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fun fact. south carolina bit enough pillows from last years game against UGA for its fans to be talking about anyone
seriously UT fans, beating UGA with its worse team in 5 years and still should have lost. start talking about winning the East when you beat Florida, Bama, Georgia in the same year and can never forget about those pesky sexual assault charges
9-3 to 8-4, even when yall win you still lose. btw we have won 5 of the last 6 if you want to bring up last years game.
cause the one thing the most trashy fanbase in the SEC needs is some DUI charges
as Hank Williams Jr. once said, "send me to hell or New York City, it would be about the same to me"
is south carolina even in the top 500 public schools in the country? pathetic argument on your part
Georgia vs Notre Dame. haven't played since Herchel Walkers championship win in 1981. Talk about a game
two of the trashiest unethical teams in history. That's probably why
I'm sorry but Florida's most impressive major is International business? coming from the 2nd best academic school in the SEC that is pathetic
Weagleintexas, you can't act like you never picked up Cam Newton, Nick Marshall, and other criminals for the advantage of your team. excluding Bama's recent pick up of Jonathan Taylor from UGA and him still being a criminal, there is a reason people call Auburn the rehab, ironic since most of them are still criminals and thugs when they leave, of the SEC. You guys take in anyone regardless of criminal history. Also I would love to see how you can tell who has the most criminals on their team.
Bo Jackson's speed, size, and talent is incomparable even in modern day.
UGA can't help what their players do 24/7, but they can punish and discipline accordingly and they have not feared getting rid of a player who does not show the responsibility to act correctly. Auburn on the other hand has shown zero dignity in their program in taking players, known criminals or rule violators, and giving them a second chance which looks to me more like they are just taking talent regardless of their character. There was a reason people wanted their kids to be coached by Mark Richt and that was it.
damn proud to be attending a university that shows class and can still understand that not everything in life revolves around 12 Saturdays in the fall. great job UGA
they are aware that the term "institutional" means that the directors and staff have made rules and laws that is indeed racist and not just random acts of racism from students right? also these kids just need to take the L and realize that this is a non-issue. if they disagree with what is going on transfer somewhere else.
its funny and sad how defensive you are of saddistic acts of sexual violence, regardless of what school this is occurring at how can you dare act like this is not a big deal?
How is Alabama not even in this ranking?
That statement is absolutely hilarious coming from a Tennessee fan whose teams has lost how many straight to their biggest rivals and has lost 5 of the past 6 to UGA? please little boy don't start throwing rocks til you have something to back it up with. last years game in dirty knox was a fluke without the best back in the SEC, calm down LSU fans, and a horrible OC and a QB that couldnt hit the side of the barn. All Im saying is UGA is known for revenge games when it comes to playing in Sanford. Just ask Auburn about 2011.
Nick Chubb might not be the same player next year, but you can be damn sure that Chaney makes sure that he gets over 100 yards against Tennessee on some actual turf *cough* fix the damn grass you hillbillies. that game is circled on both teams schedules and it's gonna be the best SEC East game no doubt. Can't wait
another UGA tradition that doesnt get enough hype is the battle hymn before the game starts.
As a proud UGA fan, I think the listing is more fitting for most disappointed fan base in college football. With the money available, committed fan base, in-state recruiting talent, and top facilities, it is more than frustrating to get a lick of the ice-cream cone then watch someone throw it on the ground. Nothing but respect for Mark Richt but my biggest issue with him tenure was the lack of development of talent on the field. I am not miserable because there is not many teams that have had a higher winning percentage and 10-win seasons for 15 years. I am simply frustrated and ready to see over the horizon and see what this program deserves. Kirby Smart hopefully can take us there. Go Dawgs
uncle Vern needs to pull a Manning and go out on top. I mean by that is that as soon as he quits working for CBS he should get accused of slapping a camera women's hind parts
Tennessee sexual harassment and battery charges is the SEC East version of Auburn taking in players who are convicted of sexual harassment and battery charges. keep it classy...
Is it shocking to anybody else that Tennessee, while this is not directly related the actual program of football, has yet to put a handle on this sexual assault streak? This kind of stuff is sickening from the story at Vanderbilt to know a scandal as big as this. Just absolutely disgusting