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As a Gator fan I learned that 2021 does not look as promising as it was a few weeks ago. Backups on other teams that had opt outs came in and looked great! A&M a leading example. The Gators looked like they did not even want to play, and that is blamed directly on the coaching staff as well as the 2021 receivers and defensive backs who looked like Illinois instead of Florida! Now that is an insult!
I have lived long enough to visit many Big Ten and ACC stadiums, and in recent years Gainesville since retired to Florida. As a younger adult the atmospheres in Madison and Columbus were my favorites. Now I love the Gainesville gameday because it not only reminds me of Big Ten campuses, but you can attend without any coats, hats, and gloves!
I agree with the announcers yesterday that Florida's biggest problem is not being set on defense, especially since teams recognize it and run a hurry up offense, which is the Gators achilles heel. Mullen should look at receiving the opening kickoff the rest of the season, let his offense drive the field and get the early lead. It could make a big difference.