinion) backwards ways. meanwhile, he lives in just as small a bubble of ignorance as any small town hick ever has. im surrounded by them here in nyc. theyre the same elitist a-holes that with all their superior education cant figure out how to explain the current political situation in this country without calling everyone that disagrees with them nazis. they simply cant see beyond their own environment or fathom different ways of life other than their own, and they speak (and think) with an arrogant certitude that defies reason. this is just a very small example of the much greater problem of divisiveness in this country (and everywhere else these days). dont get me started on groupthink. wrong site for any of this really. im done.
its your ignorance thats on display here. there are multiple reasons, first and foremost, livestock. anyone who actually has much of a rural background would think of that immediately. other reasons include the danger to small children and pets they pose. there are plenty more, but frankly, you arent owed any explanations. you spoke in judgement about a subject to which you are clueless. i see such arrogance daily and it gets, as now, nothing from me but contempt.
how very typical. 'my inability to differentiate between obviously unrelated circumstances based on my limited experiences and my opinions on subjective morality certifies me to sit in judgement of others ways of life i see as inferior to mine'. your lack of awareness speaks to your own iq pal. save your moral grandstanding and virtue signaling for people who buy into such bs. foh.
they are not getting in over a power 5 conference champion with the same record. not with their weak schedule and being able to sit at home while these other teams are competing for conference championships. its not gonna happen this year.
also his approach was bad. he micromanaged and constantly berated his staff/players. he learned from those mistakes and now concentrates on his strong suits: recruiting and motivating his team and delegates the rest to an elite staff of assistants.
yeah, i know. i live in nyc now and these people are constantly in shock when i tell them how country folk live.
i dont think theres any way bama is getting in over a 1 loss conference champ. not this year with the schedule they have.
and you sound like a millennial that grew up in the suburbs. obviously not a country boy(/girl).
maybe a little less sure about georgia
sound logic though i think we all believe bama would drum baylor and minnesota and georgia would beat oregon and penn state.
says he was released that night so probably nothing too serious. i wouldnt be too surprised if after the hangovers wear off and the scabs peel these 2 lifelong friends dont make up and the charges get reduced (they dont seem all that bright lol). ive seen crazier things happen, and itd make for a hell of a story.
hell, nobody ever wants to play the same team again that they beat in a reasonably close game.
no disrespect to joe, but he deserves the game ball for that game imo.