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Yep, bowl season is definitely over! And now we’re back at each other’s throats. Maybe 2021 actually will feel like a normal year!! In all seriousness, 2019 LSU and 2020 Bama stand head and shoulders as the two best teams I’ve ever seen in my 49 years. Both fan bases should be proud. Oh, and f Auburn. Bowl season IS over after all.
Sorry y'all are going through such a tough time. We had our own stretch of wondering the wilderness from Stallings retiring until we hired the GOAT. Although I will NEVER forgive Payton Manning for directing the band at Bryant Denny, I hope Tennessee will make a comeback.
All of the championships that Alabama claims are recognized by the NCAA. There are actually four more the NCAA recognizes that Bama doesn't claim. Since the 60's, Alabama has only claimed AP/UPI/Coaches poll titles, then BCS or CFP. Yeah, we should probably drop the 1941 claim, but if you don't like the numbers we claim, start talking to the NCAA.
I guess Bama cheated by winning the coin toss? The refs didn't call offensive pass interference on Smitty just because the closest Bucknuts DB was 15 yards behind him?
Congrats Tigers. It looks like a couple of really good hires for y'all.
He’s going to be a great addition to whichever school he chooses but I’d love to see him at the Capstone!
There’s always next season! Holly is a fighter. She beat cancer and I’m sure she’s going to beat Covid.
So they want to give JF another week to heal. That also gives Waddle another week to get back in game shape and the goat another week to gameplan for their offense. Yeah, go ahead and push it back. I’m sure that’ll work out great for OSU.
It’s incredible with receivers like Julio, Amari, Ridley, Riggs, and Jeudy, that a little guy from a small Louisiana town could surpass them all. It’s like the old saying it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. Snotty will never be the biggest or the strongest but he has the most heart.
A well deserved win for a very humble and talented young man. Thanks to the posters from rival teams for the very gracious comments! At this time of year, our conference really shows why the SEC stands head and shoulders above all the others. Now if we can win on Monday, it will shut up all the doubters and prove that the SEC is still the king of college football!
Probably the same kind of “fatherly advice” he gives to players and coaches when they screw up. Honestly, she loves to make smarmy tweets. She thinks she’s untouchable because she’s Coach’s daughter and it can get embarrassing to read some of the tweets she spews out.
While a delay might give JF time to heal a little more, it also gives the GOAT more prep time for the OSU offense and we all know how good Coach Saban is when you give him extended time to game plan for an offense.
The ACC went 0-for on bowls this year. They really stunk it up. Congrats to the SEC programs that won, and condolences to Florida, Auburn, and the teams that had their bowls cancelled.
No. Just.......No. It’s a funny suggestion but we don’t need a OC who doesn’t know how to develop talent. I don’t think Gus would even qualify to get Coach Saban’s coffee. Whatever team takes a chance on Gus as a coordinator already has a good QB position coach in place.
But knowing about him and being able to stop him are two entirely different things.
I just don't see Waddle making it back in time to play in the CFP. I'm sure there will be some gamesmanship from Coach, but even though he's ahead of schedule, the risk is too great to jeopardize the potential millions Jalen could make as the sure first rounder that he is. I would love to see him and DeVonta lighting up Climpsun's secondary but is it really worth impacting your future livelihood?
Behind his back? They were begging Meyer to come to Austin right in front of his face and not even trying to hide it. Of course, I guess they could have been doing it while he was asking Carolina if the job was still open.
Kudos to him! I’m sure Herbie is stoked that one of his kids is playing for his alma mater. Probably would get more reads in n y’all’s little ten site but still, good for him.
McCarron should be higher. A two time natty winner as a starter and a Heisman finalist his Senior year. Dareus is rated higher than I think he should have been but then that’s just my opinion and opinions are like rear ends. Everyone has one and a lot of ‘em stink.
Auburn could do a lot worse than Napier. He’s not the big, sexy hire like a Bob Stoops or Urban Meyer but I think he has the potential to push Auburn up to the next level that Gus couldn’t quite reach. Probably a better hire than Steele.
Proud to see the SEC represented in four of the NY6 bowls this year. Texas A&M were robbed of a playoff spot but spending New Years in South Beach isn’t a bad consolation prize.
Okay Bulldogs, y’all have one job. Beat Cincy like a drum so they can’t go claiming a nattty like UCF. Don’t Auburn this up. In all seriousness, congratulations on a NY6 bowl. Go have fun and represent your state, university, and conference well!
Honestly I think that while they’re disappointed that they won’t be bowling, they are more excited about winning the Commander in Chief’s trophy by sweeping Air Force and Navy.
Kinda like it did for that douche bag y’all call a coach. Karma already threw a shoe down the field. I always try to put personal stuff aside and pull for the SEC come bowl season but Boomer Sooner in the Cotton.
Hopefully the young man makes a full and speedy recovery.
Florida needs to hire someone to filter Mullen at press conferences. Mullen mumbles into the guy’s ear and the guy says something intelligent instead of Mullen’s drivel. Hey SEC Shorts! Are you listening?
Worked out pretty good for some kid that played for Tennessee...
It’s a package deal. You get Steele, you have to take Morris too.