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You say that now until he decommitments and goes to Bama. I would hope it would be UGA but I know that won't happen.
I was at the UGA vs North TX game. It was POURING!!! I mean really coming a flood. The stands had huge water puddles every where while it was still raining. Nobody left at all. We grabbed our ponchos and stayed until the end.
We are back to where we were without Gurley and Marshall... RB-less. I hope Green can keep up his running though. VERY VERY promising. At least we still have Conley, Wooten, Lynch, and Rome. Our offense shouldn't be too bad. I would love to have Bennett and Gurley back. I would actually like to have Mitchell more than anyone. That kid has serious SPEED.
Where have you been? Marshall is out for the season. Gurley is day-to-day. Doubtful he plays. Justin Scott-Wesley and Malcolm Mitchell or out for the season. Bennett is out at least until Florida game. Now, our offense is inexperienced as much as our defense. Should be fun to watch though.
7 yards rushing Saturday? And they have played well against the run. WTF are you smoking. North Texas had negative yards until late in the 4th. Granted this is just a cupcake, name another team this year to only allow 7 yards...
It is the Ducks Dooley. Go home, your drunk.
And he is not on the list. It is returning yards leaders.
Your argument is invalid. Keith Marshall averaged 6.5 ypc and had 759 yards....
Hopefully it won't be like the defense and disappoint...
Chris Conley, Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Bennett, Justin Scott Wesley, Rantavious Wooten, and Jonathon Rumph...Our top WR's... Screw the duos. We have more than a duo that is dangerous. We have a DUO of deadly TE's... and a duo or deadly RB's. To go along with our deadly QB...
This is Les Miles... He will start in week 3. Just in time to play UGA.
This game will be about 63 to about 59.
I hope they change their mind.... I'll be there but I don't want GameDay there.
I agree with you. But I believe both are too high. If I was any NFL team, I would figure out a way to get the #1 pick. I wouldn't pass up on a player that is as good as Clowney. And by the end of the year. D. Swann will be on that list. He will go pro after this year. He is a great CB. Some mental mistakes but who doesn't have them.
Really? Because I don't see the only offensive player killing us again this year... He moved on and so has your streak against us.
I was impressed with Rumph and Matthews. And with JJ Green. JJ Green looks just as fast as Marshall on the field. And Green has pretty good being elusive. Not impressed with Mason. Mason looked awful. Yes he had some touchdowns. But they were short passes. Murray looked like he had some more zip on his throws. Still needs to be a little more accurate. Gurley is A LOT faster looking than last year.(Scary!)
WTF. Did you even watch it? The red team was 1st team offense and 2nd team defense. Black team was 1st team defense and 2nd team offense. C'mon Man. Jordan Jenkins talked all week on how he can't wait to hit Gurley in the G Day game. He got one hit on him for a 1 yard run. Not people can say they stopped Gurley for only a 1 yard gain...
I was there at the game on the 1st. Never at any point did the atmosphere allow anyone on the UGA's side to think we were going to lose. Even when they were up by 10 or so. You could just feel it was UGA's game all day. And the crowd was so loud it was hurt the hear the refs blow the whistle. Aaron Murray was on fire after the second pick. It was awesome!!! And some of the play calls Bobo were calling were crazy.
Can you imagine if UGA's kicker would have made that FG earlier in the game. We would have been down by 1 in Alabama's territory...