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I've been a wildcats fan for over 50 years and as much as I appreciate what Stoops has done for the program I have to say that he apparently regards QB's waaaay down on the list of priorities. I say this based on history not what he says. He obviously has little talent for developing QB's and sees them as a necessary evil only. It came back to bite him this season. If we find a real QB it will be by accident.
Anyone who has ever been in combat knows that a battle plan never survives the first shot. The winner is the one that successfully adjusts to the new reality. This concept works for football as well. I have never seen this coaching staff make adjustments to their original game plan.
I'm not baffled. I could see the loss coming with 9:43 to go in the third Quarter. TN adjusted and KY could not adjust to the new offense run by TN. This isn't Rocket Science.
QB whatever! KY had better do something fast because it could lose the fan base al la Joker Philips. Watching KY play offense is like watching a Greyhound bus drive to Pittsburg on a rainy day in the winter.
First smart thing I've read here tonight. It's about the 'optics'. If you do not exude the right optics, you don't get the big bucks and #1 QB's. And if you don't get those, you might as well go fishing on Saturday afternoon. Optics. Leave you hands off the players.
Coach Stoops is the best coach we've had for many year. That said, he's not worth what he is paid. You make that much money as a coach, you don't put your entire season in the basket of just one QB. You keep developing. Look at Mack Jones at Alabama. He will not play another game after Tua comes back but he's good enough to extend the lead after Tua leaves the game. Our developed second team QB is riding the pines at Ohio State.
A one dimensional offense may be good enough to beat Ark. but not a competitive team like Ga. Secondly, Has anyone kept a record of how many times E Gran has run the running back between guard and center on 4th and 1 and how many yards we have lost doing so? Albert Einstein's definition of insanity.
Well. You can read between the lines. It did not go well for hime at FS. I wonder what made him think it was going to be different here at U.K.? We cannot afford to lose the guy but cannot afford to keep him either with his lack of discipline. I'll make a prediction - he won't be around next season. Junior college bound!
Pruitt failed to consider ONE big thing - Optics. If I'm a high school QB with multiple offers, do I want to play for that coach? The coach called the play and the player screwed it up. How many times does that happen game? Does he grab the mask of every player that screws up? No and Pruitt will always regret the "optics" of what went down. Don't believe me? Look how many people are still talking about it. Optics!
Eddie Gran just has to get over calling plays on 4th and short that everyone in the stadium (including the other team) knows what is coming. How many times have we turned the ball over on 4th down because he ran a running back over guard center just to run into a stacked box !?! Way too predictable and we don't have Benny Snell anymore.
This one was on the coaches. Three times D was on the field with 9 players (who's paying attention?). They left an injured QB in the game way too long (it does not take a genius to figure out which way that was headed). The saddest part is that the O and D lines showed zero heart. Pretty much no shows (get paid to play, you're kidding. The O and D lines would owe the university money after Saturday). Go to the student body and find some kids that want to play football. May not win another game but it will not be an embarrassment either.
Watching that game was painful and yes, KY was beaten every way it could be beaten.