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I couldn’t ever picture that scene playing out in Bryant Denny.
We would be happy to help out our Cajun friends by sending them BoB but only if they agree to take Golding as a package deal.
Probably Instagram or Twitter. Probably too young for Facebook.
Or a mustard container? Unless you already plan to throw things at the opposing team.
Suspend the sale of alcohol at the stadium for the rest of the season and empty the student section for the next home game. Send a message!
That. That right there is the stupidest thing you’ve ever said. In the past I’ve defended you for just having fun with your long winded trolling but that was just inane. You’re really going to rationalize the behavior of the UT fans last night? Maybe you really are buford, bubbatime, truevol, and the rest of the screen names. That statement sounded as simple minded as those accounts.
There’s a 10 second run off if a running clock has to be stopped for injury and the team has no time outs left. When the UT qb went down, he had gained a first down so the clock was already stopped. At least that was the explanation the rules guy from the broadcast team gave.
Diesel, yes glass bottles were worse but that doesn’t excuse the UT fans from their behavior tonight.
Who brings a golf ball to a football game?
It’s officially Tennessee Hate Week! Glad we’re playing them at home after the spectacle the fans made at the end of the Ole Miss game. For awhile it was hard to hate Tennessee. It was more of a pity thing. Now it’s getting easier to hate them again!
We did have one alternate look back in 2010 for the MSU game. A holographic houndstooth pattern in the jersey numbers and the helmet decals. We also had a jersey with a houndstooth collar one year to honor what would have been Bear’s 100th birthday.
White face masks this year were a nice tweak for the PSU game.
Georgia is for real this season. Given how chaotic this season has been, someone could beat them but I just don’t see it. I think Bama comes back next year more focused but a lack of senior leadership and poor performance by the offensive and defensive coordinators make me think this isn’t our year. A NY6 bowl is still a realistic goal but I don’t think anyone has anything for Georgia’s defense.
I guess this was an appetizer for the Gary Danielson main course?
I’d agree with every game except the Ole Miss-Tennessee game. I think Mississippi will roll in Neyland. Tennessee had feasted on lesser teams so far but they are about to get a big dose of reality over the next few weeks.
One thing Saban has always said was to never waste a loss. Use it to focus the team for the rest of the season.
Honestly, I don’t see Georgia losing this year. As much as I love the Tide, I just feel like Georgia is on a mission, much like Bama was in ‘09.
As much as CNS fights against the rat poison, it seems like we have this issue every season after we win a championship. Six championships and we’ve only repeated once. It’s a huge championship.
Golding needs to go and BoB needs to get more aggressive. B-Rob was hot so why didn’t we continue to feed him inside the 10?
Me neither. I only hope that the loss was a wake up call for the team. If the team can play to their potential and avoid any more injuries, we can play with any team. No slight against aTm but I don’t think they got our best shot. Georgia will be the the toughest team we play in the remainder of the season.
Everyone loves the plucky Rebel Alliance but sometimes it’s nice to be the Empire!
Crazy Tony just refuses to go! It always seems like it’s feast or famine with him.
Looked like it was one of the local cops and not one of the Alabama state troopers that stiff armed her. Aggie on Aggie violence.
Bubbatime is a well known troll who has multiple accounts. His LSU account is called bayou Buford. Ignore him when possible.
Suddenly the coaching carousel doesn’t seem so bad. Hopefully Golding and BoB are gone after this year.
Oh yes, yes you do. He posts after Bama losses too.
Congratulations Georgia! Y’all will definitely be #1 in the polls tomorrow.