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Personally, I like it when the entire SEC is strong. Kelly was cringe worthy with his Foghorn Leghorn accent but it will be interesting to see what he can do with SEC talent.
Muck Fel Kiper! He's a hack and a huckster. He regularly pushes prospects that his agent buddies pay him to. He has no credibility. McShay isn't the definition of infallible but he's usually got a better take than Kiper.
I think Barker would be an excellent pick up for UK. Hope it works out well for the team and player.
Negan thinks Saban wants to be Kirby's cornerbacks coach.
I think it's awesome that the young man listed earning his degree first of the three reasons. I think that he'll play in the league once he leaves college but no one is guaranteed a long NFL career. That degree can help earn a living once the cleats are hung up.
You're an idiot but sometimes you're a funny idiot.
The kid was outstanding. Hope he goes and makes a bank's worth of money!
The only color that matters in the NFL is green. Be it the owners, players, whoever.
O'Brian has told the anecdote about how Mac Jones helped speed up the process of him learning the Bama offense last Spring so I would say the new OCs are handed the playbook on arrival.
I think the difference between Kirby and Saban’s other assistants that have taken head coaching jobs is that the others have tried to put their own twist on Saban’s process. Kirby has picked it up unchanged from Tuscaloosa and dropped it in Athens. No changes at all. Watch a Bama practice and then a Georgia practice. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
Honestly I’m not that fussed about the loss. I really do congratulate Georgia and am happy the fans got the win that’s eluded them for so long. I just don’t like trolls like Negan.
Enjoy your moment. We’ll see how Georgia rebuilds next year. Wasn’t Bennet a senior this year? Anyway, enjoy your moment in the sun. 1980 no more. We’ll tap ya back next year.
Best wishes to your friend. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery.
Both teams are in fact champions but Bama is the conference champion and Georgia is the national champion. Florida needs to be working on being their state champion.
After the SECCG, you were probably the only one that didn’t! lol! Congratulations. Be seeing y’all again next year if I had to guess.
Win with class, lose with class. We got beat. We’ll be back next year. Give the Georgia fans their glory. God knows they’ve been waiting for it.
I guess Negan is either too drunk or still changing his pants. I figured we would have heard from him by now.
I hate that we lost but seeing Bennet so emotional on the sidelines really made me feel good for the kid. A lot of people hated on him all year but now he’s a national champion. Good for him!
Personally I hope BOB gets one of the NFL gigs he’s been rumored for and takes Marone with him. We can do better.
Congratulations Dawgs. Y’all were the better team tonight.
Yeah we were there from 83-85. My dad was a ROTC instructor at one of the universities called IUP.
And I’ll never get tired of watching them lose. I lived in Pennsylvania for three years back in the early 80s. I hope they lose to a SEC team every year. Thank you bacon bits!
Way to go Arky! A great win to cap a turnaround season! Y’all have really got momentum going into next season.
Congratulations Cats! Great win and a great season to be proud of.
Georgia and Bama playing in the championship pretty much guarantees we’re going to see the field expanding. It only took Bama playing LSU to get us from the BCS to the playoffs. The rest of the country needs their participation trophies.
Thanks Reb. Hope y’all destroy the Bears. I’ll start disliking y’all again right after the Sugar Bowl. Screw all the SEC haters!