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The Zion team obviously chose Duke because they were the only ones who wouldn't pay for his services.
Typical Auburn. Always whining and complaining about something. For a team that can never be consistently good, the SEC caters to them an awful lot. Their best hope is that in the 1 out of 4 years that they have a good team, they might get Bama & UGA at home at the same time. Of course, then lose bowl games to UCF afterward. It's really an easy fix without screwing up traditional scheduling. Play 2 home games in back to back years at UGA. The reason Auburn has UGA and Bama on the road in the same year is that UGA had to play 2 consecutive road games at Auburn when the conference split into East/West. Have Auburn play in Athens 2 consecutive years and this is a non-issue. No reason to break from tradition and move the Auburn/UGA game into the middle of a season.
You know your schedule is terrible if you're relying on the powerhouses of Temple, Navy, Cincinnati, and USF to raise the strength of schedule. Almost as weak as Bama's schedule.
Idiots. Nick Saban is NOT going to pay off refs or the SEC leadership to ensure calls go his way. He is not going to ruin his reputation like that. Nope, no way. Besides, he's got way too many Alabama boosters and Harvey Updike's that are more than willing to pay off and provide threats as needed to ensure the SEC falls in line with assuring that Alabama makes it through as often as possible for him. No reason for Nick to actually get his hands dirty.
By his logic, LSU is the better team that just happened to lose to Florida. LSU's poor execution is what gave Florida the lead & momentum. Don't you agree UF fans?
Definitely offensive pass interference, but the SEC offices couldn't resist having 2 division deciding games on the same weekend, so it's ignored. But the funniest part of the video is in the last seconds when one UK coach come flying in out of nowhere to bulldog another UK coach from behind as Stoops runs to the middle of the field.
Maybe, just maybe, the fans want to be entertained with a good football GAME! Stop bringing in teams that the majority of Alabama high schools could beat. Bama has a good team, so bring in decent competition to your stadium for your fans. Don't just bring in teams looking for that 1.5 million dollar payday so that they can keep their program afloat for the next 10 years. The only time Bama will play decent competition outside of the SEC is in the kickoff game at a neutral site. Sure, the big donors travel well & pay the salaries of the coaching staff and buy all the players these nice cars, clothes, jewelry, and tattoos, but that does nothing for the students you want in the stands fawning all over them and heaping more praise on your already over-entitled athletes. But you know, it's just the entitled fans who don't want to sit and watch the 6th string walkons run up 65 more points on the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs every week that are to blame.
If Saban is ticked about the lack of attendance, stop scheduling teams half the high schools in Alabama could walk over.
Impressive, an Alabama fan that can ALMOST use full sentences.
If this is any indication of Pearl's negotiating skills, he's going to be in a lot of trouble trying to negotiate with the FBI.
AD/HC? Might as well jump with both feet after assassinating your competition, right Phil?
If Fulmer ever sees your back, you'll probably have a knife in it.
If Currie were to say Gruden is not going to be the next UT coach, he'd be ridden out of Knoxville on a rail faster than Schiano was. They are spending way too much time worrying about what the fans say on social media than they are about making the best hire for the program. Which is fine with me as a non-UT fan, I'll just sit back with my popcorn watching the comedy show that UT football has become. The next coach that UT hires will make Derek Dooley look like Nick Saban.
If Tennessee wasn't already so pathetic, this would be funny. But it's just sad. These fans would find fault eith the hire if the AD decided to hire Jesus.
Agree with Tebow. Georgia ran into a buzzsaw. They could have put Auburn on the ropes early, but self-inflicted wounds killed them, not Auburn. Two blown opportunities that were sure TDs, the stupid penalties, and the muffed punt (which was basically the game-ender for UGA). In a rematch, especially on a neutral field, I don't think the mental mistakes happen again & UGA would cruise to a W over Auburn.
UK is about to face a very angry UGA team that just got embarrassed. They didn't lose any talent, just some pride and they will be out to get that back. UK is the team that had better be afraid. Whatever the spread on this game is, take UGA. Whatever the over is on this game, take it because UGA is going to run that scoreboard like a pinball machine.
1, 2, & 4 are very minor worries at best. #3 is a small worry. Teams may have the blueprint, but how many teams left (UK & GT) actually have the talent to pull it off? I'm not worried about "the blueprint to be UGA" until the championship game. #5, I disagree that UGA doesn't match up well with Auburn or Alabama. They are top tier teams with talent that is difficult for anyone to match up with, but then again, so is UGA. Auburn came out with a good gameplan, executed it very well, then got some help from some very questionable calls from the refs and then the game became a blowout off of a muffed punt. In the first half, UGA had the chance to go in even or up on Auburn, but one or two plays that they had beat Auburn's D on and should have been made, weren't. I don't believe that happens again in a rematch. There is a concern that we could not swing back momentum after it turned to Auburn, we had a chance, but after the muffed punt, that was gone. I think UGA learns from that game and responds well to win out through the SEC Championship game.
Completely agree that last point Law_Dawg. The committee will look at potential ratings, hype, & fanbase size to determine who they want in the playoffs and then craft a narrative to fit those teams.
12 – TCU lost to Iowa State, 14-7 13 – Iowa State def. TCU, 14-7 And this is why polls suck.
Sure wish they'd hire Steve Sarkisian, so he wouldn't be screwing up the Falcons anymore. Well, that and it'd guarantee another 3 years of UF suckage as an added benefit.
I agree with your top 4, just the dawg fan in me expects the NCAA to poop on us again.
Don't see them jumping Alabama, but would not be surprised to see the NCAA pull some BS like: 1. Alabama 2. Wisconsin 3. Georgia 4. Ohio St. Wouldn't be extremely surprised to see OSU at 3 & UGA 4 given the NCAA's lack of respect for UGA.
Well, they are Bama fans, so expectations can't be too high.
He's trying to take advantage of his 15 minutes of fame. Hard to blame him, but this threat isn't going to play well. Georgia (McGarity) made their mistake hiring Smart, but Ken Blankenship needs to realize that any promises Mark Richt made were wiped from the table the day McGarity removed him from the picture. I think Rodrigo has been solid, but if Kirby's actively looking to sign a kicker, then he's probably never going to get that scholarship.