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I am not worried about losing Pickens or Hillinski. Hillinski is recruiting for us as hard as Muschamp and Pickens is not the kind of kid to go back on something like that. He doesn't do interviews and does not enjoy the recruiting process. Both have already said they will enroll early. Looks like our defensive line is about to be loaded for the foreseeable future and we have a true bluechip QB coming in. Muschamp wins
and has averaged 32.5 yds per kick return in his career
Deebo will win heisman if he stays healthy. He's returned 3 Kicks for TD's in 17.5 games, and had 6 total TDs in the first 2.5 games last year (NCSt, Mizz, UK, so no 1-AA cupcakes to pad stats either) before season ending ankle break on a freak injury. Not just a burner either. He has great open field moves, and constantly surprises tacklers with his strength.
I still can't believe he wasn't drafted. He will have a great NFL career
I don't know about the talent gap back then... Maybe in the 2-deep, but if you go back and look at how many players were drafted from the 2010-2013 gamecock teams, you'd probably be surprised. In 2010 we had 5 NFL DBs on the field at the same time in our nickel package: S. Gilmore, C. Culliver, DJ Swearinger, A. Allen, D. Hollaman
Can we please change it back to the Gator Bowl? or at least Tax Slayer Gator Bowl? Absolutely disgusting to bastardize one of the historic bowl games by changing the name to that crap.
The biggest differences with the gamecocks defense this year are: 1. Very noticeable increased size and speed among the front 7. 2. Linebacker play (Skai Moore, Sophomore TJ Brunson is on the way to a big season, Bryson Allen-Williams shows up and makes a big play when needed) 3. THE MOST IMPORTANT, is the lack of missed tackles by our defense. That was a killer for us for the previous 3 years, and this team looks completely different in that regard.
Kentucky a bigger defensive challenge than NC State?
The Gamecocks beat #9 Georgia 21-10 (first SEC win in 2 years) in Columbia in 2000 in our second game of the season after beating New Mexico State 31-0 to end the losing streak. The win over MSU put us back in the top 25 just 4 games after going on an 0-21 streak. Only 13 years later, we finish the season #4 in the final AP poll. 23-19 at #25 Georgia was in 2001 (the first of 9 games that have been decided by a TD or less in the last 15 seasons). 2002 was the david Pollack strip/fumble for Georgia's only td of the game in 13-7 bulldog win.
Looks like the money is starting to pour in on the Carolina side
Nc state got 306 of their 504 yds in the 1st half. Once both sidelines had headsets we held them to 198 yds and 7 pts in the 2nd half. We weren't great, but it's not as if they moved the ball every time they had it. Mostly a product of them running 99 plays compared to our 50
Not extremely worried about the defense. We gave up 308 of NC State's 504 yards in the first half, but pretty much shut them down in the 2nd half. They also ran 99 plays to our 50, so pretty impressive for the defense to get the big 4th and goal stop down there on play #99. One very bright spot I noticed was that we appear to be leaps and bounds ahead of last year in our ability to tackle in space. Very few missed tackles yesterday. Last year it seemed like we had at least one every other play.
I didn't even remember the score of the game against miami in 2014. we were 7-5 coming off of 3 straight 11-2 seasons....
Clearly no real research was done here. The following should be included for SC: #6 SC vs #5 GA in 2012 is not on here. Final score 35-6. Complete domination in the highest ranked matchup I can remember. 2010 SC vs UF. Winner takes the SEC East. Gamecock's win in blowout fashion, to capture first SEC East title. Also would replace clemson game in 2013 with 2009's 34-17 upset victory over the seemingly superior CJ Spiller and crew, which is when Spurrier's success really began and was the first of 5 straight wins against the tigers
He has to be at least 6'6.5. His combine measurement must have been done in the afternoon or after a workout or something if he was measured at 6'5.
I thought the same thing. If we can pull out another W this week, we should at least get a few top 25 votes, based on how much different our team is with Bentley at QB and a healthy Deebo Samuel. If Bentley had played from the get go, we would have definitely beat Kentucky and would be playing for the East title this week.
Is Muschamp SEC coach of the year if we win two of the final 3 and a bowl? I think so. Also think we will have up to 3 or 4 on the All-SEC Freshman team (Bentley, Dowdle, Turner, and Bryan Edwards)
We're only one win away from overachieving this year based on John Crist's expectations
"The Bulldogs’ main weakness on defense is the secondary, but South Carolina will likely be unable to take advantage considering the lack of receivers and consistent quarterback play." Um did you happen to pay attention to Bryan Edwards, a true freshman playing in his first college game (conference game on the road), who had 8 catches for 101 yards, including one of the best catches of week one? And btw, Perry Orth did complete 11-19 passes for 152 yards in 3 quarters of play. Would have been 15 for 19 for 200+ if not for dropped passes. 3 of vandy's points came from a muffed punt in the 1st quarter, giving the ball in the redzone. They went 3 and out from there and kicked the field goal. The reason most of us are proud of beating vandy is that our defense held them to 242 total yards. Yeah, vandy isn't the best team to measure your defense up to, but couldn't hold a highschool team to that last year. We also missed less tackles in the game than I've seen in the last 4 years. Was it pretty, no. But we did show a lot of improvement. I don't mind being picked to lose, but at least give a legit reason.
I've been wondering why many of my fellow gamecock fans have all but ceded a loss to the vols. If not for three of the biggest heartbreaking losses I've ever seen, we would have beaten them the last 3 years, but people act like they are alabama all of the sudden and our talent can't even compete with what they have. I don't see it yet
No special teams? Could have given that to Elliot Fry for his two long field goals including the 55 yd game winner in the final minute
What about Skai Moore? 11 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery, and another interception. He's a MLB and is 2nd in the conference in pics.