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Well after LSU finished 15-0 in 2019 winning the SEC and National Championships I suppose you can remove them from the “most overrated” list. It seems a little far fetched to have a program which won 6 SEC West Titles, 5 SEC Titles, played in 4 National Championship Games, and has won 3 National Championships all in the last 18 years even near any such list. What a joke!
2018 LSU-36 UGA-16 2019 LSU-37 UGA-10 LSU 3-1 vs UGA in SEC Championship Games LSU has 5 SEC Championships since 2001. LSU has won played in 4 NC games and won 3 National Championships since 2003. Where exactly are the similarities between LSU and UGA? Lol.
UGA is the most overrated football program in the country. LSU blew UGA out in 2018 and finished #6 over UGA at #8. In 2019 LSU blew out UGA in the SEC Championship Game on the way to going 15-0 and winning the NC. LSU has won 6 SEC West Titles since 2001 and won 5 SEC Titles since 2001 and won 3 National Championships in the last 16 years. This is done with Alabama in the same division. UGA self promotes more than any fanbase in the USA and has accomplished very little to justify its claims of being “elite”. Regarding Bama, they won the NC in 2017 by finding a way to win. The trophy is in Tuscaloosa so they won it whether UGA likes it or denies it is irrelevant. I am an LSU fan and Bama & LSU have no love lost for each other but reality is reality.
Amen to that. Hell, Joe Burrow left Ohio State and came to LSU and only after he had success at LSU did most of the Ohio State bunch jump on his bandwagon. The exception was Burrows hometown which backed him from the 1st day of his transfer. Burrow was taken to heart by LSU fans right from the start and his family as well. Heisman or no Heisman we needed him and he came.
LSU recruited our players and it looks bad to other LSU players who are loyal to LSU and their teammates. Players are not plug-n-play machine parts. There is a team concept here not just a vulture mentality that throws the team concept out the window. Man, with all that is going on the last thing you want to do is damage the coach-player-team dynamic. These players are teammates and friends who CHOSE TO BE AT LSU. It matters.
Exactly. Hell, if LSU was to add an OOC game then Texas would be the 1st game added as the Big12 is also playing at this point and we had to remove Texas when the SEC decided on a SEC only schedule.
Agree. No to outsiders. SEC needs to take care of its' own. Regarding transfers. No. It isn't right to have a teams player who has been loyal and stayed with a team to have to get jumped in front of by a player who only wants to come and transfer to an SEC team because his team cancelled their season.
Here we go again with UGA crowning itself and hyping itself. LSU says Hello. 2018 LSU-36 #2UGA-16 2019 LSU-37 #4UGA-10
UF fans you can ignore reality all you want but your dumbass AD caused this entire problem. The LSU/UF game was indeed playable last weekend or even on Sunday or Monday as LSU AD offered. GOD FORBID that LSU has the audacity after being refused every compromise by Foley to want to not cancel our last home game of the season which is Senior Night. In addition LSU is so unreasonable to not want to play 3 SEC games on the road in 13 days. All because UF refused to play and your AD waited until Thursday to make a decision which should have been made by Tuesday. It is UF's and Foley's fault and you can lie all you want but your AD caused all this by being a self absorbed prick. Now your AD is trying to rewrite what occurred to suit his needs. What a scum.