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Have you ever listened to the guy? He is a UT grad and has NO love for Bama or Nick Saban. Look up last year Media days confrontation between Saban & Finebaum
Both of these guys mentioned was going to land somewhere. FAU vetted Briles and the player. I am sure they would not allow either in if they did not hear good things. FAU is not OK or any other big time program. They are not going to make tons of money from Football
Well, Let's see. You have a 4 loss team versus a coach who had seen the Mixon tapes and still let him play. WHy would it be sold out?
Well Duh, He wasn't lying - FAU was the last chance. If he had gotten any HC job he would have been there instead of FAU or Bama
No idiot - try 25 You do realize there were SEC Championships BEFORE the SECCG right?
so Volman, He is skulking in Tuscaloosa? Why would he be there?
The only sports media person worse is that blowhard Brainless Bayless
I do believe he has two wins in a row against the barn ...
Payback? You got a home game that was originally scheduled as an away game. How can you complain about that? #27-9-2
Yes, can we get them and give Missouri back to Big12? We need on good team in the SEC East
Umm, you were CornDogs LONG before Katy Perry was around.
If you don't like the Rules, work to get them changed - don't just whine
That would be TAMU - Ugg
Man it is hilarious watching the Barn fall apart and the Dawg fans gloat
He does need to discipline however you obviously did not read all the DA said. There was not enough evidence to convict. There were also 2 non athletes in the car who were arrested but let go because they were not football players
The Mississippi schools and Vandy need to step it up. They look like Baylor with those schedules
That's just stupid. These ref's don't care who wins. They get paid the same and just want pay the mortgage like you and I do. They missed 2 pushing off calls on Jimmy Hunts long plays so let's use your logic and change all the calls you and I disagree with. The final score is Bama 21-3 Is that better?
Actually he cannot challenge forward progress calls That is why there was no review
As always there were bad calls both ways. Hunt pushed off on 2 catches. The non call on the fumble was correct according to the rules. Forward progress was stopped and forward progress is not reviewable.
Wrong about Tennessee game. That game was over after Bama's first offensive play. Sims to Coop, Touchdown. It was never in doubt after that. UT cane back in 2nd half but game was never in Question.
Well you would be right if you had said there is no shame in losing to #1. What there is shame in is the absolute dumbing down of America so that people do not even know the difference between letting loose an ass whipping and simply losing a game. I think will learn on Saturday. Bama 31, MIZ 7
As a Bama Grad, I agree. Charles, Tammy, Jim, and Phyllis are nut jobs. The schools and the fan bases deserve better representation. I do not watch/listen to Finebaum anymore because these types of callers ruin the show and give my school a black eye
This is classic coming from a team that lost to a 3 loss South Carolina. If Bama hasn't played anyone then DAWGS surely haven't
You are seriously telling me that is Florida comes calling, Mullen will not go? That is absurd. Why would you not leave a place where you are maxed out - better than they have ever been - to go to a place with the resources to be a perennial playoff contender?
The average possession for Sims is 6.9 plays, 53.1 yards and 4.05 points (extra-point conversions included). nuff said
Roll Tide I want to see the Tide's focus and see who steps up to take the pressure off Amari
LOL! Where is Jeff Foxworthy when you need him: If you wear checkerboard overalls to your wedding, youuuuuu might be a redneck