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Congrats Cats! Looks like a great pick up. Stoops has really stepped up his recruiting. Beating out Bama, Clemson, and OSU speaks to how good of a job that Stoops has done.
I wish they’d go back to using the crystal trophy as the official trophy of the national championship. That CFP trophy just doesn’t do it for me. I guess it is a bit more durable if it’s dropped or knocked over.
Ah, the Gray Lady of Graymont. The parking was terrible, the chili dogs would give you a week’s worth of heartburn, and the seating would leave your keister numb the whole drive home. But still it’s a sad day that no more D1 football will be played there anymore. Does anyone know if they’re moving the Magic City Classic to the new stadium? I’m assuming that some of the Birmingham high schools will still play some games there. It would be sad if Legion Field were allowed to completely settle into ruin.
Roll Tide! It feels surreal that Bama basketball is now recruiting on a par with the football team. Coach Oats is doing a great job at the Capstone. I can’t wait for the Fall to get here to hopefully see football and basketball make championship runs!
I wish him the best of luck and hope he makes it in the Association. He could be a streaky shooter but when he was on, he could be an assassin!
Meh, I don’t give a lot of credence to the so called draft experts. If they were that good at evaluating talent, they’d be working for a team instead of the media.
I was pulling for y'all! Wish the Bulldogs could have won it for the SEC.
Argh! The game I was referring to was the Texas A&M - Auburn game. Sorry!
AU Tville, I've said before that Gus would have been more successful if he could have only gotten out of his own way. He always seemed to need to throw in a gimmick play just to try to show how football smart he was. I remember in 2019, Auburn was driving the ball down the field with running plays and were really threatening to take a stranglehold on the game. Gus just had to run one of his gimmick plays and Auburn ended up punting. It felt like a huge momentum swing at the time. Sorry, all of that to say that I don't think you'll have to worry about Harsin doing that. God knows he can only be better at developing quarterbacks than Gus. I've never seen Malzahn take a quarterback that he recruited from highschool and make him a NFL prospect. I've always felt that our rivalry was much more special when both teams were doing well. I hope for y'all that Harsin is the guy for the job. Then we beat him. A lot.
Congrats Hogs! Hope we have two SEC teams in the Final Four!
Thanks for that, Marine! Not all LSU fans are Corndogs and not all Bama fans are Gumps. Sometimes we lose our perspective. Nice to see you haven't lost yours. Coach Saban definitely raised both programs to national prominence. Honestly, it's scary to think about where LSU would be if he'd never left Baton Rouge.
With March 27th being a TBD as well, they may have a limited or even full scrimmage that day.
The LSU team I watched today looked nothing like the team Alabama ran out of the building earlier this season. I expect LSU to make a deep run and surprise non SEC fans with some upsets!
Spring games are for the fans much more than the team. They’ll probably get more out of a normal scrimmage than the “game”.
I really thought the football team had an excellent shot at finishing above 500. Stoops has UK heading in the right direction.
I never thought that there could be a tougher, more dominant conference than SEC football, but apparently SEC baseball is!
But he’ll continue to draw that paycheck and as long as he can stay on a roster two more years, he’ll qualify for the league pension.
Kudos to Kentucky! You kind of expect to see Bama, Georgia, Florida, and LSU with several invites but the next two were A&M, then Kentucky. Stoops is doing a great job up there.
Oof! Not sure what he was thinking but it was about as poor an analogy as he could have used!
I couldn’t agree more. The kid probably just got his driver’s license within the last year. Whichever school gets him will get a great QB.
Tua won the national championship game as a freshman. Blake Barnett was a five star too but by the time he finished, I think he had as many transfers as he did touchdown passes. Ratings are fine but not always a guarantee of greatness. A three star QB just helped us win another championship.
2012 and 2017 were amazing games. I will always be a dire hard Bama fan but it was sad that one of the teams had to lose either of those games. The 2018 game as well. All three were nail biters. I’m old enough to realize how cyclical football is. I was a kid when we were dominant during the 70’s. We had a few good years in the 90’s but then we were wandering the wilderness during the era of Fran and the 3 Mikes. One of these days, another team will knock us off the summit. Until that time I’m going to enjoy the view.
Did Cody get some more eligibility and enter the transfer portal?
This is why we need football year round. Too much idle time, not enough medication to around.
Sad thing is, I vaguely remember Neegan making a post that wasn't trolling and wasn't the length of a doctoral dissertation. He actually wasn't bad. He just has fun trolling other team's fans. If he gets a reaction, so much the better for him. Let him have his fun.
Makes you wonder just how good his collegiate and NFL careers could have been if he hadn't had the health issues. Many Florida receivers would kill for his stats right now!