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I really don't want the cesspool that is Miami in our conference. Florida State would be better than the U.
I think Syracuse, being in New York, would be a better fit in the Big 10. Florida would potentially want a block on FSU and Miami, same as USC wanting to block Clemmy. Of course, I thought aTm, Arky, and Mizzou would put the kibosh on Texas and I was wrong there. I think the conference is strong enough that we can afford to cherry pick who we want from the ACC and Big 12. I don't want to see a conference like the Big 10 just created that will span from Maryland to southern California. Imagine the travelling nightmares for the schools and fans!
He doesn’t have to defend it. He’s accomplishing his goals by getting you to click on the stories and post comments. That’s what pays the bills for SDS. The more clicks and interaction, the better the advertising.
Only 55, he's gone much too soon. Condolences to the family.
Good luck to all of the SEC teams. I hope y'all turn Omaha into a second SEC tournament.
Arky should have been a ranked team. They had a great year last year and I’m looking forward to seeing if they can sustain that momentum.
Don’t bring the SWNASA&M Fighting Sowbellies into this!
They beat us for the first time since ‘08 and we’re still living rent free in their heads. It’s sad but funny.
Negan, first of all one natty does not make a dynasty. Second, you call the Brokermeyers overrated and literally in the next sentence, say they should have gone to Georgia! Your trolling is getting lazy. You used to occasionally be mildly funny, but now you're just pathetic. Look, Kirby is building an elite program in Athens. Georgia may one day supplant Bama as the standard of college football. No one school can stay on the top of the mountain forever. Until Kirby is consistently adding CFP trophies to the cabinet, you're not a dynasty yet and Saban is still your daddy.
Just my perception from the last season and his struggles with getting playing time versus what we saw last spring. The guy has the physical tools to be a true weapon and play professionally but there’s a lack of either maturity or work ethic. Not sure which. I hope the kid gets it together and lives up to his potential. He may never wear crimson again but I wish him the best of luck.
It would be nice to see Coop end up with the Dolphins. He would be back home in South Florida and Tua would have another quality receiver.
We had to hire someone to get the coffee since Butch left. Grantham worked for Saban at Sparty so there’s familiarity there. Coach knows Todd makes a mean espresso.
Unless you’re from Oklahoma with their fixation for wagons at games.
The guy is a warrior. He took a beating that night. A lot of guys would have been carried off the field after some of the hits our D line put on him. You could tell the last few drives that their O line had quit and he was paying for it. I was honestly impressed with his grit that game.
Looks like the boosters have been running the program for years now.
More like a vault. Like you said, the Mannings are wealthy. I don't see NIL money being a factor.
I think it's between Ole Miss and Texas. Kiffin and Sark are the guys to beat.
The problem there is if you make the decision to drive impaired then your decision making is already impaired. He should have scheduled a lift before bellying up to the bar.
Dude, really? Golding was the one that was drunk, not Saban!
Good for Vlachos! Hope he has a long and successful career in coaching.
It was officially the 2010 BCS championship game. It’s just semantics. The game was played in January of ‘10. Auburn played against Oregon in January of 2011. We all know what years they were truly national champs.
Let me fix that for you. when it happens in 2036.
In fairness, after the last few years of Vols football, the pass the ball downfield thing probably is a gimmick. Jarrett Guarantano spent more time running for his life than completing passes.
They have to do it somewhere. Saturday Tradition doesn't let you comment on their articles.
If the Raiders offer him a job, you might have to beat up the hairball's replacement.
Pittman has used the transfer portal very well. An already good team is becoming a tougher out with each signing. Arky could be the #2 team in the West and challenge for the division title.
I'm actually surprised. Being from Texas and with the dreadful line play they had this year - Yes, coming from a Bama fan, that's ironic, right? - I would have thought he'd have gotten an offer from Sark. Or maybe he did and thought CU was a better situation.