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I think the main difference between Pruitt and his predecessors is the guy will be able to actually develop the talent he signs. He may lose some of these kids before signing day but he should have a solid core to build on the future with. It would be nice to see the Third Saturday in October become a more competitive rivalry again.
I think that Tennessee has finally gotten the right guy in Pruitt. He’s a helluva recruiter and his coaching pedigree is solid. If he can continue the momentum, Tennessee will be back back in contention for the East.
Sad that the kid can’t seem to get out of his own way. He’s got all of the physical gifts but doesn’t seem to have the ability to keep focused. I hope for his sake that he can put it behind him and succeed.
You know it’s the off season when SDS is reduced to writing articles about jersey numbers that haven’t been officially assigned yet.
I seem to remember the proclamations that the dynasty was over when Kirby had his own “Mama called” moment. Great get for Georgia but Bama isn’t on life support yet.
I sure hate to lose him but wish him nothing but the best. I’ve heard that his family and Kirby’s are very close.
SDS has to try to create some controversy to generate responses and views. I think most folks know who the winners and losers were. Kudos to Mizzou and A&M for getting two of our targets but honestly they would have been more icing on the cake than critical gets. Bama addressed their needs and added needed depth to the defensive front seven. Yeah, we were winners this cycle.
Thanks for the class Biggie and Geaux Long. I wish Tua nothing but the best. He was a true joy to watch and personified what is best about college football and the SEC. I’ll always wonder how the last two seasons would have played out if the various injuries hadn’t happened. No slight against Joe Burrow and LSU’s offense but I think some of those records would have belonged to Tua.
Thanks Marine! Y’all have had some great kids too. I remember Metzenburger limping off the field one night in Tuscaloosa. He was not going to give in and show any weakness by accepting help. That guy had the heart of a warrior! Our programs and fans may not like each other but there’s a lot of respect. Can’t wait for November to play y’all again.
I think he’s being a little generous calling himself 5’ 10”. I’ve seen him on the sidelines at BDS and I would’ve said 5’8” is closer.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he committed to Oregon. From what I’ve read, the Bama coaching staff has already written him off and moved on.
Good for Shula! He may not have been ready to be a head coach but he’s a great guy. I don’t think he’ll be a HC in college again. He seems more comfortable in the league.
Watching from the ramp is now a thing of the past but it was fun back in the day
Some of the older LSU fan base would have said Ole Miss in the Magnolia Bowl but I don’t think many contemporary fans consider it a rivalry anymore.
Anyone else notice none of Clemson’s opponents have a bye week before they play the Tigers but Clemson has their off week before traveling to South Bend?
Agreed. They earned it. They beat a very impressive lineup of opponents.
I think LSU and Georgia are starting to see the consequences of success as other teams or the NFL start to poach their staffs. Ensminger May be the next to be courted. I think it’s much more likely for Brady to leave. I’m curious to see how the programs handle what Bama has been working through the past 10 years.
Man, I felt the same way about the kick six.
I’m just shocked that no one went after UAB’s coach. He’s already brought a team back from the dead and has played in the conference championship game twice. Still scratching my head.
That’s one of the consequences of having a successful program. Everyone wants to poach your best assistants. Georgia will be fine. Can’t wait to see y’all in Tuscaloosa next year.
Classy. I hope Joe does win the Heisman and that LSU represents the SEC well in the playoffs. I bleed crimson but much respect to LSU.
I think Jordan Rodgers and Jay Cutler might disagree with Shurmer being the greatest.
Agreed. Survive and advance is the name of the game. Whoever comes out of the SEC should have a leg up when the selection committee makes their final picks. See y’all next month.
Honest question. Would a majority of Florida fans welcome Meyer back or want nothing to do with him? I’d like to think that Florida would stay away from him but with today’s results over methods mentality that’s pervasive in football, you’re never quite sure.
Tennessee hate week is REAL! I respect the Vols but I sure as h€££ don’t like them.
Pitt’s unis are hideous, as are UCLA’s. I like most of the SEC uniforms except for Mizzou’s. They need to go back to a true gold and not that bright yellow. Anyone else remember those awful Arkansas uniforms with the bedazzled pigs on the shoulders?
But does Missouri have a winning record against Wyoming?
Now it feels like football season is officially back. I love watching FunnyMaine’s videos!