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Ok ladies lets calm it down its football no need to be hateful its supposed to be fun not life altering issue
1 will win 1 will lose we cant know who is who til sat so everyone stop crying n let the teams play
Yup your right dooley sucks we had him for a while look where we been
Ok lets all calm down its hard to say will win this game we hope vols win tigers hope they win the game will be played one will one wont
At this point i say lets just see what happens was hoping the cats would beat georgia just for the termoil it would have caused
Tn beats scar and vandy fights mizzou hard maybe wins close either way
I just would like to see a good game from both teams i havent watched s c play this season but sounds like they struggling like tn is hope for vol win of course but a good clean game would be nice
I tend to agree with the ky game maybe not blow out part but cats win it as for tn ill just wait n see hope for the best
What an ass whoopin man was hopin they keep it a lil respectable
YeAh but what happens if its 24 14 midway throught the 3rd vols have it on the 30 yrd line the stadium roarin jg throws a pefect 20 yard strike to jennings in stride for 6 feild goal good momentum shifts d stops bama tn marches down feild feild goal tie game going into the 4th
Well hopefully tn can exploit that aspect and make a game of it tomorrow ill not get my hopes up but be nice to see a good game at least
Yeah but what if TN actually does win not getting my hopes up but hey could happen maybe by some stroke of insanity
Had a feeling bout this game something told him me Vols win
Took long enough if they played like that against fl probably a win good to see them fight for it though
But they did fight today so hope survives
No sir TN has taken that position get the in line as to much as I hate to say it
Gotta root for somebody hate them gaters so