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Connor Mitch is the next QB. Hands down. Even with a top dual-threat QB coming in or not. I think Mitch has the most upside of any QB SC has recruited since Garcia, and regardless, he was a good QB just lacked consistency and maturity. I'm looking forward to him slinging it for the Gamecocks.
Good isn't the appropriate term. Auburn did 'good' to be in position for 'lucky' plays to occur and give them the W. Iron bowl should have been an OT game, UGA @ AU...that was lucky as well. They looked good at times, but I'm definitely not impressed by Nick Marshals talent as a QB. I don't see them getting so lucky next year, and you'd best believe that everyone is studying that triple option.
You lost like 80% of your receiving and haven't been quite a recruiting powerhouse. It's not disrespect, it's logic. Until they prove their going to compete with all they lost, they're going to be lower than the rest. That being said, I like Mizzou being an underdog, makes for some upsets, and that's always fun to watch. From an S.Car fan.
Note the asterisk. This information only includes the years TAMU and Mizzou have been in the SEC. It does not include time in the Big 12. That would skew the data.
It's mainly because he has yet to be overly impressive. That is not to say that he won't have a good year this year. But it really does hurt that he plays in a very top-heavy SEC west division. He should have the best statistical year, he does have the most experience. But until he has consistent success, he'll be considered average. I think he'll be pretty good this year. And this is coming from an SC fan.
Last year was the first year that it was even implemented, but common sense does say, that if you reverse a foul, you shouldn't get penalized, I'm sure a few games were affected in a bad way because of an awful rule.
I understand that UT had some extra scholarships from players leaving early. But that still doesn't make sense how they could get 37 commits. How many will stay? So Butch can recruit, but isn't Tennessee still under an NCAA probation, limiting their scholarships from the LK era?
It amazes me Alshon Jeffery didn't make this list; He had a monster year. Certainly pumping gas isn't he.