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BamaTime - Hey... let the other MIZZOU fans talk their talk.. I try to keep it as neutral as I can. BTW, to "alternative facts" here (sorry Kelly Anne)
The bots had my comment from last night "awaiting moderation".. I love it!! So here is the PC version.. “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like h*ll”. (Carl Sandburg) Or… “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull****” (W.C. Fields)
Ooops, throw in a "without" ... without much vocal pushback...
Hey... both teams have fabulous athletes... passers, wideouts and running backs. the over/under is 75.. so forget counting on your fingers and toes. Not much defense will be played come Saturday.. BTW, after living in Atlanta for 30+ years I've come to realize MIZZOU is a very small piece of the SEC. So sportswriters can pretty much write anything they want about our team with much vocal pushback. Just use the same yardstick for everyone..
Hey, just grade him like all the others.. He does not deserve anything like 8th place. The bias is just so obvious..
BTW BamaTime... that Fresno State team, 1-11 in 2016... Saban says they're a "much, much improved team in 2017"... man, I almost passed out. And you pick on MIZZOU for playing patsies..
Make that 6.07 yards per play... a lot better than 56.07...
Can South Carolina Stop Drew Lock is also a legitimate question. And talking about sorry defenses... the Gamecocks have nothing to crow about.. (sorry, couldn't help myself). How come no one's writing stories about their sorry defense?? South Carolina 2016 they gave up 5355 total yards 5.6 yards/play and an average 411.9 ypg MIZZOU 2016 they gave up 5756 total yards 56.07 yards/play and an average 479 ypg
Wow - I’m just sitting here and I can’ help but shake my head. SEC sportswriters and their fans just cannot stand to write/say anything positive/congratulatory about MIZZOU.I know it's not your job. Typically, it’s write something positive… but the immediately undercut it, or simply dismiss them to the cellar. Let me say this up front… MIZZOU’s defense is horrible.. but the last time I looked Lock played on the other side of the ball, and his job is to score points. Drew Lock - played Missouri State another Sunbelt team, 4-7 in 2016. He was 21-34 for 521 yards and 7 TDs passer rating 252.5 .. pretty gaudy… but 8th place?? You placed Lock at 8th in your weekly ranking, hmmm?? Just read thru this with some sort of neutrality Hurts - played a really tough opponent, but basically handed off the ball. Most of his passing stats came on a single play. He got 55 yards on the ground. That’s called game management. Jake Bentley - “best QB in school history” (??) 2016 1420 total passing yards in 7 games, 200 yards a game average. (Lock 3399). They played a pretty good team… will he and Lock rack up some yardage and points… yea baby.. Jarrett Stidham - played Georgia Southern an FBS Div 1 Sunbelt school. 2016 record 5-7. He was 14-24 185 yards, 2TDs, 1 interception. Fine. Shea Patterson - played Southern Alabama, played Southern Alabama another Div 1 Sunbelt school, 2016 record 6-7. He was impressive, 28-35, 429 yards and 4TDs passer rating 220.7 Austin Allen - played Florida A&M an MEAC team , 4-7 in 2016. He was 14-19 for 135 yards and an interception. Mea.. Nick Fitzgerald - played Charleston Southern, 7-4 in Big South 2016, Div 1AA 16-29 for 239 yards.. but hey, no interceptions!! Danny Etling - 14-17 171 yards against BYU, a Div 1 NCAA school, Independent. 9-4 in 2016. Excellent. And in the article about QBs, you note all 10 of Lock’s interceptions in 2016 came against SEC opponents… BTW, check Austin Allens 2016 stats.. his 10 interceptions came against SEC opponents too. SEC writers just pass around the same story against Lock... piled up ##s against inferior foes. Yep, no doubt about it, you're supposed to. Did he look average against tougher teams. Yea... just hold the same standards to other QBs too.
Hey.. you're right... LSU total yards 2016 SEC Foes (3596) MIZZOU total yards 2016 SEC Foes (3570) You beat us by 26 total yards
Arkansas SEC schedule (ranked teams) 1 Alabama 17 Auburn 20 Florida 19 LSU MIZZOU SEC Schedule (ranked teams) 19 LSU 20 Florida Please…. make up your mind about how to compare these two athletes. First it was MIZZOU played Non Conf patsies and ran up his stats that way. You're supposed to do that and he did. Well, MIZZOUs Non Conf opponents were actually tougher, so get over it. Now, it’s that the SEC conference schedule was softer, well yes… but we don’t make the schedule so don’t downgrade him ‘cause the rest of the SEC East teams were down. PS, we only lost to Georgia on a last second play. The Dawgs were supposed to be 9-3 and they ended up 8-5… the Gamecocks were supposed to be better and they weren’t, etc.. etc. The MIZZOU-Arkansas 2016 game - MIZZOU won 28-24 Allen had 348 yards and Locke 268, Allen had 2 interceptions and Locke none
(BamaTime) Well it would be hard to be considered one of the best in the conference if you play like crap against conference foes ???????????????? Playing like crap against conf foes??... read the numbers Austin Allen 2016 vs. conf 10ints 13td 286.0yds vs. nonconf 5ints 12tds 227.8yds vs. FBS Winning 12ints 11tds 269.0yds vs. FBS Non-winning 3int 11tds 269.0yds 2016 Non-conf schedule Non Conf Teams aggregate records W-L Teams 20-26 3 home, 1 away (TCU) Drew Locke vs. conf 10ints 10td 248.3yds vs. nonconf 0ints 13tds 353.3yds vs. FBS Winning 8ints 15tds 268.0yds vs. FBS Non-winning 2int 3tds 296.0yds 2016 Non-conf schedule Non Conf Teams aggregate records W-L 29-19 3 home, 1 away (WV) Mizzou had a tougher Non-conf schedule than Arkansas so the knock against Locke that he piled up yards on barber schools doesn't apply. I'll give you the percentage completion argument... no problem, but Locke was a much better quarterback in many other stats, so don't downgrade him. My work is done (drop the mic.. goodbye)
Oh... and wink-wink nudge-nudge... final game of last year??? Mizzou 28... Arkansas 24. I'm done..
Ooops... Allen had 12 ints against FBS winning teams... and Locke only 8.
Hmmm. Ok folks. MIzzou fan here. Forgive me but you are supposed to hammer non-conf foes, so why blame him for doing it? BTW the aggregate W-L for Hog non-conf foes in 2016 was 20-26, Mizzou 29-19. (Who had the patsy non-conf schedule?). Allen had 10 interceptions against ranked foes.. Locke only 3. Allen 12 ints against FBS winning teams.. hmmmmm And SEC sportswriters didn't list Locke anywhere in their top quarterback lists (shameful)