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I love journalists. You can always count on them to take un under dog's side. I am not a FSU fan nor an Alabama fan. Consider the following. Louisville, the runner up in the ACC by a very narrow margin to FSU, lost to a KY team that next to last in the Eastern Division of the SEC. Putting FSU in the final four just because they were 12 - 0 would be like putting Cincinnati in the final four for the same reason and we all saw what yielded from that. IMO, the committee did FSU (visa vis the ACC) a favor by not allowing an embarrassing drubbing by Michigan in the final four.
Oh come on. I'm not a GA fan or Alabama fan but does anyone on the board believe that FSU (minus starting QB) could stand toe to toe with any of the selectees without its starting QB. They barely beat Louisville on a neutral field when Louisville could not stand with 8th team in the Eastern division of the SEC on its own home field none the less. I think the committee was embarrassed with putting Cincinnati in the last time.
Next year schedule some quality teams. That way, you will be ready to play a quality team in the SEC championship.
When is the SEC going to put some money into officiating? The inconsistency was embarrasing.
I think you're guilty of wishful thinking. It is quite likely that the SEC will not be in the playoffs thanks to a GA team that was ill prepared to play a real football team up front. The GA lines of scrimmage got whipped plain and simple. This is what happens when you schedule cream puffs and low ranking SEC teams and run up a 12 - 0 season. When you come up against a real football team, you get a whipping because you are not prepared.
The dawgs got whipped on both lines of scrimmage. That was the game.
Well... Next year schedule teams that aren't creampuffs and low ranking SEC teams. That way, you'll be ready for a real football team.
Yeah Melroe is a solid QB but on the other hand, KY can make midlin QB look like a Heisman candidate.
SC next week is a toss up and Louisville is not a gimme this year. They've beaten some real good teams. I keep hoping for some player development from Stoops but it just has not materialized.
Too bad the SEC does not award participation trophies. KY earned one. Take away the 15 points that Mark Stoops gave away to TN. This game might have ended differently.
The Cats embarrassed themselves tonight. They embarrassed the university, the people paying idiotic NIL money and mostly the fans. It's one thing to lose by this margin to a better team but to put this kind of performance against a better. If anyone wants to know how far we have to go to be considered competitive, re-watch this game.
Kentucky embarrassed itself tonight. Not the score; after all it's Ga. But the way they did not fight, the cheap shots and really stupid penalty mistakes. This team embarrassed the University, the fans and the people paying the idiotic NIL money.
Stoops has to have the hardest head in the world. Why won't he give is younger Q'backs a little experience.Do we have to keep losing Qbacks to the portal for him to wake up?
Whatever. Florida comes to town in a couple of weeks with something to prove. Better get this mess figured out.
You and I must have been watching different games. The UK D-secondary was pretty much non-existent most of the afternoon. Devin Leary looked like a talented QB that had not practiced with the team before. Good news is, we found a kicker and the Special Teams are greatly improved.
If the Cats think they are going into any SEC stadium with the secondary play we had Saturday, we are going to lose by 50 points. The Offense needs a lot of work. Thank goodness it was Ball State and not any SEC team. On the positive side Special teams were much improved and I think we found a kicker!
I never have liked Lane Kiffin. Nothing personal but he just seems arrogant. Now I don't think it's arrogance but he just may be the most honest coach in the SEC. Intelligence is often mistaken for arrogance. He just may be the smartest guy in the room and no one likes him for that.
College rating only count for computer football games. When he hits the field for real, we'll see what he's got.
I am not a GA fan In fact they are way down the list of my favorites. However, That AJC reporter that got fired doing a hit job on Smart deserved what he got. If you do a hit piece you had better have you facts right down to dotting the I's. I hope this puts a little fear in journalism profession. The word "professional" comes to mind.
The way NIL collectives are run, donations end up as gifts. Someone owes the gift tax. The University is the beneficiary of the gift, so the university pays. However, the university is supposed to be a nonprofit. So is the university reclassified under IRS rules? All hell is going to break lose on this one.
This is another learning lesson for high school and college players. When you become an adult you now have a new life-partner who will be with you for the rest of your life and he is called the IRS and he wants his 40% share of your life right now.
For all you 8 gamers out there guess what, you had better have the requisite number of conference games equal to the rest of college football or you won't get into the playoffs no matter who you beat. The SEC just gave up its swagger.
I'm note sure I understand what the Colts were thinking. With Levis playing injured, behind the worst OLine in the SEC with a rookie and not very talented OC and still putting up numbers better than their 1st round pick, but it is what it is. Levis needs bow his neck and hit the play book at Tenn. He will have his opportunities so lets see what he makes of them.
Jerome Tang just handed his next opponent with some locker room material. Gotta be careful with that.
As good as they are, K-State didn't win this game. Ky lost it. You can't win tournament games with 16 turnovers. That's 32 potential points for the other side. The refs weren't calling anything unless it broke bones but that averages out for both sides. 1. KY has not played well this season against aggressive and talented defenses and KY did not. 2. Unless you have at least two shooters that can hit from downtown, you are not going to win at this level and Ky does not. Face it, as much as I wanted KY to win, Ks played a better game defensively and had better players for this style of game. 3. Ky looked a half-step slow against Ks. Congrats to Oscar. What a player, but he can't do it all without help and he put it on the floor way too many times and lost most of them. Maybe Cal can recruit some shooters and find a way to blend them into his offense. I'm ready for football.
This season has been a disappointment from the beginning. These kids aren't hungry. NIL has already ruined their chances at a future. They have got to do more than just show up at a ball game. I assure you that their opponents are hungry. I hope CAL can recruit some shooters next season. When you can't make free throws you're not spending enough time on your shot making fundamentals. Nuf said.
This team may just be uncoachable. Think about it. Every player is making more money than he has ever made (in his life) and for what - showing up. They won't start playing until they get hungry. When they see the gravy train coming to an end they're going to say, "what - who me"? Then it will be too late.
It really infuriates me how Stoops has managed (as in not managed) the QB1 and QB2 positions. 1. Stop wasting scholarships on in state high school QB's if you are not going to play them; 2. What ever happened to QB development? At KY the QB either has it or he dosen't. There does not seem to be any development for the future.
Clearly, the game is must faster than Wade's brain and feet it this point in his career. Why Stoops didn't give Deuce or Sharon a shot after the half still dumbfounds me. Its no wonder why KY can't recruit it's own QB (and that's on Stoops).
The problem with converting Ky from the perennial SEC doormat team to a competitive team is that the fans get used to winning. If you're going to make the big bucks, you had better produce. Nothing personal Scang, but you ain't gettin it done.