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This is all still media speculation at this point but the two pod models I've seen mentioned most often involving Alabama were either Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, and Vandy or Bama, AU, Ole Miss, and Miss State. It makes no sense to worry about it right now. Both were just proposals that some media pundit came up with. We could just as easily end up with two 8-team divisions and a nine or ten game conference schedule. At this point, I'm just ready to get the 2021 season started and cross that particular bridge when we come to it.
I was looking through some of the donghorn fan sites and the sheer arrogance was astounding! Oh they can’t wait to get into the SEC and show them how to run a conference. Also claimed that the SEC chants at the end of bowl games was embarrassing. I can’t wait for them to go 5-7 or worse and I hope every time they lose a home game that the home crowd chants SEC while giving horns down.
Personally I’d love to take Oklahoma and leave Texass sitting in the bed they’ve made. I’d much rather have both schools from Oklahoma or OU and an eastern school like Va Tech. The Horns are less relevant than Notre Dame and more arrogant. In the end, it comes down to TV money. I don’t like it but that’s what the people in charge are looking at. For what it’s worth, the rest of the SEC fan bases seem to feel the same as Aggie fans. Horns down!
Trust me, we wish y'all were bringing State with you too. Y'all fit in with the rest of the conference much better than Texas. I'm looking forward to OU coming to Tuscaloosa and our return trips to Norman.
Way back in the early 1900's, most members of both conferences were members of the old Southern League. The founding members of the SEC broke away in the '30's and the remainder ended up forming the SWC and ACC. I hope to God we're not coming full circle here.
I read that Kansas and Iowa State have had a conversation with the Little Ten and that Tech, Baylor, TCU, and one other school (Can't remember which, OSU maybe?) were trying to make a package deal with the Pac. K State will probably end up out in the cold and West Virginia may find a home in the ACC.
She's a Karen to boot! I wonder what the league office will say when Texas starts whining about getting the horns down?
Bahaha! Love it! I was looking at one of the Texas fan sites. I've never been a big fan of Texass before and now I'm definitely all in on Horns Down. I hope y'all slap the taste out of their mouths the first time y'all play. I'll definitely be yelling Gig 'em that Saturday!
I couldn't see the entire article since I don't have a subscription to The Athletic, but to me the best case scenario for Cincy would be the ACC adds ND and poaches Maryland from the B1G. The B1G adds Iowa State, Kansas, and Cincy. Less enticing would be the B1G adds Kansas and then debates Iowa State or Cincy. I think Iowa not wanting State would mean less to the conference than OSU not wanting the Bearcats. Cincy probably losses out in that scenario. The worst would be to jump onto the Big XII just in time to see the rest of the members jumping into the lifeboats. Maybe Cincinnati ends up in the ACC. It'll be interesting to see where everyone ends up by the time this cycle of expansion ends.
When I think of Missouri, I picture them with the block M and actual gold on the uniform instead of yellow. Y'all were the first school to use a block M, beating Michigan, Minnesota, and I think Maryland, or at least that's what I read somewhere. I like simple uniforms(Imagine that from a Bama fan!) because to me they're work uniforms. I get that a lot of it has to do with recruiting the kids now but I'm just old and like old school.
Georgia got a great athlete and an even better person when they got Davis. That young man is as humble as he is talented and has a good head on his shoulders. Can’t wait to see what he does when he makes it to the League!
Seen it! Yes, things were definitely different back then. Honestly, the shared history between Bama and A&M was one reason that I was excited about y’all joining the league.
ESPN runs the longhorn network at a loss. I think they would be on board to cancel the contract. Maybe Texas pays a few million for appearances sake. ESPN will get the new contract for the SEC, including Texas and Oklahoma, and drops a money pit. I wonder if Texas would be willing to make some sort of concession to A&M to keep them from attempting to block the deal?
Maybe it’s all a ruse to get the legislators to come home! Just joking! I don’t want to possibly turn this into a political discussion. Let’s stick to football!
Lack of transparency by A&M? Oh, sorry. I just assumed since he said flagship institution. I mean how long has it been since UT-Austin has actually been relevant?
The conference schools will have to vote first. I imagine A&M and possibly Missouri would attempt to block Texas and I would hope other schools would agree.
Saban did give y’all Dooley so I guess we deserve that wish on your part.
I think just about every SEC fan base can agree that we don’t want or need either team. How about picking off a couple of the North Carolina schools to add to the TV footprint and add strength on the basketball side? NC and Duke? NC State? Heck, how about Va Tech?
I’m fine with moving the league headquarters to Nashville or Atlanta. It won’t change the results that happen on Saturdays in the Fall. There are literally millions of reasons Arkansas and Missouri aren’t going anywhere and they’re distributed every year by the league.
Amen! How do you bring the fan bases together outside of bowl season? Talk about admitting Texas! Thanks for asking but we don’t need you and we definitely don’t want you!
The thing is, does the SEC need, or really want any of those four schools? The league already has a good presence in Texas, Florida, and South Carolina. Oklahoma could be interesting but not if we’d have to take Texas with them. Heck, take Okie and Kansas. It would strengthen the basketball field and give Missouri back the Border War rivalry.
Dang! Good thing the SEC is an ATHLETIC conference!
Texas? Heck no! We don’t need them. Texas A&M fits in with the rest of the SEC much better than the privileged, pompous jerks at UT-Austin. Besides, we’ve already got our own orange clad UT. Now I could get on board with Okie and Okie Lite if they have gotten tired of putting up with the Texas BS like A&M did.
Being nearly 50 years old now, I’ve had the opportunity to watch both Coach Bryant and Coach Saban. I’ve also seen all of the coaches in between. I wasn’t really old enough to appreciate how dominant Alabama was in the 70’s under Bryant. I know eventually Saban will retire and eventually some other program will knock Alabama from its perch. That’s not being defeatist, it’s just the cyclical nature of sports. In the meantime, I’m just sitting back and enjoying one of the most dominant runs that’s ever been seen in major college football.
That’s pretty much how I feel. When I was younger, I didn’t have the perspective that I do today. I wanted Bama to win every game and Auburn to lose every game. I would get so wrapped up in it that I couldn’t take any real joy in Bama winning because of all the hatred that I carried around with me. I finally had to reassess and asked myself why I hated kids that had never done anything personally to me. They’re just there to play ball, hopefully to get their degree, and possibly make it to the NFL. Now I actually like to see Auburn do well. I was proud that our State could say that we won four BCS championships in a row. I think the rivalry is better when the Iron Bowl means a trip to Atlanta for the conference championship game. While I’ll always pull for Bama, I certainly don’t hate Tiger players anymore. Good luck to y’all this season. I hope Hardin is the guy that y’all need him to be to get Auburn back to a consistent contender.
I think you may have thought my post above was from BT. Similar screen names. Hope I didn’t cause any confusion.