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RIP Jon... Prayers to the Ragnow family.. Coach B is first Class!!
I totally get that it's all about winning if you're a Coach, that being said.. I think WM is a sleaze ball due the fact that Auburn reached out to him when Florida dumped him and gave him a job and a nice salary to boot, and he tries to take every Coach on Auburns staff with him.. Heck of a thank's (Auburn) Gus bus...
Yeah, Same story this time every year, Maybe he will go to the NFL this time and take Lane with him....Nah I doubt it..
I think its really funny that UGA is sitting on top of a recruiting hot bed , in the top 5 year in and year out but they still cant win the big one!! Here's to hoping Kirby Smart chokes ! Seriously he and Sam Pittman both no CLASS!! UGA has done nothing but to show that their a bunch of Crybabies!!