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What part wasn't true? Kirby is being hired by UGA and wants to hire his buddy Will Muschamp to coach defense, so Pruitt will be leaving, he used to coach at Bama and they just had a job opening why wouldn't they be looking at him
I hope he replaces Corso on Saturdays
Mr. coach Kline has been looking for something new ever since Bobby Boucher graduated.
Not going to get a good head coach if you tell him he doesn't have a choice on who his DC will be.
I'm sure you'll say the same thing if Eason decommits goes to another SEC team and dominates
He consistently wins 10 games, other than 1980 when has anyone at UGA done that?
So let me get this straight Mark Richt loses three games, two of which were in part because he lost the best player on UGA, the other one was Alabama. how does this make sense?
Good for him, it was his first win in a long time
Bring back Ray Goff, or is Jim Donnan out of Jail?
Well we do know that LSU is just a stepping stone for the Alabama job, so maybe he'll go there until Saban retires.
@ekinggill88 see Chavis against Dak last year
Who else can say their team had a win streak that lasted 1,002 years
Is no one going to point out to double O that he used the wrong form of sense?
Did anyone Honestly think #1 was going. Be Washington State? Also pretty funny that Georgia cant even beat Florida in number of arrests.
The best food in Tuscaloosa is at Archibalds BBQ in that little White House at the end of Watermelon Rd. we used to drive over from Starkville to get some.
The reason we say that about Auburn, is because that game is almost always a good, close, hard fought game. Like last year if you take out the first couple minutes where we went up 21-0 it was a great game, but since the Auburn 3 - 2 win it has been a game that we look forward to every year.
That is a cheer Alabama does after every game, and they are not the only team that does it. If you don't want to hear that cheer, the solution is simple, beat them. Also what chewed fingernails, no Obama fan in there was ever scared that Mizzu would be able to come back and win the game.
I grew up a Georgia Tech fan because thats were my dad went to school, and have a hatred for UGA, but i remember every Saturday we'd turn the radio on to Listen to Larry Munson. He might be the greatest announcer of all time and that video of Loran writing a letter to him is absolutely fantastic.
How would we Upset TSUN when we will probably be favored in that game? also the reason Bama didn't beat auburn this year is because they haven't played them.
they just need to win one more game, why is that so out of the realm of possibilities?
hes probably somewhere in the back of his moms double wide watching the replay of the 1980 MSU Bama game on repeat.
Yea, that UGA guy would be it this week
The article is saying that alabama has the best chance to win the west. But how did they sprint past LSU? They won fair and square, but it took a last FG and overtime to do it.
he may not be the absolute best, but he is arguable the most valuable. Same argument can be made for Robinson. Neither would be as good if the other wasn't there. Day has played poorly in the past 2 games and i don't see him winning the Heisman. It will go to Mariotta (sp?), but without Dak MSU would have 3-4 losses this year. He also has shown up big in our 3 big games this year, if he wanted to win the heisman he needed to show up big in our last two, (not as big but just as important) and just didn't. I hope they use this next game as a tune up and are able to take him out after the 1st quarter and defiantly the 1st half because he was obviously playing injured and we need him full strength if we want to win in T-town
A little surprised 1980 Lindsey Scott didn't make that list.