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Agreed. Survive and advance is the name of the game. Whoever comes out of the SEC should have a leg up when the selection committee makes their final picks. See y’all next month.
Honest question. Would a majority of Florida fans welcome Meyer back or want nothing to do with him? I’d like to think that Florida would stay away from him but with today’s results over methods mentality that’s pervasive in football, you’re never quite sure.
Tennessee hate week is REAL! I respect the Vols but I sure as h€££ don’t like them.
Pitt’s unis are hideous, as are UCLA’s. I like most of the SEC uniforms except for Mizzou’s. They need to go back to a true gold and not that bright yellow. Anyone else remember those awful Arkansas uniforms with the bedazzled pigs on the shoulders?
But does Missouri have a winning record against Wyoming?
Now it feels like football season is officially back. I love watching FunnyMaine’s videos!
Thank you for being mature about it. There are too many fans of ALL teams that get too wrapped up in the game that they lose their perspective. Sure, I don’t like Auburn or Tennessee but that doesn’t mean I want a young man to be injured just because of a game. BTW, UT got a really good coach in Pruitt and if Fulmer will leave him alone, he’ll get y’all back to the top tier of the East.
Even joining the little 12 could mean a cross country flight since West Virginia is a conference member.
I hope Vandy brings it home for the conference. Was it just me or did the NCAA do their best to arrange the seeds so we wouldn’t have an all SEC championship series? Maybe I’ve just got SEC bias.
You’re not alone. I’ve never watched it.
This is unreal! Nothing but respect for Auburn. If they can win it all, they will have faced a murderer’s row of teams. Heck, how many teams can say they eliminated Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky in one tournament? Congratulations Auburn. Win it for the state.
Missouri got railroaded plain and simple. The NCAA needs to go the way of the dodo bird. I think the power five and group of five conferences should pull out and create a new organization.
Wasn’t LSU once the Fighting Tigers? I know an unofficial nickname is the Bayou Bengals but I seem to remember the “fighting” being part of the name back in the 70’s or 80’s.
Nice to see the understanding and acceptance by Auburn’s fans. Some fan bases would be cursing him and calling him a mama’s boy or other drivel. Class by Tiger fans.
I think we can do better without hiring someone with Pitino’s reputation. He’s just too tarnished at this point.
Maybe looking to get a teammate of his?
Peyton is just waiting for Fulmer to retire and be the next AD. Neyland Stadium will be Nationwide-Neyland Stadium and MasterCard Field.
Congrats to the rest of the SEC. Maybe we’ll get a real coach and make the dance again someday.
Hence, the two Oklahoma schools or VT and a North Carolina school like NC State.
Yay! We beat Ole Miss and our reward is.......Getting run off the court by Kentucky. I know Bama’s already beaten Kentucky in the regular season but these are two different teams playing tonight than the ones that played the first game.
Okay, I get basketball, but football??? That’s like accusing the kid that scored a 9 on his ACT of cheating.
The B1G didn’t start playing a conference tournament until around the turn of the century. I think if they had done so in the 70’s or 80’s, Indy would have won their share.
Missouri and A&M were good adds for the conference from a financial and recruiting standpoint. Arky is down right now but they could turn it around eventually. No way would I want UCF. If there’s another round of expansion, i’d Like to see Oklahoma and either Texas or OK State from the little 12 or Virginia Tech and a North Carolina school from the ACC. Honestly, if there’s another round of conference expansions I expect it to be the death sentence for the Big XII. Texas will probably head to the Pac Conference instead of risking becoming an also ran in a real football league. The two Oklahoma schools have already flirted with the idea of following aTm and Mizzou to the SEC. of course that’s just my humble opinion.
This new league is pretty fun. I know it’s not at the talent level of the NFL but it’s still fun to watch. The Iron definitely feels like the SEC versus the rest of the country.
We still play basketball? I thought we quit after that elite 8 year. At least that’s how it feels.
It’s going to be the same showdown this year as it was the last two. Georgia and Bama will slug it out and everyone else will whine. I just hope the winner beats the crap out of Clemson. See y’all in December.
Cochran used to have a shirt that said “I’m the man that makes monsters.”