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SEC Cats, I'm an Ole Miss fan and I agree that Freeze hasn't done near enough to be considered as an NFL head coach. He couldn't get the Rebels to an SEC Championship with a top 5 recruiting class. After this past season, I wonder if he is a flash in the pan as some predicted. I'm not that excited about his new staff hires. The Rebs have won some bug games in the past 5 years, but we've also been humiliated in games we should have won. Inconsistency has been the Freeze trademark.
I agree! Saban is the best coach in college foitball.
Ugh! I just want to get this season behind us. What a nightmare!
I agree that A&M will be mad and bring it next week. Of course, if Chad is out ( our only hope on offense) and we can't put up points, that game will get really ugly really fast. We have zero defense and zero run game so there you have it!
We do look terrible! Back to irrelevant cellar dwellers again! I just give up!
Ole Miss played horribly again. Next week will be a massacre so I don't think I can watch. We are the worst team in the SEC West. Pitiful!
We may have won, but it is still embarrassing to play a Sunbelt team this close! Will somebody tell me why this program is falling apart after such high expectations? Is the NCAA investigation taking its toll? Is it poor coaching or lack of talented players? Is it a combination of all 3? Is there any reason for optimism next season?
Agreed. Bama should be in the top 2. I still don't think the SEC gets the respect it deserves, yet we proved once again that we are the best conference in college football. The West had all 7 teams in bowl games and only A&M lost and that was only by a TD. Most SEC bowl games had blowout wins. While the East is much weaker, they still sent 3 teams to bowl games. UT looks to be the team to beat in the East in 2016 and I believe Florida and Georgia will be good as well. I think LSU will be very good and Bama will be Bama. My Rebels are losing key players but we have some good talent returning and have good recruits coming. I really don't expect us to have as good a season as we had this past year, but I don't think we'll be as bad as some may think or hope.
I hate preseason rankings! The Tide shouldn't be concerned about being ranked 4th going into next season because they will prove as they always do that they're better than that.
I agree. It doesn't matter how many #1 tecruiting classes you get if you can't coach that talent pool to a national championship.
That game was incredible! Yes, injuries hurt us last year in the Peach Bowl, but partying all night before the game could have been the real problem.
I loved how we won the game without Robert and Denzel! We didn't need those guys at all! Hotty Toddy!
Thanks! Dawgs had an impressive win as well! SEC!!!
I agree! Bama is the standard all of us strive for in the SEC. The team is consistently good, well-coached, and even when they lose a game, they bounce back and are stronger. Personally, I get so tired if all these announcers who bash the SEC. I think the bowl games so far have proven that our conference is still the dominant one and Alabama represents us well year after year. I hope they go on to have a "boring" performance in the NC!
I would love to have both Kelly and Treadwell back, but they need to do what is best for them. Yesterday's win was super sweet! Hotty Toddy!!!!!
I would love to have him back! He is a team player and I repect him a lot. That being said, I wouldn't want to stand in the way of his career.
I just hope the Rebels show up and play this year and that they don't embarrass us like they did in the Peach Bowl. Bourbon Street and New Year's Eve could be trouble! Hopefully Freeze learned from last year to make sure they wait until after the game to party. let's take care of business Rebels!
The loss to Arkansas hurt! It ended all our hopes of an SEC West title.
Army guy, I get so tired of hearing where we were just a few years ago. Yes, we stunk! In my opinion, we need to get past that mindset and expect better. As long as we keep making excuses we will never be an elite program. Alabama is elite because their expectations are high, they don't settle for mediocrity, and their fans demand better. Sure, we have won the last two years, but they recovered from those losses and went on to win the west while we shot ourselves in the foot. Freeze has done a great job recruiting and has won some big games, but we've also had some inexcusable and embarrassing losses. The west was ours to win and we blew it.
AirRebel, you don't think we will be in rebuilding mode next season? I agree that we're not elite. We've got to stop getting blown out in games and losing to teams we should beat. Elite teams are consistent and bounce back after a tough loss. I think Freeze is a good recruiter and a good coach, not a great one. I hope he will have the team prepared for the Sugar Bowl and we won't be humiliated like we were in the Peach Bowl.
Bama, I have asked the same question myself.
Did you forget about them beating that guy up last year? These kids didn't just make one mistake, but another in a series. You would think Robert would have learned from Denzel's drug incident but he didn't. Call me harsh if you want, but Robert let the team down. Period. Hopefully he will get his act together and do well in the NFL. We still have other good players on defense and I hope they step up and show that Robert isn't indispensable.
Ugh! Those powder blue helmets are the kiss of death! I hate them and hoped we'd never wear them again after the embarrassing loss to Memphis.
Goodbye and good riddance to Robert and Denzel, two selfish dope heads who are an embarrassment to the Ole Miss family! Neither cared one bit about how they let down their school, their teammates, their coaches, and their fans! Both will probably crash and burn in the NFL if they continue down the road they're on. Two sorry individuals!,,
RebelsPlay, something is wrong here. Both Robert and Denzel have been involved in drug incidents that have landed them in the hospital. Neither of them care anything about how this reflects on their school or how their actions affect their team. You're right, nobody's perfect, but you would think Robert would have learned something from Denzel's actions. I can't decide if these boys have serious problems at home, are selfish ir just stupid. Their poor judgment not only hurts them but is embarrassing to the school and hurtful to their team.
Rolleth, I agree. I think they will continue to be train wrecks in the NFL. As good as both of them are, I will be glad to be rid of them. Both are trouble.
Sure is Bulldog! They have been triuble from day one.